The DALIA Project for Disabled Children © by Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit

Michael Jackson´s very early Humanitarian Visions
Michael Jackson´s very early Humanitarian Visions

Dear Readers

I am putting out some Information on a Project I am envisioning since February 2009, which is very, very dear to me. This is a personal Humanitarian Project I care about and we will launch it very soon to help and support disabled Children worldwide. Not only supporting them in any special care expenses and equipment they need is the plan, but to also educate about the Soul-Rights of all disabled Children. There is a very healthy, spiritual side to disabled Kids and it is important to educate about this. Only because someone cannot perform a particular physical ability, does not mean they cannot perform creative and spiritual, emotionally intelligent abilities and so forth.

This is about equal social treatment and personal respect. Science does not know everything and some Children with physical or mental disabilities are in other, emotional and intuitive ways, very very smart.

I have actively supported disabled children´s charity foundations many years ago and learned a lot about how expensive wheelchairs and special ramps and stairs are for private housing with their families. I have been always thinking a lot about helping others, because it is what I would wish from other´s for myself if I needed any support.

Today, there is even modern technology that can allow people from all around the World to add a small amount only to charity causes and make a big difference, easy and simple via text message and phone billing. Think about it, if you are having any Foundation for Charity. I know it is technically expensive, to install such services, which is sad, but we will make it happen somehow.

This modern way of enabling anyone with a mobile phone to send a small amount of money for donations, can revolutionise charity systems and expand the reach.

The Project will be set up on it´s own site and you will be updated when there is news. Until then, please always remember that Michael Jackson, my dear beloved Twin Soul, is not only a record-breaking Entertainer, but also a record-breaking Humanitarian. He did not do charity, like most other Celebrities and Rich People for “Prestige” and good PR.

He did it because he had a literal psychic empathy and it would pierce his heart to see any child in need of help. It is a very fatherly/motherly type of compassion and understanding. Michael could see through the illusions and the real self of those Kids. He loved each one of them and always put time, effort, money into doing something good for them. It made him simply feel good. He never cared as much about his Music actually, as he did about healing the World and Society. He was super intuitive and could see and feel if any child has not received enough love and encouragement and he would try to mentally and spiritually uplift them, entertain them (even if he was tired and exhausted from his Music work) and try to give them back the hope and faith to heal.

I would always say to people since I was a teenager, that I ONLY care to ever make any money, to be able to GIVE more. If you do not make any money, you cannot do anything or make any difference. You can sit there and beg rich folks for donations, but you can also create more than just gathering cash and these types of classical charity systems. Michael Jackson did make a lot of money, and he cared only about it for the same reasons I do. To gain the power and finances to be able to move things and make a big difference, not a small one.

Insight for educational Information:

Note: Michael Jackson built into his Cinema Theatre construction and architecture and other Places at Neverland as well, special equipment, hospital beds you can move with high tech, special movable television screens on ceilings and much more to accommodate disabled and sick children on their journey of healing.

Healing comes not only by classical medical treatment, but from within the soul and inner faith. In order to be able to heal, you need to feel good. You need to forget about the disease or disability, and grow spiritually and mentally above the challenge. This is what Michael was doing for Children, and nothing else. He was being a fatherly, angelic Figure to them, trying his best to help. He did not sit back on his cash and bathe in it, throwing parties and such. He worked hard to change the world and one fact alone that many people do not know, tells it all:

Michael Jackson, all by himself, managed to feed half the hungry Children in the World! He cut the number worldwide of hunger into half.

Michael Jackson: Breaking Records in Music and Humanitarian Efforts - See Guinness Book of World Records
Michael Jackson: Breaking Records in Music and Humanitarian Efforts – See Guinness Book of World Records