Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info – PART 1 – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa

Dear Readers

As many people look for true Information about Twin Flames Souls that can really help them evolve and approach their own other half, this is an Article with some Insights and Information that is very reliable.

Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info
Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info


We will talk today a little bit about what changes in Twin Flames as they evolve through Life Incarnation Journeys and Beyond. This is a special Article about TWIN FLAME SIGNS & SYMPTOMS , but more in depth. This is Twin Soul Science and Biology, as we call it. My Story contains real Science Research starting in 2004 (European Science Research and Experiments). The Focus in this special Article though goes into Neuro- Science and detailed Brain Evolution of Twin Flames Souls physical Brains, when both incarnated.

Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info
Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info


There is a logic behind it all, and once you learn to understand it you know how it works, theoretically. The emotional and spiritual aspect, the personal experience itself, is of course a whole other topic. But what we want is to educate people theoretically by our story as an example, to help you with your inner awareness that is crucial for the evolution. The evolution is the key to the reunion. You evolve, you reunite. You do not evolve, you do not reunite yet.

This is kinda how God regulated it.

So, Twin Souls split (seemingly) and go into this unaware human incarnation. Prior to birth, there is a life plan, a blue print, both discuss with God and agree on, and then begin with their Birth´s on Earth. That is the Learning Journey for the Soul, this temporary Incarnation here.

This physical Incarnation though is a good basic training for particular skills that are also an eternal part of the Soul.

So, when you have 2 PARTS OF 1 SOUL, that incarnate parallel on Earth, and they are needing still much time to be ready for the reunion, to be evolved enough, then they will NOT meet, as it would be devastating for the energy field and emotions of both as everything is intensified between Twins, and totally unlike any other relationships. In fact, you can view it as a fixed rule that no COMPLETE TWIN SOUL incarnates (1 Soul in 2 bodies) as long as there is no chance yet for a physical reunion. It would make not much sense, and might only happen toward the last incarnations before completing this Earth Journey, in all its completion, ready to go into the next life form permanently.

Detailed Insights of our Summer 2010 Releases and Updates


When I was in these super interesting Science experiments and Research, especially on my Brain functions and Hemispheres, I learned a lot about myself that confirmed many, many things in my life. At that time, I had no idea yet about “Twin Flames”- but I already had full awareness that “Michael Jackson is somehow my Soul Mate” as I named it back then, and I had already had the premonitions of his Death and how and beyond, how we would continue spiritual Contact and how he would return healed and strong again, as the Archangel Michael. I have had these dreams sequences in 2003 all, and in 2004 these Experiments began and I was getting into Science Research to make myself available to help Science evolve, regarding the Psychic abilities of human beings.

As a child, around the age of 10 or 11, I had heard the first time about this science theory that Human Beings only use 10% of their brain, and the other 90% are basically just turned off. This is how I understood it. I spent a lot of time in my childhood and youth with the inner will and focus of wanting to activate MORE of my brain functions than the average human being. How I attempted to do that is a whole other topic and goes into inner awareness and thought process, analysis and third perspective, which I will get into some time later then.

You can read up on this anytime as you like, and you will see that it is common science knowledge and fact, that the average woman uses more the right side of the brain, and men more the left side of the brain.


Applied from my own Case and Data to our New Theory here, it would go like this:

MALE TWIN SOUL: Left Brain Hemisphere (Male Consciousness)

FEMALE TWIN SOUL: Right Brain Hemisphere (Female Consciousness)

The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information

Lets take a closer look here at the different functions each brain hemisphere is responsible for:

MALE TWIN SOUL: Left Brain Hemisphere (Male Consciousness)

– Logical Thinking

– Mathematics and Calculation

– Geometry

– Sense of Orientation (inner Geographical Compass)

– Analysis

– Technical Thinking

FEMALE TWIN SOUL: Right Brain Hemisphere (Female Consciousness)

– Emotions and Intuition

– Visual Processing

– Social Skill and “Communication of Feelings”

– Intuition

– Finer Senses

– Emotional and Artistic Expression

Here from a Science Website how they explain basics of the 2 brain hemispheres:

You may have heard people describe themselves as strictly “right-brained” or “left-brained,” with the left-brainers bragging about their math skills and the right-brainers touting their creativity. That’s because the brain is divided down the middle into two hemispheres, with each half performing a fairly distinct set of operations.

Much of what is known about brain function is owed to Roger Sperry, whose experiments examined the way the human brain’s hemispheres operate both independently and in concert with each other. The two hemispheres communicate information, such as sensory observations, to each other through the thick corpus callosum that connects them.

The brain’s right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the human body. When you wink your right eye, that’s the left side of your brain at work. Because of this criss-cross wiring, damage to one side of the brain affects the opposite side of the body.

In general, the left hemisphere is dominant in language: processing what you hear and handling most of the duties of speaking. It’s also in charge of carrying out logic and exact mathematical computations. When you need to retrieve a fact, your left brain pulls it from your memory.

The right hemisphere is mainly in charge of spatial abilities, face recognition and processing music. It performs some math, but only rough estimations and comparisons. The brain’s right side also helps us to comprehend visual imagery and make sense of what we see. It plays a role in language, particularly in interpreting context and a person’s tone.

As for whether a person is right-brained or left-brained or even right-handed or left-handed the uses and preferences of the brain’s two sections are far more complex than just a simple left vs. right equation. For example, some people throw a ball with their right hand but write with their left. [Southpaw Stats: 11 Fun Facts About Lefties]

The brain carefully balances and assigns control of certain functions to each side it’s all nature’s way of ensuring that the brain ultimately splits up tasks to maximize efficiency. Most people are right-hand dominant which is actually controlled by the left side of the brain.

“Brain asymmetry is essential for proper brain function,” professor Stephen Wilson of University College London told Live Science, a sister site of Life’s Little Mysteries. “It allows the two sides of the brain to become specialized, increasing its processing capacity and avoiding situations of conflict where both sides of the brain try to take charge.”

Author: Remy Melina for Live Science/ Life´s Little Mysteries Staff ©

Original Source of Information and Text: http://www.livescience.com/32935-whats-the-difference-between-the-right-brain-and-left-brain.html

Of course, there is the THIRD ELEMENT, which is the cooperation and “working together” of the two brain hemispheres left and right, and how.

Here is another big difference between male and female physical brains. I am saying this one right from my memory, I had seen this information in a documentary sometime in the 90´s, and yes my memory is that good. This is why I was in these experiments- they were in awe about my super-memory brain functions.

The Information I remember clearly from this Science Documentary Film I had seen back then is the following:

– Men have a 30% larger brain, in size.

– The 30% additional brain mass Men have are mainly for the sexual drive.

– The male brain did not evolve yet as much as the female brain regarding communication/social skill.

– The female brain evolved so that multitasking is natural and complex emotional thinking and emotional communication.

– The female brain lost over time the “geographical sense of orientation” almost completely (remember the famous debate about women and parking their cars?)

– The male brain processes more internal (like, through inner dialogue and thoughts).

– The female brain processes more external (through talking about feelings).

– The female brain has developed more nerves interconnecting the left and right brain functions into a tighter cooperation.

That is just a very superficial summary. As this article is about real complex science and new theories, we cannot give here now a full scientific theory yet, but view this as an introduction to this great topic. It can help in many fields of science and psychology. If you have any additional information on male and female brains and their functions and effect on our behavior and relationships, feel free to post in comment section.

Okay, so now, basic first thought as we go into this new theory:

The physical brain, has also 2 halves that form THE COMPLETE BRAIN, right? Just like Twin Souls are 2 halves that form THE COMPLETE SOUL. The “Soul Brain” though has much more abilities and functions obviously in different dimensions and is eternal. The physical brain is limited, which is the main challenge since ancient Egyptian times even, in merging “Spiritual and Physical Consciousness” and overcoming these limitations as far as possible.

Twin Flame Magic Archangel Michaels Marriage Teaching Schools Project © 2010-2014
Twin Flame Magic Archangel Michaels Marriage Teaching Schools Project © 2010-2014


As some of you might know, the brain steers our whole body functions and movement. It also steers certain appearances of gender, hair growth, muscles, body posture, fine-motoric skills and dance skills. Certainly also the musical abilities are steered to a large extent by the brain, spelling, tone and color of expression in singing and lyrics and all that too.

In fact, most scientists today view things exclusively from such a physical perspective, that the soul aspect is NOT yet recognized official by Science and not enough far researched and understood. It is still an ongoing research and regularly new updates come out and get published in theory, or proven in science lab, with real science proof.

When Twin Souls are both incarnated, and the One Soul is being pulled back together for reunion and completion of the earthly Journey, both will naturally tune in more to the other´s perspective and male/female energy. Meaning, the male Soul will approach the feminine aspects, the female Soul will approach the masculine aspects in the Self. So, you could say a completely merged Twin Soul has kind of an androgynous appearance and essence, both in perfect completion: Male and Female Self and Energies, Skill and Knowledge. In spiritual dimensions, Twin Flames can appear as ONE BEING MERGED, or as a Couple of Male and Female. It natural Soul Dynamics.

People ask me often, how one knows if the Twin Flame Reunion is approaching, or even, how to “make it happen”. This is some rare reliable information I am giving you here and you can see in all your life´s aspects, if you are getting ready, or not yet, or almost and you always have to remember to put the focus ON YOU. You are the Key to your own Soul including your other Half, the Twin Soul. Nobody else can do this inner pre- work for you, that attracts the Twin Flame Reunion on Earth. For Girls reading this, focus on your masculine side, try to learn about your full self, understand both genders aspects and views on things in life. That is AUTOMATICALLY in tune with your true male twin soul then. Same goes for guys reading this- tune in to your feminine side! Try to understand women more, discover your emotional aspects and intuitive, motherly type instincts, paint something and so forth. Like Michael Jackson did! He gave you a very public example, right in front of your eyes, of this. He worked openly and honestly on his feminine side and he did not care what anyone thinks about it. Michael is a Twin Soul, we came here as an evolved Soul to show this all. That is the point.

He was not gay, he was not any of these things people attempted to make the public think of him, he was a Twin Soul preparing for his Reunion with me. That´s all.

A Woman that is approaching Reunion with her Twin Soul will automatically have a more than average evolved and strong left brain hemisphere, additionally to the right brain hemisphere side as well, and this can be physically tested by Science. A Man approaching a Reunion with his female Twin Soul will automatically have a more than average evolved and strong right brain hemisphere, additionally to the left brain hemisphere strength.

Left and Right Brain Twin Flames Sciences © New Science Theory for Twin Souls Research
Left and Right Brain Twin Flames Sciences © New Science Theory for Twin Souls Research

In fact, looking at someone´s brain scientifically, can help very much and reliable determine for people in general, if they possibly do have a twin soul incarnated right now somewhere on Planet Earth or not. Like I said, Twin Souls do not freely incarnate in masses both at once, the complete Soul, as duality dimension is simply too dangerous, too difficult for the pure Energy of the Twin Flame Soul. So, when both are here, it automatically means they are evolved far enough to approach Reunion and trying to find each other for the physical Meeting and Reunion on Planet Earth.

Then, as both are ONE, and share through the Twin Flame Mirror Effect and the shared Soul, many many experiences that are alike and similar, it is a logical and scientific conclusion building this theory, that then in such case the Brain would also show it clearly. An evolved Brain, a female that works left and right brain hemispheres like a woman and like a man, and a man that works his left and right brain sides equally strong.


Michael Jackson is for a deep soul purpose in his life plan since Birth, famous for a reason. The Plan for his Soul was to be so on display, that the whole public, the World, would see his Changes happen and feel and hear, and see in Dance and Voice, Looks and Appearance Changes, how he is merging with me, his Twin Flame Soul.

Take a good Look at this Picture Collage we made for educational reason. You see how Michael looked and dressed before my Birth, and then after, because we are One- he naturally was moved into my direction and intuitively modeled his outer appearance and style to how I physically look, before we met. Before he factually knew I really exist, I am not just a dream he kept having. This is very private info from Mike and very important in the truth about souls.


As you can see, this special unique look and style Michael Jackson took on, was nothing strange or bizarre, and is a mirror-look of my physical appearance, naturally. And don´t forget, I have an identical mirroring round dot mole on my right cheek, Michael one on his left cheek. We have tons of physical records and metadata that can be scientifically compared here as well, showing physical back up proof for the oneness of our complete Being, of this Twin Soul connection.

Adam and Eve is only a symbolic metaphor for Twin Souls.

Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info
Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info

Michael Joseph Jackson was born as the 7th Child of Katherine and Joseph Jackson, on August 29th 1958 in Gary, Indiana (USA). He was born as an Afro-American Man. A natural and meaningful soul choice, considering that Michael´s Soul was incarnated in ancient Egypt as the Black King, Osiris, Un Nefer of Ancient Egypt.

Together with his Family Force, his Brothers and his Father Joseph managing all the initial journey, he became a focus for the public´s eye early on in his life. Very early, he was still a little boy when he needed bodyguards already and had this “being in a type of reality show with cameras 24 hours filming and judging you” very early on.

Take a look at this Interview from the 1970´s, before my Birth in 1982 and the Thriller Metamorphosis Magic starting between me and Michael.

Good Footage and Quality, courtesy of KlaudiaElizabeth- thank you for uploading this in full.

So, this is how Michael´s behavioral pattern was before 1982. More feminine in fact, more shy and held-back, he could neither sit still or stand still during interviews. He also danced and sang different, in energy. After Thriller in 1982 and my Birth, he was way more aggressive, masculine and performed and behaved different. He felt this wave of male soul power, the pure masculine energy, then more as I was born into a separate physical Body, across the Globe. But also he felt a huge loneliness since then, and it triggered this OUTER ILLUSION of him being somehow more feminine, when inside of him he felt more masculine than ever, and the outer appearance change was a natural pure twin soul metamorphose. It was not about him wanting TO BE female, it was about him wanting to have HIS WOMAN more close, being her Man. That is a whole other situation than anything the tabloid trash has claimed about his changes and about him personally, when they knew nothing about the Man.

Here is a later Interview, and you see this is before the serious and horrible false allegations about him sexuality, this is before that and also same tone of mockery, same tone of tabloids, aiming always at his looks and this exact twin soul dynamic becoming visible in him.

Courtesy of nienientje– thank you for uploading this.

Michael Jacksons Dangerous Knowledge Album Series: WILL YOU BE THERE? © Ultimate Meaning Beyond Osiris and Isis Famous Twin Flame Soul Couple Lovers Story
Michael Jacksons Dangerous Knowledge Album Series: WILL YOU BE THERE? © Ultimate Meaning Beyond Osiris and Isis Famous Twin Flame Soul Couple Lovers Story


Obviously I am the yet unknown element, the invisible partner, the One that you did not know yet because I am not famous and you do not have “my picture” yet.

But now you do. I have not even had much of a choice, because being and showing myself to society in general, exposed all my life already that I am “totally Michael Jackson´s female twin”. I can´t hide my face. I am not some “double” nor did I ever try to imitate Michael consciously, except singing wise, and my face is 100% natural the way it is. I do not even wear make up on my skin most of the time and tend to only use cover make up around the eyes, eye liner and eye make up. I like my lipstick natural tones mainly, or then totally red. I have been doing the Eyeliner the way I do it, with the extended line flowing out to the sides like the ancient Egyptians and also modern Egyptians do, since Age 11/12.

Michael Jacksons Dangerous Knowledge Album Series: WILL YOU BE THERE? © Ultimate Meaning Beyond Osiris and Isis Famous Twin Flame Soul Couple Lovers Story
Susan Elsa CD Cover 2011: Women of the World (IsIs meets Science)- August 29th 2011 Official Song Release for Michael Jackson´s Birthday- Twin Soul Song Dialogue of the Inner Soul ©

In my youth, I used to wear often a tie, just on my clothes. Like a male symbol, to break the fashion rules. I liked to play with my individual character and style, and was never like anyone else around me in my environment. I remember how sad I was that I did not have side-burns (hair next to ear like that line) like Michael. I had some really strange stuff going on in my Childhood and Youth, stuff I reflected on staring into my Mirror.

Once, my Mother came into my room and I was staring into my Mirror, just doing my thing. Fixing my eye brows, reflecting on stuff. And she came in and found it funny and made jokes about it, but still I remember it. Because now it makes sense- Man in the Mirror, remember that Song that Michael did?

I remember one other conversation I had in my Pool Billard Club, where I was training as a licensed pro player in the Youth League. All the Boys there were after me, one of them had on this day when I went to restrooms, stolen a little passport style photo of me from my wallet, because he wanted to have a picture of me. Man, I was a bit bothered, but then found it funny and let him.

I then there had this talk with this other guy, he was from the Dominican Republic originally. He was the one that told me that the other Boy had opened my bag and took a picture out of my wallet.

We talked a bit long, generally, I do not remember what was so special about what I supposedly said or displayed in that moment. He stared at me and said in one moment then: “I never, never met any Girl like you! You totally think like a guy! I mean, don´t misunderstand me, you are so feminine and hot, but your mind, you totally think like a man!”

Michael Jackson Metamorphosis with Susan Elsa Biological Twin Flame Soul Facts © Special Artice about Psychic Experiences and Neuro Brain Sciences
Screen Shot Video Clip 2011: Science meets Ancient Egyptian IsIs reincarnated- Original Designs with the RIGHT FEMALE EYE with Special Guest Actor, Scientist Dr Peter Brugger


Well, it´s simple. For a theory to be fully proven scientifically, in a way it can be officially recognized by Science and Scientists worldwide, it needs to be CONTROLLABLE & REPEATABLE under scientific lab settings.

Anything else is called “coincidence” in science. Pure verbal claims do not make any impression on any real scientist, or logical person. Anyone can claim things, like psychic skill, communication with People who passed to beyond and more. But that in fact, is the exact BASIC ISSUE that made this whole Area of the Human Nature and “Soul Research” in Science stagnate. Those people who lie and make up things for sensationalism and attention, money and suck, use tricks in psychic readings just telling customers whatever they (or anyone) likes to hear and making a mockery of the whole truth behind all this Psychic Soul Skill or Supernatural Experience some people really do have.

So, let´s say, if someone wants to prove in a scientific reliable way, that Twin Souls exist (which is our Plan)- it would have to be a claim Scientists can research, measure, grasp, see, physically, biologically, and in the Brain see and prove. THEN, one can prove that this “physical twin phenomena” with two individuals biologically NOT directly related has a spiritual soul nature beyond it. That is how you approach it, if you wanna do it correctly.

Here comes an example…


In the physical brain is a center for language, which contains this physical empathic ability that is, like mentioned, tightly connected to our human communication skills and language.

Some people talk about “body language”, a commonly more known term and concept, focused on sexual aspects. But here we talk about the basic human non-verbal communication skill of “reading between the lines”, seeing facial expression and picking up a particular emotion about it. Like when you meet an good friend and he or she has a sad mood because of some bad news or you know, your friend is hoping to start a relationship with a guy she loves and you meet and you just know, before any verbal communication, that its something going on. Often can even guess.

In order for human beings to communicate verbally, a big part of that is sensing the conversation partner in front of you. The empathy language skills are used when you consider your words toward a person of respect, or a sad person, or approaching a new person you do not know, for example. When in some place a man and a woman let´s say, focus each other with their eyes, on a distance, they did not speak even once yet. They do not know each other. But they are speaking (flirting), with a type of eyes and body language that is definitely linked tightly with this empathy skill human beings have. You see how I mean?

Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Susan Elsa shares Deep Psychic Experiences Insights
Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Susan Elsa shares Deep Psychic Experiences Insights

Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion ©

Because I was literally born for Michael Jackson, as his Twin Soul to reunite in this physical Earth Dimension with him as we did in 2007 in LA, all my Life Story is filled with extraordinary, unique Experiences that never used to happen to that extreme to anyone around me, or in public from how I believed, except for Michael. I always knew he is the One “most like me”.

Michael Jackson Metamorphosis with Susan Elsa Biological Twin Flame Soul Facts © Special Artice about Psychic Experiences and Neuro Brain Sciences
Michael Jackson Metamorphosis with Susan Elsa Biological Twin Flame Soul Facts © Special Artice about Psychic Experiences and Neuro Brain Sciences

I will give you now a summary of some of these unusual psychic experiences and powers I was born with. I am sure now, today, that all this is an expression of our evolved Twin Soul Dynamic, and of course, the Archeia Faith Powers.


Since Birth, I always had this sixth sense as people nowadays often call it, and would sense people´s inner thoughts and heart energies, and also spirits. I did not like it, after I discovered as a child around age 7, that other kids around me don´t have these abilities. I hated them, to be honest. Then I kept having these intense dreams, not just repeatedly about Michael, but about generally spooky stuff I did not understand.

I would literally see people´s deaths in precise detail, and back then, I never knew any of these. It was always strangers, and then, things would pop up in the news mainly, showing me confirmation. That would traumatize me every single time, and I would feel paralyzed and ask myself, why God would do that to me. If I “cannot help them or do anything why see it”. You know.

That was of course, long long time ago when I thought that these dreams are premonitions, meaning I see their death prior and then see confirming News sources. At some point in my life, I could not longer lie to myself and realized full on, that these are their Souls visiting me, because in many such experiences I found out in later research that they had died right before me going to sleep here and picking up their souls trying to reach me in communication. The suffering and all I would see, was what they felt. The fears, were the fears they faced during death transition. They sometimes in a big emotional panic would come at me, many would not ask for help directly, but just act up and just hang around suddenly putting “their emotions and pressure” on me. That is how I felt a lot and I would first just suffer, later in my life tell them to go away, and then at some point thanks to my Grandmother´s help- I would help them and listen to them, handle their emotions and staying calm so they can share and get released and healed and ascend into the Light. This is how I discovered my Medium ability, which my Grandmother also shared as she revealed to be openly when I someday asked her about this topic.


One time, I made a real well-meant spell for a friend of my sister in America. She was from Japan originally, and had suicidal thoughts because she wanted to get married at age 24 and she had this fixed vision in her mind, and trouble finding a date. I really mean it, she tried to commit suicide on new years, when I was visiting their City, Omaha, in Nebraska.

So, after seeing her go through this sadness and depression, I felt so bad for her I wanted to help somehow. So, I decided to use my Magic (which I rarely used like this for anyone).

I decided to make a real magic spell for love, to bring her a guy that would marry her at age 24.

I prepared the guest room I slept in on the one wing/side of the apartment, and her bedroom was on the opposing side in the other wing of the apartment.

We timed it all to 3 days prior to Full Moon. I told her, this will be “Moon Magic”.

Basically, we did make 2 Altars, one in her room, one in my guest room, and buy candles, smelly oils for them, essences, flowers, whatever she wanted, a red heart, a nice paper and pen, those type of things. I told her to write down all her dream, her wish: How her future husband should be, how wedding should be, what she will wear, and put all her emotions into it like she is writing a Magic Letter to the Moon.

Then I left her alone in her room to perform her part of the ritual, and we had agreed I would go into my room and focus my manifestation energy on her separately, to give it the magic to really happen in reality. I can´t tell you how I do this, I just got it, and also I would never tell you how I do this. This is my most inner magic Secret, but we will train and teach in the Mystery Schools.

I sat down on my altar, and would focus my mind power. I would emanate on command spiritual energy from my Aura, guide it over to her room to energize her wish and ritual. I also knew, if I was with her in a room she could not focus so freely, and my Aura when working spells is too strong. I wanted to work it, behind the scenes, and let her “fill the details of the wish” as it is hers, I was just helping.

Oh, one thing I added on her chosen items: The Adam & Eve Oil Essence. I gave her a bit and told her to rub the Candle with it, before lighting the Flame.

She felt better after, but everyone was like not really taking it too serious I felt. Not yet. She felt more calm, but was like impatient, like when it´s gonna happen. But…


I left the US few days later back to Europe, and exactly about 14 Days after this Spell we did, she met a Guy named ADAM.

I remember how my sister called me up, telling me all shocked and giggly, that it totally happened: The Girl they all thought won´t find a guy, found suddenly one and they began dating. My sister then started increasingly telling me of “how obsessed they are with each other”. She said, the Girl would only now think about him and spend time with him, and less with them. I worried almost a bit sometimes, thinking, maybe the spell was bit too strong. But that of course was not the case, my sister and the other roommates of the Girl and friends, just saw the extreme effect of this Magic and a connection unlike others around. The two appeared totally obsessed with each other to them and they increasingly found it funny and would gossip about how they are like “one thing” and “have same opinion” about everything.

My sister told me once, that this Girl was with her Guy, then he left, and then she stayed in this ultra tight black short dress and super high heels, because he told her “stay like this that´s hot”. So she stayed in same position basically for 6 hours waiting for his return. I thought that was strange, but hey, everyone is individual and every couple has the right to do things as they like it. Maybe it was some foreplay thing.

They married the exact precise way she had envisioned for the Spell I charged, and when she was exactly 24 years old (2-3 years later), and had Babies and all. Adam is a wonderful Guy, and he always treated her from the start to now like a Princess, and did everything for her, and anything she wished and said, he reacted to and tried his best, all the time. I am happy for her and am glad I did this spell for her back then. That was in 2002/2003 (Winter)


A close friend of mine I grew up with, from my neighborhood, had the worst trouble with Boys when we were Teens. She could not find a date. I always felt bad for her and others who I saw going through this, because I had the complete opposite of experiences: Too many offers from Boys. I could not experience how bad it must be to have this lack of interest from the other gender generally.

At one point, I had revealed to this Childhood friend my psychic abilities. Few weeks later, she asked me if I can do a love spell for her, after I told her about the Japanese Girl in Omaha.

But she said: “I do not want a love spell for a particular person though, I want to generally be more attractive in Guy´s eyes in how they see me”.

I agreed to do the spell for her.

This time, we did the spell in the Forest. I asked her for this meeting to bring a Rose Quarz stone with her, that she had to buy and pick according to her own intuition.

I took a long rose candle with me and stuck into the ground and lit the flame. Then we stood there, I asked her to take my direction and focus as I tell her with me. I held the Rose Quarz in my right hand and charged it with my Magic Energy.

Then I handed it back to her, and she put it around her Neck.

Within few Days only to maximum 3 Weeks later, she reported to me of drastic changes in her love life and how Boys suddenly keep going after her, and several at once not just one.


Right before I got into the Parapsychological Experiments, Tests and Researches with Dr. Peter Brugger, I was in this phase where I wondered about the psychic stuff in my life, and I had big trouble with my Elvis-look-alike boyfriend. It was mainly because of him and the relationship drama, that I then went to this Psychologist, that used Dream interpretation methods and Freud theories applied and more.

So, I went there because of advice for my relationship, and, for figuring out for once, I thought, what such a psychologist would say about these psychic experiences. Because it was the core issue between me and my Ex, he witnessed my psychic powers, but was atheist and did not WANT to believe in anything, extreme opposite. And because I am real, when I would read on distance his mind, know where he is at, what he does, if something happened, he would feel “stalked” and refuse to believe I do this via psychic intuition and ask me sometimes if I “installed cameras in his apartment”. How sick is that idea! I was not even there nor did I know the address of this new apartment at the time he asked this question, for example.

One time I had emailed him about a premonition, I was trying to express the spiritual advice I had to tell, for my spiritual duty. Not more, not less. I kept it superficial. It was about some personal stuff of his I cannot tell openly all here. One of the things I mentioned was about his Mother, that he needs to “let go of her and this too tight connection” if he ever wants to live a fulfilled relationship and have own wife and family one day. I did not mean anything but meaning well.

He called me in panic, when the whole time he would say verbally “I don´t believe you, I don´t believe in these things, oh its just coincidence”- and yelled on the phone while being in the train station:

“So, what the fuck is this shit huh. What the fuck you trying to tell me huh. Tell me now! Tell me!”

I felt intimidated by his anger, I didn´t do anything to him. Then his voice changed into a bit of angry sadness and he literally yelled at me:

“Tell me what will happen to my Mother? Is she gonna die???”

I immediately felt his panic, he knew I am real, and he knew he is afraid of these psychic things, so much, he thought of the worst thing and could not read normal what I said about HIS LOVE LIFE and fears of intimacy. I never said anything about her death or any such premonition, but at that point, I had already shared with him my premonition about Michael Jackson´s death and he had not believed me, but taken my panic and tears serious. I have no idea why he was reacting that way, I told him, no, she won´t die, it´s only about him emotionally letting go of her and so forth. I never seen him that emotional and out of control, he usually always kept his “controlled cold mask on” like a Cowboy or so.

Long story short, I went to this Psychologist actually because he had that idea. I wasn´t hiding anything, I read so much about Freud myself since age 12 and science and was interested too, for my self, to see this feedback from a professional about my psychic claims.

I went to this Woman, a great Psychologist as I said, for about 2.5 months only. We had a good time, good conversations, and she told me “Never let anyone tell you that anything is wrong with you, people project to distract from their own fears and issues in them, not you. You are very intuitive, you have a third neutral perspective and thinking that is very rare and not many people have. You are absolutely healthy”.

Then, before a next appointment, she called me to cancel due to the flu, a light flu, a cold, she said on the phone. She said only the next appointment is canceled, for one week only, then we made new appointments.

In this moment when she said “I have the flu and have to cancel this weeks appointments”- I felt a stab, a fire like the one you feel in your heart when you hear of bad news. I knew, its more than that, it´s SERIOUS. I did not say anything of course, I just felt this strongly.

After 1 Week, right before the new appointment we had made, she called again, canceling all appointments “for now” generally. She said I should if I want to continue consider going to a colleague or then just that she will let me know when she is better and can work again.

I could not lie in that moment, and told her openly and honestly as I am that I felt in my heart the last phone call, that it´s not a flu and more serious.

She meant so well and was so passionate about her Job, man, she kept talking to me, but irregular, on the phone and via email, while she was in the hospital, claiming she “only has lung infection”, like a heavy type flu.

I mean, I was the patient, she the Psychologist. Not the opposite, and I trusted in her guidance. We discussed in detail, I remember her voice and tone and everything still, while she lay in this hospital bed, my premonition of her death.

I then moved about a year later of first meeting her, to Los Angeles in 2005. Led by my worry about Michael in this horrible false Trial, based on my premonition of his Death in a Dream in 2003.

I told her….everything….we talked in DETAILS about my vision. She never once said anything and kept listening to me and trying to help me, analyzing me, and being so professional and calm. We phoned few times, and emailed, while I was in Los Angeles and kept in touch, like friends. I asked about her and how she is doing, based on personal worry over my vision. And she asked about how my Film Studies are going.

I then had came back and wanted to get some advice again from her, about things between me and Michael. I knew her and trusted her.

We talked few times on the phone, after I had returned from the US.

She would ask me, like: “And how did that feel, that feeling? Why do you think I will die? What is the emotion it triggers inside of you?” And so forth. The point is with this premonition I had about her, came a feeling with a certainty, deep inside, that I will “never see her in person again”. That is what worried me. I had not seen her yet again since 2004, for a few years.

She then felt better, and had told me that she is out of hospital and will work soon again and that I should call her in a week´s time to make a new appointment.

Out of the blue, after we had agreed to meet again, I could not reach her. Her Cell Phone was never picked up, no text messages replied to. The work phone was not being picked up, only her voice mail would come on and I would speak on it worried. The emails were not returned at all.

For months, I kept trying again and again, phases wise, and then give up totally and completely worried. I then started to pray for her Soul, and could not let it go I had to know what happened.

It was actually Peter Brugger then, I asked coincidently when we went for our fun science discussions to eat something in that time. I asked him if he knows her, as he is a known and famous Neuro-Scientist and I thought maybe he knows why she suddenly was not answering my phone calls.

I still remember the shock and feel my heart flattering when I think of his reply. He said:” Oh yes, I know her. She died, of breast cancer.”

I still have tears in my eyes right now, typing this. I was so sad and shocked. I was paralyzed, how I went to her in 2004, because of my chaotic Ex, and ended up discussing my psychic premonitions personally about her and like, helping her Soul too in this crucial time of suffering, from Soul to Soul, not Psychologist to Patient.

I needed a long time to digest this and kept crying a lot, remembering her and how strong she stayed until the end and did not have the heart to tell me to not hurt me, always only giving and listening and trying to help me, obviously on my journey of discovering the realness of my abilities that led me to her in the first place.

This is not a joke and I would ask the public to show here some consideration, as she was a great Woman and really good in her job, exceptional. There are medical records and eye witnesses of these facts.

STORY NUMBER 5: (after Michael´s Ascension giving me access to ascended abilities) ©

Now, we can together channel such strong Magic energy directly from Heaven, anything I focus on when Michael gives me the directions to do so, we can affect very fast and global now as well.

I call it Truth Magic, this type of Magic we use for the Planet now.

– Egypt Mass Consciousness Changes Early 2011

– Vatican Dirty Secrets coming to public Light

– Black African Consciousness (current Mass Consciousness Magic Focus)

– Truth Magic on Hollywood and Karma Magic

– Planetary Magic in general


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