Michael Jackson sends special spiritual Message to Madonna: Mother asked Archangel to offer Healing Opportunity © Twin Flame Soul Work

Dear Readers

This is a quick post, in addition to the previous Article, PART 3 of our Dangerous Knowledge, Special Information Series.

I honestly needed some time, to be able to publish this. It was super private. But, here is the situation.

A few weeks back, not too long ago, within the last Week of October, I was talking with a Business Partner about projects and the World, and enjoying, like I always enjoy working and creating.

Often, since 2010, Michael Jackson,my Twin Flame, has brought me suddenly people, that also ascended, such as Elvis Presley, for whom we wrote a full Book. (The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll)

Before we go into this short but important message, let me summarize here WHY Souls go to Michael to seek help and assistance, and to me then as his other Half, working with the same functions.

Since Birth I have been a spiritual Medium, assisting the Souls who are in the Spiritual Dimensions, mainly to emotionally digest their physical death and transition, especially when it was a bad situation and traumatic type death and they had problems letting go.

Ancient Original Depiction Imagery of Anubis (Archangel Azraeel) embalming Osiris´Mummy with Isis his Twin Flame Wife and Nephtys her sister helping out of Compassion
Ancient Original Depiction Imagery of Anubis (Archangel Azraeel) embalming Osiris´Mummy with Isis his Twin Flame Wife and Nephtys her sister helping out of Compassion

This is the template, the root knowledge, the basic story on which all funerary rituals and embalming procedures, spells and chants spoken and written down individually for each Person, came from. The first story, that was used for thousands of years later in ancient Egyptian faiths, and the material in the so-called Book of the Dead/Coming Forth by Day Light.

Anubis, is an old name from an ancient Time. Today, in modern language and understanding, he would be called “The Archangel of Death”. I, when I would unfold my Wings, the ancient depictions where Isis is shown with the Wings, am also not being in the “human depiction” then, but the spiritual Identity. In my spiritual Identity I AM FAITH, I am the Twin Flame of Archangel Michael.

Archangels and Angels therefore, were depicted much later by Europeans with WINGS, based on our Information.

Please view previous Article on this to know what we talk about here.




So, in the last week of October, as I am totally out of this Topic due to private things I mentioned before, in the previous Article- something totally unexpected happened.

Anyone that knows me in private, or even read my Books and Blog, knows I could not stand Madonna. Because of the things she did to Michael, and how it reflected male sexual obsessions by Guys on me in my life. It is not a game, with twin souls, and what she did caused men to sexually harass me the same way Michael was harassed by her. This is the natural dynamic of the Twin Flame Mirror between me and Michael.

So, as we were introducing the first Night of Halloween with a New Year Concept, this year 2014, Archangel Michael´s Judgement Night from now on, Michael made me see and feel clearly, that we now are activating our spiritual authority to “judge Souls who done wrong” and protect the innocent Souls in the same situations.

Madonna to me has always been, since I met Michael and he told me all these things she did that I never knew about- a very bad person not to be trusted.

As a child, I used to love her Material Girl Song, I did not understand the materialistic message of course, or English. I only liked it because it sounded fun and she was depicting this Marilyn Monroe Style.

So here I was, and suddenly Michael suddenly just brings this Woman I never saw before. Very classy, I could immediately sense that she passed a while ago, not recently.

“Please help my daughter´s soul!” she said out of the blue.

It was like a wave of motherly care and worry, she was focusing exactly at my motherly compassion. I knew immediately that this is Madonna´s mother, who had died of cancer when Madonna was only 5 or 6 years old. I saw her, and then ran to my Computer to check her pictures if I could find some to confirm her appearance. I always do that, for my personal confirmation.

She had obviously reached out to Archangel Michael (Jackson), and so as Twin Flames, I am part of this question automatically.

I then had such a huge intense emotional feel in my heart Chakra, and could see for a moment Madonna, the person I personally disliked as a human being, from her mother´s eyes.

Madonna Louise Fortin is her mother´s Name.

Madonna Louise Fortin- Madonna´s Mother sends Message via Archangel Michael to her Daughter
Madonna Louise Fortin- Madonna´s Mother sends Message via Archangel Michael to her Daughter

Her mother was totally different. I am not sure she can remember her well, since she has passed when her daughter was so small.

Michael Jackson told me that this is the very point he always saw: He felt that this traumatic and sad experienced had shaken up Madonna so much, that she “hardened her heart” and many of the things she grew up to do and become, would not have happened if her Mother was around to raise her.

Her Mother is a very classy woman, and she is definitely in Heaven. She is not “gone” obviously, and still sees all happening with her beloved daughter.

She explained to me after her initial plea, that she is not very happy with many things Madonna did in her career and life. Her mother would never approve of the “naked performances” her daughter did.

The Roman Culture has always been against the sacred feminine soul. Romans oppressed women, did not even give women equal rights in society, nor in intellectual questions. To the Romans, only the Body of a woman was important. She is the main symbol today for this culture that has spread all over the Planet and hurt women´s souls. She is the Symbol of the Roman Plagiarism of Ancient Egyptian Isis.

I understand Madonna´s point, she wanted to shock and I know show business is hard. Maybe in a way, this was like a rebellion toward not only her father, but her mother as well, for “leaving her alone”.

Psychologically speaking, when someone loses a very close, beloved Person, especially the Mother, so young, it can cause anger, an inner feeling of “injustice”.

Michael also believed that once Madonna becomes a Mother herself, she might heal and change from this “mentality” she got, and open her heart, her compassion, her own motherly instincts.

Surely, Madonna did change when having own Children. It is a biological natural process.

But the root of the issue is not healed yet.

Her relationship with her own Mother.

Take a look at the Oscars Date Madonna had with Michael Jackson. He really tried all he can, for years and years, hoping she would change and they could be friends. FRIENDS, not more.

Michael Jackson: Madonna was the Inspiration for Dangerous Song Girl Message - Oscars Date BAD-Dangerous Years Era
Michael Jackson: Madonna was the Inspiration for Dangerous Song Girl Message – Oscars Date BAD-Dangerous Years Era

Michael Jackson is a real Sweetie and through our full spiritual Merging as Twin Souls now, things are different than before. He also has different views, overviews, insights, because he is the Archangel himself. Look, man, I understand in a way that Madonna had the total crush on Michael. It was a difficult situation for Michael, as he hated to hurt ANY women, especially directly. He mainly was interested in getting along as Pop Biz Colleagues and, as he always was, wanted to help, maybe improve her life, heal her, all that. She did not let him, from the start she was mean and “bitchy”. She did not approach him with an open heart, with love. She was only trying to get him to have sex with her, and he is not this type of Guy. He likes to make the first move, not the woman.

Note to Video: Sorry about the stupid stuff about Mike in this Video. But its no news, we all know the Press constantly talked negative weird made up and guessed stuff about Michael. He was capable of sustaining a meaningful relationship with a woman, where it matters. And it´s private and the Press has no word here or right to judge, what he did in private where they were not around filming and such. But here you see, how the press PLAYED GAMES additionally, with Michael, about this Madonna situation, mean tone to Mike, biased favoring Madonna.

All this though could and cannot take place without me now mainly. I am the one Madonna needs to find peace with, to heal this Karma and make her peace with Michael Jackson as well, with his Soul.

He has disliked her a lot in his human incarnation, but as Archangels, we are neutral and do our spiritual job, no matter for who or what situation it is, if an innocent loving Mother asks us to help her daughter.

This situation, ONLY came about from her Mother´s efforts and extreme love for her daughter. She saw, from where she is now, that the Angels are getting ready for a big mass Judgement and Enforcement of God´s Will and Justice on all Souls. Like I said, shortly before Halloween.

Due to the personal aspect of the situation, I will need some more time as this was very surprising and out of the blue for me. Things need to go step by step here, and my Heart, my Forgiveness is the key here. This is serious spiritual work. And HONESTY is the main part now, first, we must bring the TOPIC openly on the table and talk, educate, speak, inform, give new aspects, perspectives, and then if Madonna is ready to make the biggest change and healing she has ever experienced in her Soul: We can talk then when the time is ripe, someday, in private. Of course, try to not wait too long as this life is temporary and this healing must be done sooner than later. I can only share all details from what your Mother told me with you in private, not here on this Blog in public, because this is private between you and your Mother.

I take my spiritual responsibility, my job I do for Souls with Michael, very serious.

But I am definitely spiritually ready to do this with Michael. Maybe I can be more neutral, in helping Madonna, because I am a Woman.

We´re Sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan & Michael

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