Michael Jackson´s Beard Stubbles: Real Spooky Twin Soul Metamorphose *Unique Case* ©

Dear Readers,

Many of you have probably recently heard of such Topics, about Soulmates, Twin Souls, Soul Family, but as you might already have discovered yourself, there is a lot of Nonsense being talked online. A lot. In my estimation, you can always sense who is faking and who is not, by the way they write. Some people read things, and then try to fabricate some stories out of it, and talk detached and like some “dry teacher”. Real cases will always be talking only from own actual experience, and it shows in the way someone writes or publishes things. Twin Souls are nothing “intellectual”, it is a spiritual thing and happens for real cases, automatically and in clear ways.

Especially, it seems like some People out there have free time and nothing to do in their lives, but to talk fantasy garbage online and in public, misleading people and not even caring, as long as they profit. You have your BUSINESS PARTNERS and FILM CREW come up with the word “spooky” about you, and then you use it as a keyword, just to find some other Bloggers IMITATING YOUR KEYWORDS to harass your work online and “compete” regarding your own life story and things they never had anything to do with, only to MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR SOUL! Those people, will receive some pretty heavy karma from God, some pretty heavy spiritual consequences, because Michael is not anyone, he is an important twin soul, here on a mission. I have always been like him, all my life. Every human being and even animal that has ever met me since 1982, know that fact, including my Mother who gave birth to me! There is no need for some ellbow-type-brats, to be harassing me like this now or I will sue you soon so you are forced to stop, like stalkers, you know no limit, parasite always on Michael´s blood you blood suckers. I have had enough stalkers in my life, God and legal forces know that. I won´t let some stranger harass me nor use my data regularly after I post, take ideas, words, keywords to appear ON our search forcefully and force those blogs and books into my sight when I don´t want to see any of it. They think there is no law, no morals, no rules. Just like the people who have harassed Michael all his life, even women who threatened him trying to force sex and relationship, he told me everything about it. Michael Jackson is not just my twin soul, you idiot bloggers. Michael was physically with me in Los Angeles as well, now what? You want to harass people who lost a lover to killers? That what you think is okay Debbie? You think its okay Debbie?

I will tell all my partners now about this situation, I tried to be nice and ignore it. I won´t let nobody stalk me like this, its unlawful and harassing. Sending friends on FB to harass me for you, Debbie? Oh, how spiritual of you. I have screen shots for my lawyer of all this. And such showing with dates how you imitate my keywords after 6 months and such clear time gaps. Your fraud is over. Back off of me and my Life, you little victim harasser you.

I can´t stand the false “twin soul posers” who pretend like they are some experts and talk all day long, books of bla bla, but no real experience or truth is behind it. It is abusive and evil toward any real twin souls who endure challenges, big challenges, as well. It is not a hollywood cheesy thing, it´s about the very soul evolution and experiences, together. It is challenging and very extreme at times. It is emotional and very intimate, more than anything in physical reality could ever be intimate!

We, the real twin souls here on Earth, have had enough of this!

We, are all gathering more and more, and every single case is similar with pattern and logic behind it, to the others! One can literally now start making a SCIENCE FORMULA, to prove real Twin Soul Cases!

So, after thinking for a while, feeling shy about it and not knowing how to hide it, or show it, or what do to with this, I found the courage to finally show what is actually happening to me, so readers and MJ Fans who are being mislead by these Frauds online, can literally see the truth.

We are talking here actually, about some form of Sexual Twin Soul Science” ©.

What happens, when a man and a woman make love?

The man obviously is active, the woman passive. In the sexual energy. The man gives, the woman takes. That same physical logic, also exists in spirit. If a male twin soul in spirit is with the incarnated physical female twin, and a merging takes place, the male soul gives his energy to his woman.

Makes sense?

So, theoretically, for my dear readers, how would Michael prove to the World who is his twin soul, if he is so famous and many people since decades talk fantasy made up lies about him in general on the tabloids and now, online too?

How would Michael Jackson prove to his Fans, who his real twin soul is, so they are not lied to about such important things regarding their and all our very souls?

Michael Jackson early 1080´s: Photo for Educational and Documentary Purpose
Michael Jackson early 1080´s: Photo for Educational and Documentary Purpose

I was actually loving and enjoying the facial changes a lot, it´s like my personal miracle between me and Michael. My nose is smaller and more up the tip of it, my lips are fatter, my eyes bigger and more like his now. His soul is visible inside my Eyes, if you look closely.
My, how you say now 🙂 “behind” is much tighter and shaped by itself. I have no idea, since 2010 when he announced those things “you are going to have a beautiful body, just wait and see”, how he does it. But one thing I do know, and that is, that he is the one that causes these clear signs.

In the Book by Jean Cline, about her and George Reeves twin soul merging process, I have read shocked, how her appearance is changing and people are calling her “Sir” now. That worried me, I read it in around 2011 I think. I can only recommend it, for it is one of the rare, ultra rare cases, maybe the most similar case to mine I have ever seen. It is scientific, not some fantasy book. And even her children, from ANOTHER MAN, look his they are the Kids of George Reeves! Kinda logical, because she and George are the same Soul, the same Vibes, the same Essence, the brother and sister look, so under any circumstances, the children will look like both of them.

In this book, they make a guess, regarding why Jean´s appearance is changing and she looks more like George increasingly. They explain in there, that it is most likely the EXCHANGE OF SEXUAL ENERGY, the SHARING OF SEXUAL ENERGIES between the two, that Jean´s body is undergoing such a Metamorphose. A Twin Soul Merging not only in mind and emotions, soul and all this people mainly claim only online, but also a merging PHYSICALLY VISIBLE.

Every twin soul couple is absolutely individual, and no couple is like any other. Just like human beings are individual we say, each having own unique finger prints, each twin soul couple is unique and shaped by their own individual incarnation experiences.

I have asked Michael many times, how he does this, how it works. He never really explained it much to me, he would always giggle. Which only confirms my guess increasingly, that it is our love-making with which he causes his energy to merge with my physical body like this. He is very strong. I would say, he is like a rocket of energy. He is stronger and has more skills it seems, compared to other twin soul cases I have seen.

Many people keep telling me, “oh you two are like the SAME person!”, or “I have never seen such a clear twin soul case”, or “You have the most obvious similarities in any Twin Flame couple I have ever seen!”.

So, if I say, Michael is in his true sou´s identity, now that he is in full SPIRITUAL BODY, the famous ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, I really mean it, and my faith and loyalty to God and truth make it impossible for me to ever say anything about Angels or Archangels or God, about which I am not absolutely, a 1000% sure.

We make real physical love. Not spiritual, mental love. It is PHYSICAL. He can get around the veil, the veil does not exist for him, which again, confirms even more that he is a powerful, special Soul, and not just some Soul.

For God´s sake, all his work he performed on Earth, confirms as well, that he is the Archangel. He even wore Angel Wings in YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
And it is somehow funny to note here, that many People claim everywhere that “Angels have no gender”, and that “Angels are androgynous”. They paint and create artworks since decades, about Angels, and always depict the male Angels with a very feminine Face and Expression (like Michael´s famous Appearance Changes which are Part of his Message), and there is not much difference between how female and how male Angels are depicted. It does have some truth to it, because Angels and Archangels especially, are highly evolved Beings, who are very connected and merged, even at distance and seemingly physical separation phases. The masculine and feminine Consciousness is always “hand in hand”, in incarnation and beyond.

I have heard something about Ectoplasmic Metamorphose, or Ectoplasm, in Jean´s Book. I don´t know if she has beard stubbles now as well, I would have to contact her and ask her. But the other twin soul couples I know, do not have such extreme physical signs and say, we are so extreme it seems BECAUSE he is Archangel Michael.

Free Will permits every reader and every human being out there, to form their own opinions on this. I can´t show my life´s story to strangers, through my eyes, or my inside. But I have those things from Michael, to literally show you things physically, and let you decide for yourself.

All I do, all this courage to go forward with such personally challenging things, I do for Michael. He is the one that moves me and guides me. He is the one that encourages me and gives me the love to believe in myself and go out there. I have been shy all my life and never felt comfortable in any public setting, even if I have been making Music since Childhood. I had serious issues with stage fright and such, the complete opposite in this point, compared to Michael. Twin Souls complete also each other, and the courage I have since 2010, to put Music out there, my Visions openly and confidently, the Books, the Blog, all that was Michael´s love that gave me the wings to open up my mouth.

You can´t force truth into people´s minds. You can finally only point into the right direction, like a sign, for them. But anyone can decide to go the other direction, and follow false twin soul information online and being put out in public. But your choices, I have to note, will decide on the outcome and your own evolution. If you waste your time with false teachings, you will only be held back by those frauds in YOUR evolution and in finding YOUR twin soul and reuniting and merging into One again.

Knowing how it is, and what a Miracle the Twin Soul is, I wish to see as many twin soul couples united again, it would make me and Michael really happy.

And to the dear MJ Fans reading this:

Michael wants you just to know the truth. He is all about truth and despises lies. He has suffered a long time from fraud and lies, attacks on his truths. In public. Think about those things he has told you himself on Interviews and in his Book, when he was incarnated. Have some mercy on the man and his soul and don´t support people who want to cash off now off his very soul, playing with people´s faith.
The devil is the one that famously got in between Adam and Eve´s happiness, no? Think about Adam and Eve as the original Twin Soul, and the devil being those people who try to confuse, mislead and suck on the energy of real twin soul couples. Michael deserves at least once to experience and see people supporting him in who he loves and who he is. The real Michael.

It is a lot in your hands, to help Michael and support truth. You are many, and Michael has always loved you and appreciated how you stood by him when he had to go to court, falsely accused and all this crap in the past. He sees everything each person does, and is always very happy, when People recognise his truth and are friendly and real about things.

These are times, where your very ability to show FAITH in things and real trust in the Divine, are being tested. It is logical, that when “Adam & Eve” try to reunite and return to Paradise, symbolically speaking, that the Devil would get really upset and try all he can to stop their ascension and reunion. Think deeply about this. It will help you get to universal truths that are crucial for each soul to be aware of.

Here is the Newest Photo Documentary of our Merging Process:

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Flame
Evidence without a Doubt about the Real Case of the Twin Soul of Michael Jackson © Physical Metamorphose

Note: Look at the Nose holes, identical. Look at the mouth corners and wrinkles, identical. Look at the stubbles on the chin, exactly where Michael´s were popping out on his chin. The mustache also looks like Michael´s earlier. Shaving for a man, causes stronger stubbles I guess over time. That is why we picked earlier Pictures, where Michael also did not shave regularly, because of his sensitive skin. He shaved way more when he had the lighter skin, because super black beard stubbles and white skin, looks very extreme, Michael always thought.

Remember, that Michael did some famous surgery to his Nose, and changed it to fit more to mine, intuitively. You can literally see here also, why Michael did what he did in his Life, and what his Soul was seeking. Clearly, in Visuals, Archangel Michael brings you this Truth.

With all my Love and Light,


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    Thanks for great info I was looking for this information for my mission.

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