Michael Jacksons 2003 Spider Bite (Poisonous): About the Physical Connection between TWIN SOULS © Book Excerpts

The Story behind Michael Jackson´s Spider Bite (2003)

Michael Jackson´s Spider Bite Photo on Leg- He really got bitten and Twin Soul felt it over distance in her Leg
Michael Jackson´s Spider Bite Photo on Leg- He really got bitten and Twin Soul felt it over distance in her Leg

Life Parallels Excerpt- Point 4 © Twin Souls are always connected on all levels and know the full truth inside and outside

Incident 4:

Some usual day, when I was an adult, I felt this sudden “phantom” pain in my foot. Two days later the News reported that Michael Jackson had been bitten by a big, fat spider on his foot and he had pain. Little details like this one kept happening to me since birth, always leading to Michael. Wow, what was happening to me?

Michael Jacksons 2003 Spider Bite (Poisonous): About the Physical Connection between TWIN SOULS © Book Excerpts Information Susan Elsa
Michael Jacksons 2003 Spider Bite (Poisonous): About the Physical Connection between TWIN SOULS © Book Excerpts Information Susan Elsa

The Official Story of the Spider Bite:

14th January 2003

‘The Globe’ magazine headlines today’s edition with a red banner reading: “Michael Jackson’s Spider Bite – Shocking Proof.”

The front page features a photograph of Michael holding up the leg of his trousers to show the damage a brown recluse spider did when he he was bitten repeatedly as he slept one evening at his Neverland Valley Ranch.

Excerpts from ‘The Globe’ magazine interview are as follows:

” “The pain… it is bad, really bad… sometimes it feels like a lion took a bite out of my leg!”

“Now, in a world exclusive, Jackson is finally breaking his silence about those problems and giving GLOBE readers a glimpse into his secret world! The bite, says the King of Pop, did not, in fact, come from a ferocious lion, but from an itsy-bitsy – yet very dangerous and poisonous – spider.”

That’s what Jackson claimed in court and a judge told him to prove it. Now, he’s doing exactly that. Jackson has chosen GLOBE to show the whole world that he was telling the truth, displaying one of the gruesome spider bites – this one on his right leg – to our readers in these exclusive pictures.”

“I really was bitten by spiders”, he tells GLOBE in a blockbuster interview. “I have been in agony”.

“Jackson says a spider sunk its venomous fangs into him one night while he lay asleep at his Neverland ranch in Los Olivos, CA.”

“I don’t know exactly how it happened” he admits. “I never saw the spider. I woke up one morning about a month ago and had a big spot on my leg. Pus was oozing out and it hurt terribly. I then had some cultures taken and found out that it was a bite from a very poisonous spider that can even be deadly”.

While some experts publicly scoffed at Jackson’s explanation, doctors who examined him confirmed the torturous spider bite. His personal physician, Dr Alimorad Farshchian, says it was likely a brown recluse spider, which injects a devastating toxin creating nasty lesions that can take weeks to heal.”

“The wound was 6 or 7 centimetres in diameter”, Dr. Farshchian confirms to GLOBE. “It was purple with three or four blisters in the middle. Shortly after that, we started treating it and it dried up and became a big scab. It is now in the state of healing. The old skin is now falling off and the new skin is starting to develop”.

“Jackson tells GLOBE the constant pain made it hard for him to attend court proceedings and prevented him from attending the recent Billboard Music Awards to accept a trophy commemorating the 20th anniversary of his landmark ‘Thriller’ album. Instead, pal Chris Tucker gave him the award at his ranch which was seen by live satellite feed. And he adds it made it difficult for him to function normally.”

“I love to dance so much”, Jackson tells GLOBE. “But I haven’t been able to dance for weeks. That is one of the things I miss the most. Things have been getting better slowly but surely”

“Jackson says the bite on his leg is taking time to heal. “It became more of a scab when I was in Germany, getting more tender and a bit smaller”, says the father of three kids, Prince Michael Jr., 5, Paris, 4, and 11-month-old Prince Michael II.”

“Jackson’s doctor has been treating the ghastly wound on his leg with antibiotic Cipro, which hundreds of Americans took during the anthrax attacks, and cleaning it once a day to prevent further infection.”

“Under proper care, the wound has shrunk to 3 centimeters in diameter. “Everything is healing up beautifully”, Dr. Farshchian tells GLOBE.”

“And a close friend of the entertainer adds, “Michael has been in quite a bit of pain, but he said he would not let it get in the way of work or spending time with his children.”

“One day after he described the pain to me, he spent all day playing with his kids inside and outside the house. We knew it was hurting, but he was trying to act normally with his children as if he was OK. He didn’t want them to know how much pain he was in.”

“I am still hurting”, admits Jackson, “but I am getting through it with the love and support of my family and fans”. ”

True Angel- The Real Man in Michael Jackson´s Personal Mirror © World Exclusive Spiritual Insider Information to educate on Soul Truths
True Angel- The Real Man in Michael Jackson´s Personal Mirror © World Exclusive Spiritual Insider Information to educate on Soul Truths

Back to Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Book Excerpts ©

Incident 9:

I was living already in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, very close to the Santa Monica airport, where Michael used to do secret artwork, when I thought about “the same sandwich” as Michael. I didn’t know if he was back in L.A. yet or not, and prepared and studied hard to impress him. I felt suddenly: “Michael is back in LA, but he didn’t show himself to public yet.” He knew I was there because he had told me that I have great potential for Film Directing and storytelling on the phone, something Michael loved a lot. But at that time, there was no contact, previous e-mails were unanswered, because he was at that time stuck being attacked by disgusting false accusations and his whole sexuality being insulted by racists and jealous, evil people who simply lied. I worried so much.

I had his private postal box hanging at my house in Santa Monica, shy to write him. He said I should write him when I am there, and he will pick it up when he is back there as well. But something held me back, I felt so “small” compared to him and worried how our face-to-face meeting would be. I worried that he might not be the person I think the whole time he was and that I would be disappointed maybe, or that he would not care much about me and be cold. I asked myself all kinds of questions, because he was my role model and I cared deeply about his opinion about my singing and talent in general. What if he asks me to stand up and sing or even worse, dance for him and I embarrass myself in front of my idol?

Thank God, we met finally in L.A., the first time by pure telepathic connection making it happen! I had no chance to run away from meeting him or think about it. I simply went to grab “the same sandwich” as him from a store in Santa Monica and we ran into each other. I have to say, first he was with his back toward me, standing there and I felt him through his disguise with a fake beard, sunglasses and baseball cap. I felt him. I knew it is him, because as soon as he walked into that door I recognized his extremely energetic aura. I was looking down on my plate that moment even and still was urged to look toward that door feeling Michael’s extreme aura without looking at first. Then I stared at his back and thought: “Michael, I am here, do you feel me? Look behind you!”

This very moment as I finished my thought, he turned very fast and stared directly at me, wearing his sunglasses still. Time stood still for a moment, I tested our connection and it worked in obvious ways. He kept staring at me for a quite a moment. I didn’t want anyone to notice and harass him, as usual, so I hesitated and didn’t “want to disturb him.” I just sat there staring at him and him staring at me through that restaurant. Then he disappeared. I thought he left. I was sad, and walked to the restroom. My sister, my roommate and two additional friends were there; they saw him as well, in disguise.

I did not really have to go to the restroom, but felt like I have to somehow. Right there, he was standing observing me so others in the store would not see him or recognize him. It was so stupid then, what I said thinking back. I was speechless and all that came out was, “Hey Mike…” I was trying to impress him with staying cool. He asked first thing, still wearing the glasses and all, “How did you recognize me?” and I was honest. I told him, “Your aura. I felt you stepping through that store door like an energy wave or something.” He giggled and then he said that he wants to talk with me, but not here and not now. I wrote him on a piece of receipt from a store I had my address and cell phone number. While I was writing, he took off his glasses a bit and I saw his eyes clearly now, only shortly.

I remember how I suddenly saw him in a different way, face to face, his eyes were so big and “glittery” like sparkling stars or diamonds. He was like a magnet attracting me and I him; it seemed so mutual and strange, completely different than all my lifelong expectations of a platonic meeting. I did not expect this, from afar. I was never attracted to him as a man; I had platonic feelings!

It was so freaky, like I know him already so well, but factually he was a stranger, physically. I want to also say clearly to all readers, that his nose looked simply amazing in real and it was clear, bad pictures and unfortunate light and make up contrasts made his nose look different on pictures. I wondered. Maybe, they even photo shopped some paparazzi pictures on purpose, because his nose looked super good live. Guaranteed is also that his nose never “fell off,” what a ridiculous lie. He as a singer could’ve never sung and sounded the same as we all know him, without a nose. The nose is part of the vocal sound and vocal coloring of a singer!

After our very short first meeting there, I walked back to our table where my sister and my friends sat and acted as if nothing happened. I thought, maybe Michael is still outside in some car or van, maybe with bodyguards or the children waiting there, so people would cause a mass hysteria if I said he is back in L.A. It was not official yet and I always had extreme consideration and empathy for Michael’s needs. Besides that, I had said out loud to them at the table when Michael entered the store, “Oh my God, this is Michael Jackson, over there, look!” And they did not believe it, seeing him, but still blind. Honestly, today I am happy they didn’t. Imagine if they stood up with me, talked loud and made it obvious? They would’ve caused Michael to run away fast before any crowd gathers for security and I could’ve never talked to him calm, unnoticed and safe.

That is how we got together and I had to keep all contact secret for my protection, he said. I told a few close friends, out of my excitement, “I met Michael, he came back to LA!” Of course, I did not say one word more than this, only keeping it superficial. I tried to stay silent, but one day I did say this to a few close friends. Plus, the very few close friends like Paul, to whom I said this, reacted in a discouraging way, like Michael is an illusion and is nowhere to be met or found. They did not believe it and said, maybe it was a Double and so forth. No double has Michael’s aura, or eyes, obviously, brown finger nails and white skin with camouflage make up on and so forth.

Anyways, you know, nobody believes you when you mention the name Michael Jackson, for whatever reason. I mean, Michael told me later, how he would call up people and they could not believe him that he is him, so how bad can this get. It’s ridiculous. He also liked to eat and shop and tried over and over to live and see “normal life”- in disguises. He is human too and walks around, eats and drinks. He is not an alien living on another planet, even though now, today this might be the case – in Heaven. For goodness sake, Michael even went from door to door earlier in his life as a Jehovah’s Witness, disguised.

All that took place between us afterwards in Los Angeles is my secret yet and I hold it dear.

Incident 12:

Parallel to Michael, when they fabricated these nasty and very false accusations against him and started to “bully” him psychologically in front of the whole World, things reflected on me and my life; I cannot count how often I would get made fun of, in direct comparison to him. When I was in Business school around the age of 17 even, my classmates would crowd around me and laugh totally amused telling me words like: “You are a light bulb exactly like Michael Jackson! Light bulb, light bulb!” Chanting it and pointing with their fingers at me as if it was a comedy show.

They would say that in this phase I had a strong allergy toward the sun. It was a medical condition which I could not help and I had to hide my face in summer to make sure, I don’t get rashes and swelling, hurting me for weeks after. I became pretty “light skinned” I guess, and they made fun of my medical condition. I had this sun allergy for three years only. Today I am aware it reflected on me due to Michael’s skin condition with “vitiligo,” causing his pigmentation to dissolve and his skin becoming allergic to the sun. The skin disorder vitiligo is a disease, which can be inherited. Stress can cause the disorder to progress more intense and faster. But finally, medical science doesn’t know a true explanation of this disorder yet nor do we have any therapy options really. There are therapies to slow down the progress of the disorder and help protect the skin from cancer and burns, but no real healing therapy. Most likely the disease appears on the skin around head, throat, in the armpits, the hands and the genital area. This was devastating for Michael and it is inacceptable how the public made fun and lied about an innocent man’s medical condition, instead of showing compassion. The people, who have the power of the press, did it on purpose knowing he has health issues and is using make up most vitiligo patients do to even out the skin.

Still, they were to maliciously jealous; they used it against him to hurt his feelings. It is quite comparable to a good example that came to mind:

Imagine a little girl gets brain cancer and due to chemotherapy loses her hair, eyebrows hair and eye lashes. Then, as she is trying to live with her cancer and survive it, all kinds of people who meet her in the street, hear about her story in a newspaper or classmates who visit the same school, walk up to this girl and say, “You look so ugly with your bald head! Are you crazy, why did you shave your head?” How would an innocent person battling a health issue feel, when being mocked over it or symptoms of cancer or cancer therapy? How come the press hasn’t apologized till this day about this very sick bullying of Michael over his medical problems?

We are talking about a very famous man here, who had this skin disorder developing in the middle of his fame peak right after “Thriller” and I have to say: I respect Michael and am writing this with tears in my eyes, because I feel so strongly about it. I respect how well he handled this sensitive situation and in my eyes, he is even more man because of it. Later, when they accused him with false legal accusations and arrested him in the beginning, they used this skin disorder to terrorize him psychologically. They photographed his genital area, making mocking remarks to hurt him and make him feel “raped.” He told me all about it and it is saved in my memory. I know all they did to Michael and that he is certainly innocent. If all people saw the real nature of these incidents, the behavior of the prosecutor, the accusers or even just met Michael personally, they would see how innocent he was and always will be. Racism and jealousy are probably the two worst things that exist in this society. I know from my own parallel experience. I hate to admit this now, but I too had my own version of skin issues/different color on body and it is embarrassing and especially as a lady, I decided that I do not want to describe my own condition and keep it private. Thank you for understanding.

I parallel-developed skin problems, a temporary three-year sun allergy and all the pretty brown skin I had as a child went away and I became more and more “light.” One time I ran in panic to a skin specialist doctor, because I had white blotches on my body and thought I was about to start developing vitiligo myself.

The Scream of Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith- Symbolic and Spiritual Meanings behind Michael Jacksons Work with Sister Janet © TWIN FLAMES SOULS ARCHANGELS JUSTICE UNFOLDING
The Scream of Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith- Symbolic and Spiritual Meanings behind Michael Jacksons Work with Sister Janet © TWIN FLAMES SOULS ARCHANGELS JUSTICE UNFOLDING

Chapter 4 Excerpt ©

4.1 From the Unjust “Razzia” to Court: Michael under Attack

From 2003 to 2005, I got into a depression, as if I am feeling Michael’s depression from far away. I had already had the premonition, that scary dream showing me his death and let myself totally go. I even started for the first time ever in my life to gain weight. I worried, knowing this is a big conspiracy, that they would just put him in jail even though he is innocent.

When the Internet was still new and not many people had it at home like we do today around the world, I had found the original FBI files online about the first false case against Mike. What a pity I don’t have it anymore. I lost many things while I was in Los Angeles as well, dizzy and half unconscious while people stole things from me or simply broke and damaged property out of stupidity and disrespect toward me. In there it became clear for any reader that this whole accusation was made up and fake. The dentist, unhappy with his life, found out that his son got into contact with Michael Jackson and wanted to profit off of Mike. He used his son as a tool, not even caring for his own son’s future, friendship with Michael or his public image. They boy lied, having been manipulated by money and fame by his greedy father, who wanted to sell movie scripts to Hollywood and make it big with Michael’s help. The boy also described Michael’s body and genitals completely wrong, because he never saw anything like this of course. It makes me angry every single time to think about this and how it felt for poor, innocent Michael. One really wonders why this evil false accuser was never investigated or legally punished, even after 2005.

For Michael, the worst part though was when they embarrassed him by photographing his genitals and going into his home. It was like a rape for Michael, because he never done anything wrong. In fact, he fought only for peace and love and healing of this World and society, nothing else! You can’t punish a human being for being talented! Society should rather reward talent and ambition and therefore inspire humanity to grow and become better! You cannot molest a famous Musician all his life and abuse him and then try to accuse him of being the one who does this to others! This idea came directly from the pedophile devil’s mind and personal thinking of jealousy and sickness. It was a mental fight between Michael and the devil.

Let us be clear: Before the second false accusations and new attack, Michael traveled a lot around the world, meeting even with presidents and prime ministers of problematic areas to bring them the idea of peace closer. I remember clearly what his idea was to bring closer to these politicians of problematic areas: “We need to stop teaching the children to hate the other, each side does it. Instead we have to teach them to love the other and peace will be possible.” He was never interested in dirty politics himself, he only tried to talk with them as a human being, from heart to heart, to help. Clearly there are some very mafia-style and criminal weapons dealers on this planet who do not like to see anyone standing up for peace. They make their profit from dividing people and equipping then both fighting parties with their weapons and sell double. It is sickening. And when an innocent, peaceful artist like Michael or Elvis or even John Lennon use their stardom to spread good messages of peace, love, union and ant-racism, they attack them by first trying to ruin their reputation

and if that doesn’t work, assassinate them in sneaky ways, covering up everything via press tools and mass media. If you tell something often enough people start believing it.

Note Image: I remember during my film and cinematography studies, we had learned about the RED CAMERA, which was NOT available for sale yet back then, but pre-ordered yet by the biggest and richest producers of course. Everyone wanted to use the RED CAMERA first, before anyone else. The resolution of the image is so crazy, you can see the skin pores even. Me and Michael talked a lot about it, I always kept saying:”I want the RED Camera, I will get it someday and buy one.”

Michael Jackson: Some Information about the Music Industry and More Battles © Official Book Excerpt
Michael Jackson: Some Information about the Music Industry and More Battles © Official Book Excerpt


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