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This is a special Analysis-Article regarding a Major Work of Michael Jackson, which has been taking place in the early 90´s in a very crucial timing. The Theme of this Album is returning once again into the hot debated Legacy topics, and this Article contains Insider Information from Michael directly, relating to important Issues in this time and during this Album Release- and the false Accusations which were MADE UP while Michael was ON THE DANGEROUS TOUR. So, I would ask all the readers who want and care, to please share this Link so the Information can go around and expose Truth.

To appropriately introduce the Topic of this Analysis and Background Information, let´s take a look first at the Teaser for this Album:

Directed by David Lynch for the Release in 1993


Michael Jackson´s Dangerous Album Cover- Close Up and Focus on Eyes only
Michael Jackson´s Dangerous Album Cover- Close Up and Focus on Eyes only

Because Eyes are Windows to the Soul and Mind…

Now, you see the symbols in this Teaser. We need to jump real quick to the Future, to the HIStory Album to make a connection here that is important for your understanding.

There is a similar sight, with the stick-figured dark empty trees and the “dangerous visual looks” in the Intro of the HIStory Tour Animation, where Michael flies with a Space Rocket from another “Dimension” to the Planet to do his “work”, fixing problems, healing, etc.

Take a look here:

I hope you saw the “problematic” part of the locations he flew through. This is the link to the Dangerous Teaser from few years prior.

Look closely at the Screens on the HUGE GOLDEN OBELISK Michael flies around. You will see in general many ancient Egyptian and Black History Elements.



Michael Jackson said, that he had to go to extreme lengths, to safely guard his finished works for the Release of this Album on it´s way to the Pressing Plant for Physical CD Distribution.

He booked a private jet for the finished Production recordings, and hired especially bodyguards (multiple)- to protect the CD on it´s way. He said that he would rarely speak to anyone, not even friends, about his plans and promotional ideas linked to his works, prior- just to make sure nobody could interfere.

In the time right before this Release began, a lot was happening in Michael´s life, on a private basis not visible in public. Michael had quite a few powerful “friends” and contacts due to his work and position and this whole industry with it´s events, invites, and many sharks swimming around you if you are in any way successful. Some of these friends, which he thought were friends, were initiated by Michael in private and personal settings into his film visions. He had many film project ideas, roles he wanted to play himself, ideas he wanted to direct himself, and a detailed brand vision reaching from a Logo for the envisioned “Film Production Company” and the style and brand of films it would focus on. Including Cartoons and Animation, big time.

Michael Jackson´s Neverland Ranch Design: Integrating many of his Artistic Visions including Walt Disney and Peter Pan
Michael Jackson´s Neverland Ranch Design: Integrating many of his Artistic Visions including Walt Disney and Peter Pan


Michael said, that many tactics and things he never noticed earlier on in his life and career, when trying to approach his film passion. Later on, around exactly this time, something happened which set off a huge attack and personal war on Michael. For him, he said, when he found out that some of his big Hollywood-“friends”, he had trusted and loved and all this time prior, shared his visions with for support, so all together can succeed and be happy, turned around and STOLE his ideas, canceled film roles he was promised and training his acting skills for, such as PETER PAN (Film Production he was promised the Role for, before suddenly being replaced). The core of the set-off, was the exact topic of ANCIENT EGYPT, and his Film Vision which later became only a Short Film named REMEMBER THE TIME, for this Dangerous Album. Michael said, he originally planned a full Motion Picture based on this Vision, a Film featuring Black Actors and Actresses, depicting Beauty and inspiring the Black Community to re-discover their inner and outer Beauty and History. True History. He wanted to create a never-before seen, authentic and positive depiction of Ancient Egyptian Spirituality as well.

But when he naively and excited like a little Boy told his Hollywood friends about it, they changed on him. Dropped the friendship. Stole his Logo and Film Production Company ideas. Canceled his Peter Pan Film Part (Leading Role), and HELL BROKE LOOSE IN HOLLYWOOD.




Let us take a look at the full Dangerous Album Song List here first:

1. JAM (feat. Michael Jordan and Kris Kross)

2.  Why You Wanna Trip On Me

3. In The Closet (feat. Naomi Campbell)

4. She Drives Me Wild

5. REMEMBER THE TIME (including Short Film)

6. Can´t Let Her Get Away

7. Heal the World (including World Suffering Documentary Style Clip)

8. BLACK OR WHITE (Including Controversial Short Film)

9. Who Is It (including Short Film)

10. Give Into Me (including Performance Style Clip)

11. Will You Be There (including Live-Show Clip with Black Actress depicting IsIs of ancient Egypt with Golden Wings)

12. Keep The Faith

13. Gone Too Soon (dedicated to Ryan White)

14. Dangerous (Title Track)



Always remember, that all this was going on, RIGHT AFTER the dispute with these Hollywood folks, and BEFORE any FALSE Accusations and Allegations and a global Tabloid War on Michael.


If you think, Michael Jackson was the type of guy to let people push him around, in his work, then you must´ve been living somewhere else than this Planet and not witnessing his bold works. So, if someone would try to bully Michael, intimidate or insult him, especially within racist context, he would reply back in public in his work. Not by giving interviews, not by gossiping. In his work. This is why, it is so simple and complex in the same time, the truth is clearly put out there by Michael in his style, from his heart, in his works. But the tabloids and those types of jealous people spin so much hatred and lies, literally trying to brainwash people for years and years with false information AGAINST Michael´s influence, brand, personal truths and his work´s message, as a main target of course.

So, what Michael did, was typical Michael.


Directed by John Singleton

He did his Film Vision, in their face like a slap “I do what I want! This is my heritage and my freedom as a Black Man to do so!” and he hired John Singleton to direct it in a Short Film Format, which became REMEMBER THE TIME. He put much of his vision, summarized, into this project. He did all the Black Themes in this Album, while the Tabloids kept spitting lies and accusing him falsely of things like “Michael Jackson doesn´t want to be black and bleached his skin!”, “Michael Jackson wanted little white Boy to play him as a Boy for Pepsi Commercial”, “Michael Jackson does not like black women” and so forth, basically, the EXACT OPPOSITE of the things that he was currently back then advertising and publishing projects about.

Ramses II as Symbol for JEALOUS SET (Osiris Evil Brother)
Ramses II as Symbol for JEALOUS SET (Osiris Evil Brother)

“I’ve seen lawyers who don’t represent me and spokespeople who do not know me speaking for me.

These characters always seem to surface with dreadful allegations just as another project, an album, a video is being released.”

~ Michael Jackson, November 18, 2003

Michael just kept going, constantly having to ignore hurtful lies and insults in full public around the World, daily in tabloids, mocking even his skin disorder. But he kept going. That is what I call Iron Will. Keeping the Faith. Remembering the Truth. Black or White, it does not matter, once you understand what LOVE & EQUALITY is about. That was throughout Michael´s life always his inner soul´s belief: All beings have equal rights. Beings, not just humans, but also animals and nature. Michael cared about every living thing´s rights.

And then, he went further and did the BLACK OR WHITE Short Film, using back then newest video-metamorphosis/morphing technology as the very first Artist actually, when at the end sequence the different people of all races and genders and looks morph into each other.

Take a look here:



This was Michael´s “attack declaration” to the people who stole his ideas and showed him racism in his face prior. He integrated writings, which are NOT VISIBLE ON THIS LINK, we chose an HD Footage, but you can look it up and you will see the original writings on the car and glass door window Michael crushes, saying KKK and racist slurs. He “crushes racism” and dances in a style expressing a demonstration of will. He screams and makes with that the ROYAL ARMS Hotel Sign fall and get destroyed. Think about the symbolic visual message of the “Arms”, as in weapons, as in an elbow mentality, as in expressing the meaning of people discriminating against you, cutting your rights etc.

It didn´t take long, as he kept going and going strong, before DURING HIS DANGEROUS WORLD TOUR, these demonic false evil accusations arose suddenly as a form of “fighting him and trying to bring him down and turn public against him”.

Michael Jackson: Dangerous World Tour 27th June 1992 to unexpected early termination on 11th November 1993
Michael Jackson: Dangerous World Tour 27th June 1992 to unexpected early termination on 11th November 1993

This battle is not over yet.

This battle is not over yet.

This battle is not over yet.

The Twin Soul Symmetry © Project Content Copyrighted
The Twin Soul Symmetry © Project Content Copyrighted

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