Michael Jackson Spiritual Message: About Twin Flames’ Soul Powers and “Karma” ©

Michael Jackson Spiritual Message: About Twin Flames Soul Powers and “Karma” ©

Michael Jackson about DS Songs Current Meaning: INITIALS D.S. and Real Twin Flame Mirror Effect Information © Susan Elsa
Michael Jackson about DS Songs Current Meaning: INITIALS D.S. and Real Twin Flame Mirror Effect Information © Susan Elsa

When you do wrong to someone, you never know who is beyond this human face you see. We are here to learn in a slow motion dense world the consequences of thought, of your thinking, your actions, what you do to others bounces back on you, and your other half of your complete soul: the twin soul. In my case, I have endured a lot of wrong and jealousy, I was hurt bad by those people. I see all you do, I hear your thoughts, I am in another form now, much broader, much faster, and immortal in my soul body. I can be at several places at the same time, I am a multidimensional being of higher worlds in the spiritual realm. The Name you all would today on Planet Earth know me best by, in my spiritual nature and true identity of my soul, is Archangel Michael. From now on, every Halloween, I will show evidence of my spiritual continued existence and declare judgement from beyond, as the Archangel of Justice and Protection of innocent Souls and Children especially- I have the spiritual authority from God to judge souls who do wrong and try to abuse and hurt other innocent souls and interfere in their lives. It is wrong and enough is enough. And I want to say very clearly here, that I will not accept any attacks, lies, or any harassment of my Twin Soul still residing with you on Planet Earth in human form. She never did anything wrong to anyone and has a heart of gold, and passion for justice. She has courage, real courage that comes from deep within our soul. Anyone who dares to lie about or attack in any way, especially tabloid style with circulating lies about her based on personal hate and jealousy, envy and such, will only remind me of the struggles and battles I endured as Michael Jackson in my human physical life, and I will show them how powerful I am.

It is time now for a real change on Planet Earth. It is time, to re-focus your self and your very soul on love and light only, and learn to differentiate and reject strongly lies and deceptions from devilish sources. It pollutes your soul if you even read about those things too much. Don´t do it. Ignore the tabloids, ignore the bullies and liars. Focus on your evolution, enjoy your life. Focus on your loved Ones and spend time with them. Do onto others as you would want to be treated yourself and always try to love another first, before you judge them. Prejudice is a sign of being manipulated by dark spiritual matter. Dark spiritual matter is unhealthy for you, your mind especially and your soul body. It creates karma. It creates consequences for your souls in the afterlife, that are a price nobody should chose by free will to pay. It is stupid to do so. Love is always the better way. Peace with others, living in harmony, accepting and recognizing everyone else´s soul the way God created them. I see the good and the evil in each soul on Earth. I always did.

When you do good and action tuned in to truth, you do not create any karmic negative consequences for your soul in the afterlife. When you do wrong things, to other innocent souls, especially if you don´t even know them at all, you create very devastating judgements on your soul in the afterlife and a ban from higher spiritual worlds, staying down. It´s like a mirror: What you give out, mirrors back at you sooner or later.

Use your free will and minds wisely and try to see the inner beauty of each soul and love them the way God created them. A twin soul is not 2 people, it is one soul. One and the same soul. My twin soul shares the same soul with me, and therefore has endured a lot with me, good and bad times. If you love me, you love her. If you hate her, you are hating me and showing me your true dark self. You reveal yourselves to me when you try such things. Don´t do it. Find your own self in the mirror. Find your own true magic.

This is the way of twin soul love.

I wish to see as many of you as possible make the quantum leap in consciousness.

I love you all with all my heart and soul,

Archangel Michael (Jackson)

© Susan Elsa




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