Michael Jackson on Coming Forth by Day © Osiris Akashic Records & Message

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About the Soul and how it is made, Heaven, Earth and all in between…

It is time to set the records straight, for the truth shall free you.

Many people have heard the term “Ancient Egyptian Necronomicon”, “Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead”, “Book of Coming Forth by Day” and those wordings in public. These spells have, however, NEVER been any generalized “book”. Nor was the word “dead” ever used or negative formulations. The Planet and life on it, especially back then in ancient Egypt, was very different than it is today. There was more respect and love and good vibes. More clean waters, rivers, less dis-ease. We simply did not FOCUS on anything negative, but used the power of the mind, actively and consciously for the good. For balance, truth, for always staying in tune with spiritual laws. That even reached into ancient Egyptian architecture as well. The Pyramids are lined up with the Planets and stars. (See Lyrics to my Song- ANOTHER PART OF ME, I have a Message in there for you…)

Michael Jackson explains how the SOUL is created © Educating the Planet
Michael Jackson explains how the SOUL is created ©
Educating the Planet


So, I see how many human beings seem confused. They search, they do have the truth already inside of them, but they can´t find the key to unlock it. So, here comes a very, urgently important part of all that: The Twin Soul.

I call it “Twin Soul”, because you are on Earth and I am talking to YOU, not anyone else. I direct my message straight at you all, reading this. “Soul” is a word known better than any other, describing the eternal, inner Being we all have. The part of us that is NOT bound to this temporary life form and body of flesh. You have OTHER BODIES as well, but they are not anything like the body of flesh you can touch and look at right now with your physical eyes. The other bodies are multiple layers of other bodies, most of them INACTIVE and not “turned on yet”. Some, parallel with you, in your Aura, as you walk, talk, eat and sleep.

Some of these other body layers, do live on after the physical body is left by the ETERNAL SOUL MATTER AND ALL OTHER SPIRIT BODIES (Ascension). These Spirit or “other” Bodies are what some people confuse obviously with the many “cut up consciousness” thoughts they put out or write or think to themselves at the moment.

– Twin Flame

– Twin Ray

– Twin Soul

– Twin Mate

– Twin Essence

– Twin….




That´s it. You see it? Some people, but very rarely I guarantee you, have more insight into those other forms and layers of the self as they are amongst you incarnated, but this is no easy thing to achieve and a sign of a highly evolved Soul.

There is only “Twin” if you look from outside at a couple and they are showing you themselves as 2. They can also show themselves to you as ONE. One merged, androgynous Being. (Angels are described by many Humans that way, look it up…)


ETERNAL SOUL MEMORY OF THE OVER-SOUL (merged Unit of 2) remains always, and can be accessed anytime later. Like a culmination of all your shapes and experiences, in a shelf, ready to be used anytime. So I can take on my old Osiris looks for Susan, and I can take on the Michael Jackson looks, I can tune back into any incarnation and feel and be it at the moment of channeling, which is what I do for our projects. Partial access to precise incarnation memories details. And here is an old example I did as I was helping my Susan overcome her soul trauma from ancient Egypt. She was yet recovering and remembering under my guidance in the right pace for her well being. This is an important Channeling because it explains the  ultimate “COMING FORTH BY DAY” – Meaning:

Osiris Un-Nefer about Ancient Egypt’s Spiritual Wisdom,15 September 2011

When any of the 2 ascends, the other part of him/her also ascends. It is not necessarily physical, although often it is very challenging for a twin if remaining in flesh if the other was incarnate too and ascends. It is a pull, a challenge, that IsIs from ancient Egypt faced and almost lost her mind over. Her soul was hurt very bad and she is actually the One, which brought this knowledge to the ancient Egyptians initially. We did that together. I did that for her first, then she shared with Earth. This is how those famous Spells came about, to help other Souls and protect them and teach, guide them with truth and love. Courageously. Smart. Determined IsIs, has always been the solution for me whenever I faced a crisis. She is my Soul. She is my Hope. She is my Faith.

There is no absolute spiritual truth in any of those human terms mentioned above, because the modern human language itself has many gaps compared to ancient Egyptian VISUAL LANGUAGE, for example here, and any human language, or expression, can never fully express the ultimate spiritual truth, which is complex and hard for anyone in your form to grasp in entirety.

There are many people, not only seekers and lovers, but people who want to manipulate and deceive, who want to abuse the power of words for wrong reasons, and some, do so without being aware of the karmic debt created when publishing spiritually incorrect information to others-and it becomes like a wild fire of untruth spreading around. There is no such thing as “twin ray, twin flame, twin soul” being anything separate and different.

If you think of it that way, then it shows you like a SPIRITUAL MIRROR OF YOURSELF, that you have in your Consciousness yet not merged parts that need to re-unite.

Spiritual PopArt by Indian MJ Fan Nivi ©
Spiritual PopArt by Indian MJ Fan Nivi ©

I would like to give you from my spiritual Perspective a clear Vision that can hopefully help you re-arrange your mind and reach for that inner Key in your Soul:

Think of it that way-

A Twin “Soul” sounds very mainstream and humane, so this can be the Perception and State you are in when INCARNATED.

A Twin “Flame” is another body layer of you as well, but more broad, such as your ethereal body.

A Twin “Ray” is your Light Body in full ascended Form (something you cannot grasp ever fully while in the form you are in now)

And here is a second clue.

Let me ask you- Do you believe that any human Being out there can sketch a perfect template for a house construction? Just like that?

Do you think, anyone shares the skill to, stand on your hands not your feet and keep balance, physically?

If the answer in your mind is “no”, then we are ready for the 2nd clue now.

Do you think, anyone out there “is a Twin Ray”?

Do you think, everyone has equally strong muscles, legs, arms, eyes?

This is a big Insight into the Soul´s Evolution ladder. These are stages. Of the same. A Soul is a Flame, and a Light at the same time. So I could add here a new invention, a new term:


It comes all always back to the same conclusion of simple truth: 2 beings made as ONE. In the same time, with different layers, each of the 2. Different bodies, avatars and the true eternal “Soul Body”, made for different life forms and dimensions that have different physical rules and cannot obviously not be accessed with a flesh body.

So, the flesh body is a vessel, an avatar, for all these multiple facets of your self. Your self is in the same time your twin. You are your twin, your twin is you. You share the same essence, the same light, the same matter. Call it “twin matter”, “twin being”, it does not matter. The truth of the experience, the truth of the I AM Presence, is always the same thing and those terms need to be viewed as “different stages description terms” of the same thing.

Michael Jackson in Spirit © June 14th 2014

Channeller: Susan Elsa (www.mystery-garden.com)

(This Text can be shared and distributed only fully not partially, and with Credit the Original Author and Source)

Original Promo Images Susan Elsa © 2012
Original Promo Images Susan Elsa © 2012

“There is always a challenge, for all of us due to the simple, incomplete human language and those many terms do not reflect the spiritual truth. A Twin Soul is a Flame and a Ray. In the Soul inside, itself, things are layered, these are all layers of the same finally. Two Souls created as One, female and male energy poles matched perfectly to each other. When one merges back together at the end of this life form for the Couple approaching, or actually dies and merges fully (no human distorted sight or inability to see all anymore fully)- then God is NEVER visually in form seen and touched, but the Twin IS the highest reflection of God´s Love made in embodiment. This is how Michael explained it to me. I hope I was able to use the “human language” in a sufficient way to explain it to you well, for sometimes, things have to be felt and seen to really be understood and grasped.”  -Susan Elsa-

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