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Dear Readers

I have some very, very interesting and miraculous things to update you on. I am so happy as I am writing this.

As you seen, I haven´t been able to post much recently, because we are working on several Productions at once and in the same time, have always to constantly protect the Data so it does not get hacked.

We are dealing with Cyber Espionage by the Industry itself, based on my personal Connection with Michael. But it will only expose in public, how also in Michael´s case he was spied on and his Productions while he would work on them, and the Public will soon see why Michael would, for example, deliver his finished Dangerous Album under strict Security measurement, such as personal Bodyguards for the CD and a Private Jet, just to ship the finished Production to the CD Pressing for Publication, so nobody can LOOK INTO IT PRIOR TO PUBLISHING. Michael told me about some heavy things, heavy and big ideas that were stolen from him. His FILM CAREER was blocked over and over for many years and it is important to bring Justice to the matter. (Any misinformation campaign about this or wrong moves will be looked into by our lawyer and investigators, such a fake “twin soul” blogs appearing long after we are in Cyberwar and imitating personally aimed Data to harass People at our Label on a personal basis, not only work…)

Michael Jackson would´ve been the greatest Film Director you ever seen, if they did not manipulate and harm him, his reputation, his Brand, his finances and his mental and physical well-being for over 16 Years ongoing.

Michael Jackson drinking Tea, watching totally relaxed...
Michael Jackson drinking Tea, watching totally relaxed…


Now, the Title of this Post speaks of a “Completion of Healing”.

As many of you already might know from the Blogs and Books out, Michael´s physical passing and ascension was not easy for me.

I had to endure and handle physical parallels to a traumatizing degree, such as even feeling his Autopsy, which I could not understand and it was extremely traumatizing.

I had to endure especially then his emotional “Volcano”- he had some serious anger issues in his soul, because he worried to leave his Children alone, and all the anger he repressed and directed before, based on being such a compassionate, well-meaning Man, suddenly broke out and I had to deal with that, with him. I NEVER had anger attacks before in my life. It was like a double anger, multiplied, powerful, ready to tear evil apart and lies. That is how it felt. Like the type of anger you get when you had absolutely enough and get into action, unstoppable.

I had to handle big adjustments from knowing him as a Human, physically, able to cook something for him, to not being able to cook something for him, and adjust to him being now constantly around me in spiritual form with heightened and additional skills he did not have like this in Human form.

I had to witness in the public press and media, abuses of his Name, his Brand, his life works which he worked so hard on, he had many physical pains and issues before passing based mainly on the HARD PHYSICAL TRAINING and exhausting work.

I had shared the sleep issues since 2007, when we met and every time we met, it seemed  as if I get more of his physical problems, like they transmit to me. I did not understand it back then. I knew we have a special connection, we LIVED THE TWIN SOUL CONNECTION, both, but I did neither know this term, only knew term “soul mates” which is generally more a famous term, and I surely did not understand that we are the same and share aura and soul and all this, which is why, even my BODY MANIFESTED HIS PHYSICAL PAIN.

Can you imagine how confusing this is? It was like, for a few years in this difficult transition, I am in between, stuck, I felt ascending, but was still here. Half of me has passed and ascended into a higher form of existence, half of me is still here. That is a unique challenge and I am sure, nobody but Archangel Michael would be able to handle such a mission, as a “Gate Opener” for other twin souls to come, incarnate both in the same times together and unite ON EARTH, as it is planned for the future.

It is rare to find any real double incarnated twin flame souls right now and the past hundreds of years on this Planet. Take a look at the attacks, in full public, war-style, on Michael Jackson, and you will obviously see WHY TWIN SOULS WERE NOT ABLE TO JUST COME TOGETHER TO THE PLANET.

Michael Jackson during a Break in the Making of BAD- the Short Film
Michael Jackson during a Break in the Making of BAD- the Short Film

When did it all start, the Interferences and Attacks on Michael and his Message, his Work, his PERSON personally aimed at? That´s right, after April 14th 1982, my Birth Day. Because after we were BOTH PHYSICALLY INCARNATED ON EARTH, the whole system glued themselves on his feet, observing, following, analysing, wondering about his PHYSICAL AND APPEARANCE CHANGES, morphing more and more into a feminine look. That was his protection, he basically “wore a disguise of his twin soul” to feel less lonely, within. This is totally natural and normal and with me, in private, he was never feminine. He was in fact, very masculine, and especially, his mind. I was the woman. He was the one that would teach me how to view things from a more logical and calm perspective. He disliked women who would follow him or throw themselves at him. He liked to be the one, generally, who fights for a woman and then gets her. I was very stubborn with him, not easy, and absolutely honest, and he loved exactly that. He knows much more about me now, constantly seeing me and what I do. He enjoys actually checking out, absolutely protected and hidden, “normal life” as much as possible with me. He said, I should enjoy it before it´s over, this “normal private life”. Michael never liked Fame, and neither do I, but it is PART OF THE WORK, the Mission. That´s all.

From all the transition phases effects on me, I had several health issues such as the sleep issue, which bothered me a lot emotionally, or the allergic asthma, caused also by many foods I could no longer eat, or else I would throw up for 2 days and have blood in my saliva or from my nose. Based on allergic reactions in my stomach from the food. I literally had to fight with all my soul, and Michael´s help, to survive this all and get out able to function still.

The sleep problems bothered me almost more than the allergic asthma. Everytime I could not sleep, especially after seeing trash lies being said NOW still about him anywhere, I would panic. I would panic, and cry and remember how he died based on this, not knowing what to do to get to sleep, without even starting any path into prescription medicine for sleep aid.

I would sit around, have anger attacks, cry, do all I can like this to AVOID any prescription sleep pills or any such thing. Michael would do all he can to work on my soul, to relax me so I can sleep, such as talking, and talking, and talking, singing for me, making jokes, showing me his love as much as he can. Constantly telling me, that everything is okay, that he is okay, that he will make sure I am okay and that I do not have his physical problems that caused him the sleep issues as well, but that it is “only” twin soul effects which we can work out together.

And he would always keep me as much as possible away from reading any of those lies, seeing them on Facebook or anywhere posted into my face by others. It is not easy today, to avoid completely seeing or hearing about something at times.

Of course, when one ages, physical ageing, in this temporary physical body we do not live in forever, we have ageing symptoms. He said, he cannot remove completely all ageing symptoms I will have, because he cannot unmake the physicality Rules God created for everyone, only for me. It would not be natural and I also do not want that, but he understands, that I am pretty much like him and I feel super young inside and I can´t stand the thought of ageing. I see this as a normal challenge, and evolution. I will evolve in this further. So, in age, he said, some physical issues might appear which he had, so I will have the same physical issues he had, because we are twin souls. Fine, I can handle it.

But now, I am super fit, and healed from the Twin Soul Transition, when he passed in 2009. Yes, it took all this time. Like I was digesting MY OWN PHYSICAL DEATH, and RESURRECTION at once.

Here comes the great News:

I do not have any sleep issues anymore, and am very constant in my sleep and sleep deep and nice, and we do Out-of-Body Travels together seamlessly. No interruptions, no heart racing and waking up, no crying and not able to sleep, in fact, no anger attacks when I see any even most malicious recent lies being said about Michael in the press, just now, this August 2014. I enjoy my sleep like when I was a kid again. In fact, mentally and emotionally I also feel so healed, I am like adult and child at once, inside. I remember daily detailed experiences from my childhood, like they were just yesterday.

I am just so, so happy and thankful.

I do suddenly, and I mean suddenly, not have MANY of the food allergies I had for years now, bam- gone. I eat normal again and it helps my body and I work out now too, the whole time, drinking protein milk banana shakes for my muscles training and I am basically back at the same and even better shape than when I was not yet in Los Angeles and got into all this with Michael.

When I look at Michael now, he is ONLY happy. He is so in shape now. Like he too adjusted on the other side of the veil, in his new form, after our transition. He is fully comfortable and adjusted now, fully in shape in his Archangelic form again. And it shows in extreme things he does, also for our Projects. And it shows in the extreme and NEW CURRENT Reactions toward his Legacy, his Name but especially his Name and PERSONAL REPUTATION AND PUBLIC PERSONA right now. They attack, the more twin souls unite and get BALANCED AND WELL, the more they attack to try and bring them out of balance again.

Well, we´re doing it still…

I also want to send a BIG THANK YOU out here to all the wonderful MJ Fans who have supported me and listened even when it was hard and challenging. I know you share our pains with us and feel real compassion and love for Michael and me. I also want to thank you for the sweet Birthday Wishes, Paintings and Images you done, the Altars you set up with Michael and me on it for his Birthday, he was happy like a little Boy about it! 🙂

Here is the newest Pictures of me, rested and much better skin and all.

Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014
Susan Elsa August 2014

PREPARE YOURSELVES…and stay tuned…

The Twin Soul Symmetry © Project Content Copyrighted
The Twin Soul Symmetry © Project Content Copyrighted

The Twin Soul Symmetry © Project Content Copyrighted *Only for Exclusive Insight*


– The RIGHT EYE of Susan Elsa (female Counterpart)

– The LEFT EYE of Michael Jackson (male Counterpart)

“I took my baby on a saturday bang. Boy, is that girl with you? Yes, we´re one and the same!” – Michael Jackson Lyrics BLACK OR WHITE-

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Genius Premonition Skills on Camera: LOOK AT LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE OF THE FACE! Educational Purpose Explanation
Genius Premonition Skills on Camera: LOOK AT LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE OF THE FACE! Educational Purpose Explanation
Storyboard Key Frames OUT OF BODY ARCHANGEL PERSPECTIVE by Susan Elsa ©
Storyboard Key Frames OUT OF BODY ARCHANGEL PERSPECTIVE by Susan Elsa ©
WE COME INTO ARRAY Official PR Poster OFFICIAL © Project directed by Susan Elsa- MICHAEL VS. Satan AT THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE
WE COME INTO ARRAY Official PR Poster OFFICIAL © Project directed by Susan Elsa- MICHAEL VS. Satan AT THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE




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