Michael Jackson: Exposing Jealousy and Secret Black Magic Methods of Hollywood and Power Elite ©

Dear World

I so had enough of this, so now, let us go straight to listing all methods these satanist and Set worshipping evil People are using, how they attack someone, classical ancient Egyptian BLACK MAGIC Style.

Black Magic was in ancient Egypt only something really horrible, evil, dark, lost People would do, like Set. Like Set, who attacked and murdered Osiris, who attacked Horus physically, magically and more.

Set is their Role Model and all methods they using today in secret, ARE Set´s methods and example they strive “to become like” in their evil and “dark reign”. They literally read his stories and try to imitate it, in modern time. To “rule and be powerful with force and violence”- calling even on Set and his Demons to support their Black Magic Spells attempts.

In all media, society, mainstream movies and documentaries, they NEVER show you any of this and do the opposite strategically: “No, such things do not exist!”

Then why was on June 25th 2010 – on purpose and with horrible full awareness, an ancient Egyptian Black Magic Method used to attack me and Michael Jackson´s Soul and our Twin Flame Strings connecting our Soul? I remember clearly this Set-black-magic very, very old methods! Who found them, who is doing this? IN AMERICA! To call it out clearly.


Why am I hacked too then and all Data stolen to be abused by PEOPLE IN AMERICA TALKING ABOUT BEING MY TWIN SOUL? Hmm? Why are my Copyrights blatantly and publicly in my face and in front of everyone, just infringed upon long after original Releases by us? Why is there so many violations only because of this Story, our Twin Flame connection?


Who found these writings? Who was involved in this? Why won´t they stop this interference until today and keep trying to exhaust and make me physically sick, by “excessive prolonged strategic Aura attacks”, parallel to the Impersonations, Imitations, and abuse of my Copyrights and Human Rights like this? Hmm?

I swear, now is the time to open all this secret powerful Knowledge, all the famous ancient Egyptian Magic Teachings, to ALL, so these few abusers cannot function like this anymore. What they do, as you see, ONLY works in the darkness, and this is also why they hide it and pretend publicly “there is no such thing as the Devil or Black Magic” and laugh artificially, as if you are crazy if you call them out. I don´t mind, I never really cared much anymore for what anyone thinks that doesn´t know me, the public, when I came out for Michael and acted on his guidance and wish. Call me crazy all day, I will still speak out and the people who know anything about this stuff, know I am speaking the authentic truth right here. Anyone in lodges reading this, also knows that this is real and a serious situation, because they also know about my Spiritual Powers when fighting back against evil Set-like forces. I´m like a lion that eats them up and never was afraid of Ghosts or Demons or whatever you want to call all this in detail. I was born this way.

I have been very intuitive and PRECISE in my extraordinary psychic abilities, since Childhood. I have been in SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS based on my precision and logical, healthy skills. I am not someone just talking! Got it?

Here is a good Video to start this Teachings in depth, with information, very ancient, that confirms to you, dear Readers, the authenticity of what we are saying here and you even see a direct link to the stories Michael Jackson picked for his Remember the Time Video, on the Dangerous Album:

Note: Check out the Information on prior Black Magic attacks on the Victim before they actually killed him. That´s the writings Roman invaders found and spread on their secret cabal, still using it today and pretending in front of the public that it does not exist, so you never think in the right direction and uncover it.

And here, I give you a report on some serious things I saw through Michael Jackson after Death being in his Body of Light, and because Twin Souls are one anyways, I saw it through HIS SPIRITUAL EYE CLEARLY AND VIVIDLY- so clear, I could locate cities or areas they did it in, time of day, look of rooms, clothes, things they did, because these idiots doing it to me- SHOULD KNOW I WILL SEE IT AND MY TWIN FLAME! You idiots. You evil, devilish, jealous idiots.

And then, if you complain, they try to MOCK YOU publicly devil-style, and laugh about the effect they had on you and your health, your anger and frustrations, you being tired from the excessive stalking, and so forth. Thy hurt you so much and prolonged, you cry a river, and while you cry they point at you with defamatory on purpose lies and LAUGH about the tears they cause you.

That is not acceptable, spiritually, and it shows the condition further in detail, and reasons why, this condition on Planet Earth exists. Humanity is a bit off their original path and that is something we have to heal. For all human beings, animals and nature´s rights as well.

I will also use my Magic Knowledge, that is way more complete and real as I was incarnated as Isis then with Osiris back in ancient Egypt, to not only neutralize, but backfire and completely crush these darkness worshippers who think such things are okay to do to unsuspecting, innocent Souls and especially, this precise use on Twin Flames, this energetic harassment, is UNFORGIVABLE. Anyone like Set I hate, is that clear? You remind me of him too much by now, time for you to stop existing in Soul, I mean, spiritual Death. Alright? If you want war between souls, trying to KILL SOULS, not bodies, SOULS, rape CHAKRAS, tear out ENERGY to use and re-direct by psychological and emotional terror tactics to get the attention and focus to do your leeching on the Twin Energy works, you deserve your Soul´s Death. Like Set, that´s what is happening.

The Planet changes, and therefore, now, such things WON´T EXIST ANY LONGER in a healed Planet Earth in the Future. Think about it, these people, these spiritual criminals, have blocked the evolution on Earth! When you come here, live your life, evolve, just LIVE and evolve, and are successful, do good, anything expanding positively your self and your light, these power elite few come attack to suck and steal the light you built up, a company you built, a project in any science field including new patents applications and inventions, a new nice technology also for Entertainment- unfair competitive moves right away they make and don´t hesitate to steal a whole team´s work, a whole label´s work, and sell it off as their own blatantly.

Archangel Michael: Fighter against Lies, Injustice & Evil
ArchangelMichael777: The Truth about Michael Jacksons Soul- Photo for Documentary Purpose


You can most definitely find a lot of detailed memory about this in my Book, “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”.

When I was much younger, starting as far back as I can remember as a child, I always noticed that somehow my senses seemed more open than the average person around me. I could clearly and openly see energy fields, auras, pick up the waves of negative and positive emotions directed at me, or another person if I saw it. I would constantly have dreams that then manifest in real life, usually within days only, not even a week.

I always felt alone with this ability, and could not understand it or even approach making my peace with it in those early years, based on no information, no teaching, no support or guidance from the general environment in society about these psychic topics.

I had these extreme jealousy type attacks from others at me, they would constantly try to harm me since primary school, mainly other Girls, and I never understood and began to think, that this “thing” that makes me different, must be the reason why they hate me. I tried to find the reason why they act like this toward me.

So, I began ignoring my perceptions on spiritual matters and denying it to myself constantly, but the dreams remained.

At some point, it was just undeniable. I have never been a fearful person and always faced honestly my mirror, worked on myself to become the best person I can be, to make God proud, that was my motivation. I cannot describe how hard it is sometimes, to openly see the full truth in the same way an Angel would see into human situations and matters, clearly. Beyond the physical sight.

So, at some point, you can´t just keep lying to yourself. I decided to face it, because I felt I can help my friend back then with my intuitions maybe, he had serious spiritual trouble and grew up Catholic and turned into a “hater” on all topics about God, spiritual things, psychic ability, even love and emotions and trust in general! He would get literal anger attacks if I just innocently mention God, and I could not say “church” that would totally set him off, like he had some traumatic experiences there.

In this time then, my Grandmother started teaching me how to read Tarot Cards, well not tarot, she would use just common Bridge cards, and she taught me a numerology type reading system that relies more on real spiritual psychic skill, but also therefore, shows you way more information. Like a book you open and just keep reading in.

I was slowly making tiny baby steps to approach making peace and be in harmony with my self and my extraordinary abilities, and then…

I told one of my best friends back then, which I knew since forever. And it was difficult for me, to speak of it, to “come out of the closet” and tell her that I am “like a Witch” or “a Psychic”, however people make up thousands of names and descriptions. After I told her, she said that she has such abilities too and acted all excited, and I totally fell for it and thought:” Wow, now I´m not alone with this anymore, and we can exchange experiences, talk, give each other advice” and so forth.

I was so wrong. I was so naive and innocent, like a child in this.

We began hanging out at times, focusing on “spiritual training”. Mainly, I ended up always teaching her stuff and giving her information, and she was, I have to admit, totally trying to tune in and activate her own intuitive skill more and all that, but in the wrong direction.

The magic secrets I shared with her, I ALWAYS stated constantly “like a parent” that this can never be used in a dark way (black magic) and that one needs to be careful to not give into any darkness when becoming a magician/magic master.

I would then notice more and more, that knowledge I told her from knowing it myself (which she did not before obviously) she would go and abuse in an evil way. The first thing I noticed was that she used some “knot magic method” to put a spell on a classmate that was much better than her and she was jealous and wanted to be the best in her class. He then began to get sick constantly and cancel classes, and I know it all so clear because later when the situation escalated, she told me all this herself and admitted it.

Another thing she was doing in that time as well, was love spells constantly on guys. Love cannot be faked via a spell that is manipulative. And it never lasts anyways.

So, I was always honest to her.

She asked me once if we would do an Ouji Board, I said twice clearly No! No! Don´t do it even without me! It´s dangerous! I have respect for it, don´t do it. If you want to do it, go try in some circle (a local witch store had regular circles/meetings for it in big groups)- they done it before and know how to handle the Beings who come in and stay protected in group. I want nothing to do with this though, I won´t come there.

She went ahead and did it, alone, with black candles in the forest, consciously awarely calling on THE DEVIL. Directly. She was nuts, crazy. Who would do that.

Even if you don´t believe in the devil, fact is, there is no absolute proof that he does NOT exist at all, and so the tiny possibility as a neutral thinker, right, that he COULD EXIST, that alone, isn´t that too much risk to try and play games with something like this?

Well, my friend thought different and called this garbage devil.

I had no idea. She hid that from me.

Few Days later, it all began, and he literally appeared and took possession of her, trying to lull me in and spin his evil web around my mind.

HE CLEARLY STATED THAT HE COULD NOT SEDUCE JESUS FOR HE WAS A VERY STRONG MAN, AND THEN MADE A JOKE ABOUT HIS TOOL JUDAS, LAUGHING ABOUT HOW HE USED JUDAS TO HURT JESUS. That was in 2002 and witnessed by several people over 2 years. This is personal spiritual Experiences, linked to Michael Jackson because I am a real Twin Soul, his Twin Soul.

After our Releases and new Concept, Lady Gaga sings a love song applauding JUDAS, while using my personal identifying facial marks as an abusive fashion statement, and impersonating all my prior copyrighted Releases and spiritual channeling Facts I really can do, behind my Releases. She used my Birthdate Information as well, and that because I happen to be born the Day Michael Jackson began recording Thriller with The Girl is Mine.

Michael Jackson Twin Flame Birth: Soul Incarnating on Day of GIRL IS MINE Song Recording © Susan Elsa Information
Michael Jackson Twin Flame Birth: Soul Incarnating on Day of GIRL IS MINE Song Recording © Susan Elsa Information
Michael Jackson told Susan Elsa that he remembers April 14th 1982 and that he began officially recording Thriller on this magical, beautiful Day (his words)- THE GIRL IS MINE © Susan Elsa is born parallel
Michael Jackson told Susan Elsa that he remembers April 14th 1982 and that he began officially recording Thriller on this magical, beautiful Day (his words)- THE GIRL IS MINE © Susan Elsa is born parallel
Lady Gaga PR Press Release for BORN THIS WAY on April 13th 2011 (exactly timed to Susan Elsa´s Birthday) ONE YEAR LATER!
Lady Gaga PR Press Release for BORN THIS WAY on April 13th 2011 (exactly timed to Susan Elsa´s Birthday) ONE YEAR LATER!

She also said publicly then, for her abusive “promo”, that she wants Music to be like in “1982” again and released direct word by word imitations of my prior Releases, about “Channeling with Ghosts/Angels to write Pop Songs” in a very short time, just letting first thoughts flow out of me, exactly timed to my Birthday in 2011, to insult, harass and imitate my and Michael Jackson´s private connection and personal information.

Criminal Investigation against Debbie Deborah Stefaniak for Stalking Fraud Copyright and Publishing Rights Infringements and public False Accusations against Susan Elsa
Criminal Investigation against Debbie Deborah Stefaniak for Stalking Fraud Copyright and Publishing Rights Infringements and public False Accusations against Susan Elsa

I experienced and witnessed ALL HIS CHEAP METHODS for 2 years, fighting will to will, and I will expose every trick of the Devil which will take away all his DECEPTIVE ILLUSIONARY POWER over human beings. At least the ones who are then conscious and against evil. There will sadly always be people who decide to follow the Devil, with their full awareness and free will. Because they are evil, since a long time, and decided so over many lifetimes and keep “loyal to evil”.

God created free will. That´s like the sword with 2 blades, the blessing and the curse. Depending on how you DECIDE, how you make use of your free will.


1. All of the so-called devils powers with which he likes to threaten and oppress souls, is based on LIES AND ILLUSION. It does not really exist. Darkness HAS NO POWER. If you believe it, only then he takes power over you based on you fearing him and thinking “he so evil and powerful I must be afraid!”.

2. He likes to manipulate others to get to you, if you are too strong in not letting him at first try get to you and remain balanced. He then tries to influence negatively against you people in your environment or people and situations in which you are involved.

3. He tries to attack Twin Flames both parallel, as to strengthen his weak “hit”. He prefers to go after the female Twin Flame first in a seducing type approach, while full on aggressively attacking the male twin soul, as this is the root of his personal jealousy issue, when he was incarnated as Set, jealous of Osiris and Isis and then he just murdered Osiris to take over the Throne and rule, devil-style.

4. When he approaches anyone physically, he always comes like a coward from the backside, not the front, so you don´t see or sense him. The spot in our human Auras right at the NECK, is the most sensitive and open toward such attacks and attempts to possess and control your mind. He did this exactly with my friend back then and I saw it clearly. He was trying to make himself invisible to my spiritual sight, but I saw the slight silhouette of energy, as he approached sneaky my friend from her back area and entered through the upper back/neck area into her Aura and Mind.

5. He uses fear tactics and intimidation attempts, pretending he knows it all best and is powerful, threatens revenge if you do not want to give in by free will and “work for the devil” and do his evil deeds in the World.  He tried this with me, because I AM THE THRONE, and he tried to also take me over back in ancient Egypt, same exact situation, to get the “Throne Powers” and replace Osiris. That is not even possible. And I told and showed him clearly, for the 2 years he tried to break my will:” No, I would never work with you sick demon and I am loyal to God no matter what you do, you are doing wrong and you are wrong about everything you believe”. I confronted him openly.

Michael Jackson Scream Archangel Michael Vs Devil: Spiritual Meaning Insider Information ©
Michael Jackson Scream Archangel Michael Vs Devil: Spiritual Meaning Insider Information ©

So that too was not like a common human reaction I would say. Most human beings would be super afraid and have trouble being anything confident or confrontational about the real Devil, the real Satan everyone speaks out. But I was not, and that seemed strange to me. Why was I so strong? Why could I see through things he was trying to hide from my sight, see through his Lies like he was transparent? Why was there this Angelic Interference, warning me about his “usage of lies to create a false atmosphere of trust to pull people in”?

“Don´t believe him! He uses lies to trick and create a false atmosphere of trust so seduce to pull in. He wasn´t like this before. I don´t know what happened to him.” and then this godly sadness filled the Room. I literally felt God´s sadness.

That was all suddenly happening in my life, starting in Summer 2002. In Winter 2002/2003 I was visiting Nebraska in the U.S., and spending time with family there and friends. This was the tipping point where I had been actively starting to fight back spiritually and did this banning ritual for there in Hummel Park in Iowa, just across the border to Nebraska.

Michael Jackson: Exposing Jealousy and Secret Black Magic Methods of Hollywood and Power Elite © Set vs Osiris Info Series
Michael Jackson: Exposing Jealousy and Secret Black Magic Methods of Hollywood and Power Elite © Set vs Osiris Info Series

Here is a List to begin with this important Teachings of Protective Magic, a list of clear methods and points, tools and things HUMAN BEINGS that tune in to the Devil´s Mind and Jealousy use for Black Magic Methods and Attack, sometimes also just becoming a puppet for the Devil without being fully aware. That is exactly why jealousy and interfering in other people´s lives, souls, families, work, stories, health, is not a good idea- it in reality damages your soul when you do it, not the innocent Soul you attack. That is how it works, spiritual law.

I will list for you all methods I WITNESSED being used still today.

1. Using Mass Media as a tool for Mass Consciousness Manipulations. Using individual media and devices such as telephone, email, comments, to “transmit a harassment energy to hurt the heart Chakra and lower the Auric Light and Vibrations of Positivity”. It is a classical known method of black magic, to for example, call the victim up and harass them or threaten them, right before or/and parallel to the black magic ritual going on. (I have on certain dates and times since 2010 always at my Twin Flame connection to Michael aimed harassment and threats messages and hacking attacks, such as on June 25th, 7th July, Birthdays, any day where I feel free, balanced and positively happy- bam, they attack and start public trolling even).

2. Using Image and Sound to create false Images. That is a huge topic- it can be sculptures that shape your inner-mind-view and imagery of divine figures, angels, but it can also be in tabloids and media aiming at a pure Soul like Michael Jackson, to twist his image in the inner-public-mass-consciousness minds in their favor and against Michael´s truth. When it comes to sound, much of the modern Pop Music and Books, Movies, Games, even Blogs often nowadays, are filled with twisted information that ultimately has the purpose to bring the Setian negativity into you: Jealousy, competition, rage, envy, lies, hate, racism, discrimination, manipulations, interference. They integrate literal “noises” layers in Songs that you sense in ways as if they cause a headache. Try it, listen to Michael Jackson´s Liberian Girl, lets say, and then listen to this “angry-sound-noise-aggression” vibe in Lady Gaga type Euro Disco trash Songs. Repetitive hammering sounds, as if trying to hammer and block your Chakras and senses and desensitize them.

3. Using fearmongering and vibration-lowering tactics, such as harassment, defamation, information wars, psychological warfare methods- to pull down the Spirit/Soul and weaken the Aura shield and Chakras to become more receptive for attack.

4. Using Black Magic Methods on the Mass Consciousness of Society to keep the Crown Chakra blocked, so people cannot see easily through the manipulative spell. (This is what they did with ancient Cultures found and stolen knowledge on these things)

5. Using methods hidden from society, to attack Twin Flames, precisely and on purpose. Including spying, regular energy attacks and focus on breaking the strings to “get in between and suck on the light ray”. Attempts regularly and on many levels, physical and spiritual, to keep twin flames apart and disturb their merging and balance. The main aim they have is though the power, the energetic and spiritual power of the Twin Soul light.


Have you ever heard about the Cern Facility, where they research the so-called “God-particle”?

Of course, I do not believe they can find it at all, especially with these devices that are measuring only physical matter, and not the energy or spiritual elements at all.

But I am telling you here without any misunderstandings, that this so-called “God-particle” how they call it, that scientists seek for, is the exact secret knowledge depicted on the ancient Egyptian Writings on secret Temple Walls and the whole Osiris Kundalini Djed, ancient Egyptian Ankh, Twin Flame Combined Power Knowledge!

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Correct Information: Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames Souls ©
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Correct Information: Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames Souls ©

What does it do? What can one achieve with this divine energy?

The answer is simple; Almost anything.

Imagine, if the whole recent times on Earth had many twin souls searching for each other and confused by disinformation, black magic, tactics of manipulations and interference- suddenly find out that they are not created alone, but have another part of them, that if merged and reunited back with them, makes the long forgotten COMPLETE TWIN SOUL- what light would this release into the matter around us and what would it do? (And what does the opposite do, think about it?)

The only limits are the limits placed on this dimension, the natural laws that are not permitted to be broken. See, this is the point; this knowledge in wrong hands can be very dangerous, not just for some individuals, but for the whole mass consciousness of humanity.

People have already begun to realize the “false matrix” that the system created around us here, and know that a lot is not as it is told and many secrets are hidden regularly from humanity.

The movies, images, books, history books, TV channels, so much around us, DAILY, keeps brainwashing people into turning off their senses (when you constantly see negative violent stuff on TV, your psyche automatically turns off and blocks it off to shield you and that turns down all your active senses in the fine tuned psychic senses).

They use the press system, anytime, anyhow, to pinpoint and aim at particular individuals, such as Michael Jackson, to use all the above mentioned methods and tactics to attack this “power”, this special light.

I guarantee you, they did use ancient black magic methods on Michael first, while preparing the second false accusations attack in public to harass and “break” Michael´s light- months before actually lashing out at him and it breaking into the “News”, their News.

THE POWER OF THE WORD: Some very central Information ©

The power of the word and speaking has always been taken very seriously in ancient Egypt and people were aware of what it can do (=create/manifest in the world of matter).

In ancient Egypt, where People were spiritually very advanced and educated, and knew things that today are not understood in these ways anymore, negative wordings would consciously never be used. Words especially such as “dead” and “death” and “murder” would NEVER be used and said out loud after a Person has passed, as it contains negative vibration and sends diminishing mind focus onto the topic or person. Instead it was transition, passed into next Body, ascended, and eternal life. Life was spoken of and treated as if being eternal, and this life here was only a temporary preparation journey and learning/training journey for the soul for the afterlife.

The negative wording, especially about the word “death”, would only be used when someone wants to send diminishing attacking power onto the soul of this person, to spread the “focus of this person being no more”. The power of the word, of the mind focus, was considered powerful and also, souls could feel and hear such things. This is why I always say about Michael Jackson, that he “ascended, passed, transformed, transitioned, rose, illuminated” and never keep talking about his “passing” and use negative words that would only keep focus on his soul´s trauma in this experience, like some Bloggers do to attack us while pretending to care about Michael and know about spiritual stuff. Look it up and you will easily see who is behaving in this way, while attacking our story and information, putting out false misleading teachings to bring negative energy at us. This is serious twin flame interference, and it should be no surprise to anyone that they do such things with Michael Jackson´s Name and Messages, because they fear him and know, he is still around and much stronger than before. They show you clearly and publicly by now through their reactions, imitations, interference and defamation attempts, on Blogs, Books, infringing on our Copyrights and Publishing Rights fully in public in front of all you to see the truth for yourself. These situations happened for a reason, beyond just jealousy and evil. We are showing you and exposing how they attack, why, what they do, and who they are. Remember your own twin soul? Your perfect partner? Your Adam, your Eve?

It was therefore absolutely forbidden to abuse the power of the word and speaking in any way, especially in the classical Set -type of style, to attack publicly another innocent Human Being to “take over his place”. Yes, Set also used conspiracy methods and defamation and slander against Osiris, which is why it is in the 42 negative confessions of the ancient Egyptian “Spells of the Dead/Coming Forth by Day Light”.

Today, the apply this abusive method in tabloids, as if it was a sword to cut souls with. They spread false information via tabloid sources, news, TV channels, online, and constantly fight the rise of truth and the real teachings, to keep people down and “use them”.

Lets actually take a good look here again at these, we have since long a post on here about the 42 confessions/commands, but I think it´s good to place them here again:



The 42 Negative Confessions

Archangel Michael: Fighter against Lies, Injustice & Evil
ArchangelMichael777: The Truth about Michael Jacksons Soul- Photo for Documentary Purpose
  1. I have not sinned against Humanity.
  2. I have not oppressed my kinsfolk.
  3. I have not committed evil in the place of truth/acted deceitfully.
  4. I have not known destructive Human Beings. (Known means befriended/supported)
  5. I have not committed acts of abomination.
  6. I have not done daily works of supererogation.
  7. I have not caused my Name to appear for false honor.
  8. I have not domineered over Slaves.
  9. I have not thought “negative/bad” about God.
  10. I have not stolen from the Poor.
  11. I have not done, what the “Residents of Heaven” abominate.
  12. I have not caused harm to be done to a slave by his Master.
  13. I have not caused no man to suffer.
  14. I have not allowed/caused any man to go hungry.
  15. I have made no man cry/weep.
  16. I have never killed any man/woman.
  17. I have not given the order for any man/woman to be killed.
  18. I have not caused pain to the masses/society.
  19. I have not manipulated/stolen offerings from any Temples.
  20. I have not touched the gifts to God/the Residents of Heaven.
  21. I have not stolen offerings to the Spirits (physical or emotional).
  22. I have not cursed any man/woman nor God.
  23. I have not manipulated the Weight of the Scales/Corn. (ECONOMIC MANIPULATION!)
  24. I have not acted the part of the SPY. (That includes today hacking and cyber espionage of personal Data!)
  25. I have not made my Voice loud when speaking without reason. (a loud Tone was seen as disrespect toward all others around)
  26. I have not lain with another man’s wife.
  27. I have not increased my possessions except through my own goods/hands/effort. (Karma free Economy)
  28. I have not eaten my Heart (more on that below!)
  29. I have not stolen Land or added Land.
  30. I have not encroached upon the fields/lands of others.
  31. I have not added to the weight of the balance.
  32. I have not caught fish with the bait of their own bodies.
  33. I have not obstructed water, when it should run.
  34. I have not cut a cutting in a canal of running water. (Example: The Nile River, originally had 14 Branches (!), and due to the High Dam and other Interferences with Nature’s Ways, 12 Branches/Rivers already dried up! Egypt was very green in Ancient Times…)
  35. I have not extinguished a flame, when it ought to burn. (Clear Warning about Twin Flame Attacks, notice? Here the SOUL LIGHT/FLAME is meant, the life force.)
  36. I have not slandered.
  37. I have not been deaf to the words of Truth!
  38. I have not acted impurely/disrespectful of any of God’s Creations.
  39. I have not been angry without cause.
  40. I have not had the thought or plan to hurt/kill another.
  41. I have not acted deceitfully/lied/acted wickedly.
  42. I have not ignored God in his Signs/Manifestations- I AM PURE, I AM PURE, I AM PURE.

I hope I could collect them and formulate them in a way, so my that my Readers have it easy to translate each point’s meaning into modern Life and connect the Confessions with Life today.

Let us take a quick look at some Confessions in more detail:

By the Way, let me mention before we start, that today in Translations of the very ancient Writings there appears often the word “Gods”. This is not correct, pure and simple. The Ancient Egyptians did never believe in multiple Gods, they believed in one highest Creator of all that is/exists, and what is originally meant by the Word today called Gods, is the ILLUMINATED ONES, in Heaven. The Ones, who reached the Light-Body and reside in Heaven- NEXT TO GOD.

Continuing directly with that Confession, let us look at Number 11:

This Knowledge came to the Ancient Egyptians through not only the first Mummy ever (IsIs and Anubis invented the MUMMY!), but through the whole Story of Osiris, the Green-Man, the first Mummy ever in human History. Osiris endured exactly what is forbidden in many of the above mentioned Confessions, done to him by his jealous Brother that killed Osiris. Like this, Osiris was compensated by God, becoming one of the main Judges of Heaven (kinda like a Member of Court Jury you can imagine it).

So, that means, if someone repeats let’s say, Seth’s behavior, this One does not reach the Light-Body, for this One cannot go where Osiris resides, if being impure. Heaven is pure, absolutely protected and made in a Way, you cannot even BE/EXIST there, if impure by previous Actions like this. This is what it means.

Confession No. 22: I have not cursed any man/woman

This Confession speaks not only of cursing as we know it today, by saying bad words about someone else. Here, being from the Ancient Egyptian Magical Spirituality, it means also a real, magical/ritual Curse (Voodoo and so forth). It is strictly forbidden to use any spiritual Knowledge to harm another in any Body Layer or Form.

Confession No. 23: I have not cheated with the Weight of the Scales/Corn

A very important and insightful Confession, which can be almost seen today as a Confession without Space & Time, for it is valid today even more than yesterday. We have lots of economic Issues in our Time, and it literally started in 2008 with a few manipulation the Proportions of Mortgages, Credits and whole false Systems surrounding our global Economy. This Confession shows, that we could use some SPIRITUAL ECONOMY Rules, because Money is nothing everlasting at all, and not important for our Soul. Also, it goes into another Confession, which is No. 27: I have not increased my Possessions except through my own goods/effort. Gambling Economy, where let us say, a 100 People work for you, you take most of the Cash into your own Pocket, they almost nothing, and you do not PERFORM any Effort/Work, is simply wrong. (How about a karma-free Business Concept? Wouldn’t that be an ancient and still new Thought to help our World?)

Confession No. 28: I have not eaten my Heart

This is a very interesting Point, because it is directly connected to the Story of Osiris’ Still Heart. Not only did the Egyptians believe, that the Ones who did wrong will have their Hearts (Soul) eaten, but this was seen as a direct Action stemming from the Destroyed himself/herself. You have a free Will, and when you do wrong on purpose, you are really in Truth the One, that eats his/her own Heart by doing wrong.

Confession No. 34: I have not cut a cutting in a canal of running water

Speaking about Nature! The Ancient Egyptians had a lot of Respect and Knowledge about Nature’s Rules and how to keep the Balance. There were almost no diseases back then! (Can you imagine?)

The Nile, for example, is like every other natural Creation made by God, in the most perfect way and with the most perfect arrangement for the Highest Well Being of All People, the Planet, Animals, Fish, and so forth. If we interfere, by changing the course of Nature, altering it or manipulating it, we interfere directly in God’s arrangement. It is today sadly obvious, why the Ancient Egyptians knew it would be wrong to cut canals or build high dams blocking Rivers from flowing: The Nile is almost dried up! It had originally 14 huge Branches, flowing throughout all of Egypt and more. There were forests in Egypt, not Desert, and much Green Nature thousands of Years ago. After High dams were built, and partially also other reasons, 12 Branches of the huge Nile are gone. This results in People and Animals having less sweet Water for drinking, watering Fields and cleaning. Not to even mention, how today the Earth is being drilled and Oil sucked out from Layers underground, deeply underground, without any Knowledge of that this does to the Organization of God and how he made the Earth exactly.

And so we can only reach the Conclusion, that in fact the Ancient Egyptians were very wise and had profound Knowledge about not only this World, but the next as well.

If Humanity finds a way, to learn from their own History, we can make a real Change like never seen before on Earth and get back to better, friendlier and more balanced Times, in a new Time, with Ancient & Modern Knowledge combined for the highest Well-Being of all of us.


Michael Jacksons Threatened Song Meaning © Music Analysis Article for Halloween
Michael Jacksons Threatened Song Meaning © Music Analysis Article for Halloween

16 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Exposing Jealousy and Secret Black Magic Methods of Hollywood and Power Elite ©

  1. I liked it AWESOME!!! The Archangel Michael Consciousness is eternal nd functioning here in the NOW… Through many different bodies… Love this blog… Keep up the gudwork 🙂

    In oneness we exist

    Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you Ayush 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ indeed, Archangel Michael and all other Archangels are working on Mass human Consciousness now so we can make quantum healing leap on whole Planet Body 🙂 with all human beings effected positive and healing ❤

      Love & Light,

      1. Oo yea i really love MJ he is and was my hero… a role model… through this blog Michael lives on… his true indentity as AAM and his egyptian connectiion plus your esoteric interpretation of all his video songs and channeled messages are really helpful nd enlightening…

        Please tell MJ that i love him lol

        Love ❤

      2. ❤ thats so sweet, thank you! Michael knows that you love him, he can always hear you and feel your love vibes from you heart always 🙂 ❤ Archangels are everywhere and can be at several "places" in the same time! He says "I love you much more! Thank you for seeing me for who I am, it means a lot to me."

        Big Hug and much Love & Light to you!


  2. Wow great blog! I was wondering if when Michael Jackson meet Princess Diana for the first time was that a ritual they set him up for because the name “Diana” is from the roman virgin moon goddess and she was known as “Isis” in ancient Egypt Archangel Michael/Isis Osiris/Isis, I’m seeing some connections here…Peace and love ❤ 🙂

    1. Hello Xavier. Well, Diana was a good soul in this horrible Place, the Queen is not a good person and did a lot of bad things to Lady Diana, including spying on her privacy and Diana was talking extremely much with Michael on the Phone as friends and sharing things, all was spied on and heard. Else than that, yes, many things they GENERALLY do, to actually like typical Set (ancient Egyptian Devil) . They try like little Kids who found some treasure map, to abuse ancient Egyptian Magic Knowledge and Writings so they can get to the “powerful light and magic” and rule with it. They also regularly use these black magic things in Entertainment.

      Thank you for asking and for caring 🙂 Together we can change and heal the World 🙂 ❤

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