Michael Jackson: Twin Soul Flame Kundalini Experiences © THE DJED

Dear World

As published in my Book, “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”, and another spiritual type Article in the Lightworkers Magazine online, I had described that Michael, which I was with from early 2007 on after running into each other in Los Angeles, had been able to still make love to me after his passing.

It was the shock of my life, but then again, just familiar. As if we just continue where we left off.

I would like to put all important information into one article now, to raise awareness about THE DJED © (The Djed of Osiris, it is originally called)

Spiritual Pop Art of the DJED OF OSIRIS (Backbone) © Ancient Egyptian secret Kundalini Ancient Knowledge
Spiritual Pop Art of the DJED OF OSIRIS (Backbone) © Ancient Egyptian secret Kundalini Ancient Knowledge

This is a very important information, dear readers, not only for repeating the truth, as lies are being spewed by demonic people about innocent Michael, but mainly for education reasons. The Kundalini Spine of Light (Djed) is a passive S-form energy that is part of our basic life force (looks like a snake of light rising up, because our spines are S-shaped from the side).

An awakened, healthy kundalini spine not only improves physical health, helps with weight loss as well, clears the mind, the heart. It even opens the third eye and second sight into non-physical worlds, at one big bang. *smile*

Physically speaking, for my dear readers, who are not or not yet into spiritual matters, this is interesting just the same, because EVERYONE has a Kundalini Energy laying passive in them not activated mostly, and it can drastically improve physical health for anyone out there.

When it comes to Twin Souls/Twin Flames, I can only tell from my personal and individual experience that the Kundalini or generally, whole Aura feel is triggered alone by kissing your twin soul already.

I mainly explain things on the kissing example, because the other descriptions go too far and are personal, but it does not matter, as long as you understand the basic idea behind Kundalini or Cosmic Sex. And the rest, your own individual and personal experiences are always special and unique anyways, and no twin soul couple is like another. Every twin soul is unique.

I had no idea about Michael Jackson being my twin soul, who would think that. Not even heard the term ever, especially not in English. I knew of soul mates though.

After this unplanned first meeting at this Santa Monica Sandwhich Store (Organic Healthy Sandwhich Store close to Santa Monica Beach on 4th Street & Santa Monica Blvd), we started to hang out, mostly at my place whenever he could sneak away a bit, or we would meet at places such as a Cinema theatre and go in, when it is dark outside, so people cannot recognise him. I always felt panic though, because I did recognise him with fake beard and all. His moves, his hands, his energy, just fills any room he would enter.

It was not long after this first running into each other, that we had our next meeting, in private and no fear of anyone recognising him. He had said he wanted to talk, but not “here and not now”.

I had explained before, in my Book (which is more leaned on Spiritual Matters to educate in the NOW and not about sensationalism of the past at all)- that I initially was very confused, because when I met Michael in person, after having been a fan of his work all my life, I felt sudden attraction to him and I never had this before our meeting. Seeing him from afar as a Celebrity, doing his work, I felt only platonic soulmate vibes (is how I named things as a Teenager back then, growing up speaking GERMAN: Seelenverwandte), and was inspired by his work, to strive to become like him in THE WORK. I will always respect and love Michael´s work.

But, my whole World and view on him changed, just like that!

It was like there is some huge magnet, that pulls me toward him, and the same he obviously felt. Which he then showed me clearly, when we meet in peace and private.

I remember how nervous I was, I was about to faint, BEFORE he arrived there even. I had no idea why I was feeling that way, I was always a calm cool type of person and I really felt confused about my sudden attraction to him.

So, when he appeared, all my nervousness was blown away, because I felt this vibe from him. He came to me and hugged me immediately, but with some physical distance, like a friend-type hug.

He seemed a bit nervous, looked around a few times as if to check that nobody saw him or is around anywhere seeing us. He then explained a few things on why he had to leave so fast the last time in this restaurant, and how he does things to keep his privacy.

We talked a bit about his complicated life situations, and about mine. We talked a lot about filmmaking and movies right away, because I was studying Film Directing & Cinematography there, which Michael found fascinating and was taking classes and studying this himself to become a Film Director, just like me. So, my role model I always wanted to be like in my work, going the same direction as me. That made me so happy.

He mentioned also this vision, he kept seeing my face in his dreams all his life he said, and that he tried to make drawings of it before. First as he talked, I was confused due to him wearing glasses still, what he means with that. I felt a bit like he is flirting with me and this is some pick up line.

He said he will show me some of these drawings as proof, and insisted that this is the truth. I felt a bit more relaxed by then and shared with him some of my dreams I had, where I saw him in it. I did not tell all details in this meeting, just a bit, but it was enough to make him take off his glasses and just, he did not say anything. He just grabbed me and hugged me, and I felt so much love in his hug. That was so, sweet gesture. Like he felt how awkward I am to share these private dreams.

Honestly, I did not want to stop hugging him anymore. We just hugged for a while, and he was stroking my back. His hands were kinda low, but I didn´t care. It did not feel like he is a stranger, I felt comfortable unlike with anyone else before, just from the start. How weird is that. It was this magnet.

He then let go a bit and asked me, face down, if he made me feel uncomfortable or something. That was so cute, like a puppy he was staring. I said, no of course not.

We sat down and he just looked at me, all silent. Playing with my hand. I felt the whole time, that he totally wants to kiss me, but he kinda was holding himself back, which only made him more cute. It was so obvious. Like he did not know how to do it.

I went to grab a bottle of nice ice cold water and 2 glasses, and when I came back he just grabbed me and kissed me. Just sudden move.

I cannot even describe that feeling. It was not like a normal kiss at all. It was like, everything around was melting and did not exist anymore.

I try to explain it as best as I can.

“Normal” kisses are like, just kisses, normal. You feel only a physical touch, and this emotional and mental distance remains, between the two.

But with Michael is was like I could feel butterflies not only inside of me, but on my skin all over my body too, just from his kisses. Like butterfly-like goose bumps rushes.

He then had to go, unfortunately. But it was very hard to stop kissing at this point, and when he left, he said with a sad face, that we will meet soon again and that I have to know “you are very special to me, I´m not playing”. So, I kissed him again and felt so crazy confused, sad, happy, all like a rollercoaster going on in my mind, after he left.

I was like, did I just make out with Michael Jackson?

These special aura feels, they did not stop. And it was confusing, because it was like I could feel his thoughts even after he left still, it was like this magnet feel between us. I was super happy, but confused. I feared his fame and the public.

Now, what is KUNDALINI? The Djed?

The Kundalini cannot be raised by kissing only, even though it can spark bits of kundalini activation obviously. This is why one feels the aura vibes, like butterfly feeling on your skin too, not just interior. With twin souls, this is guaranteed and automatic. Kissing Michael has always been that way, from the first time and every time from then on.

I think with soul mates, soul family, the souls we have karmic links with in a closer way than other souls we never met and that do not have a spiritual connection to ours from before, it can be similar.

The Kundalini Djed Spine of Light is going from the Root chakra flowing up to the crown and connecting to the etheric bodies/astral and the light body chakras above and beyond all at once. It feels like a volcano of light breaking out of the crown, like a water fountain.

It is what you see on the famous ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CROWNS WITH THE SNAKE OR TWO SNAKES at the forehead/crown chakra spot. It is symbolic of an awakened kundalini and spiritual mastery.


The 7 Chakras and their Functions:

Right Eye of IsIs-TWIN EYE Mystery School: 7 PHYSICAL BODY CHAKRAS ©
Right Eye of IsIs-TWIN EYE Mystery School: 7 PHYSICAL BODY CHAKRAS ©

 1. THE ROOT CHAKRA (RED)  Muladhara





6. THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA  (Royal Blue merging into Purple)  Ajna  *Important to Open Astral Eye*

7. THE CROWN CHAKRA  or TREE CONSCIOUSNESS CHAKRA (Mainly Purple but other Colours determined by Individual)  Sahasrara

 1. THE ROOT CHAKRA (RED)  Muladhara

Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The Root Chakra is located in the crotch area and open downwards and upwards in vibration.

It is a sexual chakra, active most when having any sexual connection with someone. It stores therefore all aspects of sexuality, healthy, any issues in those relationships, sometimes linked to heart chakra and both need to be under Reiki ray together. One hand on this, one hand on the other. Try it out and note down what you sense and your inner Mirror will always show you, what within you or around you needs to be worked on.


Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The Sacral Chakra is located above the genitals and below the belly button. Its vibration is open toward the front and back.

Also sexual chakra, but more linked to emotional body building a bridge. Important for emotional-sensual aspects of any relationship, also to yourself and your life, work, confidence etc.


Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The Solar Plexus is the Energy Centre of the physical body and therefore important for maintaining physical health and strength. Vibrating toward front and back.

Energy centre of the body and storing your stamina, physical strength and emotions. Most active when doing sports, angry or overly excited, such as in feeling butterflies.


Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The Heart Chakra is in the middle of the chest, not on the right or left side but in the middle, also vibrating toward the front and back.

A core Chakra, connecting your physical heart and your spiritual heart/flame, and with the etheric, bigger heart chakra (etheric and light body)- this is a very central Chakra for TWIN SOUL Meditation. For any relationship based on love, worries, issues, relating to matters of the heart and love, but also spiritual focus to develop an expanded heart chakra and unconditional love focus, this is the most important chakra of all to focus on and protect. It can pick up others distorted energies and emotions fast, especially if you are an empath or even, a psychic empath. Therefore, and for all protection matters relating to spiritual connections such as with the twin soul mainly, the other soul family members- protect it well regularly so envy, jealousy and black magic energy cannot “stab it”.


Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The Throat or “Michael-Chakra” is as the Insider naming tells, under the authority of Archangel Michael as enforcer and defender of truth and the spoken truthful word and information. A very important chakra, since many forces on Earth have tried to block this one in the Mass Consciousness and Individual Human Beings, and it is re-opening now, activating a wave of REMEMBERING AND MEMORY of higher knowledge and SOUL TRUTH returning to Mass Consciousness.

Matters of Communication, especially also in topics relating to JUSTICE and oppression, abuse and all situations where “one´s voice is taken away”. Also when shy, nervous about a conversation, interview, meeting, appointment, date, this can be protected and balanced with Reiki symbols shown here, and Communication becomes truthful and fluent, naturally tuned in to universal truth and confidence in speaking.

6. THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA  (Royal Blue merging into Purple)  Ajna  *Important to Open Astral Eye*

Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The 3rd Eye Chakra is the “Magic Focus” Chakra, as we call it at the TWIN EYE Schools. It is central, especially for Beginners, in psychic training as well as mastery of magic.

The spiritual skills, especially telepathy skills, spiritual dimensions sight through activation of the spiritual eye (all-seeing-eye), clearer dream perceptions and astral perceptions during out of body travel, insight into future events, past and present events, are all handled by this chakra. For meditation, for discovering your inner worlds in depth and analysing within, evolving your mind, this is a very good chakra to focus the DAIKO MIO on.

7. THE CROWN CHAKRA  (Mainly Purple but other Colours determined by Individual)  Sahasrara

Themes, Energies, Importance and Functions ©

The Crown or Tree Consciousness Chakra is the highest and most important PHYSICAL BODY CHAKRA for connecting to higher realms. It is the gate through which one connects also to the other, etheric and light-body chakras.

It is also the most active in channeling higher beings and divine and universal healing and life energies.

It is your connection to God, basically. Your connection to your own higher self and awareness of the I AM Presence in your eternal form. The bridge to heaven, seated at the top of your head. The most important chakra relating to spirituality, faith, and divine spiritual guidance and protection, flowing communication and connection.

(Access to further Information only for Students of the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools within the Schools only)


Start Date: Far Distance 3rd Initiation between Los Angeles and Germany, Burbach, November 13th 2006 ©

Susan Elsa: Reiki-Zertifikat Original © 2006
Susan Elsa: Reiki-Zertifikat Original © 2006
Reiki-Lehrerfinie (Teachers Tree) Susan Elsa: Reiki-Zertifikat Original © 2006
Reiki-Lehrerfinie (Teachers Tree) Susan Elsa: Reiki-Zertifikat Original © 2006
Susan Elsa: Kundalini Reiki Certificate Original German © 2013
Susan Elsa: Kundalini Reiki Certificate Original German © 2013

A privately discovered detail, Michael pointed giggling at during the second Meeting. Unforgettable and unique moment. © 2007 LA

TWIN EYE: Susan Elsa Natural RIGHT EYE Cheek Mole in light round Form ©
TWIN EYE: Susan Elsa Natural RIGHT EYE Cheek Mole in light round Form ©
TWIN EYE: Michael Jackson Natural LEFT EYE Cheek Mole in light round Form ©
TWIN EYE: Michael Jackson Natural LEFT EYE Cheek Mole in light round Form ©


Michael Jackson´s Earth Song Message: Healing the World Mission of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
Michael Jackson´s Earth Song Message: Healing the World Mission of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

5th March 2011

(after friends from an MJ Tribute Page Portal asked me to offer few words on how to meditate with him etc.)

I A.M. (Unreleased Meditation Version)
by SUSAN ELSA       ©



Osiris & IsIs (Archangel Michael & Faith) Energy for Merging HEAVEN & EARTH ENERGIES parallel to the Twin Soul Flame Merging © 


The Original Teachings of Osiris & IsIs return to Modern Time © TWIN EYE
The Original Teachings of Osiris & IsIs return to Modern Time © TWIN EYE

Imagine, now that you took a look above on the physical body chakras, and tuned in and cleansed your channel and mind and aura, with the 11 Minutes of Love Meditation with Archangel Michael- now…

Take a moment, breathe calmly and keep the inner peace vibes on, and take a long silent look at this:

TWIN EYE MYSTERY SCHOOLS DOCUMENTS © Property of Mystery Garden Productions
TWIN EYE MYSTERY SCHOOLS DOCUMENTS © Property of Mystery Garden Productions


Osiris and IsIs using the Twin Flame Soul merging in a Constellation between Heaven & Earth to facilitate Mass Consciousness Transformation and Healing and a literal merging Mirror-Effect on Earth and Heaven Dimensions to Heal Planet Earth.


Reiki is a free universal energy, a gift to all of us living beings. It should never be paid for Reiki. As soon as you see someone offering you Reiki healings and charging any fee, you know they are fake frauds.

When you channel Reiki for a client for healing, you, the master giving the Reiki also receives energy and blessing. It is therefore already balanced.

You can also initiate yourself, since Reiki is a natural, God-given skill everyone has the potential for inside already. There are certain initiation rituals of course, done by educated and trained Reiki Masters, in which they “draw the reiki master symbols into your aura”. But the Angels can always perform that part as well, and even much more intense and stronger, from my personal Experiences. I have had the supernatural contacts long before 2006. Through direct higher initiations from Spirit. But I felt it was too strong, after I innocently and excited tried it out on a friend and she JUMPED BACK from it´s strength. It was like a force field, like a penetrating, heart opening tornado and she was not ready, as it contained elements of her having a VERY closed heart chakra, due to issues with her father and mother and personal relationships with guys. She said, as soon as I put my hand, on a physical distance only in front of her heart:” Oh my God, wtf is this! It´s way too strong man, I´m trying to stay controlled.” I said, let go, don´t try to control everything, let your heart heal and forgive your father and your mother. If you want. We can also stop. She then kept trying 2-3 times to sit up and let the energy from my hands emanate on her heart, but she could not handle it longer than 5 Minutes maximum.

After this I thought, I need to “learn properly how to do it” and all that, being insecure. That was in 2003-2004. I had a friend who did Reiki education and she did Reiki on me and it was really good experiences. We would do the Reiki outdoors in nature, under a tree, on a nice blanket and relax. She was good and compassionate. I then thought I should learn it too, just to make sure I don´t give too much energy or so. My abilities have always been super-exceptionally strong. In that time I then also got into Science Experiments for my Paranormal Abilities and Out-of-Body-Experiences. It was quite a crazy time of spiritual awakenings.

When I was in Los Angeles, living there since more than 1 Year by that time in Winter 2006, I remember my old apartment there. It was nice, on Colby Avenue right at the border of Santa Monica, going into West L.A. already. I would take walks and see those PURPLE TREES. This was the time before I ran into Michael in 2007. Right before, I was having short months before my first Reiki Initiation and later, when hanging out with Michael, I appreciated having had this training before so I can impress him and do some Reiki on him. *smile* He really enjoyed it, but I cannot share spiritual conversation details here about that. He could definitely not stay still if I tried to work on his lower chakras, without any physical touch. It was so funny and is a precious memory to me I will never forget.

So here are some Advices on how to start tuning in your own Chakras of your BODY and your ETHERIC HEART CHAKRA (The Twin Soul Chakra)- which is very important if you want to attract a reunion and conscious remembering of your own, one and only true twin flame soul. Your other half.



How to meditate on REIKI SYMBOLS

Sit still, play some Reiki, calm, Meditation, or lounge Music, whatever relaxes your mind. Then close your eyes, or leave them open, while drawing with your right hand the symbol big into the air in front of you, or on your body where you feel you need physical protection, such as directly on the chakras.

Draw the symbols with WHITE FIRE or then, especially this one, I recommend to draw it in SILVER and visualize a GOLDEN LIGHT around it and yourself, your whole Aura and physical Body.

Attention: See above the ETHERIC HEART CHAKRA, very important for TWIN SOULS especially to protect, especially against jealousy, interference of any kind and black magic attacks.

CHOKU REI (Physical Protection Symbol)

Used for:

Physical Protection, Physical Cleansing, Healing, Detoxification, Surgeries, Birth, for the Womb for Pregnant Women and all Physical Aspects of Being (Material World)


SEH HE KI (Emotional Body & Heart Protection)

How to draw it:

Used for: Emotional Protection. Cleansing, Letting Go, Grief, Depression, Fear and Anxiety issues, Twin Soul Transitions

But it can also be used to open healthy the Heart Chakra and deeper emotions again, especially in relationships when

one or both have had difficult past experiences and got used to closing the heart chakra. Client can cry at first, because

the deep emotions, love, warmth, light is felt again after a long time of blockage. Crying is normal when cleansing and opening the heart chakra.

It is unconditional love energy, happy tears.




DAIKO MIO (Drawing Divine Energy-Light from Universe and higher spiritual Dimensions)

Used for: Pulling from above divine light energy into your body, aura, chakras, situations, relationships and everything where light and life energy is needed.

Attention- this cannot be abused as it only gives you as much as you need and your soul accepts, according to more details in situations. You cannot use this for

relationships where the other party does not want to, or similar. You can use it for yourself and others when you asked them and they gave permission and their soul,

therefore, accepts the Reiki energy by FREE WILL.






Close your Eyes, and drift into the Worlds of the Inner Mind/Soul

This is one of my favourite pieces. I was handed this with few others on a CD in 2007, in Los Angeles. I played it

quite a few times for Michael, besides another piece not public produced by a local Gospel Church Group, which´s Name was

“Omm Ashanti”. Those are my typical Reiki Session Music I like and tune best in to. Try it!

777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Around the same PHYSICAL AGE: Michael Jackson around 30 late 80´s, Susan Elsa around 30 in the year 2013. © Twin Souls Merging Phenomenon
Susan Elsa in Egypt- Abu Simbel Temple near Aswan November 2010 © The "I REMEMBER" Production Journey
Susan Elsa in Egypt- Abu Simbel Temple near Aswan November 2010 © The “I REMEMBER” Production Journey

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