HOW and WHY Twin Flames’ Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights

Dear Readers

Some People are claiming, that they have met their twin flame or that, they have a direct and conscious, aware contact to their twin flame in the spiritual realms, while being incarnated here in the flesh body still. Some claim, of course, that “famous People” are their twin flame, just like many people would claim that they “were someone famous in a past life”. These moves are nothing new and such things, such claims, have been going on in the new age worlds and fortune teller psychic reading´s world for a long time. Many people who offer such “spiritual services” for money, just tell people what they want to hear and never the full truth, nor can most people see ANYTHING, really, about the person.

Especially PSYCHIC TWIN FLAME READINGS do not exist. You CAN NOT go to some Psychic and get true insights into your own soul, your twin soul, through a stranger, a human being. That is like asking another stranger that does not even know you, to see through your eyes, to BE YOU for a moment, to know your inside as if this reader was you. That is NOT possible.

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Why God ONLY reunites Twin Soul Flames WHEN READY

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Also, some people claim that their Twin Soul has returned to them after a Death, and in the same time, they NEVER MET THIS PERSON THEY CLAIM THIS ABOUT. Especially if it is someone famous, be careful to not let such energy vampires and deceivers mislead you on your soul journey. Let them deal with their own confusion and karma.

How and Why Twin Flames Souls Reunite on Earth © Experience and Reasons Beyond Earthly Life Form
How and Why Twin Flames Souls Reunite on Earth © Experience and Reasons Beyond Earthly Life Form


Twin Flames always reunite in the SPIRITUAL, when BOTH are in the spirit.

Twin Flames DO NOT reunite on Earth, nor even live in same time frames here incarnated, if not READY for Reunion.

That is decided over a long journey of learning and spiritual soul evolution, beyond space and time. It happens usually over an amount reincarnations that you cannot count in human numbers actually. The Soul “had a life before this one, and after has endless eternal lives” in other forms of life and worlds and dimensions,t hat can vary a lot to being very similar some of them.

Twin Flames DO NOT reunite between Physical and Spiritual, like in cases where people claim their twin soul is with them in a relationship from Spirit, was INCARNATED before, and they never met in the physical, and have no similar work they do or life story and experiences, and PHYSICALLY LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

The physical similarity is KEY in real twin flame signs.


Some Rare Cases this happens, only when it was MEANT TO BE A MEETING IN THE PHYSICAL, but it somehow did not happen.

Think logical especially, when People claim things about me and my Soul. This is private, and being the Twin Flame of some super famous Dude is not easy and can cause PUBLIC TWIN FLAME INTERFERENCE AND ATTACKS.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY meets Michael Jackson coincidently in a sandwich store, out of the blue. This only took place this way, because the Twin Flame Reunion timing had been determined by God and God obviously made me meet super famous Michael, coincidently like this.

So, you see, the Reunion and the timing is determined by God, not by any individual and not based on personal wishes of “Hollywood type ideas and dreams” about Twin Souls. In fact, I think it is very dangerous how people are spreading all this bullshit about Twin Flames online and misleading people, and putting false imagery and information into their heads and souls, exactly while a Consciousness Awakening is taking place. How evil!

Make your own experiences. It is sometimes good to not even know about this until you EXPERIENCE IT. If you keep reading other´s experiences, or think in terms like “it is an outside Person that can be the best lover ever and romantic” and bla bla, that is a very wrong approach. This is about YOUR SELF.

People keep saying “his”, “her”, “you”, “him”- those words of expression show the lack of knowledge already. There is no such things as external twin flame, it is inside you. Michael and Me are ONE AND THE SAME SOUL, since always. There is no such thing as saying “him and you and you did and you think”- all I AM, is Michael. All he is, is Susan. All WE ARE is ONE TWIN-SOUL. ONE SOUL WITH TWINS IN IT.


A few words to help other Twin Flames understand their experience and define who is a karmic Soul Mate and who is the real one and only Twin Soul:

How and Why Twin Flames Souls Reunite on Earth © Experience and Reasons Beyond Earthly Life Form
How and Why Twin Flames Souls Reunite on Earth © Experience and Reasons Beyond Earthly Life Form

Note to Image: Susan Elsa in Summer 2011 working on WOMEN OF THE WORLD Project and the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools Vision ©

Okay, so here is a bit of Insight into my own personal Experience. For more, please view my Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”.

I have never ever heard of the term “Twin Soul” prior to Spring 2010 from Michael Jackson directly in Spirit after his Death and Ascension, where he was informed by God directly that I AM HIS TWIN SOUL, and was brought back to me carried by Angels left and right holding him, and then STAYED, telling me this term after few weeks of sticking around me 24 hours, in “Angel-Form” – Spiritual Body.

When I was growing up, I only knew the common term “soul mates”, and I have always cared about it a lot inside, and wished to find my so-called “soul mate”, the perfect Guy that perfectly fits to me and understands me.

My experiences in general, when I was younger, were honestly, not so good, when it comes to being understood. I always struggled to be understood by others. I have always been “different” and suffered because of it, wishing to be “like others”. From childhood on, there were always strange and extraordinarily unique things happening to me, and every living person that ever knew me personally can confirm, that “Susan always experiences crazy things no one else experiences”.

That ranged from extreme jealousy attacks by Girls as a Teenager, to a strange “sexual obsession” from Boys toward me. It sometimes was like a literal hunt going on, where Guys would lose it and could not accept my rejection regarding their romantic approaches, and start stalking me, or, go talk bad about me to “take revenge”.

I never felt “beautiful”, I always thought of myself as normal and did not even see myself, why these Guys are so after me. I was shy, and has my own issues about my Looks, and from an early age I got into this “Perfectionism” about my Make Up and especially Eye Brows and Eyeliner. I would hate when anyone even talks to me as I am putting on my perfect eyeliner, trying to approach it like an Art of Sketching the perfect Line around my Eyes. I was so shy when I was younger, I had extreme difficulty just looking at someone in the eye while talking, especially Guys. I would talk while looking down or away a bit. I could not control it, it would just come this inner “uptightness” and I had no idea why and externally there was no experience to even justify why I felt this way.

At Age 12, I remember standing by this big Tree with 2 friends of mine. One Girl of these two was climbing the tree, the other and me were talking. I then told her: “When I am around 22/23 I want to move to Los Angeles and study Film Directing like Steven Spielberg”, and she immediately said:” Yes, me too! But I want to go to Berlin in Germany to study Film Directing!”

And it happened. I was around 22/23, when I began preparing my Move to the other Side of the Planet, to L.A., and met this Girl after long years not seeing her (she moved away shortly after when we were Kids)- so 6 months prior to my leaving, I met her in a train coincidently and she was preparing to move to Berlin to study Film Directing! How crazy is that?

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Experiences: Second Childhood Feelings after 1982 © Susan Elsa Childhood Pictures Insight
Michael Jackson Twin Soul Experiences: Second Childhood Feelings after 1982 © Susan Elsa Childhood Pictures Insight

Photo Information: Susan Elsa Childhood Photo in Spain Vacation

I felt in the years prior, that the Music Business was so limited and my skill of “Soul Expression” too limited with only Music. I wanted to “complete my skills” to be able to FULLY express my inner Visions.

I had talked to my idol back then, Michael Jackson, twice on the Phone, as he was seeking all over the World new Talents for MJJ Productions, to become a Producer himself for other new Artists. This project from him did generally not work out for him, because nobody cares about any Artist he tries to promote and produce, it would be like “Oh Michael Jackson produces this and that, for some new Singer”. The singer here is not important, only Michael. I knew this back then, as I always had an independent and clear business thinking/intuition. I also was not interested in taking his help in anything, because the whole passion began through his great work and me all impressed as a 5 year old, and I was very stubborn always about “making it myself with my own efforts”, and like that, impress him.

I worked all my life on my art and skills, storytelling and visions, integrating my soul and unique spirituality and experience into my own Brand, my “artistic fingerprint”. I always had in mind, the thing that motivated me most:“To impress Michael Jackson”. I did not even try or care about the public really, since I was also too shy.

I would always critique myself harshly about any small mistake I would make in vocals and kept training for years and years, daily, for hours. That was also not any outside influence, but some urge from inside my soul, or a habit.


In my late childhood years and growing into adolescence, I always had those “boys type hobbies” and interests. I began with Karate at age 9, and loved to watch Jean Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee, and Ninja Movies especially. Ninjas used physical skill and telepathic skills and spiritual training, it was such a unique martial arts. And the dress up was cat-like and cool.

Besides that, I played as a Teen in professional POOL BILLARD Competitions. One time, my sister and me had to compete in the BOYS CATEGORY, that´s how rare it was to see Girls in this Sport. I don´t know why, but it seems to be a heated debate, men and women in the sports of pool billard, and we do not need to even bring in the Karate stuff.

Here is a great Article for more on this, since I care to promote it for more GIRLS & WOMEN to also play Pool!


What I am showing here is the PRE-TWIN FLAME DEVELOPMENT before the Two meet. We come with a very bright, and clear story to educate humanity and remind them of their own other half- your complete soul.


HOW and WHY Twin Flames Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights- THE FEMALE COUNTERPART ©
HOW and WHY Twin Flames Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights- THE FEMALE COUNTERPART ©

Focus on masculine themes, hobbies, skill, experiences, tuning in to experience the “masculine perspective”, training logical thinking, rationale, scientific assessment of things, all these things that are the specialty and strength of the masculine soul.


HOW and WHY Twin Flames Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights- THE MALE COUNTERPART ©
HOW and WHY Twin Flames Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights- THE MALE COUNTERPART ©

Focus on feminine themes, hobbies, skill, experiences, tuning to experience the “feminine perspective”, training emotional expression, fantasy, to be attentive to dreams, emotional assessment of things, and all these things that are the specialty  and compassion/receptiveness of the feminine soul.

See for yourself, once again, an older Interview from Michael Jackson with Barbara Walters, the only one he mentions in his psychic experiences regarding premonitions, and generally displays this later feminine behavior, while actually, he was just channeling me and tuning in to his feminine twin soul, and all these pre- efforts we both did in life, in our own Mirror, is the root reason why we got ready someday to meet. That´s how it works!

The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information
The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information

Please watch it all and remember his words, and how they placed this harassing suffocating situation in his life and privacy- not the Fans, the PRESS! The Tabloids, that were used like a tool to “harass him to exhaustion on all levels” and literally trying to suffocate the soul light expansion he was doing with his work, bringing healing light and joy to people through his Art.

And remember: Michael was excessively mocked and harassed with blatant lies, in public, about his metamorphosis with me, his channeling of ME and MY LOOKS, and they would laugh about it and call him all kinds of names, aiming at the feminine looks and changes of his appearance, that is directly a PUBLIC TWIN FLAME SIGN HE DISPLAYED.

Michael Jackson interview with Barbara Walters


Those are some super important Twin Flame Insights I am giving you here. The full truth behind everything, even the things Fans don´t fully see yet, but are slowly understanding.

First of all, as explained above, I was not much into the superficial girls behavior, and preferred to climb trees and then go train my voice, to someday be able to “sing like Michael Jackson”. In all my childhood I basically ONLY HUNG OUT WITH BOYS, NOT GIRLS.

That is one point.

The other is, as we are always connected deep within our Soul, even if he was in America and I was in Europe, two different and far away continents on the Planet, were always connected via the Twin Flame Strings.

So, as I became a little child, playing all kinds of fun and fantasy games with my boys, Michael felt it. He then logically felt like he wants to play and hang out and enjoy “childhood”, a second time. He did not have much childhood, as he said publicly often and clear, because Kids don´t usually work. Nor do they have appointments, rehearsals and contracts, and public responsibility. All this took a bit away his “childhood free innocent feel”, and he made quite traumatic experiences as a child already, when being in public, let alone, playing all free and open and nobody bothering him- that was not possible for Michael Jackson as a child.

That part, his childhood, I brought back. That´s all this is about, finally- him feeling his FEMALE TWIN FLAME SOUL OVER DISTANCE and tuning in automatically, doing parallels actions and having same ideas, as I played childhood fun games, he played childhood fun games, cuz this is a SOUL THING, and not about physical age and all such anyways.

Michael was never gay, never weird, never any of that, and he never did anything wrong with Children. He was just tuning back to his childhood mind set, his inner child, and letting it out, balancing his work stress with childish fun games, so what?


I moved to Los Angeles in 2005. The main motivation to go ahead and make this huge move in my life was to be there to protect and rescue Michael if I had to, if they would have thrown him in prison innocent, for something he did not and would NEVER do. I had known this from deep within my soul, all this time, that he is innocent of the false accusations, and saw in premonition dreams starting 4 Days before they went to Neverland to search it and start the false accusations attacks. It was shaking my soul so much, I found the courage and motivation to, for months, prepare all the official international Move to be physically there to act in case anything happens, for I worried about him- I saw his Death in these series of 3 premonition dreams, in 2003.

I had no idea if I can even do anything there, but it was my inner soul magnet that somehow made me go there, and I even left my Ex behind that looked like Elvis Presley and I really wanted to marry and all. I just left all this, my friends, my family, my home country where I was born and grew up, just to be there to act or do anything to try and help Michael if they would make some catastrophic false verdict. Just in case. I knew he would commit suicide if he was jailed over false claims of pedophilia, immediately, Michael would have committed suicide in prison. I knew and felt it in my soul and had to act.

Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Original Exceptional Twin Soul Story Information Releases Copyrights Data © 2003-2010
Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Original Exceptional Twin Soul Story Information Releases Copyrights Data © 2003-2010

This Drawing above seen, I had made in 1996-1997 one night spontaneously before going to sleep. In 2003, I used it as a transmission-tool for spiritual protection to send Michael, calling on God and using the Name from my one Dream “Archangel Michael” for it- and he got out of this, innocent on all counts. I will never forget this Day, where it was like a big heavy weight fell off my chest that had been there torturing my soul for 2 years prior.

As I was moving there, and him being officially and publicly declared INNOCENT, Michael Jackson left the U.S.A. and never wanted to return there again, initially.

Debbie Rowe did not let him rest at all, nor did she have any respect or compassion for Michael and sued him for “kidnapping her Children out of the U.S.A.” right after, not giving a fuck about his condition and traumatized psyche, trying to rest his soul abroad, with his Children- after she was not even there nor raising the Kids with him, divorced and signed off her parental rights, because from the Start, she was offering this to him “as a favor between friends”- to later keep messing emotionally with him. I do not know much about this, but it was horrible for Michael and harassing, and he never done anything to this Debbie Rowe.


In 2006, if I remember correctly, I suddenly felt this certain feel in my heart Chakra and kept telling friends:” Michael Jackson is back in America! I feel it, but people don´t know yet!”

Of course my friends would stare at me puzzled, not getting why I say this. I am a honest person carrying my heart on my tongue, I just say things openly and these are the points most people would not understand as individuals who do not know how it is to have such a developed intuition or clear soul connection to another human being like that.

After the very short “rainy season” in California, in December 2006 and January 2007, the Spring weather had returned. The new semester had begun and I was totally in my studies, and having all kinds of stress situations- because LA is just stressful. It´s a strange place, with many wonderful things, but also very “jungle type” situations. The whole traffic there is a nightmare alone.

I had since years back then already, studied Gem Stones and their effect physical, spiritual and emotional and energetic. I used to place a LAPIS LAZULI on my third Eye while doing Tarot Card Readings for Friends at “Pagan Parties”- female Druid Style, or as people used to call the female Druids more- “Avalon Witches”.

I bought few new Ones before moving to LA and had been trying out this Blue Goldstone, Heart shaped, for a few months discovering a funny effect in my personal experiences with it:

Everytime I wore it, some “Star” popped up in a Comedy Club (Brendan Frasier), on the Street (Shaggy with a Mountain Bike, Keanu Reeves), in a Movie Theatre (Tyra Banks), in another Movie Theatre (Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers), then on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Christian Slater was about to hit me almost running into me he was obviously not looking well and in a hurry. He was weird, man.

Susan Elsa Necklace Details when first Meeting Michael Jackson © Blue Goldstone Twin Flame Gem Energy Reunion Help
Susan Elsa Necklace Details when first Meeting Michael Jackson © Blue Goldstone Twin Flame Gem Energy Reunion Help

So, yeah, this Gem Stone, or better – semi-precious gem stone (a mix of natural Gems with Glass and an own Mixture Recipe from Italian Monks developed in Venice/Italy)- would every time I wear it, “attract some appearance of a Celebrity”. We would joke about it, it became an insider joke between me and my friends, that when we wanted to see a Star, I wear it before we go out.

And this Blue Goldstone I was also wearing, when I ran into Michael Jackson the first time, in an organic quality Sandwich Restaurant in Santa Monica. I do not define which one in public here as my Infos get constantly hacked, stolen, interfered with, imitated and manipulated and I had enough, this is my PRIVACY. Michael was famous and grew up famous early on. I did not, and I make my own rules about the public. I reserve the right to tell whatever I want and how and when, and not tell whatever I want.


The first moment already was really strange to us both at first. I had telepathic connections before with other people, and many psychic experiences as a psychic since birth. But this was beyond anything I ever felt. The dude walked into the place as I had my head looking down on the menu or something (I don´t even remember what, only that I looked down).

Then I felt this extreme energy literally walking through the door in front of me. There were 3 or 4 entrances and exits to this place and a terrace part outdoors, I sat right there in the sunlight in the middle table, like under a natural spotlight. The weather was very warm and sunny that day, but not hot, just nicely warm.

This energy I felt, made me look up immediately to the direction it felt as if it was coming from, this door parallel to where I sat. I saw this guy there that walked in, in full beard, skinny, tall, wearing a baby blue dress shirt, and some baggy type pants (not jeans), with a baseball cap on and SUNGLASSES INSIDE THE STORE. I instantly knew, from the soul feel I picked up clearly like with nobody else ever in my life:

“This is Michael Jackson!”

With me on this table this moment sat my sister, a guy that was kinda with me, my Roomate, and my sister´s friend from Nebraska, visiting her boyfriend in Los Angeles for vacation these days.

As I´m so honest and carry my heart on my tongue, I was so into this vibe I just said out loud: “Hey! Look over there! This dude with the full beard, that´s Michael Jackson!”

They looked quick only, did not feel the AURA I WAS FEELING, and then laughed about my claim. That´s the honest truth right here. So, I was discouraged and ignored them as they got quickly back into some whatever topic they were talking about. I was absent in my focus.

I kept staring at this guy, and he had now his back turned toward our table and was checking out the Menu to order something. I was too shy I could not get up of this seat, and did not want to disturb anyone. So, I thought, let´s try a little psychic experiment- because if I really have a spiritual connection with Michael Jackson as I always felt and experienced all my life prior, and this is really him, he should feel me too. I wondered.

I focused on his neck and the back of his head (a telepathy technique I learned from experience) and was just playing, I don´t know why I really did it. I put my focus into it and said loud in my mind, sending this thought to his head: “Michael! I´m here! Turn around, I´m right behind you!”

I was not expecting his reaction, I was just playing, testing. In this moment, after I “sent the thought into his mind”, he freakin turned around super MJ style fast and stared directly at me! I could feel that he got it and was nervous, not about the telepathy, but about that “someone recognized him and a crowd might break loose soon and catch him in public without bodyguards”. He then panicked, I felt it directly like a string going from his heart to mine suddenly, so clear, almost visible in the air!

So, I took position and put on a facial expression mask, like acting as if nothing happened and to my friends and sister, like it is NOT Michael Jackson and I forgot about it. I kept looking at this man and he had disappeared from this counter, this corner of this restaurant. Half of it was not visible to me at this table. Then I said:”Excuse me, going to Restroom, be right back”. I had no idea, after I stood up walking to the restrooms, I felt like I did NOT have to really go, it was weird.

I walked there then to wash my hands I thought to myself, and there was this guy standing. And he stopped and I just said out loud, I didn´t even mean to: “Hey Mike” or something wannabe cool. Like, I´m not nervous at all, but I was totally.

Michael then said totally curious: “How did you know it was me?”

I said, I felt his auric energy or so like an energy wave come through the door and, knew from his “energy” somehow that it was surely him, before even taking a close look. I have all this in my Book.

He then said, that he wants to talk to me but “not now and not here”, there at this public place. He seemed like he wants to leave asap before others notice him. He took my phone number on a Panera Bread Receipt paper piece, and left. I felt clearly the rest of this same day, how happy he was, and I was so excited and happy too. I knew he had a great day, I felt it, and he had some “normal life insights” and nobody caught him, besides me. *Big smile*

This is no joke and no fantasy claim, as crazy as it sounds to people who have no idea or experience in telepathic connecting with other human beings and psychic stuff. All my friends know, I like to call myself “witch” and have no problem with the psychic and no fears and love this stuff. Some friends know of my telepathic skills as well and have EXPERIENCED IT AND HOW I READ THEIR MIND.

Yes, Michael Jackson had all this security around him, but he told me he liked to go off alone sometimes, he needed it. I asked later, because I was so surprised, I mean, who meets Michael Jackson “coincidently” buying both a sandwich?

More on this Meeting and all that took place after, you can find in my Book and on this Blog in previous articles and insights.

Now, this Gold Stone is serious, and I want to give you, dear Readers, a bit more information on it for spiritual educative reasons and for twin flames.

I only knew about it from the Gem Store I had bought it from, where I also had bought a full Gem Stone Book from A-Z with images and descriptions of functions, that it is somehow about the internal focus and helps to “see beyond the superficiality of others and the self”.

Here is some very confirming Infos I found just now looking for English Links on it for you:

Original Source:

Despite what its name implies, there is no gold in Goldstone; in fact, Goldstone is man-made glass infused with copper particles; the additions of cobalt, manganese or chromium result in the deep, shimmery Blue Goldstone.  It was invented by the Miotti family in Venice during the seventeenth century.  And, because glass is made from quartz sand (silica), Goldstone has found its way into the healing community.

The sparkles of Blue Goldstone are reminiscent of stars in the night sky.  Use Blue Goldstone to make a wish.  Keep a piece with your resume or at your work desk to increase job opportunities or better advancements in your career. Blue Goldstone is a favorite of actors, performers and media types to gain that “big break” to fame. Blue Goldstone is a helpful aide for children who are afraid of the dark.

Goldstone, like diamond, is a good deflector of unwanted energies, and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral. It is a nervous system stimulant and enhances transmission of healing energies from the hands; therefore it is applicable to long distance healing. 

Physically, Blue Goldstone eases headaches/migraines, helps with eye ailments such as glaucoma or tunnel vision, and alleviates allergies derived from pet dander or dust.

I hope this information can help you tune in, there are tons of great gems but more on that later. It is a whole Gem-Science we will open up in separate Articles and more. My addition to this description is that this Blue Goldstone also helps Twin Flames meet in the physical and reunite, and, it attracts “Stars” and above you see it is named “Star Stone” so it makes total sense and I can confirm this effect from this Gem from my own experiences with it.


Let´s be clear, we mean earthly reunion now. In the spiritual realms, when BOTH ARE IN SPIRIT, Twin Flames are always united back into the ONE COMPLETE SOUL by God.

Twin Flames do not just reunite for no reason, or because both “want to”. Or because someone googles and looks up the topic and “wishes to experience it”- it does not make your twin soul pop up in the physical incarnation for no reason or based on such earthly wishes.

In fact, Twin Flames never get even close to each other at all, except for when absolutely ready.


Because the impact is too strong. It can be devastating if the timing is not right, and things are not ready as far as to be able to handle these intense emotions, connection and effect of the physical reunion.

The Purpose is, at the stage of the Planet we are in still currently, NOT to just be together in a romantic sense and enjoy some Hollywood typical imagery of the illusion of “love”. I know today it seems to be getting popular for certain people, authors, and bloggers and whoever, to talk nonsense about this and make up these “typical mass media styled” stories and claims. Like it´s all about “selling to people some hope and dreams” instead of really educating them, and most information is full of gaps and superficial that you can find online about twin flames and real experiences.

The Purpose of Twin Flames reuniting is to COMPLETE TOGETHER A PRE-BIRTH DECIDED LIFE PLAN. A Blue Print both discuss, agree on and plan to a certain degree, the Mission, before both are even born.

Things that are typical Twin Flame Life Plans include:

– Healing types of work for communities or globally (Charity, Doctor´s work, science researching new medicines etc.)

– Works that raise the energy and vibes into positivity in others (Art, Music, Film etc.)

– Protection of Nature and Animals

– Work with themes such as gender, equality and multicultural themes

I mention here on purpose very broad few Infos only. Every twin flame couple varies and is individual, absolutely unique.

When one does a type of work in life, hobbies, experiences, personal relationships, then the true twin soul flame will ALWAYS have very similar often identical experiences. In the same time, few things are held opposite, to “complete each other´s weaknesses and strengths”.

The spiritual truth, the types of work the Angels and Archangels perform, is the type of work that Twin Flames would be tuned in to in what they do on Earth, in completing ways. Like one could be a doctor, the other half a nurse. One could be a Singer, the other half a Film Director. One could be a teacher for Kids, the other half could be a scientist researching children and working to improve their well being and heal disease.

This is how the logic behind it works.

More on this Topic in the Future!

For now, I hope this could help you tune in more to your own memories of your true other half, and feel the inner strings binding you to your other half in your soul. I hope you all find your twin flame sooner than later, and that is best “attracted” by just working ON YOURSELF. When YOUR SELF IS READY, your Twin Flame will automatically come into your life, and your Self will be complete again, your complete soul consciousness merged again.

You cannot control it external, you have to trust on God and learn how to trust the Spiritual World, the Soul Truth and Fate. Just enjoy your life, make your experiences and work on YOURSELF.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan & Michael in Spirit

3 thoughts on “HOW and WHY Twin Flames’ Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights

    1. Do twin souls have to look alike?,or,can they look different physically?.
      I believe twin souls don’t always have to look alike physically,they can look different,and,still be twin souls.

      1. Hello April! Yes, of course twin souls can look different like being a different race, and overall looks at first sight, but the eyes, the essence is always “twin-like”, that is the whole point. Both are only incarnated together and led by God to meet in the physical, when ready. The closer twin souls are, the more they are alike in all ways, including appearance and looks. So if twin souls were to be both incarnated, but not ready yet to reunite, then they might look different. The difference is a good measure for “how far the reunion is” I think, the closer it is, the more both are “twin-like”, two halves being pulled together to merge back into the natural union of being ONE.

        I hope I could explain my theory well and help you with your question.

        Have a wonderful Day April,
        Susan Elsa

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