Michael Jackson: Jumping out Car to Rescue Little Girl

Michael's armenian driver Gokor (his licence plate can be seen in Who Is It short film) talks toArmenian TV
Michael’s Armenian driver Gokor talks to Armenian TV

Michael Jackson: Jumping out Car to Rescue Little Girl

“One day he was driving Michael to an important meeting, Mike as usual was lookin out of the window examining people outside. Suddenly the red light went for the cars and they stopped and so did Gokor. There was a little girl with her mum on the pavement, she was playing with her ball while her mum was busy with talkin on phone. The ball fell on the motorway and the green light for the cars turned on, a car was nearly to run the baby down; Mike, following all that, suddenly ran out of the car to save the baby. Gokor couldn’t manage to get what was going on and at that moment a car nearly ran Michael down and he almost died. Thank God Gokor managed to get him back and the babys mum pulled her away from the car. When Michael got back into the car he and Gokor were trembling, Mike was bitterly crying of the thought that the car could have run the baby down. At that moment Michael didn’t care for his own life, he was ready to save the girl and die himself

Are you sitting there wondering why these events

never get reported in the media?”


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Time for Truth & Justice.

Michael Jackson: 100% Innocent & PROTECTOR of Children

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