HOW and WHY Twin Flames’ Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights

How and Why Twin Flames Souls Reunite on Earth © Experience and Reasons Beyond Earthly Life Form

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Some People are claiming, that they have met their twin flame or that, they have a direct and conscious, aware contact to their twin flame in the spiritual realms, while being incarnated here in the flesh body still. Some claim, of course, that “famous People” are their twin flame, just like many people would claim that they “were someone famous in a past life”. These moves are nothing new and such things, such claims, have been going on in the new age worlds and fortune teller psychic reading´s world for a long time. Many people who offer such “spiritual services” for money, just tell people what they want to hear and never the full truth, nor can most people see ANYTHING, really, about the person. Continue reading

About the Egyptian Obelisk and Archangel Michael’s Sword © TWIN EYE Mystery Schools *Exclusive Rare Article*

About the Egyptian Obelisk and Archangel Michael´s Sword © TWIN EYE Mystery Schools *Exclusive Rare Article* - Twin Flame Symbols Meaning Beyond - Archangel Michael Jackson 777 Susan Elsa

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Today is a New Moon Day, and time has come for an important Article with deep Teachings and Analysis, and some rare information on Michael Jackson in Spirit and his Spiritual Skill. Our Twin Ray Akashic Memory is what provides this clarity in the remembering of ancient past life incarnations and detailed knowledge acquired back then, and, tapping into the “spiritual memory/brain” while in the physical earthly Incarnation. Both things are basic in what actually used to be trained in the ancient Mystery Schools. Continue reading

Dangerous Album Special Series: Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul Message- Remember the Time/I Remember © Susan Elsa

Michael Jackson Teachings: Dangerous Album Series Cover Art Twin Flame Soul Eyes © Susan Elsa Project 2010

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This is a very special Article, about one of my favorite works from Michael Jackson.

As this is a special modern and heavenly Blog, we have since a few Weeks Music Audio through Players we integrate into our Articles too. For this one today I recorded a fresh live Version channeling my Twin Flame Vibes with Michael Jackson. Continue reading