Ancient Egypt: From Michael Jacksons Akashic Memory- Osiris Un Nefer Message and Information DAY/NIGHT (Ying/Yang) ©


Hello dear valued Souls on the Earth Plane.
I have not spoken to you for a very long time, and will also not speak but VERY RARELY in the Future. On this special Day I decided to bring down some of my Wisdom to the Earth Planet, purely for your Enlightenment and Upliftment into Hope, for it is a SPECIAL TIME.
My Name which many of you know best, is Osiris. In Ancient Egypt I have been called Un-Nefer, which translated means the One that makes Beauty/Heaven appear/manifest.
I come to you to give Insight into what is coming ahead, for each of you. The physical Body you are living in right now, is not eternal. At least not in the form you know now.
You have in reality many Bodies, starting from the lowest vibrational One, which is the Flesh, then a Layer around it of the astral Body, then a Layer of the Etheric and so forth. All of these Bodies are learning Tools, for the only eternal Body, which is the Light-Body.
The Light-Body cannot be influenced by any Means, nor broken, nor killed. It is INVINCIBLE.
The Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Beliefs have been built in many Aspects on the Basis of my own Story. The today called “BOOK OF THE DEAD”, was never a Book. It is how you define it today to understand it better and to be able to distribute it via Publishers.
Back in my Time and long after in Egypt, these were Rituals/Spells, DESIGNED for each Individual separately and adjusted to how they lived their Life. The goal was to basically give their Soul an “extra Security” to cross into the eternal Daylight safely.
I will share with you now for the first Time in YOUR TIMES what really happens, when you pass and what this COMING OUT INTO DAYLIGHT really means.
When your Soul/Consciousness or you might even call it, Perception, slips out of your Body Vehicle, you see pure Night. Meaning, it looks to you like the World is at Night-time, and it stays that way, for you cannot see the physical Sun. The Eyes are different. In fact, you even SEE only through shining Light into what you perceive at this time, with the Light of your Self, coming from within you instead of from external Sources. Like a Glow in the Dark.
This place is not meant to reside in, it is just a Transition. Depending on what you did in your Life on Earth, and it looks very much like Earth. You can still see Trees and Places from your earthly Memory.
So, if you understand this, you begin to realize what it means TO COME INTO ETERNAL DAYLIGHT, where then your World lights up, and you rise in Vibration extremely. This is when you know, you arrived well, and there is no Duality anymore, no Day AND Night, only Day. Eternal Sunshine, Beauty, Joy and no limits to what is possible, and much more Creations than you have on Earth, like Trees that blossom Flowers surrounded by Shining Lights in all Colors. No Veil/Death, no Pain, no Sadness ever again. No Opposites like Fear AND Love anymore, ONLY LOVE. True, real Love, you cannot even grasp fully from where you are at right now in your Time and Space. This is why all the Effort you put into your Life on Earth is worth this Reward, even when you struggle hard, being hurt by Others lead by Fear or Jealousy, keep up your Head and keep going into the Direction of Love, my valued Sisters and Brothers, made by the magical Hands of the most beautiful Creator above all things. I guarantee you, it will be worth it, so, so much. Imagine the most wonderful thing you have ever seen or experienced, and multiply it by Eternity, and you will begin to sense what I mean.
This World, the next for you, has stored a lot of Gifts and Surprises for you.
No matter what happens, know that all is well, for the Illusions around you in and on Planet Earth are not going to last. Lies and Illusion, Jealousy and Separation will cease more and more to exist and dissolve completely.
There will come a Time, where you will be able to fly back to Earth, rise again into Heaven, however you like, totally free like you never been feeling free before in History. There will be no need for Death anymore, and the Veil will be taken away, forever. This is God’s Plan for us all.
And after Duality breaks down and becomes One Reality of pure LOVE, the Basis will be laid for Heaven and Earth to Unite as well.
I Love you all, with all my Heart, and send you Hope and Light for the Coming Times.

This Text can be distributed with Credit to IsIs- Susan Elsa for the Channeled Work.

Michael Jackson´s Past Life – Osiris the Real Story © June 2011

(First Twin Flame Couple attacked on Earth by Jealousy)

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