Biological Facts and Aura Teachings of Real Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official *Including Pictures and Channeled Drawings*

Biological Facts Twin Souls and Aura Teachings Article © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official *Including Educational Pictures*

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As usual on our favorite Blogging-Day, the SUN-Day, we are bringing you a more entertaining and fun Article. This is a very central and interesting topic, and additional Information to all we have been publishing since 2010 officially.

This is to the public still one of the biggest Mysteries about Michael Jackson: WHY DID MICHAEL JACKSON CHANGE IN APPEARANCE SO MUCH? WHY DID HE ACT THE WAY HE DID AND GIGGLE “LIKE A GIRL”? Of course that is how the tabloids named things, but in reality, Michael was just expressing a balanced, tuned in masculine and feminine side equally! A sign for a very evolved Soul, and the perfectly balanced Spirit of Angels.
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Twin Flames Healing: Overcoming Obstacles and Interferences © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Official

Twin Flames Healing: Overcoming Obstacles and Interferences © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Official

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This is a wonderful and positivity filled Article for this Weekend with Good News! I am very happy to be writing this today, as I was not always sure on the journey if I will make it. But I made it!

Because I am not alone, and Michael is healed and very strong in Spirit now, ascended, and this mirrors on me too. Recently on a particular day I just told myself: No more letting anyone mess with my energy- I got all the powers I need to also fight back on any spiritual attacks and have started so with the real Blue Ray of Archangel Michael. I held it in my hands, I emanated it from my hand palms, and I aimed it at particular souls that try to harass my Soul and Life. It shut all their energetic interferences completely off and I even almost forgot their Names when I was talking with someone 2 days ago and this subject came up quickly. That was funny.

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