Susan Elsa: 2007 Los Angeles Insights © The One & Only IsIs

Susan Elsa: 2007 Los Angeles Insights © The One & Only IsIs

Image Description:

Susan Elsa in her House in Santa Monica at her Witch Altar doing a Reading for a Japanese Friend during a House Party.

Every Spiritually focused Person should have an “Altar”, a work corner, table with spiritual items, gem stones, symbols used, tarot cards or whatever you use, organised into one corner like here. This builds like a personal Gateway that keeps tuning in more and more, as you do your “Training”.

Altar Items for Starters:

All you need is a simple table or any corner even on a night table or such, best in your bedroom, because this is where you sleep and therefore, access daily spiritual realms during sleep (astral travels etc.) This is why it is the best location in your house to be placed.

Anything has to be YOU. It has to be individual, and express your soul, what you go through, read on, study or think about. Meaning, if you have a thing for roses, red roses, then place red roses on it. If you like it on white table sheets, put a white one on. If you like golden candles, place golden candles there too. When you go shopping and things cross your way in a spiritual omen/synchronicity way, buy and place them there. The angels are guiding you, always.

Here is how my Altar back then was built-some core spiritual things:

1. Islamic Prayer Carpet used for years by my Psychic & Medium Grandmother, Bedur, given to me as a present before moving to LA.
2. Papyrus taken with me from Egypt, bought there years prior, coincidently displaying Osiris and Isis in the later form (originally, this was Hathor´s Head Crown, Twin of Horus- Son of IsIs and Osiris).
3. The Egyptian Tarot (being used in the Reading seen on Picture)
4. Chakra Pyramids for Reiki Sessions (made on Purpose for Michael back then for trying to help him heal with Reiki)
5. Reiki Symbols for Visual Focus.
6. The SPAIN FAN (original from Spain bought years back)
7. Ritual Robe hanging on left side in black & red (to be put around during Magic Rituals-charged with a Spell against Interferences & Black Magic Attacks during Rituals)

8. Gem Stones & Personal “Moqui Marbles” (Shaman Stones)

© Susan Elsa Private

Susan Elsa wearing SILVER ANKH in Santa Monica (L.A.) with her Cat "Isis" ©
Susan Elsa wearing SILVER ANKH in Santa Monica (L.A.) with her Cat “Isis” ©


2007 Los Angeles Life © Rare Insight
2007 Los Angeles Life © Rare Insight

Note to Image:

“My” Classic Car back then (I was just hosting it for friend), had a modern, high speed engine built in named “DEMON RACE ENGINE”. Michael looked into it once, lighting it in the dark with his phone. Michael loved it, btw, because of his Song “Speed Demon” and his passion for fast-driving Cars. I always hated fast driving, to be honest. But I´m a woman. *big smile* In fact, I had an almost accident once with a friend, after he had had a real accident 2 weeks prior only. Total damage to the car, no damage to my friend, luckily. I had warned him about a week before that accident, to DRIVE SLOWER. “Don´t speed, it is not a game, I am serious” I said to him over and over knowing he drives too fast a lot. He was so shocked after the accident, calling me, in shock and could then not talk to me, because my premonition and words shocked him, but he didn´t listen and said he should´ve. I think he learned a lot from this experience. Think about Michael Jackson´s Song…

Michael Jackson´s SPEED DEMON from the Film MOONWALKER

Educational Message:

Look for the Twin Soul Clues as Twins always channel each other also before physical meeting in their Creative Work

Image from THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL (Book) © 2012
Image from THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL (Book) © 2012

3 thoughts on “Susan Elsa: 2007 Los Angeles Insights © The One & Only IsIs

  1. Love this, great pointers … never thought about that altar thing in the first place, but my house is overall filled with gemstones, crystals Buddha’s, incense and such, so I guess my whole apartment is a gateway … nice to read this today as it is a Galactic Activation Portal day, what I just don’t understand is the second car picture, you are pointing at what? Sep?

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