Ancient Egypt: About Evil Set (Ghost of Jealousy) and his female Side © Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today, as a follow up to our very important Article recently with strange Information I have found while trying to “locate where this Setian attacks might be coming from at me and Michael”- here is additional Information from my personal Memory and experiences from 2003 in THIS incarnation as well. I don´t care really what anyone thinks that worships Set, those people must be insane and they are simply involving themselves in something too big for their souls, and for nothing really and if they defend Set in any way they will get into Archangel Michael´s focus as well. It´s just the way it works, you should not worship the Devil in any way! Wake up!

This is important, as information and knowledge breaks the deception tactics of the devil. I had totally enough about 3 days ago. Totally. I am sick and tired, and in an anger mode like, not sure if it is ever going to be possible to forgive at all as he just won´t stop and change. So, when I also post and then right away, technical attacks increase on my Sites online and Computer, then I only get more angry not less. And it certainly won´t make me be like “oh, they wanna scare me, I better shut up and hide and give up my rights”- NO WAY, you devilish, weak illusionist.

AND….around 3 Weeks ago, I talked with my friend and good buddy, Darrin Lee, a known Elvis Presley Expert and Book Author. He is the one that helped me to get courageous enough to publish my Elvis channeled Manuscript after he read it first. He also researches Michael Jackson and fights for truth and justice for both now.

This is what happened then: About 1 hour into our conversation on the phone, Darrin had opened my Blog and Website on his other smart phone, that he uses for Internet, and NOBODY has that number he said. I had just shared with him the Information I posted yesterday, about Set and the Temple of Set in Santa Barbara right next to Neverland and such things, because I needed to talk and didn´t know what to think and it really was affecting me.

And then, SOMEONE CALLED HIM ON THAT PHONE HE HAD MY BLOG OPEN ON, and this Man asked for “Set” (Seth).

Darrin was shocked for about 20 Minutes, and said, he knows for sure know that my Blog and Website, that I am being tracked it seems. He felt bit spooked out I sensed, but I kept making jokes and laughing it off so he feels better. It was also funny.

I heard this guy. He sounded like the voice of this Aquino guy, the way he sounded on Oprah´s show I looked at recently when finding this Information out, that there exists a Temple for Set in modern time and such. Totally like in THE BURBS, with Tom Hanks, right in Michael Jackson´s neighborhood where he had Neverland Ranch. And that is also how I feel, like Tom Hanks, like Corey Feldman and all these funny actors in this Movie, watching closely the “spooky neighbors” all suspicious.

“I´m looking for Set, I´m looking for Set”- that is how it sounded and his voice, Darrin said, had a “strange vibe to it”, like he was “somebody”.

Of course it can be coincidence, but then certainly a FROM SPIRIT influenced one, because it is kind of non realistic to think of this as pure coincidence when me and Darrin talk after 2 years again on the Phone and I update him, he opens my Blog etc and on that same Phone that nobody has the number of, someone dials “by mistake and asks exactly for Set”. Come on now.

I found it funny, and told Darrin, that “they looking for Set now here cuz they can´t find their evil Boss anymore”, laughing and laughing.

So, they want to know, what, from Archangel Michael where their Devil is?

Ancient Egypt: About Evil Set (Ghost of Jealousy) and his female Side © Archangel Michael 777
Ancient Egypt: About Evil Set (Ghost of Jealousy) and his female Side © Archangel Michael 777

THIS IS FUNNY, it is hilarious, if you details on our spiritual work we are doing and did Days prior to this. And I talked minimum 30 Minutes big Information, private on this Phone, about Michael Jackson, and the false accusations, and Set.

But hey, I am cool, I found it funny. I am generally very focused and balanced now, and totally harmonic with Michael and our Twin Soul is stronger in light than ever. And if you remember Michael Jackson right, you know he always wanted to help everyone, not destroy. So, this is about Archangel Michael trying to save souls, as much as possible and best, all souls.

For this to happen, and for the whole of mass consciousness on the Planet Earth to ascend, the dark minds must change and heal too. Even Set. Now, he MUST change or forever his soul will cease to exist and he will be forgotten over time as if he never existed. His followers who follow him into his misery will then share his karma and fate. When you channel him, and “sell your soul out to him”- you get polluted in your soul by his karma.

That is not anything anyone, or Set, can influence or change. Understand that.

Now, let me get into the main Topic of this follow up Article more in depth about Set in ancient Egypt.


Set had his twin sister Nephtys, which was not his Twin Soul. Me and Osiris, we were one heart and one soul from Childhood on, and it made Set over time more and more jealous, as he felt like Osiris has everything, and he has nothing.

Nephtys fell in love with Osiris and had a crush on him, other women too that were involved with Set had a crush on Osiris and that made his hate and jealousy toward Osiris increase more over time. He never looked into his own “mirror” and how he was treating women. Else he would have seen that it is simply his behavior that drives them away, not that Osiris is to blame at all. Osiris only had eyes for me and no other Women at all.

Note Image: Michael Jacksons Personal Vision on a Neverland Painting that was visible in his Living Room during the 1993 Oprah Interview- Michael as the Archangel, with HORUS FROM ANCIENT EGYPT in his Back and the Writing saying: I´m a multi-dimensional creature…

Michael Jacksons FULL Spiritual Meaning behind the Dangerous Song: Dangerous Girl of Evil Set - Female Devil Information-
Michael Jacksons FULL Spiritual Meaning behind the Dangerous Song: Dangerous Girl of Evil Set – Female Devil Information-

Here is for our DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE SERIES the fitting Song here- DANGEROUS by Michael Jackson about the female Devil

There are some major BASIC spiritual laws that Set distanced himself from and thought, that he can get around them and make his own rules. It did not work and he was still jealous, not happy and constantly focusing on what others have and not HIS SELF.

For example, he would constantly focus like an obsessed stalker on me, Osiris wife, and not his own women that wanted him and loved him. He ignored their love and humiliated them, by comparing them with me and forcing them sometimes to dress up “like Isis”.

So, as he started this in his mind and free will decisions, to obsess with me, the wife of another, of his own Brother, this mirrored on HIS FEMALE TWIN SOUL.

His female “soul mate” was affected by his choices, and also started to obsess with Osiris, sexually. Just like he was obsessed with me like a disgusting stalker. He started it, and from his male soul is reflected on his female twin.


A not widely known aspect of the so-called Devil. Of course, after this darkness he initiated into his own soul and that of his female twin therefore too, has separated them heavily, and both are blind and lost seeking with violence to “take over things and replace others” to feel better and fill their inner empty heart.

This is how Set must survive now this whole time, in spiritual form. He rarely even makes it to really physically appear in form and shape to anyone, mainly he appears as a dark shadow with red eyes. If the red eyes are missing, be careful, it means he has them trying to invade your mind and “possess you”, which he likes typical coward to approach from behind, like he did with my childhood friend once in 2003.

He feeds off of others souls, this is why he constantly tries to mobilize and enslave human being on earth, to follow him and worship him and feed his darkness. It kills their soul light, as he eats it up, but they don´t realize it, people like this Aquino guy that founded a Temple for Set.

But the female side of Set, his twin, is not able to work it here like him, on human beings and on Earth. She is blocked away from him, they basically forgot each other completely.

And he, is roaming around this dimension, venting his jealousy and trying to pull as many souls in as he can, and attacking twin flames that are happy and very strongly connected. Especially if he sees any twin flames merging and reuniting on Earth, he loses his mind and rages with envy and jealousy, it directly triggers his memory of Osiris and Isis.

This is the root cause of twin flame interference and the current state of twin flame relationships on Earth- mainly none in modern time. As if it is blocked heavily, in a mass consciousness level. This is what happened after Set´s death and his continued, stuck soul, roaming around here doing worse and worse evil.

THE CURSE THAT MADE SET´S SOUL “EARTH BOUND” © Isis Original Spell Story Unrecorded and Unknown in modern time

Remember all these stories about the Archangel Michael kicking the Devil “out of Paradise”, meaning, banning him from Heaven?

As I have described in my Music Releases and Books and on this Blog already, Osiris is a past life incarnation of Michael Jackson, and in soul, that would be, in an afterlife type dimension when not on Earth and pure spirit- THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

And I, was incarnated in a past life as Isis, now Susan Elsa, and in my soul I AM ARCH-EIA FAITH, THE FEMALE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Now, back to the basics in ancient Egypt again:

I remember traveling, and I had a bad dream before I traveled, and did not want to leave Osiris alone. I sensed that Set is planning “something”. But Osiris assured me it is all good and he will watch out, but he was so naive and always saw the good in Set. Osiris loved Set very much and never would have harmed him, like Set then did with Osiris.

I was the more aware one, and seeing how Set would harass me, and stalk me, I knew he is bad and thinks bad. I saw it. I can read minds, he can´t was not able to hide his changing thoughts from me, as I obviously would use my skills also to watch out for my husband, Osiris.

I then left for my trip, and only in my absence, cowardly Set dared to attack Osiris and trick him. He tricked him into a wooden coffin, nailed it, and threw it into the Nile river so Osiris would just die catching his breath inside this swimming coffin.

As soon as Osiris was sealed into this coffin by Set and his helpers, I felt it like a sting in my soul. I knew something has happened, and I felt him dying. I ran back to our town, and when not able to find Osiris, I confronted Set demanding an answer to where Osiris is.

Set of course, lied to me trying to pretending he “does not have any idea where Osiris is”. I kept searching and feeling my twin soul Osiris, that is always connected to me in all levels including physical, die, I kept having breathing problems too feeling as if I am inside water and sinking.

It was pure inner soul torture and Set watched it amused that Osiris is gone.

Set then tried to hold me hostage so I can´t go search for Osiris or his body, as I knew something had happened, I felt it in my Body, in my Soul. He tried to force me with all kinds of tactics and pressures into becoming his wife now and just going on as if nothing happened so the PEOPLE WOULD ACCEPT HIM AS THE NEW KING. He wanted to USE ME AS HIS TOOL FOR THIS SHIT.

My reply would have been in modern language said something like: “You can forget about that, you disgusting lying Pig, Set, I know you have something to do with Osiris´ disappearance and I will find him and I will never let you touch me and I AM STILL Osiris wife and always will be!”

I then called for help, a special spiritual help from animal spirits, and managed to escape from his grip.

I kept searching and searching for Osiris and found the coffin stuck in some Tree chunk, and this tree grew and the palace close by had cut it to use it as a pillar. My Osiris was in that Tree, so I had to get him out. I disguised myself as some poor beggar woman and asked for shelter in that palace to try and get to this Tree content. Long story here short, after the Queen saw my true self and knew that I am Isis, she fell on her knees apologizing and trying to ask me what she can do or give me so I forgive her for not recognizing me and treating me like a beggar. I said straight out: “Give me this tree pillar, and all is good between us for eternity!”

She was surprised I am only asking for such a small thing, but of course she did not know why. I took it and revealed the coffin from it and was preparing a funerary ritual for my Osiris, to heal his and my soul from this evil crime Set had done to us.

I had brought it back to our birth place, where Osiris ruled and deserved to be buried there as the legitimate King. But Set found it, one night before I was going to start the funerary ceremony, and got so enraged, that evil cold Soul, he did not want Osiris to have a respectful burial even or BE WELL IN AFTERLIFE! So, he took the coffin and cut Osiris body in pieces, as if to “kill him a second time”, focusing his rage and hate at attempting to “kill” Osiris soul.

He gave all the pieces to his helpers to throw all over Egypt, as far as possible, so I cannot find him anymore. But this was different, I felt it, saw it, I had cutting marks on my body suddenly, I just witnessed spiritually what Set did and knew it, running there but not in time to get the parts.

There, I lost it completely. I had this fire, this anger, built up inside of me. He hurt my soul way too much and too evil, too extreme, and it triggered this “anger magic”, where I only wanted justice for Osiris.

I used all my magic, I gathered every single particle of soul power I had in me, and cursed Set to be forever “earth bound and never able to ascend to Heaven”, stuck forever here in this misery, and stuck forever after his physical death in “the night”. This spell also caused that he constantly would get trapped in pillars, stone monuments and into the ground if he ever tried to rise. It was blocked, impossible.

I formed a particular banning symbol (will see more of details in my coming Cartoon Parts after our January 2014 Introduction). In this I placed Set´s soul, and bound him to this and lower dimensions forever, so he can never feel good, or light, or happy again. I bound him into his karma, so to speak.

He kept messing with me, Horus then too, and he kept trying to send Black Magic attacking-energy to Osiris´soul in Afterlife still. He never stopped, never changed, never realized anything and never apologized. Then, when he died, he tried to rise and could not. He was thinking, seriously, that he can enter Heaven and attack Osiris, again. He was trying to rise up all angry and arrogant, and it would not work no matter what he tried.

Then he kept venting his evil on Earth and in lower spiritual realms (1st to 4th Dimension). In the space between the 4th and the 5th Dimension, he was blocked from moving any more beyond the 4th Dimension. This is where I place the banning curse.

That the Planet came down to the vibrations of only the 5th Dimension back then, was his fault to begin with. And then, over the past few thousand years, he pulled Planet Earth in Consciousness and Vibrations down to the 3rd Dimension only, trying to pull it further.


This World we live in has good and bad, day and night. Right? We have daytime, and nighttime, where all is dark outside and many animals and human beings go to sleep. Basic things about life. Even electricity in our dimension works this way: Negative plus Positive Pole make an electricity cycle and the energy flows building a circle.

Originally, this Planet Earth was thought be for temporary life only, for learning lessons for the souls, and duality is part of it. The original dark matter did not have any consciousness, it was there in form of normal negative type experiences such as cold, physical challenges, relationships with good and bad days- such things, basic and natural things.

But Set, as someone from that time in Egypt and on this Planet, where the general population was very educated about Magic, spiritual Knowledge and all these things consciously, made a very evil, devastating decision.

He connected his consciousness to this basic, not conscious dark matter and mobilized it for his use in evil and wrong. Then he kept trying to destroy the light and therefore duality, which means a direct interference in how God made things and how this Planet is supposed to be originally in DUALITY, not hell and a rule of only evil and good being constantly attacked and all twin flames merging disturbed and attacked, and just innocent people abused over and over. This is NOT how it should be and this is why the Angels were created by God, to work to protect, guide, help, stand by, hug, listen to human beings during this journey and even more, because of this raging evil on the Planet. Now it is a time of healing, and God and the Angels are always there for all of us and see and hear each prayer calling for their help and protection in any matter. Especially when it comes to shielding yourself from the Devil, and it will be important on the journey to learn to hold up your shield with discipline in your mind and focus, daily, as it improves health, focus, creativity, everything as you see the difference when no dark energy is affecting you and you are shielded and a channel of purity and light.


After cursing Set heavily and almost crushing his Soul, I escaped from his grip with the help of special spiritual help sent to me by God.

There it was when all these miracles took place between me and Osiris, and all this we will reveal in detail, as well also in our Cartoon Project which still has many parts coming.

I went into hiding, and we even used a magic spell to loosen the land I was on from the land masses, so it became an Island and I was safe hidden in the Ocean with it.

I am on purpose not here in this article and not right now revealing any more on the magical pregnancy phase and the resurrection spell, as it literally nobody today knows anything about it but me. And I must protect such knowledge that reaches into angelic work, when God sends them to help human beings, as this information would only play into the hands of the people who like black magic and do wrong things.

Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames
Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames

IHS- his mental influence on human minds in modern time for deception and seeking Osiris and Isis soul powers ©

Illuminati fake stories everywhere rising, as we are back to bring the truth, Set is going wild with lies and tactics, and I seen insulting stuff claiming things like IHS (Isis-Horus-Set)- precisely Set´s spiritual sick desire to replace my Twin Soul, Osiris and “own me”.

In fact, the female Side of Set is what caused some females (and males) to be obsessed with Michael Jackson (Osiris) and stalking him, jealous of his women choices and so forth.

The male side of Set, caused the same toward me, and is best symbolized in all the attempts he inspired through his followers on Earth to make up false stories, information, teachings online today, and many many things we cannot all mention in one sentence- where Set always attempts to “own Isis” and throwing “negative words and deceptive manipulations” at the whole Isis imagery and story.

The story is very simple: Set is the evil guy, the murderer, the jealous one, and Osiris and Isis are A UNIT, and Isis always did, does and will belong to Osiris and will never be in any way attached to the name Set, no matter how hard and how long he tries. Osiris and Isis are the symbol of truth and good in this story, a story of love and loyalty overcoming evil and jealousy interferences. That is the core of this ancient Story and historic fact anyone can research. There is no sane mind that would discuss this or try to twist this, except for “Setian minds”.

Remember the Time Osiris and Isis VS Set
Remember the Time Osiris and Isis VS Set

Always keep that in mind and your Eyes focused on the light. Always remember the time…


These things are all coming up to the human mass consciousness right now, and it does shake things up, obviously. But, do not lose hope, as every healing like in the human body as well, causes first “sickness symptoms” which are also a sign of healing and that the healing process has begun. And then they get less and less, and suddenly, the “flu is gone”, as an example here symbolically, and one feels fit and great again. This is what is happening right now and it supported by God and all his good Angels of the Light.

The stories you have heard and read about the Archangel Michael fighting Demons and Devils is absolutely real and true. It is mainly taking place in other dimensions, meaning, in the spiritual realms where human beings have forgotten to look into and how to see those realms. But some people can do that still, and more and more are tuning in to the Light and healing their Souls, which naturally opens up more natural skills we all have.

Regarding Set and his female side, well, he too has a free will and must now decide: Change and heal, seek forgiveness, or- cease to exist. This is what is happening right now in the spiritual realms, the Devil is caught in a U-turn and must decide if he wants to survive and change or be gone forever from the face of the Earth and from all spiritual Dimensions.

We will keep you updated on what is going on and recommend you to visualize a light Aura around you every day when you go to Bed and when you wake up before you go out of your house and to work and so forth.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan & Michael


Great Short Video Summary of the Story I found, thank you for making this, “We are the Egyptians”! This is for general knowledge and educational purpose as not everyone knows much about ancient Egyptians in specific details, so if you don´t know really who Isis, Osiris, Horus and Set are then watch this Video and of course, watch more as you like to learn more. There are thousands of different little views and details out there, but still, looking around always helps for general knowledge of the situation we are talking about here.

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