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A Tale of Two Angels: Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Book by Susan Elsa © 777

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One unexpected day, I had a very frightening dream and again, very vivid like all non-psychological but spiritual dreams/premonitions.

Michael was wearing his stage uniform, and then he ducked and went into his knees holding his arms up over his head as if he wants to protect himself. As he was doing this, a dark mass approached him like a circle getting tighter and tighter and then Michael disappeared in the middle.

I woke up this moment, knowing he will die. I was so scared and already crying as if it happened and mourning, that I called up my friend, the Elvis look-a-like, and told him about it all shaking from head to toe. He kept trying to calm me down and told me to tell him the dream in detail. So I did. Then he said, “It is just a dream; don’t worry. Michael isn’t going to die; maybe he will escape from below that circle and get away?”

I liked having hope. But my heart knew this was a direct message and preparation for me, a premonition. I lived with these abilities all my life and know how to interpret them, for myself and even for strangers when I do tarot card readings. I’ve never been wrong. I might be shy and not always confident in many things in life, but this field is my specialty. I was born with seemingly rare spiritual abilities.

Exactly four days after this dream and my phone conversation with my friend, the news reported all over the world that the police went into Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch and performed a “Razzia.” I was shocked to the bones. “Michael is innocent!” I wanted to scream, but who would listen anyways?

Within the same week, I had another following dream completing the story. God made it super clear.

I went to bed and suddenly found myself vividly at Neverland ranch. Michael was standing there like a tear drop, all hanging shoulders and head with a sad and very exhausted expression on his face. I saw children playing there and enjoying themselves, and Michael just stood there, absent and all sad.

Living in a German speaking country in my awakened state and thinking in German usually, I talked suddenly clear English with Michael inside this dream:

”Michael, what happened to you? You used to enjoy watching these children play and were so happy!”

Before I could get an answer, I and Michael suddenly stood in front of a green Go-Cart car inside Neverland ranch. It had a white, round sticker on the side doors with a race number on it. I don’t remember the exact number.

Michael walked to the passenger seat side and I stood at the car door for the driver’s side and my awakened state consciousness was present with logic and clearness. Michael suddenly said, “You have to drive.”

I got confused and said to him, “Michael, I can’t drive, I don’t have a driver’s license!”

This moment his tired expression was gone for a moment and he looked at me very serious and said, “Susan, you have to.” I listened and got into the car and started driving naturally. Michael sat sunken in his seat next to me and looked straight ahead, absent and depressed. I was driving and kept looking at him, checking on him and he kept looking so washed out and tired.

Out of the blue with absolute certainty I realized suddenly inside the vivid dream still: ”Michael is a Ghost! That is why he cannot drive!”

Oh man, was I scared. This eerie dream, the previous one and the current new false accusations against Michael made me certain, he is in danger. I lost for a while my passion for singing and Music, because of these false accusations. It hurt me deep, and the whole time it felt like it is being done to me. I felt his pain, his fear and his anger over this injustice. I tried to e-mail him, but naturally, the e-mail seemed as if it is not used anymore. We had never met face-to-face at this point in real life. I wanted to help, because my dreams made me panic for Michael, but at the same time, I knew I am a stranger to him, how could he know he can trust me now. This is how it felt. If I was famous and had people back stabbing me like this, I would not go in that phase and trust strangers around the World, naturally.

I kept asking myself, back then, why God showed me this. Was it so I can rescue Michael somehow? Could I? Why me being so far away from him and never having met him yet? Definitely I wanted to try to help Michael. I desperately wanted to do something to save him somehow. I was convinced this is why I would receive such premonitions. In the same time I was noticing, that I perceive the things and feelings as well, from Michael himself. If he knew a few days before, that these people who he helped and gave money to had a fight with him or any argument and he had seen their malicious thoughts and greed in their eyes, I would perceive it as well and know that someone is attacking him from afar. Michael sensed people’s feelings and thoughts, he looked away often, being so nice and forgiving, but he always knew when someone had bad plans toward him or was becoming jealous and greedy. Eyes don’t lie.

He loves children in innocent ways, just like animals, because he could just live and breathe and enjoy his life around them without being planned against or abused. It makes me cry to think about how sweet and innocent and wonderful he was to all people he met and how he was thanked for it by society.

Then a final dream followed more vivid than ever, reaching into my awakened life. I have kept this dream, details of it, secret until now, because it is so historic. This dream took place in 2003, exactly seven years prior to our merging after he passed later.

It was a usual summer day and I went to bed. After I fell asleep, I found myself inside my dream in a hospital kind of bed. It could also be something else, but not at home. I felt so exhausted and burned out, like after

some kind of “marathon fighting.” I could not move really, like I am an old lady or something like that.

Then, in the corner of the room, I saw suddenly Michael appear as if floating toward me. He was wearing blue clothing that was so wide, that it floated as well not showing his body shape. He looked the same as he looked at that time in real life; his face was very serious this time. He seemed as if he does not stand on any ground I saw, but his energy reached far down and far up. Michael was surrounded by a blue fire aura, wearing something that looked like the universe around his belly and glittering in white in the same time all over the place.

As soon as I saw him, I recognized him as Archangel Michael and reached out my hand and said gently and exhausted, “Michael!” My arm felt tired and I still could reach for him. This moment I woke up, I did not see the rest of the story.

The first moment after awakening, I was confused and found it funny. Why am I dreaming about Archangel Michael suddenly? I don’t know anything about him nor ever was interested so much in Angels or read about them. And why in the World did he have Michael Jackson’s face? It was so random. That is what puzzled me. I ignored the dream, thinking it was pure fantasy and went on with my day.

In the afternoon after work, I went to the gym. It was owned by a Mister Elsener, who was a former police officer. He knew nothing about me; I knew nothing about him. But this day was different. As I sat on the one machine that works out the shoulder muscles in a wing type of movement, Mister Elsener suddenly came up to me telling the straight out like he is certain, “Archangel Michael wants to help you! But you are so stubborn; you have to allow him to help. He can’t do it against your will. Angels must respect free will. Ask him! Let him help you!”

I was shocked and stopped working out in this moment, replying, “Oh my God, how can you know what I was dreaming about last night?” Bam. It was so freaky and clear. But still, back then I didn’t get it and I and Mister Elsener got into a very spiritual and fun conversation afterwards. I asked him, “But why did Archangel Michael have Michael Jackson’s face in my dream?” I was like a little, confused and amazed child.

He explained to me, that he had no clue why he had Michael Jackson’s face. Today, I think back and find it funny, but I just didn’t get it before Michael passed out of his limited human form.

In that same phase of my life until I moved to Los Angeles, by the way, I slipped into paranormal scientific experiments with Dr. Peter Brugger. I have to say he is a very special scientist and I like him a lot; he is genius! Thank you, Peter, for teaching me more about my self, my brain functions and generally about the paranormal from science perspective.

Sadly, in 2009, in June, like in my 2003 Song MYSTERY GARDEN shockingly enough, I saw the News of Michael Jackson´s Death coincidently on TV as my Mother was trying to hide it from me and take me out so I do not see the News.

Since that very moment, I have a sometimes almost unbearable, inner soul anger, that is not easy to handle. The News of Michael´s Death upset me in ways that almost killed me. It was not a surprise, it shocked me because I had the premonitions and it happened, right in front of my eyes

Original Photo for the Cover of ONE LOVE 777 (Spiritual Pop Debut) by Susan Elsa © Official Channeling with Michael Jackson begins on her Birthday April 14th 2010
Original Photo for the Cover of ONE LOVE 777 (Spiritual Pop Debut) by Susan Elsa © Official Channeling with Michael Jackson begins on her Birthday April 14th 2010

Excerpt Twin Soul Book Archangel Michael´s Wedding © Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa Spiritual Information


“…and when one of them meets the other half, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment…” – Plato, Greek Philosopher and Playwright, 2500 years ago

To move to Los Angeles and leave all my family and friends I love so much behind was the hardest step I ever took in my life until that point. I never lived by myself before, and to directly go and live by myself in such a big, strange city was tough. Especially, because I knew this guy back then, I liked him a lot. He was my best friend. And he looked like Elvis’ twin brother, which is quite funny now, when I think back about this. I have to admit, in many conversations he helped me a lot to prepare the vision for my entertainment label, which I was to found later in my life. Especially because I am Arab, he thought it is needed to have a new “Star” with my background in the times we live in as some kind of “multicultural communication,” and he saw me as

perfect for helping the culture of the middle east “get to know” the western culture, because I grew up in Europe, being fully Arab. He said this years ago and he was right; and I am thankful to have had him in my life for a while, like a brother. It seemed easier for him, emotionally. I wish him all the best, from my heart and will keep his name unpublished, because he is a private Gentleman and business man and not famous, or intending to become famous. He can also get very upset and I would never publish his name in such a situation and such a book, if he does not know or approve of it.

I landed in LA, with my mother and being welcomed by my sister, who had already been living in the United States for a couple years, studying there. She had rented a car, so we can enjoy a short vacation as family and buy furniture and all I needed for me, plus find a room to rent to start my College there. LA looked so “dirty” and “falling apart,” compared to ultra clean Switzerland. I then rented a room at a big house, subleased from a single mother with a sweet daughter and dog. I had a nice Japanese roommate and another one from Australia, very nice girls. Later we received also a very nice, new roommate from Thailand. Of course I had no clue that this woman, who rented us the rooms, was a criminal who steals deposits and money from people and does so in one city after the other. They even converted the garage into an illegal room and rented it out, plus, a fake wall separating living room and the space behind the kitchen, which she then rented to an older single lady. She herself slept in the living room, with her daughter and the dog.

Slowly, she would show her real face. Time was going by, and she didn’t hand anyone of us the paper we signed, the sublease. That means we had no evidence we rented there or paid deposit to get it back. I knew this moment already, that something is wrong about her. One day, she left her daughter with us, and I am in my first semester, in English and have to study hard! She disappeared for hours longer than she had said, and came back late with a strange guy in a car, looking like she had laid herself down in some sand or dirt. I understand, she was desperately seeking a job, is what she said, but who knows.

One time, we found the daughter having a black eye. And then we found a closet in the kitchen she had removed the button from so you can’t open it easily, but we did. I was shocked to find masses of empty alcohol bottles hidden in there, and I felt really sad, we all did, and tried to help her. Of course, we only planned all to help her, before she entered with the “emergency key” my room and other’s rooms as well, stealing money, using my phone cards I call my grandmother in Egypt with, even, using my name once on the phone with Police. She wanted to complain about noise from the neighbors and called the Police and my roommate heard her claim to them on the phone that her name was “Susan.” I call that identity abuse or theft. I was not on the phone. All her behavior got more and more “threatening” to us and she lost more and more respect.

When she decided then to disappear for one week, without communication, leaving her dog alone without food or clean water, I took care of the helpless dog. The dog was unique and I loved him, he was so smart! When the postman would come by, the dog knew, from the back patio if the guy was thinking about coming to our door, or walking beside the house the small path to the apartments in the back. The dog could sense that, without eye-sight of the postman! And every single time the postman was heading to our door, he barked. If he was heading to the backside apartments, the dog was silent. This dog knew from inside the house on the other side in the back patio, if the postman stopping the post car on the street is having the thought of our door or the other doors without seeing him.

I then prepared all our belongings together with my roommates, which were also helpless and innocent international students there and we went on the road with nothing, to look for another place to live. We would meet in secret outside the house and discuss our bad situation, visit open houses and search either two apartments or a house for all of us to rent together. All of that during my very first semester and having to do exams in English for the first time in my life. It was a difficult start in Los Angeles, but I proved to myself that I am able to handle the toughest situations. I and my Japanese roommate found a great and clean place to live in and it was just around the corner of a Police Station. Those made me feel safer.


My friend, which resembles Elvis a lot, did not come to America but stayed in Europe. I was very sad over this and felt like he has someone else now, trying to call him after our sad and last phone conversation. But he did not pick up the phone, nor answer my messages at all. I felt guilty that I left him behind and just moved to the other side of the World because Michael might’ve ended up in jail and I wanted to be there then. This is what I worried about when I planned all the move, papers and submitted my application to go study Film Directing and Cinematography right at the “Heart of Hollywood.” I just had to continue my life, and my friend, I felt, has another fate. I was led by my heart, I guess, not knowing where I am heading in life.

I have seen many homeless people spread all over the streets of L.A. and kept asking myself, why nobody helps them. Never have I seen such helplessness and crimes being done to innocent, normal people anywhere. In the beginning I had difficulty to accept it and kept giving money to them whenever I could. It broke my heart. Slowly but surely I saw America for what it is: A hell on Earth.

I don’t like to admit I was so wrong. I dreamed about living in America all my life, I loved it. I loved American movies, games and thought they are the best when it comes to Entertainment and the land of “freedom.” And suddenly it became more and more like a trap: from every corner danger and crime coming at people. One had to always be attentive walking or crossing streets because people drove cars like nuts and many had no insurance and no driver’s license.

The new apartment was very clean, comfortable and we made it our home. My Japanese roommate was a very nice girl and we had a lot of fun together, cooking, watching DVD’s, going out and we even went to the Oscar’s together to watch live how the famous Film Stars were walking on the red carpet. It was awesome and I will always cherish her and remember our good times there.

After the first four days already I was tapped gently on my shoulder in Venice, California, by some stranger who wanted to know direction to a Sushi restaurant. I looked up and suddenly saw it was Keanu Reeves! That was funny and strange for me. I had basically just arrived and it’s true; the celebrities are everywhere in Los Angeles, walking around, buying groceries and going to see movies. In the movie theatre one time me and my friends met Anthony from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and another time Tyra Banks was sitting next to us eating a huge ice cream. So, meeting celebrities was a normal thing for me there. I used to joke with my friends that a particular gemstone I had would attract them every time I wore it outside.

Los Angeles is a whole “salad” of different cultures and people, foods and places to go. One never can see everything there, not even if one lives there for years and years. That is something I really liked. The beach that I saw and lived at the first time ever in my life, was beautiful. We don’t have beaches in Switzerland. Here we have more a forest type of landscape, which I also love. I feel at home when I walk through the forest and lean on beautiful trees. But the beach was a change and also wonderful.

The politics of this country were from the start, a thorn in my eye. Many, many laws exist in America, but they aren’t enforced fairly and justly always. Some places the Police don’t even go to, abandoning the people. Other places are so rich with luxury right next to a poor area that one wonders why there is such a huge gap between rich and poor there. It is worse than most other countries I have ever visited. I do love the lands itself, God made California. I can imagine that if you would time-travel back about 100-200 years you would find that it was a magical place with many wise Native American Indians and Latin Americans, who actually named it. Los Angeles means “The Angels” and I think it makes a lot of sense how the story played out exactly there.

I felt a strong spiritual energy in Los Angeles. Many spirits of the Ancients are surrounding the lands of America, trying to help justice for the innocent people. Many of them are spirits of Native American Indians. They too, I can tell as an insider, work with God to fight evil and the devil. These people are very wise and spiritual on a master level and I sense that back in the era of Ancient Egypt when I lived there, we had contact

with them, with India, with old Persia and the Druids in Europe around Scotland/Ireland/England. This is the explanation that “they” don’t tell you. There are pyramids all over the globe, all built with the same measurements and methods. The Ancient Egyptians did brain surgery already via the nose, had electricity and machines with which they made these perfect statues and engravings on obelisks. You cannot do this so clean and with perfect measurements via a human handwork. It wasn’t aliens who did this or brought us technology; it is our invention! And Angels also are not aliens or strangers; they are spiritual beings which could channel ideas and technology into the minds of these Ancient people! I wonder when I see all these new-age theories about aliens coming with spaceships to Earth and contacting us. It’s nonsense. God would never allow other planets to interact with our planet when we aren’t the least bit ready and divide on the same planet still. Humanity needs to solve their own problems first, only then the path will be free to grow further in the Universe and communicate with other galaxies and planets.

One of the things that are recommended for the readers to research further is something they call “the Bagdad battery.” Check it out for yourself with your own eyes.

When I was a teenager, by the way, I visited Egypt as usual and we traveled to Luxor. There I witnessed myself in a museum a car-size light bulb from Ancient Egypt. It is all fact and provable. Sorry but, it wasn’t the British who invented these things; they just stole them and re-introduced them as their own invention. Oh yeah, Michael read a lot of books the whole time; he visited book stores and archives all over the world during his travels and taught me these things, if you like it or not, his knowledge is still alive in me. Besides that, I myself have always been interested in learning and educating myself as much as possible, to make God proud of me.

In Los Angeles I met many good people. The people of America are wonderful and I had a really good time there as well, besides bad experiences after getting together with Michael. I love how American people barbeque and gather up in houses or back yards, enjoying themselves with friends instead of always just clubbing as Europeans do more. Surely what I loved the most was the wide-spread talent in art; people in America aren’t shy when it comes to entertaining others and many can sing, dance and act. It’s really amusing and wonderful for me as an artist. Of course I don’t need to mention the amusement parks or do I? There are many amusement parks that one can spend a lot of quality time at, with friends or family, like for example Disney world or the Universal Studios. They even have a special amusement park for rollercoasters called “Six Flags.” I can only recommend these for anyone who loves these kinds of things.

One day, I and my Japanese roommate went to the beach of Santa Monica. She lay down on a nice, big towel, took off her glasses which she needs to see clear, and I performed direct Reiki healing on her. I did not touch her directly, but moved my hands with a bit of a distance above her body and head. I felt as usual the universal energy flowing through my hands, vibrating my hand palms. I also connect to Jesus’ spirit to do so, since he personally initiated me into it years before that. I only did it for five minutes, not too long.

After my friend opened her eyes again, she was seeing the rest of this day without glasses in a very clear way and shocked by the power of Reiki.


Another time, later, I had a new roommate after the Japanese girl moved back to Japan. She was very smart and skeptical. She did not even one little bit believe in anything spiritual or psychic abilities. Then I offered her to perform some Reiki. It was in our old apartment. All the windows were closed. I moved as she had her eyes closed, my hand palms again over her body, not touching her. As the energy started to flow from my hands to her and into her body, she suddenly felt it very strong. She opened her eyes, and asked if I had opened the window. I said, look, it’s closed. She closed her eyes, still feeling it, being so skeptical she kept jumping up and looking around herself, above her, testing if the light maybe makes vibrations and this energy feel she perceived and could find no explanation for what she felt coming out of my hands. It was funny for me to test how it even works with people who do not believe in any such things.

One of the things I learned from the most there was the spirit of entrepreneurship in California. Since people cannot rely on the Government to help them out financially when in need, they are very creative. In Venice Beach I met many Indie artists who sell there their very own CD’s and DVD’s trying to get heard. Others make up any business idea, printing special T-Shirts or any other product and sell it at their schools to gather the tuition fees, mostly black people. These are the real artists of America and they deserve most of all to live the so-called “American Dream.” Michael learned a lot from these young people on the streets as well and he always gave them the credit they deserve. Michael is very humble and I keep saying is, because Michael is eternal.

One of these examples became very big coming from such circumstances and I respect him a lot for it: James Brown. The man had an iron will and went from very low to very high with his determination. Michael told me once, why he loves James so much. Many of you know about the special moment when Michael saw James Brown for the first time performing live in front of his eyes and watched from backstage all fascinated. But most people don’t know the inner feeling and thoughts of Michael during this moment. What fascinated Michael the most wasn’t the dance steps or singing at all, but James’ strong spiritual energy he felt all over the place. James was singing his lungs out, as if fighting for respect and love being a black man in a racist country. Michael felt the courage coming out of James’ heart, the will to overcome it and put all his life energy into his performance and get respect even from people who disliked him or his music. Michael had there a moment of inspiration and later would increasingly put all his energy, all his breathe, all his sweat into his work like James. Michael just wanted to be loved; James wanted to be loved. All human beings wish to be loved truly.

I enjoyed the diversity of people living all together in Los Angeles. From what I know, the American Founding fathers had another vision than what America became. It was supposed to be a land of individual freedom for all people, freedom of religion, spiritual freedom, artistic freedom, freedom of expression and the opposite of the “churchy” system of England, Italy and France. This is exactly why people from Europe moved there with the hope to live in freedom. Naturally, the British didn’t let them freely go out of their slavery system and mixed in their fingers in hidden ways in the new world again, dividing and conquering. This whole republican and democrats division arguing and discussing all the time is not what the American Founding fathers had in mind. Besides that, there is another important point I need to make for my beloved Native Americans. There were about 60 million Native Americans living in their land for a long time, having their culture and traditions and being in harmony with nature and its laws.

I went myself to Arizona and looked in detail at the Indian reservations. I was shocked, traumatized and cried at the sight. I have always felt deeply connected to the Native American Indians.Their beautiful culture, being choked by the invaders without consideration for their well-being or rights. Nobody even talks about this biggest ethnic cleansing in History. How come? How come the press and entertainment business never mentions this? There are only about half a million Native Americans left and there were 60 million before the mass killing! Why didn’t the people who wanted to go and live there cooperate with them and live hand in hand peacefully together? I truly believe this is why America is cursed by God. You cannot kill that many people living in their own land and then just take it for yourself and replace them!

In the Indian reservations I saw a very sad sight. The sand winds were blowing and the reservation was a very abandoned, empty desert. Many had mobile homes, a horse and a dog outside and mountains of trash at each mobile home, because American trash service doesn’t go there. Within the United States just land marked on the map that officially does not belong to America. Natives pushed aside into tiny areas where they have literally nothing, like in a third world country. Michael agreed with me by the way and I was surprised positively at how he analyzed this issue. In his Black or White clip he features as “The Americans” the Native Indians dancing with him in their traditional way, besides other countries.

After we left the Indian reservation, I was still very angry inside about the sight I had witnessed. I connected my spirit to the deceased spirits of the wonderful Natives and put my hand in theirs to work together spiritually. Also own “Moqui Marbles” since a while, which is a special gemstone they use for spiritual purposes and magical purposes. Usually it comes in twos, one gemstone being male the other being female. If

you hold them you can feel them dance in your hands or sense their heartbeat. These are living gemstones. I then continued to Sedona, which happens to be a very spiritual town.

In Sedona I planned to find out more about myself and needed an answer regarding my increasing memories of the ancient Egyptian incarnation as IsIs. I went to a tarot card building, where they had surely a minimum of 20 psychics. I picked one by pure intuition from the pictures of the readers there.

As I entered her personal reading room, I was surprised: She had all over her room Ancient Egyptian symbols with a special focus on IsIs! I asked her my question, if what “I sense is who I really was in a past life,” without saying who I am talking about. And she replied:” Yes, your feeling is correct.” This whole trip was very fateful and strange at first, because my higher self kept channeling into me, my own higher self! As if my soul above sees and knows more about my life plan than my earthly brain and consciousness.

I continued to Yuma before heading back to California. There I rented a room in a very old hotel from 1910’s. I could literally feel the old spirit of it. There I channeled from my higher self, thinking back then it is IsIs, my future company name Mystery Garden and the logo of the ying-yang-lit tree. I took this trip in 2007. I heard my higher self say to me literally: It’s time now to start your own business. I didn’t understand, because I was still studying, not having met Michael yet and not poisoned yet. I thought in this spring of 2007 that IsIs is a separate being helping me from beyond.

I returned to Los Angeles and continued my classes. Shortly after this trip to Arizona I ran into Michael by pure telepathy in a sandwich store in Santa Monica.


“An honest man is always a child” – Socrates, Greek Philosopher and Logician-

Susan Elsa: Fall 2010 Eyes Close Up ©
Susan Elsa: Fall 2010 Eyes Close Up ©


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“To be or not to be, this is the question.” – William Shakespeare-

After Michael passed, I had to help him personally. Oh man, he was so angry at first! So angry, I was scared a bit of his extreme anger and I felt how dangerous this karma will be for the ones who hurt him. It was like he “fell asleep” and then when he “woke up” again, he found himself outside of his body, and he got so angry when he realized it. He kept going back to his body and checking on it, watching what they do exactly with it.

When his family ordered a second autopsy, of course the News was about to come out two days later, that they insisted on a second autopsy. I did not know, while it was performed, and felt suddenly like a knife in my belly, cutting around in my body. I started saying to my confused friends, “What…what is happening with me! What is this feeling, like a knife in my belly?” I suddenly got this paralyzing back pain and it felt like I am being “autopsied” alive. Of course, my friends had no clue what I’m talking about and stared at me in awe. Autopsies are wrong, I did not know this, but I know now, that after someone passes, they are still “connected” to their vessel. Maybe only a while after, I am not sure. But these things scared me deeply and I felt so helpless, it was like a horror movie where I could do nothing and was stuck in it. I was so traumatized, that I stopped talking about Michael in general to people, because I didn’t want to reveal too much about me and his strange, crazy, eternal connection. I also worried, that I am about to die myself, I had no clue what all this was. I cried every day, spiritually tortured over how the press and other celebrities suddenly talked nice about him, trying all to pretend they were friends with him and liked him Why not before? Why now you fake people – to seek attention on his costs?

In the beginning months after his death, Michael came one time into my living room strongly. I didn’t even see him or look, I saw a bit of a silhouette looking like his, sensed his strong aura which is typical Michael and it

was so clear how he was manifesting into my living room from the right side, that I jumped up from the couch screaming like a little scared girl and ran toward the kitchen and then looked at the corner I have felt him coming in from. I never felt such a strong ghost in all my experiences, in awakened life not in a dream! I was surprised and confused having been deeply focusing on what I was watching on TV that moment. I saw him lowering his head all sad, and then he left gently. I feel so bad now after I understand how sad he was then that I was scared of him as a ghost. But what would anyone out there do, if you loved someone so deep and they die like this, you almost died with them, and suddenly they stand as a ghost in front of you?

It was at first too much, I could not deal with it. I have helped in my life as a medium many souls “find into the light” and “cross over to Heaven,” but this was not just someone, it was Michael! To my surprise though, I have never done a more professional medium job ever before and thinking back, I am so proud of myself. After this first initial manifestation he did I was able to let him go and all my interest was that he goes “up to God now and is happy and healed.” I didn’t want anything, I didn’t complain, I didn’t even think about myself, I just wanted him to enjoy Heaven after his tough life and go into the light and be finally happy. He made it easy for me, not like other Ghosts I had to help. I told him the following:

“Don’t you remember? You are Archangel Michael! I love you and will always remember you. Please, go into the light…Michael you know you were never alone in your challenges, I felt it all with you!” with all my love and tears of compassion, and he immediately did it. He did not make it hard for me, he did not have an issue letting go, and I think also he was curious. Then, he went upwards in a “light stream” and left.

After Michael had gone to Heaven, I felt so lonely like never before. I cried day and night, feeling how my whole soul is screaming for Michael. Like, as an adult, a teenager and little girl, all at once, screaming for Michael in my soul. I missed him suddenly so much, feeling like now I really and definitely was alone, left behind on this planet. This is how it felt. Now, I was “alone.”

In March 2010, I went with my family to Venice/Italy. It was so nice. And there, as I lay in my bed in this huge, castle like bedroom of this water front Hotel – Michael was brought back to me carried by Angels all of a sudden! He looked rejuvenated and had an afro and was black again, like we looked with age 17/18. He smiled so much, being brought back to me. Michael then, as a Ghost, stayed with me the whole night, sitting at my bed as I tossed and turned being emotionally tortured from all that I experienced and he performed some “energetic healing work” on me. I felt this “negativity” being pulled out of me and I was so happy to see him again, even if it was different. First thing he said after he came back and was informed about everything in and out about our whole lives by God himself, was the following, “I am so sorry; everything you went through was because of our connection.”

He gave me time I have to admit. He did the transition step by step, giving me bits of information in the comfortable pace. I felt so embarrassed at first, because I sensed that he could “see me all the time” now, even when I was on the toilet. That felt weird. And I felt how he checked me out, when I would take a shower and he found it very amusing, that I felt so embarrassed. He kept saying, how much we are alike. He was suddenly so healed and well, here to help me. Man, I mean, the Angels brought him back to me into that Hotel directly in Venice, and placed him ON me in spiritual form. I didn’t understand why for a while. He was a Ghost/Angel.

One day during these initial few weeks, he told me the correct information he received directly from God about our connection. We were not “soul mates.” He came into my living room with the exact same aura I had seen in my Archangel Michael Dream about 7 Years prior to that in 2003, and then he said:

“You are the One. I looked for you all my life. I love you. You will never be alone again. You are my heaven! I love you. You are my Twin Soul!”

I have never heard this term before, in English, not once in my life. It was clearly not something me, or Mike realized or understood when he was alive. Only after, when God showed him the full truth and explained to

him beyond, he could come and reveal to me why we had same thoughts and parallel physical heart pains and all which took place in his last phase of life in Los Angeles. I had no idea! Michael never mentioned this term when alive before, we only talked about “soul mate.”

ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) © Released as BABY STEPS of a New Genre Concept on Susan Elsa´s personal Birthday (April 14th 2010)
ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) © Released as BABY STEPS of a New Genre Concept on Susan Elsa´s personal Birthday (April 14th 2010)


“I took my baby on a Saturday bang. Boy, is that girl with you? Yes, we’re one and the same.”- Michael Jackson in his Song “Black or White” 1991

“Spiritual Pop is born!” -April 14th 2010-

In this special chapter I will finally tell all my exact experience on how I created the new music genre which I not only invented, but got sudden help in through Michael in spirit after he passed, making it increasingly authentic and revolutionary. Nobody published or registered any of this officially before me. I even had looked up the word “channeling” to make sure there is nothing similar on Google search results and after the hacking, Google search results got filled with the word “channeling” connected to fashion, pop singers and they even used it to describe that some celebrities “channel cartoon figures” or “other artists alive”, which makes no sense. It is a strategy to further cloud the true meaning of the word. Channeling means to use your body as a channel, a vessel for a spirit not in their own channel/physical body! Like when Michael uses my body and his energy flows through me and completed songs come freestyle out of my mouth and I wonder myself how I did it. That is what channeling really is by definition. You can also use invocation. And it is my new Pop concept, not Lady “Satan’s,” look up the dates and research.

Based on all my previous life experiences with my obviously very unique and extreme spirituality, I asked myself a long time ago how I can integrate my own individual “finger print” into my Pop art. Everyone needs an individual style and I had many bad experiences with producers, managers and studios in my life, record labels don’t care about honesty in mainstream pop music, they care about money and numbers ice cold.

I have lost many years since my early youth, staying true to myself, being who I am and refusing to let anyone change me, my art or my vision. I lost years fighting for my new ideas and honest music. When all these extreme incidents happened to me like Set possessing my friend years ago in front of my eyes, or my unique talents like reading the future for people, learning Reiki (healing through the hands), secretly accompanying stuck souls into the light like a “Spiritual Psychologist,” it just grew into this direction naturally. My music and general film ideas and creativity come directly from my soul. In this case it happens to be the same soul as Michael Jackson, so the following should make perfect sense.

I integrate my spiritual talent into my pop music style and made it my own. There is no other that does this in my style, except me. I don’t have much money and refuse to sell out, still, I am willing to fight hard the honest, clean way and make it myself with only God’s help, and Michael’s. And so it is.

After Michael had passed, went to Heaven and returned to me rejuvenated, he started to do the most obvious and crazy things with me and my body. As a good example from the early phase of his return:

I was waiting for the train at the train station. It was underground and here in Switzerland, all is clean including the floors. Out of the blue I felt this “urge energy” inside my right leg, like I will freak out if I don’t

immediately dance! It was comparable to when a person is upset and needs to hit something and goes hitting a sand bag. That is how it felt. I felt like I have so much energy I need to scream and dance hard. I tried with all my will to repress this dance urge thinking about that similar scene on Michael’s Ghosts film. I got home and as soon as no public could see it, I danced like there is tomorrow. I suddenly did moves I couldn’t do before, automatically as if someone is remotely controlling my body.

A few days only before my Birthday, I knew Michael is helping me, continuing our plans. It sounds so crazy. I titled the draft to my later published first Spiritual Pop Single with this new concept I developed “Jajetztbittehilf” in German inside the original demo file. That means translated: “Now please help me.” Bam, like a lightning the idea was in my head suddenly and I worked on it all by myself with only a Mac laptop at home and the laptop microphone.The original sound of the musical composition is insanely good, but I don’t have yet enough money to produce with big studios and pay it myself, having absolute creative control. You need to be able to finance all by yourself if they are to do exactly your vision and not interfere. I just suddenly had the idea completed in my head, hearing the melody, straight through my lips into the mic without my own thinking or any writing down of any lyrics. It was magical. I knew immediately this is not me, because I never was able to do something like this before and that in English too!

On the very day of my birthday, April 14th 2010, I woke up seeing Michael on his knees at the side of my bed. He appeared with a white shirt, black pants and his hair was put straight back. He smiled at me and said, “Good morning my love.” Obviously, Michael does not need sleep now. This very day he said that this song called ONE LOVE is a birthday gift from him to me. I published it the same day on the very day I was born, visualizing it like a birth of myself and my truth in my Music, my artistic vision. Also it was a good idea, because Michael had started recording his Thriller album back then, on the very day I was being born in Switzerland. Here are the channeled lyrics which came through Michael into me:

Channeled and composed by Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael

Verse 1

This is the healing vibe
The healing rhythm of heaven Heaven’s energies
Dropping down like rain on my face

Grab me by my light
Making me move towards the light Healing light
One Heart
One Mind


We can change
If we only decide: We are one

One Force One God One Love

Verse 2 (Listen up)

Sometimes when you walk through society You want to turn off your eyes
You don’t want to see anything
Because everything seems bad

You don’t know what to think But we can change if we decide

One Heart One Mind One Soul One God One Light

Chorus 2

We can change
If we only decide we are one (We are one)
One Force, One God, One Word (We are one)

One Love

Time is running out
We need to make a change 2012 approaches

Double Intertwined Final Chorus

Part 1:
I am the light of the world
Trying to help you through the night Through the dark I lead you
Through the night I wake you in your light Of One Love

The rose flame connecting you all in One Mind, One Love

Part 2:
We can
Only decide we are one
One Force, One God, One Love

If we only decide We are one
We can change

One Word, One God, One Love (2x)

The same day he showed me in a very intense Out-of-Body experience our heavenly wedding in front of a white arch. Michael wore a very glittery, majestic white dress suite and I as well a white, otherworldly nice wedding dress. We both were very angelic and emanated a bright, white light and glitter all around us. In earthly weddings people throw glitter and flower buds around the couple. In our wedding in heaven we ourselves emanated this glitter from within us and kept smiling all the time. All the heavens attended. That includes all good souls who passed and ascended to Heaven like for example Elvis, and all the other Archangels and Angels as well. Of course I wasn’t aware of Elvis specifically or such, all I saw was many, many light-body people standing left and right as Michael led me through to the arch/altar holding my hand. It was like an endless hallway, a red carpet of heaven. It was such a strange, miraculous and wonderful experience. Michael said, this is beyond space and time as we know on Earth and all people who will pass in the future, will see our wedding celebration without being bound to time. Some people might be able to sense or see images of it now in human form here, but it takes strong spiritual mastership to view such high dimensions. This is something above the 7th dimension and it is the furthest I remember consciously ever having traveled that far with my soul outside of my physical, earthly body.

End of Book Excerpt ©

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More Insights into Channeled Twin Soul Works since 2010 between Michael & Susan:

Osiris Un Nefer (Michael Jackson Past Life Healing Song & Chant) © Nov 2010

Osiris Un-Nefer is the King of eternal Life and the Judge of the Dead in Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Susan Elsa traveled to Egypt and directly channeled all the Material directly into the Microphone (Nov 2010-Aswan, Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Simbel, Hot Eye)

Osiris & Isis by Susan Elsa, in stores for download 12/12/2010! Plus: The Book of the Dead revealed! (Original Title in Ancient Egypt: Book of Coming Out into the Daylight)

Live channeled, in Egypt, the coming Album presents a completely new vision of Pop Music. The complete album is made by Susan alone and also not. Secret Album Release Date: 21st Dec 2010

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There were strange things taking place in the News parallel to the Release of Osiris & Isis Pharao Pop’s first Single, parallel News:


The IsIs Song with Production and Channeling Journey Documentation Film Footage © Nov 2010


Exclusive Insights into digital and physical Production Data of the Secret Project announced in October 2011: The Other Part of HIM (Dec 21st 2012 Released) by Susan Elsa & her Twin Soul Michael Jackson in Spirit acting as a Spiritual Film Director, directing her through channeling in each Step of this Production.

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Physical Metamorphose Insight into Documentation Files:

Twin Soul Biology © 2013

Susan Elsa on June 6th 2009
Susan Elsa on June 6th 2009


– Eye Size

– Upper Lips

– Facial Lines- Cheeks & Mouth Wrinkles

Clear Twin Soul Physical Signs of the Mirroring Souls on the Cheeks © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Cheek Moles
Clear Twin Soul Physical Signs of the Mirroring Souls on the Cheeks © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Cheek Moles
Susan Elsa 2010 at Nefertiti Temple © Original Natural Looks
Susan Elsa 2010 at Nefertiti Temple © Original Natural Looks


Osiris Michael Jackson: I RMEMBER by Susan Elsa- channeled throughout Egypt´s lands ©
Osiris Michael Jackson: I RMEMBER by Susan Elsa- channeled throughout Egypt´s lands © 2010

Love & Light & Truth 777

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