My Night with Michael Jackson in Spirit 12/12/14 © Dance Training and Merging Twin Flame Minds

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As the magical Year 2014 is approaching it´s end, so 2015 can begin, we would like to make a big open Summary of the Major Key Spiritual Works we did as Twin Souls since early 2010. This is the Introduction Story, before in a next Article also today, we bring you the List of the Big Twin Flame Magic Effect we created on certain things on Earth. We have some good Info for you this Weekend, and new Dangerous Knowledge Album Articles on more Songs from Michael Jackson.

Michael Jacksons Dangerous Knowledge Album Series: WILL YOU BE THERE? © Ultimate Meaning Beyond Osiris and Isis Famous Twin Flame Soul Couple Lovers Story
Michael Jacksons Dangerous Knowledge Album Series: WILL YOU BE THERE? © Ultimate Meaning Beyond Osiris and Isis Famous Twin Flame Soul Couple Lovers Story


I woke up today, and Michael was reminiscing about yesterday, where we had a really good time. He kept kissing my right arms, and my shoulders, I was laying sideways. I have no idea what happened at Night, but it feels like I am born anew.

Yesterday, at 1 a.m., I was still up, and he was teaching me Choreography steps for Dancing. I had been doing by that time since few hours Dance Training, with breaks. Not because it was some schedule, only based on this inner “dance energy urge”. It was a form of Magic, a Spell Casting too, via Body Movements channeling Energies from spiritual Dimensions, using the Body as a vessel. Some people in Hollywood keep attacking us with Black Magic Methods, trying to disturb our Twin Flame Balance and my Heart. So, I just ignored and danced it all off, keeping focus on my Life and Michael. I won´t let anyone harass me any longer out of my Peace, I feel good, and I have all reasons to be happy since Mike came back to me in Spirit, and he proves me over and over that nothing can change his Love for me, EVER.

I was just doing the Training with him watching first for long. He loves to watch me dance and happy, and often he makes funny comments in between, mostly sexual.

Suddenly he directs me smoothly into a certain step and whole body and head movement I never knew before. “Like this, now leg forward, this back! Yes, now look up at this exact moment, move this hand like that” and so forth. He was literally fixing my dance movement, with verbal directions. I thought it is a new movement, a new idea. It felt TO ME that way, but somehow also familiar.

It was SO HARD, physically, my muscles are too weak yet. Michael´s Training is no joke. So, I´m like “Michael, my leg muscles are too weak, I´m not fit as you”. He just giggled, like some wise teacher, that´s how his face looked like. And he kept saying: “One more! Do it one more time, then we pause the training for today”. I was impressed, I can do such complex robot style and foot movement dances? Just like that? One thing is clear: If I keep doing this type of dance moves, this training with Michael, its good for my body. Michael always had like, iron style muscles like he has zero fat in his body.

Michael Jackson: How Me and My Twin Flame Soul applied MIND MAGIC for Planetary Healing © April 2010 Birth
Michael Jackson: How Me and My Twin Flame Soul applied MIND MAGIC for Planetary Healing © April 2010 Birth

After I kept thinking for about 5-10 Minutes about what had just happened. Something was familiar about the foot steps, like a forward AND backward style moonwalk move, and in the same time robotic upper body movements, and tilting your head upwards.

Then I thought I had seen him do that in the Live Choreography for Stranger in Moscow. And I was shocked. Michael obviously wants to get me to dance like crazy, and it makes me nervous to be compared to him by any People in public, to be honest. But I will do what he says, for him. I am super shy, and I am so happy that Michael is teaching me like this. It was such a nice experience. The Twin Soul connection makes it effortless. Basically, my physical muscles need to adjust only, but in my Mind, my Brain, my Thought, I got the movement “like programmed by Mike into my Mind”, that´s how he does it. Like he steers my Head somehow, when we do the channeled Dance.

Here is a Video I looked at before sleeping, feeling exactly his memory, of his BODY MEMORY, how he felt doing these moves on the Stages. I cannot describe how much spiritual and divine this feel is, like moving with everything around in tune.


This is going to be sounding a bit funny maybe to some People, but that is the honest truth on Twin Souls and how the dynamics works.

Michael Jackson completely changed after 1982, because before that I was with him in Spirit, and after My Birth in 1982, I was in a separate physical limited Body, on the other side of the Planet in Europe.

He says literally in the Lyrics things about that, because you know, when an Artist expresses himself/herself, it has a lot to do with the “inner soul life” of a Human Being and what thoughts, feelings, dreams, intuitions one goes through.

“My Life, will never be the same, ´cuz Girl you came and changed, the Way I walk, the Way I talk, I cannot explain”– Michael Jackson Official Lyrics YOU ROCK MY WORLD-

Twin Flame Effect Soul Metamorphose Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Same Physical Age Photos
Twin Flame Effect Soul Metamorphose Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Same Physical Age Photos

The famous crotch Grab, a signature Dance move by Michael Jackson, came only after Thriller in 1982, when I was born. Michael felt and displayed a more aggressive, masculine energy in his dance. That was simply due to the Consciousness Changes he went through, feeling now his Twin Soul not in spiritual Presence with him, but “somewhere probably out there”. So, his inner active masculine pole, the energy of the male twin soul, became more extroverted in actually everything he did. Like he is SENDING OUT a signal, active like the Sun Rays. The female Twin is like the Moon, passive and receptive in Energy more. In the same time, he tuned in more to his feminine side- which is me literally embodied now.

People say this “my masculine side, my feminine side” a lot. But have you ever thought about the deeper meaning of what that actually is, personified? That exactly, is the Twin Soul, the Other Part of your Self, your Complete Soul. One and the Same Soul, shared by Two Conscious Beings male and female, perfectly completing each other on all levels, physical and beyond.

Me and Michael talked about all this in details. And it made my own life make more sense. I always had this extreme masculine, aggressive energy inside of me. If I consciously think, it DEFINITELY got triggered by Michael Jackson, after I had seen him in the Film Moonwalker, at age 5 only, and recognized him as “exactly like me, like my Mirror”. I swear on God and all I am and believe in, all that exist, that this was my exact factual thought at Age 5 seeing Michael Jackson on the Television Screen the first time in this life, this incarnation. Consciously.

Over the years, and long before we met finally in LA, coincidently/fatefully- I always felt him somehow with me, inside of me. I would as a child then and as a Teenager, work out my voice, doing vocal singing training daily, so long, for hours daily, my throat would feel dry and sometimes hoarse a bit. I would not even pause to drink some water. That was not something I saw anyone else who made Music, especially Singing, do.

When I saw any interviews on TV, or Footage, it would immediately mirror into my Heart. Like, I feel what he feels exactly, how he thinks, how it makes sense what he displays in his work, his work for the Planet. I would take everything he says serious, and it would stick to my mind like glue. He was affecting me the whole time, and I actually kinda tried to keep my distance all over these years, constantly telling myself: “He is my Soul Mate, but like exactly like me, platonic, we are like best friends type connection. I want to be his friend and be there for him.”

Not in a million years would I have thought, that I will someday in a private setting while he is in disguise in LA, and I am studying Film Directing there, just run into him. I was shocked to find out from him personally, that he kept having Dreams about this “mystery woman” and that he thought it´s me and claimed to have tried drawing my face before and such. I did not even believe him first, it was too obvious. But it was true, and everything he ever told me always gets confirmed and turns out to be true in general.

So the whole point is, I asked myself sometimes, if he feels that Connection to, to “someone out there”, or if I only feel that connected to him. I never realized how much he looks LIKE ME, I always felt like “he is totally like me” but I had the focus only on the Soul, I haven´t met him back then yet and there was no reason for me and the type of Person I am, to think anything beyond that about someone I haven´t met in person.

Of course, you need to understand that Michael, when he was in Human Life, he did not know all this stuff consciously either. Just like me, we all walk through Life here on this Planet, this temporary limited form of life, doing the best we can, but we cannot see the full truth beyond the veil. The veil protects actually the earthly consciousness, so one can make experiences, learn in practical experience, how to tune in to the self, the soul, evolve, look at duality, good, bad, see the difference, feel the difference, all that is very valuable experience for the Soul. That´s why we are here.

Michael only knows all this stuff NOW, that he is ascended and beyond the Veil. But not for me of course, because there is no such thing like a veil within the Soul and can never be, I am not external,  I am a part of him, we share the same Soul and so I too ascended half, while still here. That was very hard, for the limited Human Consciousness, to grow that big and that fast.

Remember how the press and the public, would constantly report Michael Jackson´s behavior and changing looks and style, as “feminine, weird, bizarre, gay” and all this? For years, even some until now, can´t shut up and keep talking lies and fantasy made up tabloids trash about Mike.

That was me merging with Michael on the physical dimensional Level, because I took an a certain physical shape when I was born, and he adjusted to it. Can´t you see that?

He was channeling me. I am channeling him. We do all this, for you.

For you, to remember who you really are. For you, to remember that life is eternal, and love too. For you, and all around us, to blossom once again in its full light, its full potential, so Humanity can move forward. Move forward, change things, improve things, keep evolving.

The elements, the system on the Planet, where evil took too much control (which then is a basic rule break as this is duality, not hell)- are the reason why Michael was abused and lied about so much, up until now, we are being fought and lied about.

These elements, see it as a part in the big Mass Human Consciousness. Everything is connected, all Minds all Souls, always with God. When a few put too much darkness into the Whole, the limit is reached and the Angels step in and do things. This is what Michael did, this is what I am completing here.

He is Archangel Michael. I will keep saying until you get it and see it for yourself. We can only move forward and make this Planet evolve again, blossom, peace and love being in control, even if it is “duality”.

I want to show you a special Song Message, here put into a Song Michael wrote for Siegfried and Roy, the famous Magicians with the White Tigers Show, as Michael loved Magic Shows. Michael Jackson was obsessed with Magic in general. Anyone that ever met him in private and knew him a bit, will confirm this.

MIND IS THE MAGIC by Michael Jackson

[Verse 1]
Come in to me
I know mystical garden
Orchards and violets
All mysteries are parted
Life is a mirageghost
Pure inspiration called justification

Nothing’s impossible
Nothing’s concealed
Everything here is for real
What gives fantastic ghouls all in your head?
Who creates these wonders like nobody can?

Siegfried & Roy
You know it’s
Siegfried & Roy
So be it
Siegfried & Roy
I’m gonna
Siegfried & Roy

[Verse 2]
When it’s Siegfried & Roy
It’s the mind over magic in true
Your own thoughts play the game
In the magical wonders they do
The mind in the magic is you

Move of the head
And I’ll change your emotions
Strange things appear
From euphorics, devotions
Everything’s happening
Nothing’s unreal
Hallucinating the mind in the real

Seeing black panthers
That suddenly fly
White tigers stalking your mind
Hallucinating the things that you see
This kind of magic’s so hard to believe
Be it…


[Verse 3]
Cause when it’s Siegfried & Roy
It’s the mind of a magic in true
Your own thoughts play the game
In the magical wonders they do
The mind in the magic is you

When it’s Siegfried & Roy
It’s the mind over magic in true
When it’s Siegfried & Roy
It’s the mind over magic in true
(Seeing is believin’)
When it’s Siegfried & Roy
It’s the mind over magic in true

The game of this kind
This kind of magic
Throw over mind

[Chorus x2]


Continued Dangerous Album “The Dangerous Knowledge Series” Article

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson

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