Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul: My First Contact with MJ Fans © August 2000

Dear Readers

This is an additional Article, on my and Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Story. You know Michael very well, but I am new to the public and so here comes some private Information and funny Stories on my first Contact ever with Michael Jackson´s Fans.

I have been my own type of “Fan” feeling this Soul Connection to Michael, as if he was my Mirror somehow, since Age 5. I started at that Age to sing also, and worked hard on voice training to sing as perfect as possible (that was constantly my thought back then).

I have up until August 2000 (I looked the date up in my personal Diary)- never yet had ANY contact to the MJ Fan Community. I was not in a Fan Club, I did not travel after the Man, I did not try to contact him or write Letters, and I had Panic at the thought of “being stuck in masses of Fans”, which is why I never went to a Michael Jackson Concert when older. When I was a kid, I wanted, but my parents said no, when the BAD Tour was current, as I was way too small and they worried about me being stepped on or hurt in any way at such a concert. For the DANGEROUS Tour we had special Backstage Passes, and then Michael got sick and had to cancel. I was so sad. I remember that vividly.

So, in 2000, I got in touch with a big male MJ Fan. He had a Girlfriend, that was a huge Fan too. Then, they had another friend they told me about, that was working as a professional Michael Jackson Impersonator doing Shows since his Childhood I guess. That was all online first, by pure coincidence.

For months they kept sending me Messages and then we also talked on the Phone and they wanted to meet me, and bring their Impersonator friend with them. I was curious. I will be absolutely honest in this Article, free flow, from my heart as always. I will explain it from MY VIEW and how this experience was for me, and their reactions.

THE FIRST MEETING: All Four of us going out together © Summer 2000

So, I remember how nervous I was. I had no idea why, but I was super nervous somehow to meet these MJ Fans. When I saw them first, my first impression was that they are a funny group of friends. They immediately came to me, in this big train station main hall where we had agreed to meet to go grab a Snack together in the City. They had not seen pictures I think, but they recognized me and I recognized them as they had described themselves.

Right after the first hand shake they kept staring at me, saying repeatedly:

“You are so much like Michael, like Janet, or a Michael-like sister!”

Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul: My First Contact with MJ Fans © August 2000
Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul: My First Contact with MJ Fans © August 2000

We went to a nice cozy Cafe/Restaurant and sat down at a big round Table. I remember how I had serious trouble looking them long in the Eyes, I felt I am giving away too much about “my Soul”. I was super shy in general back then, like this. So far so good. So, one guy at this table danced (much better than me), and one Girl (me) was singing. No big deal.

They kept the whole evening commenting on how much I am like Michael, and how much I smile like him especially.

Twin Flame Effect Soul Metamorphose Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Same Physical Age Photos
Twin Flame Effect Soul Metamorphose Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Same Physical Age Photos

After we developed a closer friendship, and met a few times when we would find the time, all together. The Girl´s Boyfriend, the Guy that had contacted me first of all online back then, started to increasingly focus on “wanting to be like me”- meaning he suddenly felt motivated to pick up singing and asked me to teach him a bit. His Girlfriend did not like these developments, honestly, but I have understanding for her feelings. He was not even my type, zero, I would never approach some friend´s guy. But he was so much talking about me then to her, it upset her. But it wasn´t MY fault.

That got our friendship a bit into trouble, as it was getting on my Nerves that when a couple has anything THEY need to talk about and discuss, I get pushed in the middle when I do not want to be there nor did anything from my side to be placed there, you know. But we talked it out then, and she knew she can trust me. I had increasingly more contact then to the MJ Impersonator friend, not them two as I also wanted to let them work their things out alone and felt I have too much impact on her Boyfriend.

I heard they moved to Spain sometime later, so I hope they are doing fine over there and enjoying their life together.

The MJ Impersonator liked me too, but nothing ever happened between us, zero. We talked about things regarding Michael Jackson, exchanged feelings, reflected on things, but we were just good friends. He would sent me Messages and tell me that I likes my “attitude about life”. We had good conversations, and he is the only one of the 3 I kept in touch with over the years, some times in between not regular though. I moved to LA in 2005 anyways, and shortly after this phase in my Life I was too busy with my Elvis-Twin Guy. A normal Guy by the way, that studied Business and Economics and just naturally looks like Elvis Presley, he was not singing or dancing in any Impersonation Shows!

And as you, dear Readers, know, I then ran into Michael in 2007 in LA. These things in my past turned out to be more meaningful than I had realized as a Child and as a Teenager back then. I thought me and Michael would be “perfect friends”, platonic. I was so wrong, it´s funny today to think back about all these experiences in my Life.

I am thankful to God for making this all happen.

With all my Love,

Susan Elsa




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