Michael Jackson: The Twin Flame Key to Heaven © 2010 Releases and More Updates

Michael Jackson: The Twin Flame Key 2010 Sounds Channeled Releases and More Updates
Michael Jackson: The Twin Flame Key 2010 Sounds Channeled Releases and More Updates ©

Dear Readers

For our educational Series of Articles diving deeper into the Spiritual Mystery of Michael Jackson and the Real Man Beyond the Mirror, here comes a special Part for the Weekend.

Some of you might have heard the term “twin flame” or “twin soul” before, maybe some have encountered the term “twin ray” or also “twin essence”. The more common term known in society, and in many movies and published Books is more “soul mate”.

It is all the same. The other half. Another Part of the Same Soul. So, a “twin soul” as Michael named it when he told me this term in March 2010, is a “twin being within one soul”. A male and a female twin, mirroring each other, completing each other, being so close, they are the same and still two male/female slightly different consciousnesses. When God created the Soul, he didn´t create it “lonely”- he made for each Soul two Beings being the perfect counterparts to each other and from each perspective, the “perfect eternal partner for the soul journeys and evolution and true love”. A real companion, for your soul, throughout all experiences in all dimensions, not only on Earth. In fact, rarely yet on Earth. This is why the Planet must heal in order to facilitate the appropriate ground energies here so that both of a twin soul can be born and incarnate here together, without being attacked, interfered with, lied about and sabotaged.

As you can see in the title Image of this Article, there is an ancient Egyptian Ankh that is depicted here, from our Books and also integrated since 2008 officially in our Company Logo. If you want to know more on this, take a look at the Article with Insider Information regarding Michael Jackson´s This is it and Comeback Plans, Fashion and Visions he had planned and with who:

I A.M.- Twin Flame Consciousness Merging in channeled Pop Music © July 2010 Susan Elsa
I A.M.- Twin Flame Consciousness Merging in channeled Pop Music © July 2010 Susan Elsa

As described and shown in previous articles on this special blog, in March 2010 the Dream I once had about Michael Jackson being the Archangel Michael in 2003, came to manifestation in the real World exactly 7 Years after the Dream and after I had met Michael in Los Angeles and experienced very unique, one of a kind spiritual connections with him and he with me equally. Perfectly equal we could read each other´s minds, and talk in words as well as through eye contact. No training, no “getting to know each other” much needed, it was like we already knew each other for a long time. Our soul strings were literally being pulled together also, like there is an inner soul magnet pulling us closer whenever we did try to look at each other longer than, maybe 10 seconds. Like, two halves that belong together, being merged into a complete unit again. Your very core nature. He was like my mirror and I was like his, literally. I remember on the second meeting in Santa Monica, he giggled and pointed with his finger on my cheek, where I have a round mark/mole. I then looked at him giggling and pointing back on his cheek having the exact same mark/mole on his other cheek, the other side of his face, but as he stood in front of me showing me this, we then had this moment of feeling like we are a literal Mirror of each other.

Take a look at this visual documentation for educational purpose, with two images picked where we are both around the same physical age:

The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information
The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information

That gave his Man in the Mirror Song a whole new meaning in that moment. And it is a really wonderful Song which Siedah Garrett wrote perfectly in tune with Michael´s twin truth. Of course, because Michael is famous many people would´ve jumped at him and find it common to be all hyped up about a stranger and want to hug him, but I was never like that. I am a shy person and always would stay physically distant to people and not look into someone´s eyes long, without giggling at least. With Michael, I had this the first time like that and there was this pull in my soul pulling me toward him, and I tried all I could to stay distant and stay in control of my feelings. He found this all very funny, we had a good time, short time but good time.

After Michael had passed, which was very difficult for me (for more information please read my Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”)- I was grieving really bad. I could not make any Music any longer, and even eating felt bad to me. It was really, really difficult and I have never experienced any such pain and challenge in the deepest of my soul like back then, even if 4 months prior my beloved Grandmother, my disabled sister and 5 weeks later to that, my aunt had passed. I had gone through 3 family deaths when the news of Michael Jackson´s death had reached me.

After the initial shock, and crying, I started to feel very angry, going with him through his afterlife challenges and ascension process, the digesting of his soul of all that had happened to him and been done to him on Earth. He was angry. It transmitted on me, mirrored on me, because we are one soul. I had this literal internal scream urge often, like it is happening in my soul.

So, one day, Michael just returned. He had already ascended and I had done all I can to help him with it, and was left very exhausted and heart broken, feeling like I am now alone on this Planet. It was a horrible feeling, because before I always knew I have him here and he understands me and is exactly like me. He just came back and had now this other form, this body made of some glittery, sparkling light or a white fire that also is light and sparkles at the same time. I could use the most expensive modern technology for animation, it would still be impossible to re-create how perfect he looked and how this light body looks like.

From then on many spiritual twin flame experiences began taking place, especially regarding my Music and how I used to work before and how I was suddenly channeling freestyle in English, out of my lips just like that through him connecting and guiding my Consciousness during the recordings. A literal method of no paper and no pen used and only direct mind channeling into the Microphone, live- out of the blue.

The Twin Flame Key to Heaven is one of those important messages that was released as a Raw Demo due to hacking and cyber attacks on our production as I was only yet channeling on my Mac Laptop at home with Michael, not yet produced or ready for release. We released it as is, as raw demos, real channeling takes, to protect the data and copyrights from hacker´s and possible imitation/distractions abuses with our original information.

And you know what? They really did do this. They did create false stories online, made books, made up strategies and concepts out of the hacked and already copyrighted property we own and published prior, and re-used it for “Celebrities and Pop Stars” without permission we would never work with, and placed it in our faces and try all they can to distract from Michael´s truth and now especially, me, because I am the one that started all this and released this energy with Mike. I am also the one that has the legal evidence and public records to take them down with this fraud and expose exactly how they forge spiritual information to take “the truth elements” out and use it for themselves without the truth energy in it.

To be really nice and forgiving now, I will say that maybe, some people out there who did wrong publications and misinformation, might´ve not all done it on purpose initially and thought they are doing something good, maybe, picking up the energies me and Michael are connecting to Mass Consciousness, but when you start stalking the real story and on purpose cloud search results and tags and make false forged claims of being the original, and me and Michael and our original Releases before any of those Books and Blogs etc., being an imitation, after what was done to my Privacy, our Computers, our Lives, our Rights and Works, then you are exposing your own self and everyone is seeing that you do NOT mean well at all.

This is for certain bloggers out there, who think it is okay to make some “jealousy game” over another´s soul and bully and interfere to make some profit off of Michael Jackson´s soul. You think its okay, but it is not. It is wrong. People also who tell on TV shows that this hacked material and by others prior published records and property is their own creation, knowing it is not, are also doing wrong. They know they did not come up with any of this and even if they do not know who it was stolen from or copied from, when a manager or someone like that hands such “strangers information and ideas” to them, they should reject abusing it and stay true to their own self and own mirror. Of course, in Show Business, there aren´t many people like this, Michael was a rare exception in the depths of his spiritual self and loyalty to God and all things good.

Many twin flames who have met, may it be in flesh or in spirit, know very well about such interferences and jealousy. Those are things that are in the earthly vibration, from mass consciousness and previous karma causing actions certain human beings and groups of people have taken on this planet in the past.

Michael Jackson This is it Inspiration Fashion Message about Future
Michael Jackson This is it Inspiration Fashion Message about Future Projects and Plans in the Making © 2007-2009 Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Copyrighted Data

It is now important before we continue to take a serious look at the PURPOSE of both Twins incarnating:

Why do Twin Souls/Flames incarnate? What is their life plan, their mission and are they usually identical missions? Isn´t the Purpose of Twin Flames incarnating to be together in a love/sexual relationship? Are there more than one twin soul for each or is there only one twin flame? Do twin flames incarnate to help the Planet and if yes, how do they do it?

All these are frequently asked questions about the topic of twin souls/twin flames. Here comes some insight and information from the spiritual original akashic records and universal plans/rules God has placed, that define the twin soul/flame mission on earthly Dimensions. In spirit, of course, both are always together, merged fully, united as a unit in an eternal soul union. The “separation” and splitting into two different male and female bodies, is only an illusion in this duality dimension. Even if they look separate to you, like two different physical beings, they are one and the same and share the same soul. There is a constant connection that never ceased, that can never be touched or broken by any outside force in any dimension.

Twin Flames incarnate mainly for doing spiritual work together. Not only for the planet, but naturally also on their own self, from the female and from the male perspective on the same self core. At times, logically, where the planet is in such conditions as today, polluted, confused spiritual information, forgotten spiritual information and teachings, a system of dark thoughts in place trying to keep down the mass consciousness, twin souls do not come here often. There are not many such cases, as of yet. They are increasing now, but this is due to changes taking place. The planet, the ground must be ready for twin flames to freely incarnate together and it will be a different, more easy and wonderful experience in the future on this dimension for twin souls.

But right now, yet, the ground, the planet, society, isnt ready to welcome twin souls here freely and let them live and love. So, for now, you will only find highly evolved twins both incarnating and being born in same time frames here, working together to change this situation for the future, to make a better place on this planet for twin souls, for you and for me.

Twin Souls when they incarnate both together in those times in the past few hundred years up to 2500 years, and recently, do it for others not for their own self. It is a sacrifice in many ways, one suffers from it. A lot. Look at all the things that were thrown at innocent Michael, trying to live his life and do good. He never done anything to anyone and was never left in peace by those interfering forces.

Many twin flames also incarnate, never meeting yet in the physical, due to protection reasons. They do their work and live their life plans, parallel and always connected to each other. Even if one is in Peru and the other lives in Germany.

So, the current twin flame incarnations all share the same logical similarities:

WORKING for the Planet, for changes, in different jobs and fields ranging from Music, Teaching, Assisting Children or teaching them, protecting wild life and animals and much more in tune with the plan to bring back balance to this Earth. It is not right now about just hanging out peacefully and having sex all the time.  It can be a part of it, but it is not the goal and why twins reunite in the flesh. This is hollywood illusions, this is online blogs and false stories illusions who try to abuse the memory of this returning to people´s minds on the rise, and distract in the changing process of the mass consciousness.

Twin Souls/Flames reunite only when they are ready. Whenever they both, or one half, is not there yet and not ready, God would never allow any possibility of a physical encounter on Earth because it would have devastating effects. It is not like common human relationships or friendships or even biological family ties. It is much more deep and intense, it has this mirroring effect and if one creates anything not balanced, it would instantly pull the other half into this imbalance as well if they would meet and be together. Only when they are ready and can handle this explosive energy and soul dynamics they meet, anywhere, anytime, and it cannot be planned I believe. It happens really, at the right time, by itself.

It´s not like it was common for people to just run into Michael Jackson in some sandwich store. This only happened because we were both ready and it was the time to meet, before he passes also, because all our life mission is planned before birth and we are doing this very hard work to help humanity and all souls. We are putting ourselves out there, with work, not talking romantic stories only, to make a change, to continue this mission and complete it.

HIStory Michael Jackson: HERstory © Female Angel Hidden Message © The Twin Ray
HIStory Michael Jackson: HERstory © Female Angel Hidden Message © The Twin Ray

All this is reliable information directly from spiritual Sources, not human sources. All this comes directly from Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael in spirit ©

Let us now move ahead to the concluding and main topic of this Article in depth, the Twin Flame Key.


First of all, a key has always been seen as an item that exists to unlock something. A key to open a door, a gate, a treasure for example, and some people use this saying to express in love relationships and trust matters the “key to someone´s heart”.

In ancient Egypt, there was the first original “twin flame key” created, and it´s ancient first symbol is the ancient Egyptian Ankh. Here is an example from a Book I have channeled for Elvis Presley in May 2010, when Michael had brought him by for a visit and a cooperation for the common cause of healing the Planet.

The History of the very first and literal “Twin Flame Key” or “Twin Soul Key” ©

IsIs & Osiris: Twin Soul Sciences- THE KEY OF HEAVEN (Paradise) from the Book "THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL"
IsIs & Osiris: Twin Soul Sciences- THE KEY OF HEAVEN (Paradise) from the Book “THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL”

We are going now a bit into original authentic ancient Mystery Schools knowledge from Egypt. All this is based on the most famous and first earthly incarnation of two twins, Osiris and IsIs, and the famous jealousy interferences by Set and the murder of Osiris. It is a historic and very old story.

From it, a lot of new information came in back then and was accessed by the ancient Egyptians. It is a core root of the ancient Spiritual Science as well as the famous mummification funerary rituals, temples daily life in ancient time, healing magic, sex and fertility magic and much more that today seems shrouded in “mystery”.

The ancient Ankh represents the old map of ancient Egypt with the Capital Memphis in the middle, as well as the sexual union between man and woman and the twin flame truth. It has multiple layered meaning, and in ancient Egypt many constructions, architecture and amulets were made in tune with the star maps and celestial “feng shui” directions. The Egyptians created originally the saying “On Earth as it is in Heaven”. Did you know this? It was later translated many times and the original authors slowly removed.

The 3 Pyramids in Gizeh, for example, in Egypt(Cairo), are in line with the 3 Stars of the belt of Orion (Belt of Osiris).

The Pyramids Spiritual Secrets beyond the Architecture: ON Earth as it is in Heaven/Celestial Star Map aligned with Pyramids © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Key Information by Susan Elsa
The Pyramids Spiritual Secrets beyond the Architecture: ON Earth as it is in Heaven/Celestial Star Map aligned with Pyramids © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Key Information by Susan Elsa

The Alignment of Planets and Stars with earthly Buildings, window directions, doors, domes, pyramids and all that, is a central basis of ancient Egyptian ways of life and constructions. Some things people do not know today anymore, and it seems important to summarise here a few things to create the grand picture, the big picture of understanding.


  • The Ankh represents the MERGING of two soul halves– Twin Flames/Souls as a Unit.
  • The Ankh represents two sides of the same, as explained in the pyramids concept above. In ancient Egypt there were temples built, on one side for the living, on the other side of the locations for the “dead”, where a real Egyptian would prefer to say “the ascended ones” or the “transitioned” ones, or the “enlightened ones”.
  • In each side of those temple constructions, were libraries filled with spiritual knowledge. The libraries of the books of life had information on this earthly life form, the other books were about the afterlife and other body layers and life forms such as the immortal body of light, the highest body and life form one can achieve.
  • When someone had had spiritual education and had reached an ascended mind status, an awakened soul, they would receive an Ankh and hold it in their hand symbolic of “having the key to life and the afterlife beyond”.

Now imagine two halves of a puzzle, two puzzle pieces that were made together as one, and then split. Only these two can fit into each other and together perfectly.

The TWIN FLAME KEY therefore, represents this exact other part that fits perfectly into and to you. This other half of your soul, has the key to your heaven, and you have the key to her/his heaven.

More on this Coming Soon. Please feel free to view previous articles on the Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777 Release and it´s Music Journals and Making Of Stories here until we publish more on this.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit