MEN OF THE WORLD: Special Spiritual Articles Series for Men PART 1 © Spiritual Consciousness Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today we begin a new era, a Project I like to call “MEN OF THE WORLD”.
This is also a special Article dedicated to all the male MJ Fans in the World.
I had a very interesting conversation yesterday about Osiris and Set, more personally talking out of my heart, remembering just details from my memory and reflecting on it- memory from my ancient Egypt past life. My conversation partner then came to the concluding question after I had talked in free flow for a while. He asked: ”So, he finally went into all this evil only out of jealousy?”

I said clear out a big “yes”. That is really the root, the root chakra block on the mass consciousness on this Planet. And it manifested now for ages after Set’s actions and “setting his energy” in this jealous competition between men, in work space, career, politics, and general power masculine themes and positions of rule.

MEN OF THE WORLD: Special Spiritual Articles Series for Men PART 1 © Spiritual Consciousness Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael 777
MEN OF THE WORLD: Special Spiritual Articles Series for Men PART 1 © Spiritual Consciousness Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael 777


Archangel Michael is an angel. Yes he is a warrior of light, but he does not prefer to “end an existence” in the spiritual, he prefers to heal the individual and save the souls.  That is his most noble trait. He wants to heal and save the most evil souls even.

He never gives up.

Now, Archangel Michael, just like his physical incarnations in this life form as Osiris and Michael Jackson recently, is male. He carries the masculine soul energy and aura expression. The male consciousness. Archangel Michael is the ultimate role model for any male incarnated soul and is the masculine I AM Presence of Will and Power.

Men of the World Articles Series Spiritual Consciousness
Men of the World Articles Series Spiritual Consciousness

He is connected deeply to each man’s core of the soul, when it comes to courage, strength in battle for justice, protection of loved Ones (male paternal protective instinct) and more.
Then, we have Set, which is the evil side of duality, the evil in darkness shrouded “dark side” of the male Mass Consciousness. He drives war, power and profit greed at all costs, violence, rape, fear and the LACK of the inner knowledge of the safe I AM Presence which Archangel Michael embodies.
Set is the manipulator, the one that would lie and conspire to achieve “power and rule”, not earn it. Archangel Michael is the “hero that achieves things by his pure will and courage despite all circumstances”.
I know it might sound a bit funny now, but have you ever really SPIRITUALLY reflected on the rumored complex men supposedly have in “comparing penis size”?
Now, think about the ancient Egyptian Tekhen, or Obelisk, as it is more commonly known and named today. I was reflecting on these personal memories yesterday, from my past life in ancient Egypt, with Osiris. And then this whole jealousy situation with Set, details of how it evolved. I remember how every time Osiris would walk into a place, Set would be ignored by the crowd because Osiris was so popular. And then I thought about, the physical details, which are surely a completely new information here for modern age: Osiris also had this famous lover reputation, and many of you can read stories of Nephtys, Set’s wife, trying to disguise herself as Isis to seduce Osiris. Of course it didn’t work, but I’ saying Osiris had real knowledge in sexual matters. Not only did he have physical attributes, but the spiritual power behind it. Set, on the other hand, was completely on the wrong path with women and would mistreat them and think less of himself, which would lower his spiritual power and he also had physical disadvantages compared with Osiris. Meaning, he was smaller. But this was his way of thinking, he thought superficial, visual, he did not even remember in all this building up of jealous rage toward Osiris, that he could be equal in spiritual power and be popular too, by his own good deeds and changing his mind, loving himself. But he lost himself more and more in this jealous mind-set and did not work on himself and evolve, in spiritual matters and consciousness.
Let me be very clear now, as a female Voice connected to Archangel Michael’s mind and male perspective through a so called “twin soul” or “twin flame” connection:
This is all and never was about PHYSICAL SIZE, at all. This is at the root of soul power, power competition and “muscle games between men”- it is about SPIRITUAL MALE POWER. I am telling you straight out, that it does not matter what you look like physically, it is all about your mind and your consciousness. If you use your spiritual sexual powers, your complete relationship in these matters will change with women in your life. Take a look at Michael Jackson’s live concert performances in front of audience, and see the effect of this spiritual power on especially the female fans. He was my Osiris back in ancient Egypt, he was doing real ancient Egyptian Sex Magic Energy Work in front of the public on modern Stages. Think about the ultimate move, the ultimate gesture that here in a masculine comparing type situation someone like Archangel Michael would do here on Earth, if he was expressing it in Dance…
BAD, was Michael Jackson’s first Song and Video expressing this energy in words, and the signature crotch grab, in a man versus man battle type situation.

Now, connect the dots logically, regarding the obelisk secret about spiritual male sex magic powers, the Sword of Archangel Michael, and the whole power and will of the I AM Presence. This is the sun-power of the male soul. The female souls have the moon power of the soul, and receive.
So let us summarize this clear:
•    The Male Soul carries sun-like, active soul energy and emanates.
•    The Female Soul carries moon-like, passive soul energy and is receptive.
As in the famous ancient tale of Osiris and Set’s personal competitive war, the root of the issues in people’s, especially men in power positions today- has began in a situation between MAN AND MAN.
It is rooted literally in a spiritual situation in the Male Consciousness. That is at least, the effect it had, that it manifested and that can be seen clearly today in the condition of the World.

This is rare and special literature for spiritual evolution of male Readers.
Men starting in childhood already, when they are only little boys, have in our society and way of life on earth completely different challenges than women and girls have. A man has to ask himself other types of questions in life, than a woman. Especially today where the rift between men and women has become so big, many things have manifested where men and women are also not equal anymore and completing each other like in ancient Egypt.
Not in economic matters , not in physical matters even in people’s sex lives. Many men make experiences where women do not even “acknowledge their male sex powers”, do not encourage it, and all kinds of things like faking while being absent in mind. This is sad and it should be changed, Michael thinks.
There is in some cultures on this Planet even issues arising, where men completely start to lack this “active male I AM power”, and a “spiritual type of impotency” can manifest, but it is not physical in most cases.
This is also due to women partially losing too their connection to their moon-like, feminine, attracting powers and trying to pursue the man, and not the opposite. It is nature, the male soul has active energy poles, the female passive receiving. This is energy teachings, on the spiritual matter level. It is not necessarily about physical action, as women too can do more for their men, just like men can do more for their women, which then completes both and empowers both.
We will get to details on the female perspective later.
When boys are born, they are raised from early on often, to not show any weakness, and especially any kind of “emotional weakness” or even tears. Crying is something in many, many cultures boys are taught their whole life they “should not do ever”.
In some cultures it is, for example, also a sign of masculinity to have a mustache. Then you see many teenagers and adult men walk around with mustaches and beards. That actually has been a natural male expression since ages, and can be seen in the earliest art works already and archeological artifacts.
Men, in most cultures, are not supposed to take care “too much” of their skin, pluck any eye brows, wear certain colors and shapes in fashion, and all that or else it is viewed as “gay and feminine”.
Where Women get spoiled emotionally sometimes and always expect everyone to instantly care about their feelings and all that in the world outside when going out of the parent’s sheltered home, Men do not even get the right, by society, to get emotionally recognized. They are therefore under more pressure, because of constantly having to ignore emotions. Men are human beings too, and actually Men and Women are not even that different much. Really.
Why do men live less long than women on average? Have you ever reflected more deeply on this important question in life?
I am certain this has no biological reasons, and is purely mental/spiritual. When a man has to go through pressures all his life, but not get back too much, it drains any human beings life energy and physical strength over time too.
When a woman is hurt, girlfriends, family and her man take care of her in all ways, on average we speaking here of course. Human life is all about individuality.
When a man is hurt, people expect him to get over it and swallow it. It is not like people crowd around him to ask him what is wrong and give an ear to listen to his problems and emotional burdens. Right? That is the average situation in society worldwide, let’s be honest.
These different expectations and pressures, teachings and society rules for men and women, starting in childhood, are the reason why later both genders do not get along as well as they could and think they are “so different”.
The core of the misunderstandings, based on these false teachings, between men and women later on in adult life in romantic relationships especially- is exactly that. Men have not learned how to allow their own emotions, so how to understand or tune in to a woman’s emotions? Women have not learned to confront dangers and, lets say, defend others physically, so how can a woman understand the pressures put on men in society and in their life experiences?
Then there are certain basic differences in especially sexual energy, as men are active in soul energy pole and women passive and receptive. Women do not know anymore how to receive, and men do not know anymore how to give. It is more the opposite today if you look at society.
When there is a war, men are called to go risk their lives while women in most cultures stay home taking care of the children and community. When there is any physical danger, men go out the house or into confrontation with this danger and women are pushed back as to protect them from any confrontation. Of course what we are talking about here is purely examples to bring across a bigger general picture. These are classical gender roles. Today, much is confused about all this which is also why some men wonder about their role as a man in the world and some women wonder about their true role in the world as a woman too.
Men are also misunderstood by woman in many matters, especially when it comes to how men and women express feelings and love differently. But inside, the feeling of being in love is for both the same.  All human beings in fact, perceive the range of human emotions very much identical: Love, happiness, anger, frustration all are felt in the same way by all human beings.
Spiritually speaking, in absolute spiritual truth, men have a much richer world of emotions than they are aware of yet. Think about it. If Men are active and the sun-power of the soul, and woman are passive and basically like a mirror of their men’s energy (twin flame), then it means that men really have more active intense emotions in spirit.
On the spiritual energetic level, regarding spiritual energy exchange between man and woman in sexual acts, men too carry the active spiritual energy and function like the sun, while women are receptive and lit by the sun, like the moon.
This soul truth is active in men more than in women, as women like explained spiritually are receptive and intuitive, and men active and powerful like the sun. This is why men have it more difficult to stay faithful sexually, as it is deep inside them to seek the completing other half, actively. And the sexual act is what shows both if they are made for each other or not. All these physical traits God created have a spiritual correlation as this life form here is designed to train us for the eternal life form.
And here, by the way, comes the female moon magic too, because this is like the king and his kingdom, the kingdom being the woman. Garden Eden standing as the symbol of every man’s ultimate goal in the soul. Think about the Arch-Angels. Then people on Earth call the female Archangels “Arch-eia”.
Here is some personal truth from me and Michael:
Michael is the Angel lighting it.
He is my Arch-Angel, the Angel of his personal Arch-eia (Twin Ray).

MEN OF THE WORLD: Special Spiritual Articles Series for Men PART 1 © Spiritual Consciousness Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael 777
MEN OF THE WORLD: Special Spiritual Articles Series for Men PART 1 © Spiritual Consciousness Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael 777

That is how it works. You see, the female power is equally strong and “stores in eternity” the man’s power. The point is, only united both can bring out the most potential of their unique magic, as a unit.
Young people today, especially boys, are in a difficult place when it comes to discovering their true male spirit and space in society. In the same time, spiritually speaking, there is a lot happening on the sub conscious level of the masses, all genders and ages. Men are starting to tune in more to their feminine wisdom and women start to tune in more to their masculine wisdom.
This is a mass evolution going exactly in the direction of twin flames approaches of reunions, in masses. That is the big plan. Humanity, each individual soul has the chance now to heal and become whole and complete again, by re-membering their twin soul as a unit.
Michael told me a lot about James Brown, and what he saw in him in detail. When Michael grew up, very early on, he watched once from the stage side wings James perform. He had been a fan since day one already, and was excited to watch “the master at work”, as he called it.

After Michael had passed, and came back in Spirit to teach and remind me of all this Twin Soul truth, so I can tell people so they too remember and benefit, he could do much more than just talk. He shared with me, right before in Spring 2010 James Brown for the first time directly contacted me in Spirit, his inner Visions and his personal Memory, directly from his own view. His direct memory of these experiences, visuals, inner feelings he had, what this and that dance move he saw James doing triggered inside of him. Michael Jackson had a huge vision when he saw James Brown perform in front of him the first time, when he was just a little boy yet.
What I could see was how he, Michael, stood on the side of the stage seeing James kind of from the side and back more than from the front.
In this moment, as he closely and attentively watched James perform for the audience, sweating, singing his soul into the Mic, putting his whole energy into it like it was about life and death, so to speak. Literally screaming and singing, and dancing from deep within his soul using this soul power, to be heard as a black man that suffered a lot of disadvantage and overcame it to become so legendary and successful. James Brown worked harder than most people, for his career. He worked himself out of very miserable circumstances, having grown up basically on the street without real mother taking care of him, or any father around or even known. He went into a lifestyle which was very destructive in these teenage days, and then was able to recover his mind and focus on constructive, and using his Music to do something good. To inspire, to be a voice for the black people and proving that a poor black man with bad records, can still make it big and completely turn things around- with his own will and soul power.
Michael was very moved to see into his soul this way, as he put it openly on the stage out there, with all his power and strength he had. Michael learned a lot from James, and it was this moment which triggered in Mike the urge to want to be more outgoing in his Music and Performance, over his whole career. He also started to do more James-brownish vocal styles as soon as he went solo. Take a look at the OFF THE WALL Album Cover, his very first adult Musical Solo Debut. He looks totally like James Brown, and not just that but if you listen for example to the Songs on the Album such as GET ON THE FLOOR, you see clearly Michael’s vocal inspiration from James Brown as well. Especially in the freestyle vocal gimmick break later into the Song, listen closely. I know it well, I used to sing this Song as a Teenager, having Michael as my main vocal role model obviously.

I had some reservations and honestly, some issues with James Brown personally, as a woman, because I had seen and heard some things about him hitting his wife and such stories.
In the springtime of 2010, after Michael had returned to me in Spirit, after he had brought Elvis Presley in Spirit for a visit and serious deep conversations about truth- he brought James Brown. But right before he did so, he was preparing me. He started suddenly to explain to me his view on it as a man, and shared things with me about James’ struggles I never even knew. That did make the whole big picture look different. And what finally counts is how his intentions were inside, and people make mistakes.
Men in general, as we said, have to deal with way more pressures in life than women. More active and direct pressures, women have other types of pressures.
Michael has his own special, very convincing way of wording things so perfectly, that you see it differently. Considering the circumstances in which James grew up, as a poor black man in a poor neighborhood filled with crimes, and then to not have anyone that cares for him as a minor already, being out on his own in the streets, is not easy. Then to sink deeply in these challenges, and rise out of them again by his own will to change things, to break out of this, to achieve something in his life he can be proud of and put all this discipline, physical and soul power into it for so long, is something to respect and admire.

I fully understand Michael’s perspective as a black man on James Brown, definitely his biggest idol in black Entertainment. That is the honest truth, Michael loves many many artists styles, but James was the big inspiration for the aggressive soul power dances and vocal performances. Michael did do his own style, his own thing, of course, but this is his roots. This is where Michael Jackson’s musical and cultural roots come from in his earliest musical development and career.
More on the Topic “MEN OF THE WORLD” Coming Soon!
Until then we wish you a happy Love-mas and that your Dreams may Come True,
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael)

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