Twin Souls Merging- A Quantum Leap in Consciousness © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is not a structured article much, but free flow writing together with Michael Jackson, sitting right here next to me now in Spirit. He said, this will be like a live insight into our work style, discussing, reflecting on things, sharing, like a “spiritual free flow conversational article”.

Michael Jackson TwinFlame Souls Merging- A Quantum Leap Article © Ancient Egyptian Mysteries and Healing Mother Earth
Michael Jackson TwinFlame Souls Merging- A Quantum Leap Article © Ancient Egyptian Mysteries and Healing Mother Earth


I will take breaks in between and check with Michael what he wants to talk about now.

The last days, as you might have seen, I completely took time off the Internet and all Online Communication, the Blog, and Facebook and so forth. I was going through deep merging effects with Michael, my TwinFlame Soul, and it is seriously not always easy. In fact, it is very challenging to connect so much now to his Trauma from his earthly Life, meaning, I already had to suffer with him all his Life since 1982, when I was born onto this dualistic, difficult Planet.

For me, it has always been hard to be on this Planet, for all incarnations since ancient Egypt, when I was Isis and Michael was Osiris, and Set, that disgusting evil jealous and arrogant Devil killed him to try and take over his Throne.

The Throne, is me. I hold the SPIRITUAL THRONE POWERS.

It is similar to the saying Arch-Angel. I am the Arch, Michael is the Arch Angel of Faith (Archeia Faith, the TwinFlame Soul Ray).

This is very authentic and you can research and read all over the World’s Faiths, every Road leads always and only to God’s truth. Those Stories reflect the Truth of God, because the Archangel Michael’s Name also literally means “Who is like God?”, or actually totally correct meaning would be “God’s Mirror”, meaning he holds up the “Feedback from God toward your Face and shows you what you did wrong and what is right”.

Naturally, this huge spiritual Twin Flame power was desired by jealous Set, and all demonic, energy vampire Types of Souls and Beings that seek to steal and suck on others Soul Light by Interference and Black Magic Type attacks, spiritual direct Attacks and all that, are finally trying here to attack God.

Why? Because to attack “Adam and Eve and innocent Souls God has created, trying to manipulate the natural Order and go against God’s Will is DEVILISH”- classic Devil.

In Captain EO, where Michael Jackson plays this Space Captain trying to save a Planet, where the FEMALE SUPREME LEADER has lost her path (Mother Earth) is all darkened, stuck in anger, lashing out at anyone that invades her “temple”. Of course, it is just a Movie, written originally by Disney, not Michael himself, but Michael added his personal Message into it as if led by God directly in his work. And Michael Jackson would always in his Soul, in private, call on God to “show him what to do next”.

The Message is very clear, and a dear and big MJ Fan from Sweden, Theodor Zellner, had recently said it really well as a Guest Author for one of our Articles: Michael Jackson’s Captain EO Message is that MICHAEL WILL HEAL MOTHER EARTH THROUGH THE OTHER PART OF HIM THAT WILL BE READY WHEN THE PLANETS HAVE LINED UP (2012).

On Easter Friday exactly, April the 4th 2010, Michael had returned to me already in Spirit and had already informed me that “I am the One, his Twin Soul” and that he will always stay with me now and never leave again. I wrote that story in Book “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”, and published in channeled Songs in 2010, but here comes more in depth details and information for new readers to refresh memories and minds out there.

On this special Day, I was hanging out and relaxing on my Couch. I was just laying there on the couch, on my back, and do not even remember right now anymore what I was doing, the TV was on I think and I was just listening to Music or had my Laptop open next to me as well. Nothing really special was going on at this moment.

In one fast move, I saw suddenly Michael flying above me real quick, like flying by as if trying to do it fast before I notice what he is doing, and as he flew by, he shot from his hands a ROSE FLAME into my Heart Chakra, which lit up a very sensual and soothing rose fire inside my Body, inside my Soul Body it felt, in the Core of my Heart in all ways. I could SEE IT suddenly in there, like a romantic fireplace type feeling, literally burning smooth inside my Heart.

Here comes the big point: Michael Jackson was on purpose wearing his CAPTAIN EO white Clothes from the Movie. No joke. It was clear right away, he meant to say something with his choice to appear in this way, and after when I saw randomly Captain EO again, it was weird, and I did not like the idea of being somehow symbolically this Queen.  But it makes sense, that I have to connect or am connected to the feminine itself, and the feminine is what has to be now healed, and the Planet is the Temple called “Mother” Earth (feminine Title). Meaning, I am here on the Planet and like that, I am representing the pain, abuse, suffering, oppression of all Women of the World and as I heal, the FEMALE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS heals. This is ME & MICHAEL connecting our ascending Twin Flame Consciousness to Humanity’s Mass Consciousness for healing purposes. It is the famous resurrection Magic, this time around applied on the Planet’s Body, not only Osiris’ Body.

Michael tells her, that she “is very beautiful but without the key to unlock it” and he got this key. I channeled 2-3 months later in the Summer 2010 my much debated Archangel Michael Songs with him, and one is named THE ROSE FLAME, the other KEY TO HEAVEN, the MJ Twin Flame Song.

Michael Jackson: The Twin Flame Key 2010 Sounds Channeled Releases and More Updates
Michael Jackson: The Twin Flame Key 2010 Sounds Channeled Releases and More Updates
Original MJ Twin Soul Story Facts: Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Copyrighted Music Releases and Lyrics Messages
Original MJ Twin Soul Story Facts: Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Copyrighted Music Releases and Lyrics Messages

After this Rose Flame experience, I had to google it if anyone out there knows of it. I found a page that had information about some “Unconditional Love Rose Flame” and looked a bit into it. Everything made sense, but the difficult part I did not find any information on much. I also generally am mainly busy with Michael directly, he can tell me everything, no need for human words and information online. This Rose Flame seemed to connect me, very fast and global, to the Mass Human Consciousness. I could perceive suddenly what Michael perceives, and how also many female Fans are aiming this “needy, pulling mind focus” on him as Michael Jackson, and it was like a weight pulling on our feet as we ascend. The whole situation is not Black and White, it is very complex and deep. It goes beyond knowledge in a human earthly sense only, way beyond. I stand as symbol for the healing of the abused Mother Earth and the abused Feminine Souls, and the attacked and unjustly battled Male Souls seeking to reunite with their female Twin Soul. I was suddenly expanding so much in thought processes and thinking faster, moving faster physically and having a nicer body, overnight. I was back, remembering where I left off in ancient Egypt and could not heal my Heart from what Set had done to me and Osiris.

When Michael Jackson made all these repeating Messages in particular Songs and their Videos, such as You Rock my World, or Smooth Criminal, or BAD, or REMEMBER THE TIME, where he is constantly fighting some other Guy for some Girl, Queen or simple Truth about Wrong and Right, Michael really meant it all from his very Soul’s Core. This was the spiritual aspect of him fighting for his Twin Soul against Set, that wants her and Osiris “throne, place in life, position” and so forth. The Smooth Criminal Song, where he says “Annie are you Okay?” is all about the Life Rescue Dummy officially named “Annie”. This is about him asking after SMOOTH CRIMINAL SET tricked him into a Coffin and sealed it suddenly, throwing him alive to die into the Nile river, if his wife, his lover, is okay. This is about him as Michael Jackson, experiencing similar things this time around (I will not go into details now)- and him asking after I almost died with him in Los Angeles and fought hard, physically and spiritually, to survive this Twin Flame Ascension, if I am okay. That is the underlying spiritual meaning, channeled by Michael in all he touched, did, sang and danced. That is the literal in ancient Writings described “worry of Osiris over Isis after he was killed and could not return to the Land of the Living”- constantly visiting her and the parting almost tearing my soul apart each time, which is why he then impregnated me with Horus, to “know I have a part of him with me to survive this”.

Here is  a private, widely unknown Painting I guess from Michael Jackson´s personal Collection once at his home in Neverland:


When Michael came up with the Idea for WE ARE THE WORLD, he really meant it in a sense that we, me and him, we are the World for each other, but also, we all are reflections of each other’s truths, and we are all made of the same light in our Souls. We make up this World, we ARE this World and we can chose to make it a better Place for all of us, and for me and Michael from a personal view at the same time, as me and Michael do all this work from our Soul to heal our Memories and all Injustice and Evil from this Planet, so sad things like it happen to us as Osiris and Isis never happen to other innocent Twin Souls again. Our Twin Flame Soul Connection is reflected in each Two of you, dear Readers. And in that sense, all is connected and One, finally. And our CHILDREN are also the World, in fact, as in the Osiris and Isis and Horus Story, the Children and the Parents are ONE in a deeper truth. We are the Children.

The difficult part was that after he shot this rose flame into my heart chakra, activating this rose fire inside me, I felt literally how my emotions increased, and I was suddenly crying around, when happy, when sad. Lots of emotions. And my psychic sensitivity sky rocketed. All this in only 2 Days, from Easter Friday to Easter Sunday 2010.

Archangel Michael Jackson Horus Painting Spiritual Information: Neverland Paintings and Art Works Facts revealing Michaels Spiritual Side and Twin Flame Soul Identity
Archangel Michael Jackson Horus Painting Spiritual Information: Neverland Paintings and Art Works Facts revealing Michaels Spiritual Side and Twin Flame Soul Identity

I also felt more like, those love vibes, it was like some divine spell or such. I was going out with some guy, thinking Michael means to lead me to a good guy to be with on Earth now, as I am still here, like he is protecting me and watching over it and all. But he definitely did not mean any other guy, with what he was preparing there obviously. In fact, at this time, he was strongly “kicking any male competitors off the field” in ways, I could almost not keep up with. In one second, they would flirt with me and some even make sexual comments uninvited, then bam, they would by themselves turn 180 degrees and literally RUN AWAY and I would feel, that Michael did something with them for them to run away and leave me alone.

One friend I was talking with about ideas and business only, nothing else, had told me himself suddenly directed by Michael via mind-steering, that” Michael loves you Susan, he loves you, he wants to be your Spiritual Husband”. So far so good, and then he said, BUT “you can also be with other guy” and he probably was thinking about some impure sexual thoughts as he started talking about his genitals afterwards and weird sexual issues and “circumcision pains”- like psycho style as we had a clear business contact and nothing else, right after, and I could feel Michael’s extreme rage. Michael got super angry and within SECONDS , the guy for no apparent reason as if feeling ashamed, has just left, cut Contact and stopped talking to me. I was very confused at this time, but also thinking Michael is simply protecting me from bad people or so.

The guy I went few times out within this time then also, Michael seriously exposed him very controlled. He confused me some day at home, and I was angry at him, missing my train. But as I went on the next one, I caught this guy with a very envious, negative Girl, in some lovers embrace on the train and caught him in his double-trouble game.

This is how Michael would back then constantly “break any Chances for other guys after his passing to form a relationship with me”. I was confused actually and had no idea why he does that. He was like, a Ghost, a Spirit. He was Archangel Michael now again, and this is how he showed himself to me when he said that I am his “Twin Soul”. So I thought first, I am not supposed to ever be with any other Man and get married in earthly ways, and just like, do my spiritual work and then when I ascend someday, Michael is waiting to reunite with me there.

And then, as explained in my previous Article, Michael just suddenly had sexual intercourse with me, between physical and spiritual light body, but it was like no dimensional boundaries exist anymore, it was totally physical. I was shocked and walking around with a big smile for days at a time, not understanding how this functions, how this is possible. I felt so stupid, about having tried to go out with other guys after Michael came back and he saw all this, I felt totally dumb about not having known all this. But of course, its not my fault, its due to society and humanity today having forgotten all those spiritual things, and there is obviously no open information and education on all this! How can you know all this, you cannot. I had to go through it in real to remember all this.

Look, Michael planned to marry me anyways, and death means nothing for Archangel Michael, so he completed his Plan no matter what as this is our Destiny anyways, as Twin Souls.

I AM MARRIED TO MICHAEL JACKSON IN SOUL, and this Marriage was not made by some earthly Priest or Imam, it was made directly by God. That is the original divine Marriage, in the eternal Soul’s Life, this is the united Twin Flame Soul.

And you know how in earthly Marriages you see like Couples walking around, that have spent many years together and are very close, dressing alike and even looking alike a bit?

That is a reflection of eternal spiritual truth, on Earth. Me and Michael look like biological Twins, and even my  Face has suddenly adjusted to his Looks too! It is not like we did not always look alike and have the parallel physical features and inner soul correlations and hobbies and all that, but this was another level, it was confusing, like sometimes I feel like I AM MICHAEL, then I feel like I am more in my Susan Element and Perspective.  Like Two Souls, consciously and active inside my Body.

If I would dress up in an armour like a female Knight, and hold a Sword, with long curly wavy hair, and pin down the Devil in the classical Archangel Michael Pose, you would SEE THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IN HUMAN FLESH.

If Michael Jackson would do that Pose, imagine it…you would see his Truth- being the famous Archangel Michael and literally having transformed into that typical androgynous, angelic, long haired curly wavy warrior fashion style look. Take a real moment for this and look at pictures and think about it, use your soul’s intuition, look openly at his Metamorphosis and how I look physically and NATURALLY.

Archangel Michael Jackson Lion Heart Symbol
Archangel Michael Jackson Lion Heart Symbol

Talking is one thing, BEING a whole other level of truth.

Almost nothing is known about the personal Battles in detail, of the Archangel Michael. Almost nothing is known on Earth, in details, about the history of the Archangel Michael, his Life, what he does, how his Personality is. Right?

Michael Jackson Dangerous Pose- Concert Photo for educational Purpose Only
Michael Jackson Dangerous Pose- Concert Photo for educational Purpose Only

I am like, the ONLY ONE worldwide that is giving any such personal Information about Archangel Michael, and Osiris of ancient Egypt. And despite all the so-called channeled Isis messages out there, and “Goddess talk online”- nobody dares to speak out that they are the literal reincarnation of this ancient Egyptian Soul that most of you today know under the Greek Name “Isis”.

Nobody but me, because I am the only real Isis, Osiris wife.

But when most people today don’t generally know about ancient Egyptian History or “Mythology”, and even the ones that do read and study think it is that, all a “myth” as if these are all symbolic stories and not real, human beings that lived once literally on Earth in ancient Egypt, people cannot imagine or grasp it easily. It takes time and challenges your mind to expand. And then, add on top of that why the ancient Egyptian Isis is shown with WINGS- and the higher Soul’s truth that Osiris and Isis are in Heaven, the Archangel Michael and his Wife, and People get even more confused and “mentally overwhelmed”.


So, now, Michael thinks it is important to say a few clear words about some things going on.

There is so much lies, disinformation, negative Music, negative Movies, negative News, all this is not a game and it is WHY WE ARE HERE. We are here to Change the World, remember?

This is SET, Set from ancient Egypt, and his negative, evil, jealous, envious Ghost, literally, his Ghost stuck on this Earth Dimension because he did wrong and I cursed him to “stay down”. Think about the famous Archangel Michael pose, pinning down the Devil.

See, God can make all things possible. God has always been very central and important in my and Michael Jackson’s life. We, as Twin Souls on a Mission, always had a great support by God directly, and I am very thankful and will never forget how much God made possible for us. Especially allowing Michael to come back in Spiritual Form, to me on Earth, and stay.

That is the Quantum Leap we made. Back in ancient Egypt, he was not allowed to stay, only visit, and now, we made big progress. Michael might have suffered facing a lot of challenges and jealous attacks, lies and defamation and all this injustice on Earth, but he is a warrior, the best in spiritual Battle, and he only grew and became stronger through all that!

Nothing, and nobody can affect Michael in the long run, he suffers temporary in battles for Justice, Truth and to Protect innocent Souls, especially Twin Souls, as it is personally dear to him due to his own experiences with Twin Flame Attacks through evil Set (Devil).


And Michael would like to make some things very clear here, for spiritual symbolism to enforce truth:

•    Archangel Michael loves Sex, with his Twin Soul (Eternal Wife). Archangel Michael is the symbol of sexual potency and power.
•    Archangel Michael loves Joy and Laughter, like all Angels of the Light by the way.
•    Archangel Michael is filled with Love and Courage and laughs and jokes a lot, even in battle.
•    Archangel Michael applauds and rejoices at the sound of truth and victory of truth over lies.
•    Archangel Michael thanks God always and in every step, inside his Heart.
•    Archangel Michael is clarity and humble, does not seek attention for false “admiration” and uses a whole array of skills and truth to free People’s view from dark interferences and the Devil’s lies and deceptions.
•    Archangel Michael is iron-willed to defend and protect his Wife, and all other Twin Souls from Set (The Devil).
•    Archangel Michael respects each Souls free will at all times, and never forces anything on anyone else.
•    Archangel Michael respects Women.
•    Archangel Michael emanates compassion and confidence,  and constantly with extraordinary passion helps other Souls by fighting the Devil when he tries to intimidate them and “fear-monger”.

And the Truth about Set – The Devil:

•    Set has a very disturbed view on Sex and abuses it, and abuses Women and Men alike.
•    Set is the symbol of impotency and weak sexual energy.
•    Set is filled with Jealousy and rarely laughs or smiles.
•    Set hates the “sound of truth” and gets angry at it.
•    Set is delusional and power-greedy, seeks attention at all costs and uses deception and lies to trick People into believing his lies and false Illusions.
•    Set is obsessed with taking from Osiris what he has, meaning Osiris power and his Wife. (Stalker much)
•    Set does not respect any other Souls free will and keeps constantly interfering with innocent Souls and against their will. He tries to force himself on others.
•    Set disrespects and abuses Women in all ways.
•    Set inflicts fear and an uncomfortable feeling to intimidate and break free wills of innocent Souls.

This is Archangel Michael’s Fist of Truth for today.

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

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