Michael Jackson: About Neverland © 1st August 2014

1st August 2014

Michael Jackson: Spirit Message about Neverland ©

Spiritual Secretary: -SE- ©

Dear World

This is Michael speaking, once again. I have some things to say regarding the sale of my once-dream home, Never land.

This is important, so, please listen, carefully.

First of all, I would like to thank my Fans for caring so much, still. It means a lot to me, to see, how you try to fight for what you believe would be my wish. I can see everything, still, in the life form I am in now. I am closer than you think. I can take sneak peaks over your shoulders, at any location, any time, any place.

Thank you, again, for all your love, and all your caring.

Now, regarding the Sale announcement for my once so beloved Never land ranch, here is the truth:

I do not care.

I know this might sound surprising, so let me please explain, so you have a better understanding of how I feel about this, personally.

It is true, Never land was once my dream come true. An earthly dream, based on all things that moved my soul. I tried to create a utopic place on earth, to escape. To have all I need, right at home. To create a village-like place, that would be the perfect example for a heavenly place on earth.

As you all know, I did not really have a childhood. In the sense that I felt more and more with age, was missing in my heart. Playing, free time, time to reflect on things, think, evolve. Find out who I am, what I am about, what my personality is. All that, that is such an important psychological and emotional aspect of childhood. It is because, simply, I started to work professionally at a very young age, and I really, really wanted it myself. I always loved Music and Dance and Entertainment, Movies, Books and all these feel-good-things that nurtured my soul.

But as stated, working already as a child, took time away from my childhood, time I needed for myself.

This is what I tried to compensate later with Never land, by putting into it all the childhood dreams I felt I had missed out on, to re-live it, to revive my inner child, to help also sick children have a good time, feel faith and hope, become healthy again in mind and body. I wanted to also help other children, like me, who have gone through rough times, to join this big healing of the inner child, with me. I wanted to share my insights, experiences, because and exactly because I am one of those children who has seen rough childhood days. Maybe I wasn´t sick as a child, I had force, I could move and dance and sing out my lungs. But it does not really matter what sadness you experience at a young age, it helps you generally relate to other children who had sad days and challenges that early on in life.

I am a good soul, I was always a good human being and gave my best. Everything I did, and I mean this, I did out of love. Only love was my motivation, even when I would get angry and lose my nerves, it is the great caring in my heart which would move me to do so. You can see this side of me in my more aggressive songs with pressing messages.

I learned how to be a fighter from my father, Joseph Jackson.

Things change, when you pass. You get to an oversight on things you can never have in a physical body. I am happy about the way I lived and what I did and achieved, looking back. I did what I came to Earth to do. I fulfilled my life mission, and I am still going strong, working with open and wonderful soul family on earth to surprise you all soon.

This is the situation.

Never land was all that for me. And I say, was, because it is not anymore. You have to understand now and look beyond my fame and public professional masks. I hope that you will recognise my human side and my human feelings, about this.

They did many wrong and evil things to me. And I say they, because it is a bigger topic and I do not want to dive into too many details now. I have always, from the first day, to the last day and last breath as a human being, been innocent. I am innocent!

I want you to try and understand now, how much these false accusations, and these racist, devilish and very personal wars on me by certain powerful people in show business and politics, have hurt my soul. They ruined Neverland for me. Imagine, if you get raped in your own home, that feeling, and the psychological effects- trust me, you can no longer feel at home or good being in this traumatic location that triggers the rape memory. I felt raped at Neverland. They raped me! I am the victim!

They came into my home, they accused and mocked me with strategy and hate across the globe, knowing that I am innocent, knowing what the other reasons were of power wars, and knowing why they were doing all this, aiming at me. I never touched any child the wrong way, never, I never even thought about it! Not once! I always loved women, and only women. Smart, classy and adventurous-minded women. I said it, over and over, just not in details, because to me, my privacy and their´s is important. I respect women. This is why I never talked about details nor felt the need to show off in public. I am a gentleman and always will be, even now, in the form I am in. I care about the topic mothers and women.

I care about the topic animals. About the topic children and childhood, protecting children and also, adults I always thought should keep their inner child alive. Well. Playful. Youthful. I truly believe this makes people stay young longer and have a youthful spirit until old age. I knew people like this. Elizabeth for example, she was mature and smart, very beautiful, but also could joke around and play childish games with me. That was fun. That was cool. That was the type of woman I am into.

Diana Ross, she was the same way always. She could climb trees, then throw on a classy, goddess-like dress and be this love goddess I always admired. I will never forget Diana.

These are just few examples of very good friends and close soul family, that don´t mind to be mentioned here.

So, what I am trying to say, finally, is that these circumstances, of them invading my home, breaking brutally my privacy I worked on building so much, my private space where I could breathe and just be myself, forcing me with my vitiligo, that made me shy with all women I dated, forcing me to take off my pants and taking pictures of my crotch area. I mean, this hurt my soul a lot. It was like rape to me. I swear.

You have to understand that. Let it go. Never land in California is not my home any longer. Do not be sad. please.

I am in the real Lands of Nefer now, the real Heaven, the real Place, where one never ages. There is no ageing, in the spiritual light body, and this eternal life form. I love it! I am enjoying myself.

And I have my ways of preparing things, as we are doing right now and before these News, to show you my true Home in Heaven. This is where I am at now. And this is what I would like to see one day my fans and people in general recognise. Who said, that only because we pass and become spiritual beings again, that we cannot communicate anymore or see our loved Ones?

Try to think deeper, about the reasons why these people who rule the so-called system, were so angered by my work and impact on society. Tell me. I said, even History Books are lying. Follow the truth and you will see what I was talking about, step by step, being revealed now. And do not look to Entertainment only, this is about more than only Show Business. Trust me.

I am happy that my body is not buried at Never land. I am happy to be where I am at now. I am happy to see your love still, all my fans mean so much to me. You care. I know that. But please do not think limited and do not be stuck on the past. I need you in this change. My soul has been healed from many things that made me sad back then, please move to higher grounds now with me. Do not let them keep your mind down, with the past. I am eternal and always keep moving. I do not stop. I never stop. Try to perceive my voice, in the now.

And look forward, into the future. Everything will be alright. I am preparing things, surprises, healing surprises, for me and for you. Keep the Faith.

With all my Love,

your Michael


This Video and Text can be shared and distributed freely, embedded and circulated only in full and not partially, with Credit to Michael Jackson from Heaven as the Author and Susan Elsa as the Spiritual Secretary it was dictated to. Thank you.


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