Michael Jackson About the ROMAN SYSTEM and Racism in Show Business and Media/Press © Personal Message Spiritual Channeled Heaven

Dear World

I was supposed to make this Article yesterday, but I was just sad over the News and how things are going on the Planet. It could be so nice here, for all people. I then, as passionate as I am, got angry and emotional, cried a bit, and this is why Michael said, I need to let him talk now and just type. Anything I would write in my own words, would not be appropriate for the public. I am not as good as Michael in public speech and such things. *big smile*


Here, in his own direct words, I will type and he will speak to me what he needs to be written down.

“Dear Humanity. This is me speaking, Michael Jackson. That´s at least how YOU know me. I am obviously not incarnated in a human body amongst you all anymore now, and speak now directly from my Soul to you: I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Now, I asked Susan to type down this important message, because too much is happening now and I cannot remain silent any longer. I see all that happens, from here, from an oversight you cannot image. It goes beyond “eagle eyes”. It goes beyond any sight possible with any human eye, animal eye, or technical devices. And that´s not it.

I also can see, hear, feel and sense the fine vibrations of every emotion and thought each of you have. This access was given to me as the Archangel by God, to do my job.

I too have a wife, a woman. I am not alone. You were told about “Angels” and how we come to help you. So, I am asking you now to think deeper, and ask yourself, HOW we could even help, or understand in the first place what you seek and need help in, if we have no idea about how it is to be in love, to have someone, a partner, romance and all this, this LOVE, that is so central a focus and wish for all of human beings?

In my experiences as Michael Jackson, I have just done what I was destined to do. I gave. I gave all I got. From deep within my soul, I GAVE love. Nothing else I did, and I never thought or did any harm to anyone.

Every action, every move, every word from me was always and only ALL ABOUT TRUTH.

From a young age on I learned from my beloved Mother, how to love and care for everyone. I learned to love God through my Mother, and found my access to God from Earth, after incarnating, and it lasted all my life, deep inside my Soul. My mother is a beautiful divine black Woman and Mother and a perfect example, I think, for all black women out there raising their children and facing challenges.

Keep the Faith!

Stay humble!

Never take things for free, but work and earn your own money.


Without asking for things in return.

Hold the family together.

Keep the Love alive.

My Mother will walk right into Heaven directly, and I guarantee you that personally. All the legs issues she ever had will be healed, and she will dance free like she never danced before, with me, her Son, Michael. I will be a child for her again at wish, an adult, and also show her myself fully as the Archangel Michael.

She is a beautiful, strong, exceptional Woman and I will never forget all the things she done for me, and how much she loved me. I will always love Katherine Jackson, for eternity.

Please show respect for my Mother, and I mean now also the press. Show respect and treat her nice. She deserves awards and prices, not tabloids. And neither do my children, my beloved beloved children I watch over every minute of time, and that you can rely on as well. I AM WITH MY CHILDREN, at all times, while they sleep, when they wake up and think about me, and miss me, I am right there and I send them from my heart rays of love vibes, hoping that they will someday be open enough and healed enough, to feel my presence clearly. In dreams, we can even meet. I am working on it.

The press is a big evil. The manipulations, motivated and fueled and directed by evil forces behind the curtains of the world´s stages and cinema theatres and the press tabloid system- I had enough of this.

See, the Planet has come to a point now, where there is either a decision from God to just end this whole game and then, it would mean, that Earth shakes off all that is harming her, meaning, humanity, and then, it regenerates and that´s it, God wouldn´t allow any reincarnations of human souls on this Planet anymore in this case.

Or, the other option, we are working for with all we got, all the love and light we got, is to HEAL THE WORLD.

Make God proud.

Make it worth it again. Life. Life is eternal, and should be treated that way. It should be valued in all dimensions and worlds.

I am telling you now clearly, that me and the other Angels and all your loved Ones here in heaven, are seeing all that is going on and much more than the biggest researcher and news reader reading this! We are sad, we are crying, we are not able to accept what we see happening on Planet Earth.

It is our duty, as Archangels especially, do to something.

For this reason, I decided to come down into human form, and demonstrate some important truth to all of you, in a very public, popular type of format. That was the plan.

And then, you would see me, and think:”Alright then, he is a genius little black boy!”

Then, I grew up. And you know, I had big difficulty over my growth not only because of this public pressure and constant staring and judging, but also because simply, I am really not used to the process of ageing at all. I had always this feel from the spiritual home, my true home as Archangel Michael, knowing no such thing as ageing and skin problems and “not being able to be childlike anymore”. It made no sense to me and it still doesn´t generally, because the inner child is a part of our eternal Self!

So is the TWIN SOUL. The Twin Soul has no “skin color”. It´s IN THE SOUL. In your eternal Bodies, in spiritual dimensions, there is no such thing as racism, and Angels are also not “white skinned and blonde”. It is more a body made of light, and we can take on any looks we want, at wish.

That enables us to visit soul family, and appear as the appearance they knew on Earth, anytime. Isn´t this wonderful?

Susan has always been with me, even before her physical birth, her incarnation right before I began recording THE GIRL IS MINE, in 1982. That was a magical, beautiful day. I remember it still.

And it comes as no surprise that the Woman to enable our initial break through and career at Motown, was Suzanne De Passe. She is wonderful and I will never forget all the great support she gave me and my family.

You know something you call “Metamorphose” on Earth. I depicted it clearly, even if I myself in my limited human mind could not conceive any explanation for my vitiligo, it was fate obviously. And of course, also stress and personal attacks with defamation and lies did their part in breaking down my body. I never rested, nor liked to rest.

Another thing I am really used to in spirit, in my true form, in my soul. I do not rest. I constantly am active, and as the Archangel, keep trying to do the best job I can possibly do for God, no matter what! Nothing stops me.

So, then, you wondered: “Why does Michael Jackson suddenly look “not black” and so feminine? Why is he talking in this soft feminine way?”

And again, I gotcha.

I simply changed into an appearance expressing who my Twin Soul is. It´s that simple really. But you have forgotten all about Twin Souls on Earth, and this is EXACTLY why we did and are still doing this all. We bring you back the memories of true eternal love, the vibe, the passion, the hope, the fire of will to do good and heal things and never give up the hope, the power, the light, the soothing message that life never stops and always goes on. We bring light, like in a Santa Clause bag, from heaven down to planet earth and spread it all over it, healing it, working here, and there, and below, and above, constantly. We never stop.

Please understand, that anything I am about to say from my personal perspective on my own human life is not meant in any other way than to report truth and show truth, so we can heal these things.

I experienced extreme racism. I saw that different people have this type of “power club” and they think they can control all of human life and humanity. They control the press, the politics, the economy, the money systems, all you can see in daily life. They control who gets famous and who does not, and how. When someone like me, breaks through it, sneaking in as a child already, and then I turn and do DANGEROUS, with depicting a strong message about black history and real ancient Egyptian teachings, they attack stronger than ever before! Like with the horrible, disgusting, completely false “child molestor” accusations. I would never do that. Maybe you can say that about some guy you see in the street doing all kinds of bad things in life, but surely not Michael Jackson. Enough.

Now, me and my Twin Soul are moving ahead, with our life, our ideas and visions that are always and ONLY GOOD and meant well for everyone, and nobody can stop us and nobody can get away with any attempts to lie about her. Is that clear?

You can say whatever you want about me, you already did so as well. You can play these manipulative power games with me, but not my wife. Is that clear? I am just informing you here, openly, that I have my ways to make sure the whole World sees you with your “pants down” then and catches your lies. I can turn all those attempts against you and back on you, so please, let us be nice, be fair, and try to think and go inside for once to heal your self.

I spoke of important stuff on the Dangerous album, and this is my work. Nobody else has a right to speak about its meaning or put words into my mouth, I decide what I say, when, how and through who. This is my free will, and I am even now, beyond your Planet and rules of duality to not apply in my world.

See, it´s interesting. I might´ve had some skin disorder and looked “white” in my later years to you, but internally I turned more and more “African”. I picked up exact precise and very clear symbols of black culture and identity into my Dangerous Album. And what did the press do?

Did they report fairly and HONEST about it? Did they say that I am making a strong “black statement” back then, when I released it?


They said the exact opposite to play with your minds against me.

They said even, I wanted some “white boy to play me as a child” then. All this incredibly false and malicious, tactical stuff, right in public in front of all of you.

And now?

My message is still valid. Today. Currently. Look at the situation, look at the News and what they show you, and imagine, all the tons of things behind these events they DO NOT show you at all.

Now, at Sony Music, as I had said publicly at some point, there is a lot of racism. It is not just Sony Music, in fact, the label itself is innocent and many people that work at Sony are wonderful people. But generally, all Major Label in the Music Business, are controlled by the few top people only and, some, controlled by the top people of the top people. This is how the system is built and it is all like a network that can be used anytime for certain personal discrimination and interferences on someone like me. I got too rich, too famous for them, they saw my powers rising and panicked. They wanted to “bring me down” and so they began these tons of, sometimes daily, lies tactics, thinking:

“If they only hear it enough, at some point they will start to believe it”.

And be honest now, to yourself: Did you believe all these crazy stories they constantly made up about me? Did you see how many of those were proven completely false after I passed? Such as my skin disorder? They lied about it still, after I had told Oprah in our interview we did at my home back then, about my skin disorder and almost cried I was so hurt to have to feel “forced” to talk about it. And why, why is that so important? Why is it important for human beings to make these differentiations between equal human beings based on such nonsense?

See, every little tool where Entertainment, and News, where any public information is displayed (nowadays on the Internet and social media too)- is CONTROLLED BY THIS SYSTEM. Not a 100%, luckily, there are also good journalists and news sources trying their best, and good managers and labels that are out there. The center, the core though, is the system.

If radio stations do not comply, they lose sponsors and aren´t provided with the current fresh “hits” to keep their listeners hooked.

If artists go anywhere close to certain topics, like I did, such as racism issues and multicultural, open peace messages, and history and anti-war stuff, the system attacks. How is it even possible that the World could come this far down? Why would it be a problem to speak of such topics in a colorless and unifying way through the use of innocent art and music and joy and dance?

That alone, shows you the horrible evil of this system and why we have to heal all this.

God made all of us. Racism was invented by human beings, and the Devil.

People who understand Life and Love especially, understand God and that obviously, all are made by God, equal.

People who think in racist terms, especially I mean now the ones who initiate racist situations onto another innocent human being, are selling their souls to the Devil directly.

When minorities are angry, they are so for a reason.

Reaction is different than initial Action.

So they would always try to twist this with me. And oh boy if I showed any anger in public, they would immediately pick up the “angry black man” line. They would mock me and lie about me in public, claiming that I don´t like being black and bleach myself. Then, show me now the proof that “skin bleaching” exist. Show me the technology for it. How is it done? I am curious to know, because I never heard of it.

So, a big topic was also to use my public Name to spread their lies and humiliating deceptive malicious disinformation, claiming that I don´t like black women, or that I am only into white women, and I clearly mention this part in my Song “Tabloid Junkie”. “She´s blonde and she´s bisexual, they say he´s homosexual, you´re so damn disrespectable.”

The problem with these topics is, whatever I say, they always try in exhausting stalking ways, to keep attacking my statements and messages, trying to twist my words. My Music. My Message. My Truth. Even my Twin Soul´s truth and her work, her Music, her Message, is being clearly and openly attacked nowadays. So we got some real “twin flame attacks and interferences” here too. I do all I can to shield her and protect her, especially her balance and well being, because I do not want her to take in too much of the negative energy from my traumatic experiences. It is important to remain having a healthy, good sleep, to avoid stress and this exposure to constant lies and manipulations, this personal attack and hatred this system aims at everyone who is free in their minds and souls.

This system originally was founded by the ancient Romans. They started all this and today, people tell you its all in the past and history, but the roman culture and system is very well alive still. Look around you.

This system, this roman approach a long long time ago, has lied to White people, Black people, Asian people and American people and any terms you might use in human language for this illusionary categorization, that in spirit does not even exist. All human beings are equal and each culture has their own proud history and knowledge, figures and wisdom! Isn´t that beautiful? That is the variety and wonder of life! And hey, you change quite a lot, the whole material your body is made of, changes when you are where I am at now, where and HOW I AM NOW.

There will be so much we will bring forth, showing you in a bright spotlight the full truth of the beauty of life, and the things that should be healed in order to have life on Earth grow and freely expand as it is natural and naturally programmed that way by God. The system goes against nature, against how God intended life on Earth, for too many innocent souls, and it hurts. It is therefore crucial that we educate and start working together, talking, just openly communication with a good will, and then we can find a connecting happening on Earth again, globally. You cannot heal the PLANET if you only stay in one spot of it. To heal the World itself, we have to heal every nation and every human being that is on it. Every polluted land and air spreading without borders, all that is connected, and real Healing means full global Healing.

This is important and I am always sharing with my Twin Soul all that I see and notice, in full truth. To heal the Planet, we must go back to the roots of the issues. Back to the roots of truth, and true history. So that humanity today can see and learn from the mistakes of the past and create a different, healthy system. One that respects everyone alike, and one that does not discriminate against minorities in the media displays and economy, in society and human rights.

When you think about it scientifically, this is like a fusion between heavens systems and the earthly system. That would be the plan, the best thing to strive for and start, start making those changes.

I will say more about all this in the format I chose and soon; Entertainment.

I love you all, from the bottom of my soul and my eternal heart…


Michael Jackson About the ROMAN SYSTEM and Racism in Show Business and Media/Press © Personal Message Spiritual Channeled Heaven
Michael Jackson About the ROMAN SYSTEM and Racism in Show Business and Media/Press © Personal Message Spiritual Channeled Heaven

This text can be distributed and shared only in full without any editing and with citation of the original authors Michael Jackson in Spirit and Susan Elsa as his Twin Soul and Spiritual Secretary/Angel-Writer ©

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