About the Purpose of Twin Flames: Reliable Information by Archangel Michael ©

Dear World

This is a special Article as PART of our Series of Teachings taking our published Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” further – named officially “Archangel Michael´s Marriage”– with some of the type of rare information way beyond what you can find usually online and in Books about Twin Flames and Details on the Human Soul in general.

The Purpose of Twin Flames by Archangel Michael: Reliable Information on Twin Souls 777
The Purpose of Twin Flames by Archangel Michael: Reliable Information on Twin Souls 777

In the current times on earth, many people are awakening consciously about spiritual matters, and tuning back in to what really matters.

The famous concept of “soul mates” written and talked about for ages, is a very central part of the human soul. The point though is, the soul, has many layers, bodies and opportunities over several different lifetimes, that do not just take place on this Planet Earth, but also in other places that are similar but slightly different in life form and physical laws.

This World you are in right now, has also its purpose, a temporary purpose for the overall benefit of the eternal World and your eternal Self. It is a temporary learning journey, to have a ground for training your souls to be capable of handling the higher life forms.

That is at least the original purpose.

In the meantime, so much has gone off the road, off the right path on this Planet. People do not even KNOW about Twin Souls anymore. Hollywood Movies integrate sometimes little pieces and bits of true Twin Flame information and symbolism, but NEVER name it by name and explain it, as if trying to use the energy of it only for their benefit, but not speak truth, fully.



The most common term that human beings know about this inner self that is eternal and does not die with the physical body, is the word “Soul”.

Everyone has a soul. Originally when a Soul is created, it is created complete: Within it in the same Soul a male Consciousness and a female Consciousness. That is the so-called “Twin Soul”. It is the other same Soul aspect, the Twin Creation within the One Complete Soul.

One of the most commonly known stories is that of Adam and Eve. It is told, that Adam was first and then God created a companion for him, taking a part of his Body (rib) and creating Eve. Now we have the imagery of Man and Woman, being made from each other´s Bodies, being the same essence, but formed by God into two Bodies.

That is a very good symbolic example for what we are revealing here.

But the truth is that Adam and Eve, the Twin Souls, were created TOGETHER, at the same time, equal in all ways, completing each other in all ways.

But that all is a thing of a higher dimension of spirit and consciousness. It is not an earthly thing.

It is NOT a common plan to incarnate BOTH of the one complete twin soul into two bodies at the same time, on Planet Earth.

Planet Earth has its purpose and natural rules. You have here duality, meaning, light and dark, good and bad, opposing forces, black and white, opportunities to learn. That is the main purpose for the duality and why it was created, here.

Twin Flames are NOT bound to the rules or physics of duality at all.

They are beyond, always connected through strings that are made of God´s Light and can never be broken. They go through the many diverse and sometimes very different forms of life and journeys, always together in the Over-Soul, connected as One.

Therefore, the purpose of a pair of real twin souls is always similar. The skills, the physical body in which they incarnate both at the same time, are automatically similar- that is a reliable true sign of twin flames.

Michael Jacksons Earth Song: The Spiritual Vision beyond and Twin Flame Archangel Michael Summoning Happening Now © 777 Susan Elsa Project
Michael Jacksons Earth Song: The Spiritual Vision beyond and Twin Flame Archangel Michael Summoning Happening Now © 777 Susan Elsa Project


The human body is a dense body, a manifestation of a being into this Planet´s physical dimension and matter. As the body is always the vessel during this earthly journey for the soul, like a car, and the driver is the soul, it always must fit.

The physical body is not an “external thing” you are in and then not anymore. Even after physical death, the temporary body is still part of you.

The ancient Egyptians have the famous mummification you might have heard a few things about. But do you know why they mummified the human body after physical death?

Some earthly sources claim that it was to be able to get up with this same body again in the future. Others claim it could be to “gain eternal life”. That is not correct at all.

The mummification was done when someone wanted to return to this Planet. One of the main purposes was to “anchor the memories and consciousness” of this incarnation, so it is easier accessible in a later re-incarnation. It also functioned for the soul after ascending, like a compass, helping the soul to consciously and by will, return to this Planet.

This is how it works:

The Soul decides together with the Twin of the same Soul, how, where, when, what for they will incarnate. Most of the time it is only one half, and the other remains in the spiritual conscious realms, to guide the half that decided to incarnate. Both are always connected, both learn together. The Twin Soul in spirit even learns from earthly experiences of its Twin Soul incarnated on Earth. Like in a far distance modus.

When a Soul incarnates, the Soul matter and individual mixture of energies of the Persona of the Over-Self, is the basic source that determines the physical appearance. There is duality, don´t forget. So, here still, many factors from the earthly dualistic dimension can affect, let´s say, a baby in the womb- if the mother is irresponsible and smokes and drinks alcohol lets say, during pregnancy. Or someone drives into you and you end up having a damaged face, or body. These things are not part of the original Over-Soul essence of course, as the spiritual Self we have and Body is perfect and cannot be injured, damaged, and is not obliged to rules of physical dualistic matter.

These things are more often particular pre- chosen experiences the soul wanted to make, and simply also, risks of duality since free will and duality physical laws around us enable others who chose evil and wrong to experience that as well.


It is NOT a common plan to incarnate BOTH of the one complete twin soul into two bodies at the same time, on Planet Earth.

Love is always part of life, in all dimensions as we are finally made out of love matter, literally. It is part of us, and we rely on it to survive in all kinds of ways.

Love in all its aspects and in all worlds is beautiful, and worth it. It is the best way to evolve and learn. When you are incarnated, and you love someone, and your true twin flame is not incarnated with you right now, and in spirit, your physical love experience can be a vessel to “channel a twin-like experience” as all these relationships with other souls have the ultimate purpose to evolve you and prepare you for a further evolution of your COMPLETE SOUL.

You learn, the other Souls you encounter on Earth learn.


The Purpose of Twin Flames by Archangel Michael: Reliable Information on Twin Souls 777
The Purpose of Twin Flames by Archangel Michael: Reliable Information on Twin Souls 777

A real pair of a complete Soul, incarnated in two physical Body, at the same time here, is a rare thing. Very, very rare.

That is the simple truth.


Because this World is not made for Twin Flames to be together here, as it is dualistic and twin souls connection is not bound to duality terms.

Twin Flames, the way they are always freely together and touching in the spiritual realms, cannot be this freely together in a world of dualistic matter. It would be contradictory. That is how the situation is RIGHT NOW, currently with the condition the Planet is in.

It is very challenging when that happens at the current time.

And here we come to the main information!

WHEN it happens at the current times humanity is in, it is always for a purpose, a common purpose. Not for just being together here, as we described above, that would not be possible freely and naturally for Twin Souls because the vibration on the dualistic Planet has even fallen extremely. That is like the worst environment for a Complete Soul, carrying this Light from Heaven.

When it happens at the current times, it is to help humanity. To do work, together, to awaken humanity. To helps heal the very things that hinder a reunion in masses of Twin Souls- in the physical World here.

We want it to be possible easily someday. This is God´s Plan. As Life is eternal and we always evolve, so does the Planet and THIS Dimension.

When Twin Flames incarnate and reunite here, in the physical, in the flesh, it has the purpose to do certain spiritual energy work together, to help the Planet ascend into higher vibrations. These higher vibrations then help manifest a big healing on all levels and in all beings. It is the exact opposite effect of the “fall”- which is a fall in the dimensions, that caused a great distance between the consciousness of this dualistic world, and the spiritual worlds. It wasn´t planned that way originally, and things got out of hand a bit due to free will. It was expected though and calculated into the infinite possibilities.

So, Twin Souls come together here, to create a bright Light, an energy that automatically penetrates matter and affects all living beings on this Planet. That is how powerful the spark is that gets stronger when twin flames find each other and reunite in an embrace alone.

The more the two halves of one complete soul then tune into each other, the more they create a divine light, a matter that affects earthly matter, consciousness and reality ultimately- slowly but surely.

Peaceful expression tools, teaching tools and work, charity works and humanitarian efforts definitely would be topics any twin flame would feel naturally tune in to and resonate with.

A conscious, highly evolved twin soul would not want to be a “politician” in the current sense known to humanity, as it would be a low vibrational world and does not go well with the fine, sensitive higher twin flame energies.

In order for a twin flame to remain and keep the positive light vibes, they must shield themselves from lower vibrational energies from others around.

The effect is very strong, the whole environment can seemingly loose its mind when twin souls reunite in the flesh. There can be very extreme reactions of jealousy and interference.


Because not everyone is that far yet. Many souls have not seen their twin flame since a long time in this dualistic experience and some carry big spiritual luggage from karmic debt they have, stemming from actions in this and previous incarnations that simply blocks the twin flame experience from manifesting.

The main problem to begin with is, that most people have never heard of this and no one teaches children openly and honestly about Twin Flames!

If Children already at a young age would be made familiar with the topic and encouraged to not only discover themselves and their identity in this physical World, but their inner Self identity, their “spirit style” let´s say, they would be so conscious later on about these matters, and would have more precise and conscious awareness of their tasks and purpose, individually, for this lifetime.

Also, the current trend with abusive dark forces on the Planet, spreading false information on Twin Flames and what a Twin Soul is, is very risky business for your consciousness and temporary learning journey. You don´t want to waste your precious time and experience where you can freely learn, in this World of duality. You can be constructive and use your free will, your free mind, to make the best out of yourself and your experiences.

That is not possible when you let others mislead you for whatever individual reasons they told themselves, especially people you do not personally know that speak in a public way and claim to be teachers.

That is a root problem, a root cause of HOW the Planet fell in vibration and dimension in the first place!

False teachings, means to begin with, that a Soul incarnated spends their power of mind and manifestation/creation energy on a false imagery, a false focus. That logically produces a confused result, in the world of physical matter, and beyond.

This is about your very soul. The best and most important part of your Self that you own. Only you own your soul and nobody else. God does not claim to own your soul. God loves your soul and made it free, to watch it beautifully unfold.

Learn to not let talkers and deceptive snakes on this planet mislead you now. We are in an important time of a mass consciousness awakening, and have worked hard prior to build up the condition up to this point to now activate the memory of twin flame consciousness in all humanity.

Twin Flames work on their chosen Life Plan starting from Birth. It does not come in later in physical life, its a mission brought here right away with the birth of the Soul on this physical Planet. If you want to analyze your own current relationship, if you really believe you could be twin flames, then look back, look at the now, look at the physical features and similarity. Take a picture of both of you, and place only half of each one´s face on the other half of the other person´s face and if you see the same essence and look, as if seemingly one person, you have another “little test” for determining if you are really twin souls.

About the Purpose of Twin Flames: Reliable Information by Archangel Michael © How to determine with a small test if there are REAL TWIN FLAME SIGNS PHYSICAL-- Example Right Eye Susan Elsa & Left Eye Michael Jackson--
About the Purpose of Twin Flames: Reliable Information by Archangel Michael © How to determine with a small test if there are REAL TWIN FLAME SIGNS PHYSICAL– Example Right Eye Susan Elsa & Left Eye Michael Jackson–

But this, as said, is a sacred divine thing, and generally, it is understandable that human beings long for this completion, this complete feeling of love and eternity and peace- but be patient and trust in God and how God created all things. Everything happens for a purpose, at the right ripe time only, and for the best learning experience possible.

Learn to shield yourself from negative manipulation of your mind by others while you are on this earthly journey. Stay free, stay positive and rely mainly on YOUR SELF.

Do not be dismayed or sad to know that most likely your twin flame is not going to meet you in the flesh and be your perfect lover, in this lifetime, but rest assured that he/she is always with you still and can “meet you in other forms” such as in astral-dream state and in the spiritual body. There are so many possibilities, stay flexible and open and find with your twin your own ways of connecting best and spending time and learning from each other, channeling each other, letting each other guide in certain tasks and more.

See the beauty in this situation as well. Your twin soul is NEVER far away and always with you, always connected through all experiences, especially sexually.

Love the Truth, see the purpose of why God does not reunite twin flames in masses, in the flesh. It is out of protection and love, for duality can be very challenging.

When you see a rare story of two soul halves, a complete Twin Soul having incarnated on Earth, then you know that these are Souls that are highly evolved and have gathered experience in duality for many, many lifetimes in order to do so, and doing so, to support humanity in the healing and ascension process. So that someday, many many twin flames fill the Earth, and it looks literally like Heaven on Earth has manifested and Humanity has overcome Duality.

The Twin Flame Love is always in your heart. You do not have to really “wait” to “reunite with your twin flame”- you only have to get to the point where you, through your own experiences, realize: I AM ONE WITH MY TWIN SOUL.


More Information on Twin Flames and the Soul´s Journey and Purpose COMING SOON!

We´re Sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson ( Archangel Michael)

Real Ancient Twin Flame Mysteries Return to Modern Time: The Twin Flame Eye of Osiris and Isis ancient Egypt- Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Biology Facts
Real Ancient Twin Flame Mysteries Return to Modern Time: The Twin Flame Eye of Osiris and Isis ancient Egypt- Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Biology Facts





8 thoughts on “About the Purpose of Twin Flames: Reliable Information by Archangel Michael ©

  1. That was great reading. I found some information from Archangel Michael recently on Twin Flames. Here is what he said…

    Archangel Michael

    The question is repeatedly asked, “Do I have just one twin flame, or are there many possibilities?”

    You have but one, but it may manifest in multiple forms.

    You are a multidimensional being, as is your Twin Flame.

    Only that which is held as your heart’s belief can appear before you in this world of illusion. If you see through twin flame eyes only the beauty and perfection which is Love (God’s truth made manifest), you BECOME a resonance that automatically draws its pure divine complementary energy pattern.

    The symbol through which this manifests can be limitless. It is why you can experience your twin flame in the etheric form, through the wind, through the waters of the earth, through the eyes of your animal friends, and most especially, through the hearts of all mankind, including your current partner.

    Uniting with your Twin Flame
    Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

    At this time of increased Cosmic and Solar Radiance, many are finding
    their way to the Light and Love within their hearts and souls. They
    are coming “home”. It is here that they will find that deep well of
    Unconditional Love that is called the “Twin Flame”

    Many people write and ask me when they will meet their Twin Flame, or
    whether their Twin Flame is in incarnation.

    In this channel that was
    given by Archangel Michael to a private client, he explains that the
    Twin Flame is an energy that is found primarily within you, and then can be experienced in the outer or manifest world.

    It is not a person as such, but an energy that can be shared and experienced by two energetically compatible souls.

    The true miracle that is slowly emerging in your consciousness as humans. That you can be part of this Oneness, this Divine Mind, and you can be also be Individuals – at the same time. Yes, eventually you will be able to hold these two levels of consciousness together, and so you will be “you” but you
    will also be the “One”, and there will be no conflict between them..

    They will exist as a continuum of light and consciousness.

    You see, dearest ones, many people imagine that they must move into
    the consciousness of the One and stay there permanently. Then, they
    are disappointed when they cannot achieve that or hold that

    But we say, that the purpose is to be able to hold both states of consciousness.

    There is nothing wrong with your individual consciousness, for this has been the whole purpose of your evolution here on Earth. That the “One”, or Spirit consciousness, should be able to hold the “Many” levels of consciousness, or human individual being, and that the “Many” should also be able to hold the

    In order to do this, both levels of consciousness must function equally as strongly.

    You see, in your present spiritual culture, you have become used to
    holding the individual “ego” or lower being as of little worth, and
    seeing spirit as all.

    But, until you can hold both as equally important, you will struggle to truly enter into the experience of the One, for you will not have the power to hold the experience on the material level. It is only when the lower self is strong and empowered and balanced, that the higher self can unite and become one with the lower self.

    It is, in many ways, the model of the Twin Flame relationship.

    And, in fact, we can say that until you have achieved the ability to be “one” with yourself, you will never be able to be “one” with another in a Twin Flame relationship.

    This is indeed the reason why so many are being drawn into relationships with their soul families, so that they may begin to understand the energy and power that is needed to enter into a Twin Flame relationship in true power and love.

    This awareness will indeed become more common as people begin to understand the flow of energies, and eventually, when the Ascension process is fully complete, all humans will have an understanding of this process.

    Now, it is not entirely true that there is no gender in the world of Spirit. You see, the basis of all energy flows is Masculine and Feminine, and these are complementary energies.

    Most of the ancient creation stories, including that of the Ancient Egyptians, tell of a ‘Beginning” where the Source energy divided into Masculine and
    Feminine forms, and then , from that beginning, all other forms emerged and were created. The ancient Egyptian pantheon included Divine Beings, or Gods and Goddesses, who were always partnered – for every male deity there was a female counterpart.

    So, within the world of Spirit or energy, there is always a male and a female “charge”, or what you might call “electrical” and “magnetic”. The masculine is electrical, or active, and the feminine is magnetic or attractive.

    Now, these are the energies that are at work in the Twin Flame relationship. The one who carries the Divine Feminine energy will magnetize or attract one who carries the Divine Masculine energy, and they will unite to create the “One” energy of Source.

    But, just as we explained earlier in our words about the Union between the Higher Self and the Physical self, both partners must be strong and balanced and powerful within themselves.

    So, we hope that you understand, that you are not meant, a this stage, to hold the energy of bliss forever at this stage.

    You are gradually learning to
    “tune in” to that frequency so that you may hold it as one of the many frequencies that you are now capable of holding as a multi-dimensional being.

    Be patient with yourself, and do not hold any expectations of how much and how far- know that all happens according to Divine Timing and that all is well.

    You are not “failing” and you have nothing to clear.

    You are slowly becoming accustomed to another way of being, and it will take your body and energy system a while to truly integrate all this new information and evolve and adapt to a new way of expressing the truth of who you are.

    For…while you are indeed individuals, you are also , each and every one of you, expressing the passions and love of the Divine Mind. You are the Divine Mind in action, and as such you can experience the Joy, Creativity and Love of the Divine Mind.

    May you be blessed with Unconditional Love and Grace. Always!”

  2. Thank you for this! x
    I am going to meet my twin very soon, we are both waiting for the day that we meet, she drives me crazy we love each other already. I knew we would meet around 6 months ago now and she found me online randomly In November like I was told.
    I really enjoyed reading this and it makes perfect sense as we are extremely similar in everything, likes, dislikes, body shape and type, tastes, outlook on life, life experiences and the passion to help people.
    We will shine so bright at there’s going to be nothing that will stop us, duality or not, we are both ready for this and I’m going to make everyone including god proud.

    Love you all! x
    More love to God, Archangel Michael and to my guide – Archangel Sandalphon 🙂 x

    Ross Shugar – 03/03/1986

  3. Hi! 🙂 Can you send a link when they are done please? 🙂 I have listened to some of your music and had some pretty big energy rushes, I don’t get this from a lot of music, I liked it alot. Also sending thanks and love to ISIS for helping me at the beginning of my awakening during a healing and clearing session. Happy New year, may your year be blessed with happiness, love and light. x

    1. Indeed, the Osiris and Isis Twin Flame story is the oldest on Earth as it was really about 10´000 to 11´000 thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. So meditating on the vibe of that story, or the Archeia & Archangel Dimension of the vibe, can bring lots of healing especially to the minds of the people. Hopefully in the new year the World will show more manifested healing and peace, and mainly LOVE.

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