YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Michael Jackson Video with Lisa Marie Presley and Spiritual Story behind “Annie” ©

Knight Archangel Michael Style: Michael Jackson Painting Lisa Marie Presley
Knight Archangel Michael Style: Michael Jackson Painting Lisa Marie Presley

Dear Readers

As described in details in the Book “The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll: Elvis´Message from Heaven”, there was a very important reason why Michael Jackson was married to Lisa Marie Presley and why she experienced such similarity between his death and her father´s death, Elvis Presley. This event is also not the only thing the King of Rock and Roll and the King of Pop have in common.

For this special Day we provide you with a special Article with rare insider information. Please feel free to share and spread the word, so that all people finally come to the understanding that Michael Jackson really loved Lisa Marie and it was a real marriage!

The painting you see here, is from Michael´s private and spiritual visions, his art and paintings collections he commissioned himself and had around his home at Neverland. Michael is literally the “Knight in Shining Armour” seated on a white Horse. Lisa Marie Presley is depicted like a Princess, the daughter of the “King of Rock & Roll”. Behind is a big ancient Egyptian IsIs sculpture, with curly hair and holding an “Angel Baby”.

Before we move into the Insights into Michael Jackson´s personal Vision behind the Making of this Film, Moonwalker, let us clarify an important element in the Story: The Insider providing all this Information.

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook)  Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010
THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook) Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010

This Book has been directly channeled by Susan Elsa in May/June/July 2010, when Michael Jackson brought Elvis Presley in Spirit to her for a concluding Project, a Book Elvis planned originally to write before he passed, revealing his Spiritual Side to the public. Susan Elsa is Michael Jackson´s Twin Flame (Twin Soul) and has been able to encounter clear Communications with Elvis in Spirit for this task, through the Consciousness shared with Michael, which is now with Elvis Presley in Spiritual Realms. The following is a special spiritual drawing, a hand sketch by Susan Elsa from Spring/Summer 2012 for the Elvis Book Release.

1ST DEC 2010 (Preparing the Book and Manuscript Text finished before Cyber attacks paused Project)

Elvis´main concern and message throughout the Book has been about Lisa-Marie, his beloved daughter. He insisted on this Book mainly to let Lisa Marie know that “Her Daddy is Okay”. (Citation Words from the Book dictated that way by Elvis in Spirit in 2010) ©

Osiris Michael Jackson & Horus Elvis Presley: Soul Family Revealed
Osiris Michael Jackson & Horus Elvis Presley: Soul Family Revealed
The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information
The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information

Okay, now that you know who Michael Jackson´s Twin Flame Soul is that channeled all this Work in the past Years, let us move ahead to the most important Topic of this educational Article. The following are materials and information provided by Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa personally before his Death, and beyond since he returned informing Susan that she is “Twin Soul” (Citation his exact Words).

Take a look at this before we move ahead:

Archangel Michael Jackson Painting Neverland: Twin Soul Truths and Eternal Youth and Childhood
Archangel Michael Jackson Painting Neverland: Twin Soul Truths and Eternal Youth and Childhood
Neverland Painting Full: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) - Photo Educational Purpose
Neverland Painting Full: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) – Photo Educational Purpose

As you see, Michael Jackson´s private art creations commissioned by him and made for his personal home and private space, are constantly showing the same themes. The same vision. We have already explained the first Painting in depth on this Blog and in Books, and here you see in his back: Horus of ancient Egypt.

Elvis Presley, Lisa-Marie´s father, has worn before his death 1977 especially a lot of ancient Bird symbols on his Isis-like winged cape. Take a look here:

C.D. (Channeled Drawing) from the published Elvis Book- "Elvis channels IsIs in the 1970´s" © 2012
C.D. (Channeled Drawing) from the published Elvis Book- “Elvis channels IsIs in the 1970´s” © 2012

IsIs reincarnated after 1977, and Elvis Presley helps her and Michael Jackson for Projects via Channeling Supportive Energies and his Experiences as well. Soul Family in Action. © 2011

ORIGINAL 2011 © WOMEN OF THE WORLD- SUSAN ELSA (Original Fashion Designs)
ORIGINAL- Science meets Isis of ancient Egypt 2011 © WOMEN OF THE WORLD- SUSAN ELSA (Original Fashion Designs & Music Short Film)
Spiritual Education on Soul Family Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Elvis Presley channeled Ancient Egyptian IsIs and BIRDS Symbols
Spiritual Education on Soul Family Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Elvis Presley channeled Ancient Egyptian IsIs and BIRDS Symbols

For educational Purpose: The winged Isis on one knee holding up her Wings (Original Symbol Headdress is EMPTY THRONE of Osiris) ©

Spiritual Education on Soul Family Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Elvis Presley channeled Ancient Egyptian IsIs and BIRDS Symbols
Spiritual Education on Soul Family Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Elvis Presley channeled Ancient Egyptian IsIs and BIRDS Symbols

As you can see, all things go hand in hand spiritually. It adds up authentically and precisely. This is Michael Jackson´s Soul Power. He was incarnated in his past Life as Osiris, and in his True Soul Identity, he is the famous Archangel Michael. Makes sense now?

Let´s continue, there is much more…

Michael Jackson named Girl in Moonwalker Film after his Mother “Katie” as in Katherine.

Elvis Presley was known to have a tight bond with his Mother as well. In this case also, Lisa Marie was Michael Jacksons karmic Soulmate to learn things and work out things together on Earth, and Michael´s twin flame had an identical mirror-like relationship with a guy that looked exactly like he could be Elvis´twin brother and behaved that way, even smiling like Elvis´famous smile. They broke up finally in 2005, and parallel the relationship between Michael and Lisa ended as well, in 2005. In 2007, Michael then met his Twin Soul in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) and the Twin Flame Merging and Reunion took place. Susan learned a lot from her experience with her Ex, just like Michael learned a lot in his experience with his Ex, and it benefited the reuniting of the true Twin Flame. These are fundamental experiences souls go through, working through things with others temporarily (soul family), in order to be even ABLE to reunite. To reunite with your Twin Flame, you simply have to work on yourself. You live your own life, you have people around for a reason, you take care of them. That enables the true Twin Flame to reunite after all these wonderful, difficult, challenging and valuable life lessons on Earth. Twin Flames usually meet when it is their last time on Earth and they won´t incarnate here anymore. They concluded the cycle. There are always provable parallels, always.

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Movie: Insider Information- Girl in Film depicts Lisa Marie Presley- Annie Katie Kelly ©
Michael Jackson Moonwalker Movie: Insider Information- Girl in Film depicts Lisa Marie Presley- Annie Katie Kelly ©

Remember the very famous Song everyone knows to be sung by Elvis Presley? TEDDY BEAR…

Lisa-Marie Presley Baby Photo with Panda Teddy Bear (she had many Elvis bought her)

For educational Purpose

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Movie: Insider Information- Girl in Film depicts Lisa Marie Presley- Annie Katie Kelly ©
Michael Jackson Moonwalker Movie: Insider Information- Girl in Film depicts Lisa Marie Presley- Annie Katie Kelly ©

Official Book Excerpt from THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis´ Message from Heaven © 2010

Elvis time in between Heaven and earth lasted from 1977 to 2010, a long time you might think. But besides our current physical existence, any other form of existence does not contain time nor space. And so it might be only an intense moment on the other side, while for us it seems like years and decades. Maybe now was the perfect time for this to be known by the public, and God orchestrated it that way and on this date.

But also, Elvis wanted to help and do things to help people he liked and knew, and also the world in general.

When emotional pain reaches into one’s sleep, it is a sign that it reached the soul, and so Elvis had to resolve all burdens thrown at him by others, before he felt ready to step up the stairway of light.

Parts of the following story are private yet, but will be revealed bit by bit in the future. The effect on me after this first encounter with Elvis in spirit, as a ghost to say it directly, was so clear and strong, that I dare to publish this message and once again, am amazed at God’s demonstration of his power. God is almighty and can make miracles you never thought possible, happen. God does not know rules, he makes the rules! And my love for God grew even further than it has already been before, after this historic insight. I wish that everyone would focus on God more and trust in God. It’s about trusting in who we are, and just being our real self freely. There is nothing really to worry about, and all hurtful experiences we make in this life, they are part of our growth and can lead us to become more positive, if we reject becoming “negative” in our heart, character and actions. Duality was made for us to learn, and life in general is eternal, it never stops. Elvis existed before he was born, and still does now. Elvis is alive – someplace else.

It was August 16th 1977, when Elvis Aaron Presley passed away. His last thoughts were about his daughter, Lisa-Marie. I apologize in advance, for any painful memories this might evoke in living persons, but I promised Elvis to write exactly what he tells me to share.

Before Elvis passed, in his final earthly years, he worried to a degree that had a toll on his health. Elvis Presley was never a “junkie” and he worried most of all, about his beloved daughter, hearing such lies and possibly believing them or even just doubting her father. A father’s role, is to protect his children from bad influence, and to guide them to develop good morals and understand how to get through life, learning the difference between good and evil as well. And as much as a father could possibly love a child, Elvis loved his daughter more than anything else in the world, besides his mother. Additionally, the image presented of the public figure Elvis Presley, he says, is not really him and he wants to be seen as the Elvis he really is.

When Elvis’ mother passed, he had a serious emotional breakdown. He showed me in a telepathic and emotional connection, how much it hurt him, and how sweet the relief felt therefore, to be able to see and hug his mother again, at the gate of Heaven. It was a divine feeling, and I wish to give Lisa-Marie for her father this important message, this hope.

It will be healing beyond human imagination, and uplifting and beautiful in miraculous ways, when Lisa- Marie meets Elvis again, at the gate of Heaven. There is no need to worry, no use in being sad. Elvis is doing absolutely great, in a new life form which is more evolved, in Heaven. And if I might say, he looks absolutely gorgeous and rejuvenated. He looks better than he could’ve ever looked at his best day on earth, because there is no hate or jealousy or any negativity where he is now. And he wishes to tell Lisa, that her “daddy is okay”, and that she should not believe anything others say about him, but knows through her strong intuition she has, just like her father, at any given point, what the truth is by sensing it. He has always been around, and navigated even people to “take care of his baby” and help. If Lisa goes deep into her heart, she will know which people I mean. The message from the universe, Lisa, is a message from your father, he wants you to know how much he loves you, sees you, and is with you. He never left you alone.

Spiritually speaking, to bring in another perspective, souls can be held back at first, when there is such a strong bond and urge to protect. Elvis cared all his life about all the people, and he loved all people of all skin colors and cultures. Anything else is a pure lie, he says. His private family situation was one thing, but that many people that look up to him would be influenced possibly in a negative way toward him, worried him as well. Elvis cared about his fans, the business and his music, and very much about God. He valued honesty and respect more than anything, and was very sensitive towards disrespect. It made him angry, that people, who wanted maliciously to damage him and his reputation, would even be allowed to publish openly lies in PUBLIC, and nobody cared for his right as a human being.

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Annie Are You Okay Lisa Marie Presley Visions Soul Mate
Michael Jackson Moonwalker Annie Are You Okay Lisa Marie Presley Visions Soul Mate

All of these memories that Elvis shared with me then, were a priceless lesson in what the human soul goes through AFTER passing out of the physical vessel, and how one “digests” and “heals” the heavy earthly experiences and memories. He had to heal this pain, which got to his soul, in order to be able to let go.

The time as we understand and experience it in “space and time” – that means from August 16th 1977 to May 1st 2010 – Elvis Presley has indeed been alive. The feeling, the sensation and the intuition of his fans, is more real than most even knew. Elvis was around our planet, closer than we realized, this whole time. Many people feel attracted to his energy, and enjoy themselves dressing like him and singing like him. Elvis literally never “died”, he only left the building. The physical vessel. The “flesh”-body. This earthly body. That never meant, that he isn’t “around” anymore. Human beings just don’t know mostly, what happens after death. There are some so-called “mediums” in the world, who claim to see and hear clearly “ghosts” who claim to help them. But without wanting to get personal, I have traveled the world and found one disappointment after the other, when I tried to find real answers to my own abilities I was born with. Isn’t that the type of thinking, which brought Elvis in trouble in the first place? Everybody talking and talking, but not caring inside really, in their hearts. And as unbelievable as it may sound, I wasn’t born yet when Elvis passed in 1977, and still, it is as if he waited for me to become an adult and ready, to pick me as his medium. I have never planned to do such a thing, always felt shy and embarrassed, to even reveal this particular, very personal ability that I use only for God and to do things, to make God proud of me and help out of my endless, in the past silent compassion. I never knew anything about Elvis’ private life, I knew a couple of movies from childhood and that is it.

What I felt with Elvis, what he showed me and shared with me, made me cry several days and nights. Many times, I told him that I care, that I love him as a person and believe in him being a good, big- hearted man. I cried, as if seeing an inner film running of Elvis’ pain, physical and emotional, even how he would be for hours in the bathroom on the toilet not being able to, you know, from all the stress. He showed me and it hurt me so much. I felt it was so mean that they treated this wonderful soul like this, I had to do it. I have to help Elvis reveal his truth, and I don’t care what anyone out there thinks about me, for God’s will is the highest and always right. God can be very mysterious, but here, we see a demonstration of God’s love and assistance to all of us, including Elvis. All that, could’ve never taken place without God’s permission and love.

Annie Are You Okay? - Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley- His Own Visions © Private Information by Susan Elsa (Twin Soul Flame) ©
Annie Are You Okay? – Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley- His Own Visions © Private Information by Susan Elsa (Twin Soul Flame) ©

CHAPTER 3 “The Truth”

Since Elvis cares deeply, now and before living in his physical body beside us, for God and only God, he wants to clarify some serious, spiritual lies that are being spread to confuse people and for greedy profit and power games. Elvis does not want to be linked to anyone, he HAS NO LINK with. Elvis Presley owns his own soul, not any other human being. God made Elvis, and he made Elvis free, like all of us are free and have free will. After all of this waiting, when Elvis tried to make the impossible possible with God’s help from above, you have no right to go and spread fake stories about his beliefs, who he is in spiritual truth, or whatever went on inside of him that you cannot know. You have no right to mock his relationship with God, it’s devilish.

One of the things, that shocked me most, that I did not know for back then I guess I was too young, was when Elvis explained to me something about singer “Madonna.” He told me, in an upset way, that coincidently her birthday was August 16th, which happens to be the day Elvis Presley died. After all above mentioned, and below following, Elvis’ fans know and feel, how much he loved his daughter and his life actually, life in general. Elvis was a clean and honest man. He was shy. He had values. And he cared about HONESTY. He had bigger plans. Besides that, Elvis Presley was a real artist, more than even

most of his fans can grasp, and he had a voice that could shake mountains. He could SING, dance and had real SOUL! And Elvis definitely has his own identity, his own style. He came from very poor circumstances, and became a Legend with pure methods.

Now, after August 16th 1977, some new singer came onto the scene, trying to make it, which is her right of course. It is alright to have dreams, be creative and all that. But it is not alright to lie about another human being’s very SOUL and eat off of it energetically. Someone, who passed and had to endure a lot. He told me that Madonna claimed publicly to have his soul inside her body and that it upset him, because it was a lie disturbing him in his afterlife, when his peace should be respected. There are universal laws God made, and another human being’s soul is not a playground for self-decoration or an investment to make money, or worse, a tool to edit the truth. You can’t use other people like a buffet for self service and take whatever you need from them, name, ideas, clothes, energy, link your aura and so forth. The Legacy. Elvis Presley wants to say clearly, that he has nothing to do with Madonna, no matter what she herself claimed back then and how she keeps linking HERSELF to him. His Soul never went into her body after he passed like she dared to claim publicly, nor is he in any way related to her, nor does he have any spiritual, physical or emotional connection to her. More will be explained about his real “soul-mate in Heaven” in Chapter 7. Interesting, to see words that have been spread before when Madonna was at the start of her career, like “Madonna to marry Elvis’ Ghost.” Seeing such statements really sickens me and worries me, and I begin to ask myself further, why Elvis was stuck for a while and got pulled down toward Earth technically, after he passed, besides worrying about his daughter Lisa of course. But more about that later.

Elvis wants me to share here, as evidence and further revelation of truth, that this whole time Madonna tried to link herself to Elvis Presley’s spirit, his spirit was in communication with Michael Jackson, not Madonna. Something Michael had told me face to face himself, and therefore, it was confirmed by Elvis to me in spirit, after Michael passed. I didn’t sit there expecting something like this, not at all naturally! Michael Jackson is the only one around here, who had sort of what Madonna seemingly wished to have with Elvis, and he assisted Elvis in spirit, silently and secretly. Anyone can claim such things out loud, but the truth is not always what you see on TV and in the news and the most honest is usually not the loudest one, most of the time. Use your God-given abilities to look deeper and you will see more and more truth unfolding and learn good stuff. We are living here on earth, temporarily, to learn, aren’t we?

This part, is one of the points in this book, which upset Elvis most, because these types of lies grow and grow, and connect him to whatever another does in their life. It’s part of the “lies strategy” and “twisting of his image in public.” Additionally, it is almost unbearable to have died over extreme lies from all sides coming at you, and then people continue to lie about his soul, trying to hurt his soul after he passed out of our world! It pollutes his image, which is completely different, just like he is, as a personality, completely different. Linked with another’s image he has no link to, it becomes simply deceptive. Everyone was given a free will by God, and free will must be respected at all times. It is not fair, to lie about his spirituality in that grand scale, for selfish profit, when the man never done anything to you and has family who this hurts, to hear such lies while mourning. Indeed, he desired to reveal his spirituality himself before he passed. Elvis Presley has his soul-mate, like we all do. God made it that way. It is inacceptable to try to make oneself appear to people via lying as if one is the “soul-mate” of Elvis, when he got his real soul-mate made by God for him and it is someone else. This is one of the best examples for how the media manipulates everything however they want, or someone that directs them. Art should be honest, not

about who uses the worst, lowest, most satanic methods to get all the attention. However, I want to stress here the fact, that all of the above mentioned is directly a statement from Elvis, how he explained it to me, it is his free opinion and I believe he has the right to tell himself the truth about his very own soul. I am aware that “truth hurts the liars” but honestly, I don’t care. I am all about truth and I love God and respect all he created, the WAY HE CREATED IT.

Generally, Elvis did not like the way things were going in show business. He always believed that there was a lack of respect toward the hard work of an entertainer. It is understandable, that people would like to know more about the person behind a work that inspires them. But every human being deserves respect, and even more so a shy guy who managed to bring out all of his soul in front of us to make us happy and entertain us, spiritually. Elvis Presley has always been spiritual to a degree, most people never grasped in his life time. His image in public is a “mask formed by many outside forces,” he says, but he has always been someone who had his guard up most of the time to protect his privacy. That means, he says, that he had difficulty in opening up, which he masked with his jokes and cool behavior, that it is out of question, that he would be sharing all of this with the public while alive. Now it is different, he says. He has always been honest and frank, but that does not mean he would share his intimate and private life with the public when he was here with us in physical form. Elvis cared about his family, and therefore, his privacy and their privacy and well-being. Every human being wants to be honored at work, and respected after the work is over in their free time. But Elvis’ “free” time was more and more filled with lies that tortured his soul and his body; he could not sleep, and not think about business with the focus he likes to have. He worried so much, that it affected his digestion regularly and increasingly. As I write this, I feel Elvis’ warmth behind my back, and I hear him tell me in a soft, friendly, and rational voice, what to write.

What does Elvis think about show business?

Obviously, Elvis belongs to these examples, which have gone through the darkest side of show business not once, but often. In the beginning, he tells me, he loved the spotlight and enjoyed that he was able to give such positive joy to people. Elvis felt “needed” and “useful,” like “making something that God could be proud of out of my life, singing for him!” But not everyone out there was like Elvis, and here the problem started. The problem is a general issue of show business and society and it is called JEALOUSY.

As soon as someone becomes “popular” and “loved by people,” the jealous, greedy individuals would appear from all sides, Elvis says. Over time, it really got to him. Elvis was often sad, deeply frustrated, with the entertainment business. The more HE became successful, the more OTHERS wanted to decide for him and “lead” him, and he says here clearly that he liked to be led by God only, not by a human being who wants attention, money and fame. Basically, to state it clearly, people tried to gain increasing CONTROL over Elvis, the more famous, successful and therefore, powerful in society he got.

He struggled in some business decisions, trying to make his voice heard, and was “manipulated away” from his own ideas whenever he would mention wanting to become more independent as an artist and business man. Elvis did not like to be told what to think, do and feel. He hated it.

After he passed, he could still watch from above what is taking place down here on earth – fully out-of- body. I try describing the situation of two worlds interacting as best as I can, with the limited human language we have to describe such powerful events. Elvis seen what the press did to and said about Lisa, and himself, and he watched closely all of it, trying to influence matter for truth with God’s help. Elvis

was most worried about Lisa not only “hearing lies about her father,” but watching over her from above, increasingly about his own daughter being “harassed publicly by the press, books and lies” – which really did happen when Lisa got together with Michael Jackson. In front of her eyes, they done the same dirty moves against Michael, which they had done a generation before against Elvis – only to cause doubts between them and attack their relationship. Elvis is very sorry, for what happened to Michael, he seen it and felt with him all the time throughout Michael’s challenges and the attacks on his reputation. We are talking here about spiritual interferences and power games regarding messages and situations that were designed ultimately by God. Manipulation of nature’s order, you can also call such behavior. God’s will must be respected, and people who go around telling lies however they like, out of jealousy, will have to explain sooner or later to God, why they done such act. Michael is absolutely pure and always meant everything he did or said well. He had to endure a lot of lies, just like Elvis, and remained strong and silent, letting his work speak for itself. I am here and I will not allow any further distractions from the truth and especially not a repetition of the same situation Michael went through, with “a Madonna” distracting by claiming fakely she had some kind of important situation or connection with Elvis, when the whole time it was Michael who had this. Michael LIVED his connection with Elvis’ spirit right in front of our eyes.

Additional information about Michael

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley do have a strong spiritual connection. It has been that way the whole time, while everybody was wondering why Michael married Lisa Marie, Elvis’ daughter, and now today, why Michael and Elvis have so much in common.

It is so simple, that sometimes one does not see what is right in front of you. Michael always had the ability to communicate with the spiritual realms; he composed several musical compositions with the help of Liberace at the piano, alone, the only story which leaked to the public. One of the few insights he gave. He also mentioned publicly in an interview with Diane Sawyer, that he has had psychic experiences before.

It should therefore not come as a surprise if I say clearly and openly now, that Michael Jackson had contact to Elvis Presley in spirit. Michael helped Elvis as much as he could, Elvis helped Michael as much as he could, for his work and he inspired Michael to much of what we seen, but we did not know it was a cooperation between Jackson and Presley in SPIRIT.

Elvis is stating his truth.

If you take medical aid to be able to sleep, regenerate your immune system and function at work, eat well, breathe well, it does not mean you take “drugs.” Through all of these lies and disrespect he felt toward him, not understanding why because he was in his heart so honest and pure, he got a very deep burn-out, and was often days depressed, thinking and thinking, reading books for hours, to be able to relax and sleep. He tried all he can. Physical pains kept increasing, the worse he slept, and his body was slowly being sucked to exhaustion.

I must mention here, also, that Elvis was a martial artist as well, not just a music artist. He trained to way higher “degrees” than only the black belt. Elvis Presley could knock out almost all kinds of people. He

would’ve been easily able to make a training fight for fun with Bruce Lee, and I have a feeling, as if that might be even possible for Elvis, now.

So, when all of this public slander started to build up and he felt more is coming, he got increasingly passive physically, and did not work out so much anymore like before due to being depressed and sad. After such long years of training, and good solid muscles built, it is natural for some people to gain weight when they stop training. Elvis was a big guy, tall and strong in general.

Fat, Elvis says, is not good for the heart. Sometimes things are told after one passes, and from one person to the next, the whole story gets a “new twist” and changes. Every lie got blown up after he passed even more, he says, it is “unbelievably untrue.” Elvis says, he gets human nature and he is alright with human beings making mistakes; he also made mistakes in his life and trusted wrong people especially, he notes strongly.

But now times have changed, and he evolved while we all thought that Elvis is “gone” somehow, and “illusion” we carry only in “our hearts” and all of these cheesy quotes. God made it possible, because God is great and almighty. And he allowed Elvis, and me, to bring forth this message, so that Elvis has an earthly “tool” to say what he wants, he cannot type on a keyboard that is in “our” physical world, but I can for him. I know many people don’t believe much in anything anymore, but that to me is even more reason and motivation to publish something personal as this. I love God, so much, and I wish that every human being on earth would focus more on God and receive his love. “God is Love”, and it is really true.

Elvis now is absolutely free, stronger than ever in his soul, and evolved into the next life form we all will experience when we too are ready. Everyone at his/her own pace. Free will is a beautiful gift, and when used well, it can bring you Heaven to wherever you are. If you ever believed also, he says, in all these ancient things about 2012, like the Mayan and Hopi foresights, THIS IS IT.

This is what Elvis said from the very start: “I want to be the first to bring a direct account from the “after- life” and tell people with your assistance. It will help Lisa.”

Elvis had been turned into a “King of Light” now by God. And I felt so honored, to be doing this for Elvis, that many times I cried happy tears, because I was connected to Elvis’ wonderful energy. He is such a nice guy, and deserves that people talk good about him and honor him for having been a humble and friendly man who always tried to help people, not hurt them, and had a very big heart. Elvis was a man of God. Anything else is a “historic lie,” he says.

Sometimes he would have complete trust in another’s innocence, and then be surprised by them backstabbing him. All this caused him to develop more and more a deep mistrust against anyone he did not know for a long and sure time, or people generally from which he did not see yet a “proof” of their loyalty and trustworthiness.

At the end of his life, he felt hunted. This is meant literal. Like a deer being hunted in the forest, and it runs and runs and runs and seems to find no ending or safe place to hide in.

“I have seen reports and documentaries, read pieces and parts of books in which my character is being completely assassinated! The media always stuck to the perspective, in which I was the weak or bad guy,

who could not handle show business. But I am asking: Which mortal human being that YOU know, can handle constant lies and harassment? All you got being taken away from you by hatred when you have done nothing wrong to no one?” Elvis explains. This is what made him take prescription medicine for sleep aid and pain relief physically, he says, never “drugs.” He needed to find a way, desperately, to sleep, to rest and keep his basic life energy going. Elvis tried to find a way to stop the constant loops of hurtful words and behaviors repeating in his mind at night. He admits that he really had an oversensitivity regarding disrespect and did never see any need for it at any place or time. He could not let it go easily, and would re-think disrespectful situations over and over at night, having a hard time relaxing to the point of sleep. Lies that were told about him, his life, his family and his character would hunt him in his head, and he would over-think his situation, trying to come up with a solution to stop it and find his peace of mind. As a sportsman, Elvis always worked out and read books trying to sleep. He was a clean man with high morals.

But the envious competition did not stop, and this in reality is a competition of the soul. Elvis Presley was and is now even more blessed by God. He was happy, before all those lies started and drug rumors. He never used any drugs growing up and had no pains in his body to kill anyways. When Elvis was younger, he studied martial arts and wanted to be a samurai level and shaped his body well. Elvis spent a big portion of his time doing sports; he loved to be physically active!

When he tried to release this pressure in his work, the way got blocked by his manager, who only thought of himself, or other people who worked for him. Sometimes they would use his family to convince him of stopping a new idea he had, his own idea, without them knowing they are being used. Elvis never even toured outside the U.S. for such reasons, because everybody was just trying to create their own fame on Elvis’s back and make cash. I heard him literally say, “They saw in me a walking dollar sign.”

On one simple day, Elvis almost broke down exhausted. Already harmed by all this pressure, the people around him cared mostly about his next gig, the next pay check or next movie and never about how the man who makes all this possible feels or what HE thinks. And this went on after his passing, till today; people make up all kinds of stories about Elvis Presley, trying to use his name to sprinkle some fame of his fame onto them, like for example even after his death, Madonna tried.

“I had respect for people, and demanded respect in return, that’s all.” I literally heard him saying that with a strong tone in his voice at first, and then sounding out like almost echoing in mumbling at the end of this sentence. I think Elvis seems to be a smart guy and the world should know that he was very observant of everything and everyone around him, and reflected deeply in his mind on life and its mystery.

Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Disney Land Photo
Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Disney Land Photo

When you become successful, at some point in time people start appearing who want to damage your success. Jealousy and envy are two of the most destructive behaviors of human beings in history and never brought any gain to anyone involved. All comes back to love and lack of love. Someone like Elvis, who had a lot of gentleness and love in his heart, never fabricates slander towards another on a simple and boring day. They try to achieve better and more with what they believe in, and in fact, keep going the harder but honest way in the middle of a slander storm. It is the ones who feel a lack of love in their soul, heart and body who cause this type of energy and behave in these ways toward another innocent human being. It is like a spiritual attack, to psychologically terrorize another successful human being, to cut away from his fame and success and money, simply to vent against someone who “seems to have it better” than

the one sending out hatred. And for some people in this business, it’s about CONTROL, POWER, MONEY and FAME. Elvis, being the successful and charismatic Entertainer he was, became simply the target of envy.

It is more a personal issue usually envious people have seemingly with someone else, but in reality they have inner issues they try to distract themselves from by attacking another, instead of confronting their own mirror. Happy people don’t go around judging others or lying about them.

Back then when Elvis started his career, the music business was not so much like today about looks, money and who bribes more to get media attention. It was just starting to become this way in such an extreme extent. When he passed on August 16th 1977, the industry should have at least thought about new laws to prevent the media from being a platform for criminal behavior and public assassination on another’s life, character and also legacy of a whole life’s work. But for some reason, nobody stands up when a singer endures 50 crimes in public. Yet when anyone else gets a purse stolen or a false rumor at the job by a co-worker spread, they mix up the whole place, sometimes world, to get the purse back to the unknown person or get financial compensation to some insulted employee somewhere. These are of course, fictional examples to stress the statement.

Is it really like that? Anyone can invent a false accusation and simply spread it and ruin another’s life? Now, with Internet in modern times, can anyone just easily come out and hack internationally other’s work and private data and use it in their face on TV illegally, because they knew Michael Jackson? Not everyone is about fame and money, if they have what you wish for. Is that a reason to hack another’s privacy and sell another’s story as your own? Is all that now a solid strategy they recycle for every generation to lie and distract from truth? Where are the human rights? Or does someone, who becomes famous in entertaining others or even just, gets born with a unique talent and persona, lose the right to be human too? Does someone, who is very good looking, spiritually gifted, have no rights when attacked by some dark-hearted people? Is it like, okay in our society today, to hate on extraordinary human beings instead of taking them as a nice example and inspiration for one’s own growth? Did it even become okay, internally for entertainment people, to fight truth with lies? For what purpose?

Definitely not for God. And I demand myself to be respected in the spiritual work I do here innocently, as well as Michael and Elvis, and all other, innocent people involved. Also, one has to always consider the feelings of all the fans out there, which love Elvis and get hurt as well, hearing lies or bad things in general about their idol. What has happened to our music? Who decides which celebrities become famous, stay famous or fall from fame? The press? The competing singers? Or even one single business guy somewhere, we don’t know at all? Fabricate the same lies for every generation anew?

I don’t think so. It seems sometimes that way, but luckily the ultimate decision maker and controller here is God and it is the masses of people, the audience, which makes famous. The people out there create the stars, and of course, God ultimately, not any single person. Nobody has the right, to make any destructive moves against another human being, only because they envy. It is more constructive to work on the self, THIS is how you develop and grow as Elvis did. JUST BE YOURSELF!

Elvis cared, as explained clearly, about his soul and God, all his life. Some people might call his spiritual “hobbies” like meditation or the kind of books he loved to read, strange, usually people who aren’t the least bit interested or informed about any real spirituality. Therefore, I shall explain a couple basics right

here, to make it clearer for the readers in their mind to see what Elvis showed me and wants to share with people out there who love him.

We all, when we live as physical human beings made out of flesh, are still more than what we see. We have a so-called aura, like a personal, individual energy signature around our physical vessel, like another layer of body. If you imagine a light bulb, that gets lit, try to think about how a thin “light-layer” usually is seen around the outer glass of the light bulb. This is how you can imagine one’s personal energy or aura.

When you spread lies about another, harass him privately over a public platform judging his personality, when you even look at him in any Film he made, or live show, and you think “jealous” thoughts, it is a negative kind of energy that people feel, conscious or unconscious, and Elvis did as well. A “Star” is also a human being like you and me, and must eat, drink, rest and breathe. There is no human being out there who can live healthy without sleep or water.

But many people tend to lose sight of this realization, and start thinking of “Stars” being “something different.” When someone becomes famous, and many thousands, or even here in Elvis’ case, millions of people FOCUS on him and his aura, it is like if a bodybuilder lifted the “spiritual weight” of all of these people at times. It feels that way.

When one is left alone in peace, Elvis says, it’s all so good, and people are good to you, the lovely fans. In the beginning of his career all seemed easier than later. But as soon as one gains a solid spot, a solid success, things start to turn mysteriously and they always try to blame the “object of focus” when the issue is here that of the other people which attack another human being. Imagine, if you are so famous, many, many people know you, think about you, have an opinion about you, like you, dislike you, listen to your song right this minute or are cooking at home, while watching your movie in a small TV next to the kitchen, how much energy do you think this is to handle for one man?

If things then start to twist and turn, horrible lies spread, judgment and hate created against Elvis, how much “negativity”-energy do you think that would be and what could it do to the aura? It can literally suck its energy, make holes into the aura or even break it. The aura is a very fine protection we have, and the stronger it is, the less negativity can get through and the healthier we are. I believe with all my heart, that this is the truth about what really killed Elvis, and nothing else that the same people who “stalked and mobbed” him publicly at the end of his earthly life fabricated, afterwards even in a more rude manner. I don’t want to reveal yet too much, but Elvis showed me also that there are some people in showbiz, who know how to “attack with black magic another’s aura on purpose” or even “link the aura to another so they can suck off of it to create a special feel around them fakely,” some of the worst black magic you’ve ever heard about. Supposedly, they even do that after someone special like Elvis passes – black magic on the soul of a deceased “trying to use it”! I was shocked for a long time, when Elvis explained such things to me, I cried I was so disgusted and I am speechless and shocked deeply. (Please read carefully Chapter 8, to understand why they try such inhumane things.)

If you care about your own soul, like Elvis did, like to meditate and become interested in spiritual science in general, how an aura is made and how it works. I really would advise you to think further about this topic, because it is important for all our health.

Sadly, we live in a world where there are also people who decide to be “energy vampires.” Elvis carried a great light, and all people and also animals, can sense such a light. Some people notice it consciously; others just feel the effect of it and feel uplifted, happy, and excited. And few individuals like to live off of another’s energy. It does not matter if you falsely link yourself to the soul of a beloved, passed “King” verbally, or if you really physically take the action of a spiritual dark method to suck on another’s spirit, words have power and usually are the EVIDENCE, showing someone is handling black magic behind our backs, and fixating it by public words. Natural things don’t have to be stated loudly or said only, but come naturally for all to see. Words hurt Elvis’ soul. Words can ruin a whole life. Words should always be HONEST and used wisely and positively. There is also “white magic,” so forgotten and unknown, most of the planet doesn’t even know any information. White magic takes places only with God’s permission and through his will, GOD IS WHITE MAGIC/MIRACLES, THE DEVIL IS BLACK MAGIC/LIES/MANIPULATION.

Lisa Marie and Daddy Elvis Presley
Lisa Marie and Daddy Elvis Presley

Elvis is completely healed and washed clean from all his soul had to endure, because he is innocent. Now is the time for Priscilla to make her peace with her ex- husband, once and for all. He means well and remembers the good days.

Same goes for Michael Jackson. Elvis showed me many details of what went on during his last earthly years, and it is the same strategy that was pinned on Michael – BECAUSE they had such light and influence on many people and REFUSED TO SELL OUT. In the final years, there was a building and building up a whole lies-construction to discredit Elvis and Michael, out of jealousy finally and the wish to dis-power them. Then the strategy continued after their passing. The more you repeat a lie, the more people start over time to believe it, because they hear it all the time; it programs their mind to think it is therefore true, when it is not. I want to make clear, that Michael has always been innocent in all of these horrible lies and evil show- downs that they fabricated against his valuable life. You would not even believe how strong Michael is now, it is unspeakable, and God compensated all for him and supports him, just like God also supports wonderful Elvis. Neither Michael nor Elvis ever “touched anyone the wrong way” and it makes me angry when I hear such UNBELIEVABLY DEVIL-MINDED LIES about Mike and Elvis. Michael and Elvis are now a team, up there – Memphis Tennessee and Memphis ancient Egypt, combined for the light.

For me to see how similar Elvis’ and Michael’s lives went, and their passing and the same media behavior, only gives them MORE CREDIT in my perspective. Both were compassionate and friendly men, who carried a bright light in their souls and still do for eternity. This is a gift from God; God makes souls on earth be able to spread such excitement and joy, it cannot be faked by lies (or black magic) like they tried with “a Madonna” and now, in false linking to Michael, with the next generation of “Stars.” Sure, you can undress to grab attention, “provoke” people negatively, upset them and hurt their feelings and get people to think about you with such methods and distract from another, but honestly, is getting undressed or behaving rude, stealing and lying coldly now equal to having great MUSICAL TALENT? Has art now become an “elbow thing”? It is open for anyone out there, to have their own taste and there is space for all music and styles, including Madonna. The only issue here which makes these statements urgent in this Book is the LIES about ELVIS. Another is another, and Elvis has his own fate and message and God allows nobody to “touch Elvis’ soul” for personal profit. It is to me an insult of God’s creation and how GOD planned things, to spread publicly spiritual lies. God gave this light to Elvis and Michael. I don’t even want to imagine, what a torture this could’ve been for Elvis’ real soul-mate, if she was incarnated and had to watch it – it reminds me of the snake in garden Eden, trying to separate Adam and Eve by interfering in between them with tricks and lies. Luckily, Elvis’ Eve was safe in Heaven, watching it from above. Some people out there seem to forget, that they too have a soul that owes God explanations when they pass, and you shall no longer manipulate Michael’s image in front of the World, in my presence. It is 2012; it is taking place in front of all our eyes with Michael freshly today, as we remember how the same was done to Elvis the last generation. If you take a closer look and compare, you will learn a lot about life, good and bad people and society, even the secrets of Heaven. All these things, including the economy, play a part in this “old, repeating Film.” Imagine, if there was a room filled with people, men and women, and then this one guy walked in, emanating light as all women turn and instantly feel attracted to him, ignoring the men standing next to them, how do you think some of these men would react? Not all people are good in their heart, not all people can be trusted. (See key story of Set, Horus and Isis/Osiris in Chapter 6)

Elvis was a victim of jealousy. Michael was a victim of jealousy. The jealousy of people who lack light in their soul, and are willing to stab another in the back, simply put, the one’s who sadly decide at times in life to go with the devil and forget God and go attacking the one’s loyal to God. Spiritual power does not come this way, historic art does not come out this way, and it is only given by God. Elvis’ soul-mate has given him lots of magical vibes during his life and his performances, it is the vibe of true, eternal love that shows everyone, how much God loves us, all the wonders he created for us, and that we are never really alone.

Elvis Presley with Daugther Lisa_edited-1
Elvis Presley with Daugther Lisa

CHAPTER 6 “Elvis Arrival in Heaven”

To me, this chapter cost the most courage to write out loud, and it is meant as story to give hope to all people. After I seen literally Elvis above seemingly far away but close, rising up toward this light-door and hugging his Mother, he showed me much more. A real insight into his heavenly space so to speak.

The soul cannot be damaged like the earthly body and is eternal; Elvis never has to “die” again. And this is something that I personally wish to everybody out there, eternal life and happiness.

I cannot say all of it, because Elvis keeps some things private and sacred. But one thing, made him as happy as meeting his mother again, and that was how, after arriving in Heaven, meeting the perfect

woman God made only for him. The woman he always longed for, the one and only perfection his soul could ever wish for, his other half.

Elvis explained to me, that at first, he was surprised to find this wonderful, gorgeous woman waiting for him, looking at him as if she knew him well, for an endless time, and automatically, he was attracted to her in a way, that he never knew in his earthly incarnation as Elvis Presley. It was so strong, that he felt like he loved her before even meeting her. She was like him, but in a female version of her own, very alike, inside and outside, but slightly different completing him. Can you imagine how Elvis would look, if he was born a woman? That is vaguely how she looks like in Heaven to him. It is an indescribable feeling of oneness. Elvis is completely happy now, and has a perfect woman on his side, in Heaven!

Besides that, he showed me in several “interview sessions” things he does in Heaven. He says, all you wish for, all you could ever want or imagine wanting, is here. The enduring of bad experiences, injustice and the pain through all these lies in duality, is gone and washed off of Elvis Presley’s soul – forever. He is absolutely free and doing better than earth ever seen him do. And, he still makes music. I know, it may sound cheesy, but the perfection of the sounds and music in the heavenly spheres, tops anything I ever heard “physically.” Music must have come from SOMEWHERE. Elvis sounds great, and the songs, I mean, I literally with instruments and “live” vocals heard and seen him sing for me songs that are not published known Elvis songs factually. They are new songs, very happy and uplifting songs, and very spiritual and nice, extremely energetic vocally.

Michael Jackson Kelly Parker plays Lisa Marie Presley as Child © Private Information shared by Susan Elsa
Michael Jackson Kelly Parker plays Lisa Marie Presley as Child © Private Information shared by Susan Elsa

And since Elvis has always been very spiritual actually, he also had here another dream fulfilled now and ready to be enjoyed: He could experience directly all wonders of God and all his endless, beautiful creations and didn’t have to search no more. The ultimate reward for having been the warm and loving person he was. He used to meditate and desire psychic experiences, visions from God and signs, he wanted at times desperately to see and know for himself something. Now he does fully.

From a spiritual view point speaking, I would like to note, that all of the above mentioned is evidence as well, that Elvis has led a clean and honest life. He hated lies. He loved to be frank and honest. He also didn’t like to waste time and talk too much, but take action. He planned to do so much more, like directing his own movies and writing the Film scripts for them, but that he didn’t get to do. He wanted to reveal himself more openly to the public and had grown from being the shy handsome boy to a grown man and father, who had reason to be happy, to live and take care of his health and be there for his daughter, and take on the next level of his career and life. He planned to write and publish a book himself, about himself and especially, his spirituality with his own words, but didn’t get to do it.

He wanted to see his beloved daughter grow up, get married, have kids, and that though – he did. Maybe not in the way he originally planned or wished, but he did through God’s permission and help. I really hope, from the bottom of my heart that this gives hope to Lisa-Marie and makes her feel loved eternally, by her father, and God. Sometimes a “Good-Bye” is not forever. In your case, it is not. Your father will always love you and see you. He says, you know his “energy signature” and know by now clearly in your heart, that he never left you alone and is watching over you.

With all my Love,

Susan Elsa

End of Book Excerpt and Final Lines ©

For more information, please read the Book.

Michael Jackson´s Real Man in the Mirror: Archangel Michael Cultural and Visual Analysis © 777
Michael Jackson´s Real Man in the Mirror: Archangel Michael Cultural and Visual Analysis © 777
FILM DIRECTOR SUSAN ELSA 2013 Image Face Close Up ©
FILM DIRECTOR SUSAN ELSA 2013 Image Face Close Up ©
Moonwalker Michael Jackson: Archangel Michael 777
Moonwalker Michael Jackson: Archangel Michael 777

Full Interview Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley 1995

Michael Jackson gives Insight into how his Relationship with Lisa came about and when they met, when she was a little Girl looking like the Girl Actress he casted for his Film Moonwalker © Susan Elsa Information 2007

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