Twin Flames Healing: Overcoming Obstacles and Interferences © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a wonderful and positivity filled Article for this Weekend with Good News! I am very happy to be writing this today, as I was not always sure on the journey if I will make it. But I made it!

Because I am not alone, and Michael is healed and very strong in Spirit now, ascended, and this mirrors on me too. Recently on a particular day I just told myself: No more letting anyone mess with my energy- I got all the powers I need to also fight back on any spiritual attacks and have started so with the real Blue Ray of Archangel Michael. I held it in my hands, I emanated it from my hand palms, and I aimed it at particular souls that try to harass my Soul and Life. It shut all their energetic interferences completely off and I even almost forgot their Names when I was talking with someone 2 days ago and this subject came up quickly. That was funny.

Now let us get into it!

Twin Flames Healing: Overcoming Obstacles and Interferences © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Official
Twin Flames Healing: Overcoming Obstacles and Interferences © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Official


We have talked about this in prior Articles, and have showed you also literal examples of particular Twin Flame interferences when it comes to Michael Jackson and Me, because it is normal when someone is that famous, and carries such intense Auric Energies. It pulls people in, you know. They want to “suck on this energy”.

This is the simple, ultimate reason why any spirits and people attempt to attack twin souls or interfere with their twin flame energies. It is a way of “stealing light” from you, and that is exactly what the definition of a “demon” is. For example.

We also talked about succubus and incubus a bit, and all these things that happen especially when you EXPAND your twin flame lights and therefore, they are seen and felt by these “energy hunters” fast and clear. Like moths that get pulled to any light shining in a dark night.

So now that we know what they are seeking, such interference forces, we can see things from a calm, objective perspective and de-personalize this. You see, this Planet Earth right here, is in a DUALISTIC Dimension. Meaning, we have day, night, good, bad, warm, cold, happiness, sadness and all these things to learn from and experience here for a higher spiritual Purpose of the eternal Life of the Soul.

I was so angry at times about these attacks on my Soul, and then full public at times they did it too, but that only is a little disturbance and temporary. I am so over it and do not care about any Jealousy Ghosts out there who obviously do not get it. Some will maybe wake up, change and heal, and others will chose by free will to keep venting jealousy thoughts in my and Michael Jackson´s direction, which is fine. I am not bothered anymore. It is sad though.

I have to admit, that the main reason why I would get so angry was not even because of myself really, but also because it hurts my soul to see other souls burden themselves with karma and literally risk horrible consequences for their soul and consciousness, like this Debbie S. WAKE UP, GIRL!

THE ILLUMINATI: Osiris (Michael Jackson) VS Set (Devil/Satan) ©
THE ILLUMINATI: Osiris (Michael Jackson) VS Set (Devil/Satan) ©
Michael Jackson Susan Elsa exposing Black Magic Hollywood Katy Perry Dark Horse Abusive Copyright and Film Rights Infringement
Michael Jackson Susan Elsa exposing Black Magic Hollywood Katy Perry Dark Horse Abusive Copyright and Film Rights Infringement

I really have too much compassion and it hurts me extremely to see unnecessary things done by people like this. I mean, why would anyone just harass another stranger, obsess with a famous Singer that is also a stranger and obviously had to go through obstacles, and just diss publicly the surviving Partner, all previous works and Copyrights and try to mess with that and harass and lie around? She has no idea about anything and tells herself that “she means well” but there are many people who develop delusions and convince themselves that they are really believing what they made up in their minds. It´s not sane behavior and I want nothing to do with these People´s energies anymore, I really thought first maybe they will wake up and get freed from these dark spirits that use them for such Purposes. But, Set is not to be underestimated, I have seen how he can easily possess certain souls, people who are spiritually weak and have certain jealousy and envy in them, and greed. Like this Debbie Stefaniak. She has sent me threats on Facebook last Fall, and after began a literal Defamation and Lies-War on me on her Blog and Twitter, and she thought to herself:”Susan has all those Copyrights that are in my way and prove her Story, so let me attack her Past Life Claims about ancient Egypt”- and she would make false links, using all my Copyrights and Metadata to mislead and confuse and impersonate me on her Blog, tagging stuff, and then making Posts like “Twin Flames and ISIS”- where she shows a clear insane, dangerous stalker thinking process trying to bring life danger in my direction and same level evil false imagery like they would try to make Michael Jackson look like a Pedophile falsely. Plus, I am Arab, so she proved some dangerous racism, she wants me to get killed or something, and she did so after threatening on Facebook “You don´t know what I am capable of, I will MAKE you shut up and stop!”. You can´t threaten people to give up their Copyrights and personal Information, you are delusional and insane and you proved it with this, and you are dangerously obsessed with Michael Jackson and certainly nothing related to him or me. I look like his Twin, and you are insane to come attack me like this when I done nothing to you and do not know you. I have also never read her Blog, she is a liar. She is jealous, that´s all. The energy I felt when she attacked me, was PURE SET IN ANCIENT EGYPT FEEL. MJ Fans, be careful, there are many of those type of Devils and Sharks that constantly were sneaking around Michael Jackson, now in the open hunting his Name and his Energy and Attention. People who think like this, like wanting another Woman to get in life dangers through such sneaky devilish Games, because she thinks its okay cuz of my ethnic Background and legal human rights, such as Copyrights to my own work, is NOT Michael Jackson´s twin soul- Debbie Stefaniak is a rapist-minded person and has nothing to do with me or Michael Jackson. She also goes around yelling at MJ Fans totally unprepared and not gentle or giving a darn about their feelings “Michael Jackson was murdered, Murder, Murder, Negative thoughts” whole time. And then she talks about spirituality. She is making me sick, it´s horrible to be stalked like this in your work or who you are. It´s not a reason to attack me this way and fight with me over my soul in front of everyone, just because I happen to be Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul. She imitates also my Past Life Claims and copyrighted Productions that were released in 2010 already, NOW, and then she tries to connect my innocent Music to Political Crap, like a total Racist. Total Racist. She is evil, she sold her soul to the Devil obviously and is being his tool. There are certain things that enable the Devil to steer a Soul for his Purpose, and when I say that Michael Jackson is in Spirit the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, I seriously mean it and all you see going on is a confirming effect of that.

Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official: Egyptian Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Photos Compared © Twin Soul Biology Facts
Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official: Egyptian Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Photos Compared © Twin Soul Biology Facts

That is also the reason why I can stand these attacks and do get up back on my feet every single time. I am Archangel Michael´s TwinFlame, and there was no need to interfere during my vulnerable twin soul merging phase with Michael like that. I never done anything to these mean people, and they also do not care to even listen to Michael´s words and GET TO KNOW OR LISTEN TO A STRANGER FIRST before passing judgement. They do not even think like this in human terms at all, because “oh the Name Michael Jackson is involved”. It´s sad, and it had stressed me out some days in the past few years extremely even, as I generally never understood jealousy and envy. Since Kindergarden, no joke, other Girls and later as adults, Women, have had an unnaturally exaggerated jealousy toward me. I never even understood why. My and Michael Jackson´s Life is not easy or so, to be desiring it, to be wanting to have to be in spiritual battle all the time. Who wants that?

Archangel Michael works hard, this is what makes him also have the good blessings, true. But you can´t be jealous and desire the GOOD PARTS and ignore the bad uncomfortable parts, like we are some Veggies Buffet you can pick parts from and eat off of us.

Now, how did I get out of this cycle of stalking and attacks by some People, spiritually and emotionally and all?

Michael Twin Flame Key 2010 Sounds Channeled
Michael Twin Flame Key 2010 Sounds Channeled


This is very important. It can also be applied by anyone that has not yet met and merged with their Twin Flame, as your other half of your own Soul is obviously always connected to you. There is a strong energetic dynamic that flows between you and your Twin Soul over all distances and seeming separation. If you keep the Balance, you can avoid strong negative effects in the Twin Flame Dynamics and Mirror Effect.

Let me go into Details now.

Generally in Life, there is this daily routine we all go through. Things that are sometimes also non-avoidable such as shopping for groceries, driving through the streets or using public transportation, going to events, Clubs, parties all that- where we get in touch energetically with many people at once.

When the Twin Flame Consciousness elevated, and your inner Ascension takes place (when your Twin Soul is in Spirit like my Michael now)- negative impressions are felt more strongly than before. Your whole senses, vibrations and emotions get very fine tuned, and that is why it is such a big spiritual crime to try and harass this phase of ascending twin flames.

The psychic skills as well become stronger, new skills open up, or old skills not used for a long time get reactivated. Everything changes, also the food taste at times.

The more you and your Twin Flame ascend, the more your Soul feels attracted to healthy, natural foods and less/no meats. I will give you here an examples list of things that can become affected by a Twin Flame Consciousness Merging. Keep in mind that the Earth-Heaven Merging, when like in our case, one Twin is on Earth still and the other Twin has ascended to Heaven, these things are intensified as the ascension experience is shared and felt by the Twin on Earth as well.



1. Food Taste and Physical Needs such as increased habit of drinking more pure water and eating more natural foods rather than meats

2. Enjoying Silence and reacting more sensitive to noise (for example construction noise)

3. Hobbies (increased sharing of Twin Flame´s Hobbies)

4. Dreams and Dream Themes

5. Inner Feelings: Increased happiness and good vibes in Heart Area

6. Feeling good when spending time in nature, such as hiking, meditation outdoors and connecting with Nature. Feeling on the other hand “burdening energy pressures” when in places filled with stressed out people and closed in, no fresh air or sunlight. A good example is a grocery store, a factory where people work, things like that. So, the New York Stock Exchange, for example, would be a NIGHTMARE of bad energy for an ascending TwinFlame Soul and feel unbearable to be longer than 5 Minutes in there.

7. Movie Taste and Entertainment: Where the common person might like movies and Entertainment that is liked on average by society and age groups, such as Horror-movies and Crime Series- when ascending in Consciousness with a Twin Soul you are not swinging on the same vibrations anymore. I for example cannot watch bloody and violent movies and TV series anymore, and all this CIS Miami, Detective TV Series this and that, is in fact bothering me heavily and I can´t stand seeing dead corpses all over TV and do not think it is “Entertainment”. At least not pure, spiritually healthy Entertainment.

8. Topics in Conversations and Communication: Here too things change like mentioned above in point number 7 as well. Meaning, negative topics trigger more sensitive reactions in you as it feels more “harsh on your aura and energy” than before ascending in consciousness and aura. Positive feelings and conversations also increase and trigger more intense happiness. All your emotions are intensified and evolving. So, when someone speaks to you about murder, hate, tragedies, it hurts you and you do not want to feel those energies, as it literally can make you feel sick. Imagine, a pure angel of light in heaven, if faced with such things, how would the angel feel? It´s just a symbolic example here, but fits well. And when people talk to you about good things, constructive, friendly, with this inner feel that they like you and respect you, you pick it up very clearly and emanate this light back to them that increases their good mood and evolution too. It is wonderful.

9. Physical skills such as particular sports, dance skill, cooking and baking skills, drawing and sketching skills, decoration tastes and much more.

These are some examples for now, let us move ahead as there is more important things we want to say today.

IMPORTANT REMINDER NOTE: The two halves of the Twin Soul are always connected and sharing habits and tastes, thoughts, passions, talents, skills and more. That before any of the two is born into this Planet Earth. The Twin Flame Souls were created long before Planet Earth was created by God. So, you have to always remember: Both Twins are almost identical in all ways, but only SLIGHT differences exist that fulfill a “completing” effect and keep within this ONE SOUL the 2 male and female Consciousnesses experience-able. Completing differences means, as an example here, lets say one of the twins having the bad habit of eating, let´s say, the other will have a tendency to make up for it and balance eating habits for both twins.

THE MIND IS THE MAGIC: How to keep your Focus on Soul Balance and Twin Flame Light ©

The first and best advice is always again and again: IGNORE THEM.

The best is to ignore outside influences that want to take destructive effects on you and your evolution and well being, and keep your inner balance. Do not let them even enter your mind with their words, do not read their lies, don´t look at their pictures and imagery and just tell yourself with full spiritual will decision power: They do not exist in my World.

This is how Michael Jackson did it all his life; he would ignore the increasing tabloid lies and defamation. He also tried as best as he can to keep ignoring the very malicious Libel and Slander, false Accusations over things that disturbed him deeply. Michael Jackson was absolutely innocent in sexual matters. He really managed to ignore all this stuff, except the false accusations as this was way beyond any tabloid lies and literal false legal accusations that took on serious dimensions in corruption. It was a deep abuse of human rights, and in the public like they are making a big harassment show out of it – and the press went along in orchestra.

Michael Jackson had definitely one of the strongest minds ever to enter Hollywood and the public platform. Michael Jackson is a very, very strong and for good willed soul.

So he kept ignoring all these things, and could still smile, enjoy having fun and playing Games and writing Songs expressing his life experiences. Mind is the Magic was one of these ideas, which Michael personally had thoughts and beliefs about and then when writing a Song for Siegfried and Roy´s Las Vegas MAGIC SHOW, he wanted to make a special Song about the Magic Power of the Mind.

Take a listen:

Note: The Intro is on purpose very long to leave space for the physical Entrance in the Magic Show. The Vocals from Michael Jackson begin at Minute 1:28

When it comes to TwinFlame Souls healing, this is a whole important and wide topic for itself. During this healing/merging process, your mind literally does become like a magic tool. Well at least mine, because I happen to have lived in ancient Egypt as the famous Isis that knew all this stuff about- MAGIC. And Michael Jackson was Osiris. As Twin Souls it is natural and logical that he too would have strong Magic skill- a detail most people do tend to not notice or realize it seems often to me.

Biological Facts Twin Souls © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official and How Michael channeled his Other Part after Birth 1982
Biological Facts Twin Souls © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official and How Michael channeled his Other Part after Birth 1982

I am psychic, Michael Jackson is psychic. I am intuitive, Michael Jackson is intuitive. I have premonitions, Michael has premonitions. I have spiritual gifts, Michael has spiritual gifts. One and the same Soul, means, when we are talking about A TYPE OF SOUL SKILL, a spiritual skill, both HALVES OF THE SAME SOUL will have the same skill.

So, me and Michael are really just picking up where we left off in ancient Egypt, and here, this time around, completing our own personal Healing from all we endured and obstacles we had to overcome over many lifetimes. This concludes our spiritual work for the Planet, and it transmits the same healing effect from within our Soul, into the “Soul of Planet Earth” and the whole Planetary Body. As my Body in tune with Michael heals and my Spirit ascends, it mirrors for healing purpose on this Planet.

This is, of course, very heavy energy work and spiritual work we are doing here, and interferences are therefore dangerous spiritually. I treat my Magic and Mind works very surgical, and know how important a full, pure Focus is. This is why we are sharing all this today, to show you how you all can help and do good things for the Planet, by first of all doing good for yourself and being good to your body and eating well, sleeping well and all that- and to show you, WHY its so important to IGNORE any interferences and strictly shield yourself with your TwinFlame Soul in a Bubble of Light Aura.

You should do this in the current times daily anyways, always do the following before going to sleep and when waking up before starting your Day:


1. VISUALIZE: Visualize you and your full Soul layers, all your Being deep within and externally embraced in a LIGHT BUBBLE/AURA. The Human Aura looks a bit like “an Energy Egg”. It is open toward the back, around the Neck Area. Place a BRIGHT SUN there. This is to be imagined like a visual, literal, spiritual light that forms a Sun expanding its light from your Neck Area (Back Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra). This Spot is very sensitive and the entry of the ETHEREAL HEART.

TWIN EYE Mystery Schools Pictures: Etheric Heart Chakra Magnet Twin Souls © 2013
TWIN EYE Mystery Schools Pictures: Etheric Heart Chakra Magnet Twin Souls © 2013

2. SHAKING OFF SPIRITUAL ATTACKS ENERGY: I know it sounds funny, but this really works. I will give you now true deep insights into African Spiritual Dances and their origins regarding what their spiritual effect was to be when danced.

When someone, lets say, focuses on you with envy and jealousy, or attempts to use even black magic to attack you specifically (they tried this a lot with me since 2009)- then you can shake yourself and move, like a shaky type of dance. And like shake their sucking on your Aura off. You can beat slowly your chest- heart area, throat, third eye, crown Chakra area, solar plexus, then sexual Chakra and while doing this, focus your mind on “cleansing and throwing it off and back at them who send such energy at you”.

COMING SOON: We will provide soon a Series of educational Videos on this Spiritual Dance Ritual, a Concept we began to introduce in April 2010.

3. AURA SHOWERS: When you take your shower daily, focus on cleansing with the power of the water, as if light particles are inside the waters, all your body, aura and energy within and outside. If you do this like a visualization, meditative shower rituals daily, it is already a very good protection for daily routine and shielding you from all strangers energies, or, cleansing you from the day in the evening as well.

4. MOTHER NATURE´S EMBRACE: Place a piece of wood, or a Gem stone under your Pillow. You can look up what gem stones attract you and “resonate and feel right”, and which ones are good for protection, keeping inner and outer balance and health. There is a whole array of gem stones that can benefit your physical and spiritual health and that belongs in a separate article we will make soon.

History Eternal Twin Flames - Michael Jacksons REMEMBER THE TIME and Spiritual Real Education and Information Beyond the Song
History Eternal Twin Flames – Michael Jacksons REMEMBER THE TIME and Spiritual Real Education and Information Beyond the Song


This is a very fun information, as it is an ongoing research of mine personally that I am curious about.

Most people have similar hand lines. Meaning, at first sight, the main palm lines are on average the same. 99% of human beings I have ever met, or seen information of about their hand palms in any way, have had the LIFE AND HEAD LINE connected and touching toward the thumb area.

Like here:

Rare Hand Palm Lines Information: The Average Hand Palm Lines (Example Image) © How to Read Hands
Rare Hand Palm Lines Information: The Average Hand Palm Lines (Example Image) © How to Read Hands

HEAD LINE MEANING: (© Consciousness Line)

Obviously this stands for intellect, source of intelligence, logic, and the way someone thinks. It also would be the palm line where you would look to, if you wanted to read the person´s CONSCIOUSNESS.

LIFE LINE MEANING: (© Physical Earthly Life)

This is a widely known one, the so-called “life line” in palm readings. I never really read anyone´s palm much in my life, I could count on my fingers how many persons I did so for, for fun because they insisted thinking “all psychics must know how to read palms”. I never learned it.

One example I can give is from my Brazilian guitarist, Airton Perrone. It was around 2003 when I read his palm once for fun, while we were working on Songs (including the Mystery Garden Song which Michael then heard and which became my Company Theme Song in 2008).

I looked into his one hand, the right one, and had no idea what to say or how to read it. As I looked into it, I seen things in the energy emanating from the palms, besides some minor things the lines hinted at. What I saw made me warn him, about his move to Brazil back then from Europe, as I saw that him and his wife won´t stay together if they move there. I do not want to give too many details, but I seen themes regarding very personal things that will yet take place between them, in his palms.

And you know what? It all happened, precisely as I said.

I did spiritual readings with common bridge cards for friends and strangers (such as friends of friends at parties or events or gatherings) in my life, and I did also readings without any physical tools purely with my ability direct. Many people, not just few, know of my true Psychic skills and the biggest mockers and doubters would also be convinced seeing all I said later taking really place in their life and manifesting- things that could not be pre-known, except for through real spiritual skill.

So, the main information here, that you certainly won´t find out there as I have also never seen any of it, is about this not bound 2 hand lines specifically.

Like here:

Rare Hand Palm Lines Information Special Mark: Independent Free Soul and Not Bound to Space and Time Knowledge ©
Rare Hand Palm Lines Information Special Mark: Independent Free Soul and Not Bound to Space and Time Knowledge ©

Now, as you can see in this image for educational purpose only here, of my own hand palm lines, I have this special detail that is very, very rare. You can look into your hand palms right now; most likely it will be having those two lines bound like in the hand example on the left with the descriptions. If you have the two lines not bound together like in the picture of my palm on the right side, then it is a sign for a special spiritual Soul.

Lets look into the details:

EARTHLY LIFE– means being bound to physicality rules from this dimension, bound to the illusions and deceptions of duality, and simply, anchored with the Consciousness and Mind fully into the physical Body. Both bound together. This is how it usually is in most people´s hands, as it signals a very important basic truth. It means the soul of the person is “earth-bound” which is the natural state people usually when incarnated. The soul is bound to the limitations of the physical body during earthly life.


When the Head Line (Consciousness Line) is not bound to the physical Life Line, then it means that your Mind, your Consciousness and Soul is NOT bound to the normal earthly Rules and limitations of the Physical Existence and can reach independently beyond. Your Mind is not bound to the earthly Dimension and can think, function and live separately and consciously aware of the difference.

Take a look in your friends and family´s hand palm lines and you will see for yourself, how rare this little detail is, that sign of souls that are able to incarnate and keep the higher spiritual over-soul consciousness without it being bound down to physical life and its limitations of space and time.



Not too long ago, meaning about 1-2 weeks ago, I had a deep realization phase. Michael kept saying important things, that really resonated with what I was going through and I could see, that the challenges we have here are something I must accept and live with. So, if I have to live with all his fame and being a person of such public interest, then so be it.

I can´t just “not be myself anymore” or “exchange my soul and be suddenly someone else”. *Big smile* I am who I am.

So, I can save myself the stress, I thought, and not let any negative minds interfere in my mind magic focus any longer. I can decide, anytime, how I react to this. I might not be able to change other´s behavior always, or make them understand if they too, with the power of THEIR FREE WILL CHOICES, chose to not accept truth and God´s creation, and chose jealousy, destructive karma and all that. But I have a free will too and can decide to not pay attention to these energy vampires anymore.

And this is what I realized suddenly, and also, as things move ahead here and evolve further, seriously: Me and Michael have way more important stuff to do and focus on that a few jealous haters!

I have to do my job. My spiritual work I came to this Planet to do. The purpose of my life. That is what counts, for the healing and benefit of all. I realized these days, how important this all is, what me and Michael are doing, and how it affects basically everything.

So, as it is my natural self, I like positive, good things. I like to see people happy, and help them, and achieve something. I like to watch a funny comedy movie, or a good movie with a storyline that is unique and inspires spiritually. I like art and paintings.

When the sun shines, I like to spend a lot of time outside. Meet friends and people with same interests and hobbies.

When I see someone, anyone, through some information source such as TV, Newspapers or Internet, having overcome a big challenge, I honestly feel elevated and happy inside for them and send them “Respect energy” from my Heart.

When I see any suffering, especially Children, or helpless human beings, minorities, women, being mistreated and abused, stories that we all see in the News that are not easy to forget or ignore, it hurts me real bad. Often I start crying seeing such News, and pray for healing. If its stories about someone having died, I pray with all my heart and soul, for their souls to be accompanied safely to Heaven and compensated and healed from their traumatic deaths.

This is who I am, the real me, in private.

I also do not like to show weakness, especially in public. I am used to that. It is something I developed due to my shyness, and a lot of bullying in my childhood and youth, not because of anything else.

Since Michael ascended and came back to me, in 2010, when he informed me of all this Twin Soul connection we have and began pushing me to channel with him Entertainment Projects filled with this spiritual energy- he INSISTS that I STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE NEWS, SPIRITUALLY BAD ENERGY AND PEOPLE.

That includes especially, reading, seeing and perceiving anything that is harassing in a spiritual sense, or in an earthly sense such as the tabloid lies about him personally and specifically. Meaning, certain days, he literally bans me from looking for the day at any newspapers or TV channels, at all, like:” Susan, do NOT read the Newspaper today, okay? Do not even look at it, I´m serious. Trust me on this, please.”

And some times, accidently, I do see what he meant when lets say, a Newspaper with the headline about him is laying on a bench or entrance around my home or so where my eyes coincidently see bits of it.

I cannot describe how that would sometimes “pull me down”, my whole consciousness, and good vibes would be instantly gone and I would feel like I am being suffocated. This would be how he feels, if I read bad lies they say about him, and he hates when he does everything and still I see bit of those lies and am affected. It is a double twin flame feeling connection, meaning what hurts him, when I get conscious about it and see it like this tabloids example or online lies- it connects us in a double-soul-pain and is absolutely horrible.

So, it feels really good and opens your mind and senses for good experiences when you focus on good stuff and ignore the negatively vibrating stuff. Your mind is a very precious tool God gave you, and is essential in the purpose of this life and how we are supposed to learn how to use it properly and master it.

Once you regularly stay aware of all this we explained now in this article, and shield your Aura daily and keep your Mind in joy and positive thinking- you will notice how everything starts to improve around you.

Everything begins with YOU. You are the Key to your TwinFlame Soul, because it is simply YOU. You are the one that can decide for YOUR LIFE, if you want to enjoy it, or be stressed out all your life and “a ping pong ball for energy vampires and jealous interferences”. You have it all in your hands, the key.

This is about THE KEY TO YOURSELF, being in the same time the key to your twin soul inside. The strings that connect you two are always in you, not anywhere outside.

So, based on this information you also see, that when both twin flames are incarnated into human bodies at the same time parallel, the condition and state of mind of the one twin will affect the other twin naturally and can be researched and confirmed clearly, if it is a true twin soul case.

If one is incarnated and the other remains in spirit, this is the most widely spread case at the moment. It will mean that you have certain guidance in your life, and usually have a more balanced life without extreme ups and downs. If your twin in spirit is in a good place of course.

When people like the Set worshippers we talked about in the prior articles, worship the literal evil, jealous Devil that does all these huge bad things causing HIM karma that you cannot imagine or grasp, they share it with him and they cannot ascend easily after physical Death. They do not even want to, they write Books twisting ancient Egyptian Archeological Knowledge and History in insulting ways, naming these Books and Writings “Book of Coming Forth By Night” instead of “Coming Forth by Day”. So, I am being fully honest here and precise for you to be educated:

Such karma-burdened souls, when in spirit, and one twin being incarnated, will have sometimes extreme bad luck and a life mirroring this karma they have to work through and heal. If one twin does wrong, it automatically pulls the other twin, the other half, into the same karma. This is why you should think twice and never put yourself into such much negative energy and darkness.

But it´s good and important that you also do not become tense about all this, as duality also has night time and darkness in it. Meaning, we can also have wonderful experiences of light, during the night, like when two lovers watch stars together and gaze into the full moon. But just be aware that finally, these types of experiences symbolize still the “victory of light and love over the night”.

This freed mind and heart I have now, enables me to think much from a compassionate perspective and I really, really hope that as many souls as possible will chose the light, love and all that is good, and join humanity in celebrating life instead of attacking it. This goes down to the cellular level, where the matter becomes about LIGHT & SHADOW PARTICLES.

Think about the DUALITY inside the Quantum Physics, those little vibrating particles, that make up dense material, can be filled with more light, or shadow particles, or both more or less equal. This is all super real and I recommend that you chose a nice Movie for this Weekend, such as your favorite Cartoon , or Love Movie, or Book, Hobby, and do it. Something that really always makes you happy. Even if you haven´t done it since Childhood or Youth- do it again! Be joyful and young inside again. Uplift your mind into a balanced, pure and good focus.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©


Biological Facts Twin Souls © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official and How Michael channeled his Other Part after Birth 1982
Biological Facts Twin Souls © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official and How Michael channeled his Other Part after Birth 1982

Biological Facts Twin Souls © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official and How Michael channeled his Other Part after Birth 1982


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