Twin Souls Merging: How Michael Jackson’s Personal Situations mirrored on my Life © PART 1

Dear Readers

This is a special Series for educating about real Twin Souls-Flames-Rays. It contains some personal information that we are only putting out summarised to show and assist people out there seeking to find their other half on Earth, or between Dimensions. Your twin soul is always connected to you, so these parallel experiences are a big key in recognising your true twin soul.

There are many soul mates, that you have met in past lives. Some you meet again to conclude things, especially when approaching reunion with your twin flame. But usually, twin flames are very clearly different than your soul mate. The word TWIN has a deep meaning related to this “Twin Soul Mirror” people talk about nowadays. I remember in 2010, when Michael had returned to me in spiritual form and informed me that I am his “twin soul”. I never heard this term at that point before, and was surprised and wondering about its meaning, if other people also know of it or not yet. I googled it. There was RARE INFORMATION, very repetitive and superficial. That was in early 2010.

Now, everyone talks as if they know about the topic of twin flames, or experiences, or how it is to REALLY meet in the physical your twin flame, without ever having met their other half. It is confusing and not helpful, to confuse soul mate experiences with these unique twin soul experience. Nobody can ever be equal to your twin flame, no soul mate even if you had really good times and telepathic connections even and such things.

This experience cannot be told to others, someone must experience it in their own life and spiritual journey in order to fully get it and have the realization beyond it anchored in your consciousness. But the power of the word here contains a lot of divine truth, so sharing a bit helps to trigger memories in readers and the twin strings to pull you closer together again. It begins in the consciousness, BEFORE any physical meeting.

Of course, when it comes to “past lives” and “soul mates” and now people say “twin flames”, everyone tends to get into this wishful thinking, wanting to have been someone “famous” in a past life, or wanting to have as “the One” someone displayed on TV and celebrated, workwise, in society. Even without knowing them on  a personal basis, or in past life questions, without thinking ever of negative aspects of someone famous having lived once before on Earth.

People also go often to these “fortune readers” and “psychic readers” for some psychic reading, paying money to them and such. I say here out loud now, that I am very sure that 99% of these “professional psychics” who claim to help you for a “price” such as money, that has no spiritual meaning at all, are no good. They tell you what you want to hear, for your money, so you don´t complain as a customer!

They don´t tell you full honest truth, nor can they. Not many people can access such in depth truth about others souls, as God has strict limitations for protection of Souls on this, and it is named the Veil. This veil bans other human beings from viewing directly into your soul. So, people charging money (I hope there aren´t already!) to give you a psychic twin flame reading, are evil, straight out.

It is strictly forbidden and not even possible to look into your twin flame connections like that. It is protected. It is logical, think about it this way: How can someone else be you? Like BE YOU, see exactly through your eyes with your feelings and all? They cannot. They can tune in, they can connect spiritually, but other persons on Earth, other human beings in flesh CANNOT SEE YOUR TWIN SOUL FROM WITHIN.

If they claim so and talk detailed information to you claiming this is about or from your twin to you, they are working very risky dark energies and lying to you.

You must and can only communicate like this with your twin soul directly. Nobody else can ever see the full truth of how you 2 perceive and know each other, except for you 2.

Michael Jackson Twin Flame Physics & Biology Research Europe: Susan Elsa & Michael Jacksons Facial Features Merging ©
Michael Jackson Twin Flame Physics & Biology Research Europe: Susan Elsa & Michael Jacksons Facial Features Merging ©


The experiences you make in your own personal, individual life, are always a mirror of the experiences of your real Twin Soul. Especially if he/she is also incarnated in human form at the same time, life experiences will be very similar and have many, many crossing points.

In my youth, very early on, funny and really extraordinary things began happening. Anyone that ever knew me, knows that there is no such thing as “normal experiences” in my life. I am known to always have had the weirdest experiences and situations other people do not have.

Some situations were not so funny, and sometimes very harassing, but this is how it is if you are the twin soul of such a famous guy.

Twin Souls Merging: How Michael Jackson´s Personal Situations mirrored on my Life © PART 1
Twin Souls Merging: How Michael Jackson´s Personal Situations mirrored on my Life © PART 1

I had regularly very obsessed male stalkers, that would not listen or stop stalking me, no matter how much I yell at them to leave me alone and that I am not interested in them.

One time, a guy that kept stalking me for around 2 years, came late to my house door and did a strip tease there. It was winter and snowing outside, and he was doing this desperate strip stalking show while I had my sister and friends over, that kept watching him through the door spy hole, all amused at how obsessed he is with me. I went to sleep that night early as they kept amusing themselves about this crazy stalker, and the next day they told me that he, you know, the house door!

That is not normal experiences, especially if it keeps happening and very extremely so.

Parallel, Michael Jackson was being stalked as well, by woman mainly, but also by a few men. He told me quite some disturbing stories about his experience with stalkers. That is how he called these types of people, as it went further than just “groupies”. I never understood how people can think this way, men or women. How can you not feel bad about yourself and demotivated if someone tells you or show you, they are NOT interested, and you keep nagging and going at them? How can anyone behave this way and feel okay with it? I don´t get it and never understood neither the people who would treat Michael this way, not even knowing him in person privately, and the guys who behaved this way toward me, obviously not caring about my feelings or personality, at all.

These are important things in society to be healed. In some countries, women have even less rights and respect, and get stalked and abused way too much, when those things should generally never happen in a correct world. That is my opinion. It might be utopic, but maybe if we analyse this issue, we can look beyond it and see through the twin flame experience, the key, the truth about male and female and how actually alike we really are. More than people know.

Women and Men are not that different.

You cannot even begin to imagine the things Michael had to go through and experience, in Show Biz especially. He told me some stories that got me so upset, I was about to run away, cuz he was always honest, gotta leave him that. He would be honest, then I would be angry and disappointed first sometimes, or just angry at the rudeness of some people, and then vent at him about it and then I would calm down, and we would talk. And I would realize more and more, how much our life experiences were alike.

Michael has a Song, called SUPERFLY SISTER, and he sings in it about those things that are wrong with society regarding sexuality and how women are treated:

Yeah, I know. Michael went kinda far with those lyrics, but he made his point. He wanted to express in an honest tone what he thinks about how the topic sex is treated in modern society. And Susie is the one to agitate (provoke) but let “the boy wait”. That was actually a very precise description of my personality and life experiences. Michael is really good at channeling, even before we met in the physical, he got many things right, to an impressive degree.

In this song is a lot of word play, but more clear than in other Songs from Michael usually.

There is one part that is important here spiritually, and that is when he sings “She´s holy Mary, moly Mary” as he keeps repeating the named exception in this society behavioral patterns: Susie

The Name Susan appears most in all of his Songs throughout his Career as his favorite female Name used in many of his Songs. If you look at his most famous songs even, you will find repeatedly female Names of Persons he actually knew and liked, such as Diana.

The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information
The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information

So, yes, I was stalked in ways that can be put in a movie, it was so exceptional these reactions by the male gender toward me. Nobody had any explanations, it was always a big mystery about me, until I was explained all this fully by Michael, when he informed me that I am his Twin Soul (citation Michael´s own words in 2010).

Think about this now:

Michael Jackson is famous, and living very reclusive due to his fame and cannot move without bodyguards. He constantly has shocking experiences of being stalked by strangers in obsessive ways, and it at times shakes him inside and traumatizes him.

Parallel, I, due to being his Twin Soul, have without any apparent external logical reason, the same experiences, without being famous or on display like him.

Some men would even try to pick up wars with me, enraged because I “rejected them”. In sometimes really abnormal ways, you know. Especially the part with making up lies and going around talking nonsense for revenge, is something that directly transmitted onto my life experiences from Michael´s life experiences. There were women, who were so obsessed with him sexually, they would go out of their way to take revenge when he would gently reject them in that sense. Like he has no rights to chose freely who he is interested in like that and who not.

That is a big issue in show business in general. This cheap culture. And it is depicted regularly for the public to think it is the right way to live and love. No it isn´t, and Michael´s song posted here in the video above, is exactly about that.

Twin Flames bring back the memory and beauty of sacred Sex. Not abusive sex. Not soulless sex.

That is a very central part of what Twin Flames do with their merging, it is like energy work, spiritual work for the Mass Human Consciousness as well, that is affected by Twin Soul Love Vibes.

Also, the public has accused Michael Jackson of all kinds of things, insisting on wanting to know what he likes in bed, what he does in private, how he feels about women and all these super private things. Michael did not like talking about it, point.

It does not mean anything and gives no right to the public to judge and spin lies about his private life.



When you make choices in your life, try to always remember that there is another half of your Self, that will be affected by it. If a man, let´s say, mistreats women, cheats, lies, abuses and all that, it affects his female twin soul so much, that it could manifest people in her life that abuse her and cheat on her and such. Which then again is shared by her male twin initiating these experiences by his bad choices and actions.

When a woman makes bad life choices, such as leaving good guys, being with bad guys only because they have money or any such superficial thing, it reflects negatively karma on her and her male twin soul half, where in his life in this case, let´s say, women could manifest who constantly cheat on him with rich guys and leave him because he has no money or a big house and such. All that then again is automatically shared by his female twin, who chose to manifest thing experiences by her bad choices.

One of the worst things one can do, is to betray the own twin soul, the own self, by trying to manipulate actively such connections via use of black magic or interference with another twin soul couple.

On the positive side, the same rule counts.

When a male twin soul takes care of his feminine side, reflects and thinks about things in life deeply to evolve, to understand, to better himself, simply put, does the work on his Man in the Mirror, his male Self, it automatically transmits the same experiences and balance in his female twin soul´s life, if living together or physically far away in different countries.

The soul is not bound to space nor time.

If a woman tries to understand the male mystery, the male mind, with a compassionate open approach, it automatically benefits her male twin soul and brings a reunion nearer in the physical.

No man can get to Paradise without his female Twin Soul, and no woman can get to Paradise without her male Twin Soul. We are made together, as one twin soul, from the first conscious thought of BEING, of I AM. Before time and space even existed, Twin Souls were created.

Keeping this simple truth in your mind when making decisions in life, will keep your karma balanced and not manifest things that you would not prefer for your future. Treat women nice, then you will have wonderful experiences as a man too. Treat your man nice, then you as a woman will have wonderful experiences as a woman too.

That is how the twin flame mirror works in real life situations.

And to the public and people who thought, it is fun to direct these types of thoughts and actions on Michael, only because he was famous for his WORK- remember that you affected his twin soul´s life with it all and that this now is already a karmic debt on your own self and twin soul. Try to become aware now and tune in to these soul truths.

Of course people could not know, if certain elements of the system we live in on Earth currently, keep all the twin flame information so hidden and now, lie and confuse about it. But, now that you see and know the Twin Soul situation of Michael Jackson- you can´t keep going the same way or it would be conscious and worse karma.

Try to keep an opening mind and you will learn in this Series things that will uplift your soul into such wonderful heights of your own self, you will never want to go back to superficial thinking and superficial types of “love”.

Wishing you all a beautiful Week,


Susan & Michael

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