Twin Soul Truth: Love incarnated in 2 BODIES (The Embodiment of Twin Soul Flame Love & Truth) ©

The Visible EMBODIMENT of True Love- Divine Love of Twin Souls/Flames incarnated in 2 Bodies ©

Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa Original Data and Information

Excerpt from Book “The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll- Elvis Presley´s Message from Heaven” © August 2012 first Debut Release (Manuscript channeled starting May 1st 2010)

In 2003, a lot was happening in my life, right before moving to Los Angeles for a while. One day I had a dream, where I was laying in a hospital bed, feeling tired and burned out. Then, Archangel Michael appeared below my bed, surrounded by a flaming white-blue glittering aura and other angels left and right which I sensed, but could not see. I reached out with my arm, holding my hand toward him saying:

“Michael!”, then I woke up. The day after, I went to the gym in the afternoon, which was owned by an ex-police officer. As I am sitting at the one work out machine, in which I train my shoulders in a “wing”- type of movement up and down, the guy walks seemingly remotely controlled up to me and says with absolute certainty:

“Archangel Michael wants to help you! But you are so stubborn; you have to allow him to help by free will!” I replied, “How can YOU know what I was dreaming about last night?!”

From then on my life changed, and I was involved even in para- psychological scientific research regarding my out-of-body experiences I had a while ago, learning more and more about myself and these interesting topics in general. I developed starting from then, a new concept for pop music which I called “Spiritual Pop” and it is a unique form of channeled pop music from higher dimensions.

I also then later shared my ideas with Michael Jackson. To my surprise, he had a light mole on his cheek, looking like a copy of the same mole I have on my cheek! But his mole was on the other side, making us feel like a mirror of each other, when we looked at each other.

I was pretty shocked to find all my computers being hacked and interfered with in 2010 while I was depressed over Michaels passing, trying to build up my young entertainment label out of nothing, having only my creativity. When I dared to start publishing the ideas I developed based on my very own soul, and Michael’s ideas for me he had based on what he knew about my unique life, things we shared in private only, unfriendly digital attacks and cyber bullying started happening to me and my label. It almost shattered my soul into endless pieces and my mourning didn’t seem to ever stop at first. I thought, I will cry the rest of my life. Especially when I seen another abusing my life story and my intellectual property, my identity as an artist I worked so long and so hard on, including my mole. I almost fell back into depression and wanted to give up all my life. All that right after getting back up on my feet and publishing my ideas, made by me alone, in April 2010. They kept cyber bullying me all of 2010, and went public with my intellectual property without my permission or crediting me, in 2011.

But to my biggest surprise, the connection between me and Michael remained in place after his passing. God can make all things possible.

Funny, because Michael told me once, that “I remember April 14th 1982; it was a beautiful day. Did you know I started to record my album Thriller on the DAY you were born?” and I said, “Are you serious? What a coincidence!”

Michael also told me when we met, that he had dreams all his life about me, where he seen my face so clear, he tried to draw it sometimes. He stared at me like a little boy in front of a candy store and could not believe, how similar we were – how his face changed around the time I was born and how lonely he started feeling after my birth, mysteriously. He said, this lonely feeling he had since 1982 in increasing ways, was completely absent in my presence, it stopped. This is the secret behind Michael Jackson’s face, and sometime after June 25th 2009, my own face started to change now as well, my nose, my lips, my eyes, all that NATURALLY. A physical shifting, a morph, to an extent that made me feel like I want to hide up until now, because it’s so obvious. Michael never had as much plastic surgery. He changed mostly naturally, and he is a big fan of “Morph”.

People just never considered that a human being can morph like that. Science doesn’t even know much about physical shifting yet.

The seemingly crazy things I am stating here, won’t be just told, they will be demonstrated visibly in front of the entire World to see, with God’s blessing and LOVE. It’s not like I could hide my face. That is simply me, naturally.

Legal Note: Susan Elsa´s personal Information cannot be used to “fake twin soul stories and claims” to Michael Jackson nor any fake links regarding his works and truths behind his Life. This is divine justice, all the information and life data interlinks Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa as real Twin Souls, and you should report “Bloggers” and “Artists” who try to imitate other living Human Beings personal Data for Fraud Claims, or even Susan Elsa´s professional Work within her Company related to Business Projects. All that only to interfere in this Story?

We surely will take legal steps, if they need legal force to stop.

The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information
The Embodiment of Twin Soul Truth © Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa Twin Flame Soul Original Real Data Information

More Information on serious Twin Soul Interferences:

HIStory Michael Jackson: HERstory © Female Angel Hidden Message © The Twin Ray
HIStory Michael Jackson: HERstory © Female Angel Hidden Message © The Twin Ray

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