About Fake Twin Soul Flame Stories Online on the Internet © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Fake Twin Soul Flame Stories Online on the Internet ©

Dear Readers,

This has been lingering in my mind and soul for a while now, and I tried all I can to ignore it and never even reply to fakers online. But then again, it is not people´s fault and this is about the people. I think saying a few things about some big disinformation movement online is now necessary, for one time. To state few important things clearly and help the innocent People seeking for true Information on Twin Souls and then, being told false teachings and information. As a twin soul, you care about other twin souls as well. I don´t like seeing people mislead by some money-hungry, attention seeking frauds. In general, it is about time to stop this general “Fraud in Spirituality” thing that we all have witnessed on TV and such as well. People should not charge Money to “help”, not being capable of anything psychic/spiritual. It is the whole point. Somehow, its popular in the “Frauds World of Thinking” to use People´s hopes and the urge of their souls to seek truth and grow and learn, to profit and I find this despicable.

Then, on top of this long known issue with those fake Psychics who write Books and make Money off People´s needs with fantasy made up nonsense mostly, and throwing in some things researched to abuse a bit of History too to “dress their frauds”, now, we have a new issue.

The Michael Jackson Twin Soul Claims popping up suddenly everywhere. Like it´s a hype, a “popular idea to make money and get attention”. Maybe also for some, it´s seemingly a way to fill the void OTHER MEN have created in their lives, and now, Michael is just fine for the selfish purpose of soothing that. I have received some quite disturbed messages by People, and of course, blocked all such comments, as first, I don´t want any negativity toward our Soul, second, it would be quite embarrassing actually for the One´s who wrote me for others to see their clear psychological issues online in public like this. I am a nice person and would never air such desperate unstable commenters to protect them. They don´t mean anything bad, they just looking for true love and miss it in their lives. I understand that and as I said, Michael did his work also, to GIVE hope and like, a sign pointing the right path. The right path to their own destiny. Not himself personally.

But to take advantage now of Michael´s Fans, just like the despicable “Hollywood People” I don´t want to mention namely here for it´s a legal issue. To abuse Michael´s fans to play with their mourning over Michael´s passing and his spiritual Well Being, to use their hopes and fears to get attention and their money, to play with their life and spiritual evolution like this, is to me inacceptable and I do this for Michael. I myself never had anything much to do with “MJ Fans” or “MJ Clubs” and such, all my Life. I am simply someone who chose the same field of work as my idol and twin soul, that´s it.

I am very honest. I am like “allergic to lies and fakeness”. Always have been. All my family and friends and people that know me from work and such, know that about me. I am like a child at times, and point at the liar and faker and speak truth. I don’t think in such moments, I can´t stand seeing this fake face these people put on. I hate dishonesty, I really do. Those people don’t know what Michael endured, how much he suffered, to be sitting there this calm and ramble on about some fancy words they researched to harass the MJ Fan Community. In fact, these people are the reason, why I closed the door for any direct and personal communication with “MJ Fans”. Sure, if you send a nice Message, my People will tell me and then I can read it, when I have the time. I work hard, as hard as never before in my life. And all I do I do for God, and for Michael. Like that, I am better now, because I suffered from the online bullying and its bad spiritual energy I can´t have when channelling and focused on time consuming and serious Projects and Productions for our Label.

They see you do your thing, and just start stalking your keywords in everyone´s public view, because they don´t care, they want to make some Money off of a blog and some Book. They want to provoke you to reply, by ongoing stalking of your work and keywords and this type of harassment. You are making my Life by the day more like Michael´s, thanks! How nice of you!

Of course, if any with Michael involved Person shows up, that actually knew the man and happens to be using a Blog for battling serious and huge attacks (Data hacking, Interference in professional Entertainment Productions) by Michael´s personal Enemies in Hollywood, having constant technical issues and being censored, it only shows you the true face of these people, who come into such situation, attack having no idea who you are, nor caring actually about Michael, just so they can “appear credible with their frauds and make quick cash”.

You have a Project that has the Title PROJECT inside the Title officially, things that are professional Productions being worked on, original creative Productions, by educated People who put in lots of work. And then, these people start using clearly your keywords with later Dates visible suddenly appearing on YOUR google search results, to harass and stalk you and interfere in your Information, because else they know, their lies are being very visible through our Blog Battle. Bad luck for them. This is a battle, yes. A battle, they are NOT involved in and have NO IDEA about what Michael was fighting internally in the Entertainment Industry.

Your friends and fans of your work, then come and tell you constantly, how these and those people are supposedly using “your keywords and imitating you on their blog”, and their bla bla appears suddenly and regularly under your search results. Such as suddenly placing the word “PROJECT” in big letters to their nonsense, to appear as if somehow doing something important for Michael, because they hate the fact that his Fans can SEE AND READ the true Information online. Michael´s Fans, are not stupid. The ones who research well, can easily find information on the Film Plans Michael had and see through this truth immediately.

Other twin souls I am in contact with, have also looked at those parallel frauds, claiming to be me (Michael´s Twin Soul), and those are other REAL cases who you can even see. Like in our case. They are pretty angry about those fakers and people who spread now like its “popular” wrong made up fantasy information about twin souls to cash off. You are not allowed to do such things, worst karma possible! Especially if you interfere in an already since 2007 ongoing battle including criminal attacks and poisoning and stalking and hacking and such topics, if I were you, I would be very suspicious of such people who then attack with Names, Screen Shots and Articles the People who are being in this Battle with Michael and his Family.

Oh and, you go exceptionally to MJ Fan Forums, after the fact, and try to defend his Legacy, try to mobilise people for stopping those new false accusations which are inhumane and disgustingly unlawful, against innocent Michael, the very things he suffered from when alive, and then, people are like “biased” and you have no idea, because you just went there and they accuse you or confuse you for the other fakers who disturb obviously MJ Fans on ALL MJ FAN FORUMS in the world online, being blocked everyone yelling to MJ Fans “I am Michael´s Twin Soul Another Part of Me Bla Bla He He” and they do this as a planned strategy to cash off MJ Fans in planned ways. I have tested this and saw what my friends reported to me was true! I went to 2 MJ Forums, because for real talk we have OUR OWN FORUM also for Elvis Fans and for Spirituality and Ancient Egypt and such and enjoy ourselves there privately with respect a lot. People were insulting, saying to each other like they have been harassed with this in big amounts before “don´t listen to these people they are on all mj forums talking this BS and being blocked everywhere!”.

Aha, good job, “Debbie”. Very much the type of chick Michael despises, the stalker type who is showing stalker type of behaviours toward his fans. What do you want from his Fans? Claiming you were never a fan even of his work huh? My friends told me about the Nonsense you claim on your Blog, and I heard from a MJ Fan, that you claim you “don´t know if he did it or not” regarding the FALSE accusations that tortured him alive for 16 years. People like you think the Internet exists to abuse others. You make Michael feel harassed, with what you do. The Man was INNOCENT and what you say about him and his Soul now is insulting and harassing. Simple as that.

Here is the original, dated public and officially registered, copyrighted Release of the Official Twin Soul Answer in my Debut Album about Ancient Egypt, named I REMEMBER as a reply to Michael´s Song to my Soul, REMEMBER THE TIME. In 2010…you can look up the Download Portals Release Dates showing clearly, here are the Videos from Youtube and other Sites published in 2010 and early 2011:

Childhood Photos of Susan Elsa with her TWO LOVE BIRDS (Green and Blue) ©
Childhood Photos of Susan Elsa with her TWO LOVE BIRDS (Green and Blue) ©
Official Michael Jackson Twin Soul Website © Two Birds Poem Design
Official Michael Jackson Twin Soul Website © Two Birds Poem Design
Michael Jackson´s intimate soul poetry to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa © Two Birds (she literally owned as a Child when he wrote it)
Michael Jackson´s intimate soul poetry to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa © Two Birds (she literally owned as a Child when he wrote it)

Meaning for the 3 Blue Birds Symbol- Osiris, IsIs & Horus ©

The whole Album was under Michaels Twin Soul Guidance channeled, no pen no paper, no preparation, no own effort, in Egypt at original Temples, all over Egypt, in November 2010, shortly before the Arab Spring became visible…

Needless to mention, that any abuse of these original and published Productions, with it released Descriptions and all that official and copyrighted stuff, cannot be used a second time by other People now to fool MJ Fans. There are also lawyers in case, to take care of such infringements. Respect other´s original Copyrights, please.

Here is an original spontaneously channeled Song, complete FREESTYLE CHANNELING WITH MICHAEL, no pen no paper rhyme, for Michael, October 2010- after anger attacks due to huge issues going on with Hollywood and the Tabloid crap about Michael, a SONG EMOTIONAL VENTING, from anger over the lies about my Michael, read the Video Description to see more Insight into what was going on already back then regarding Interferences:

Michael has PROVED in the meantime, to real People cooperating in our Projects, that he is Archangel Michael. That he is right here. I don´t even have to do ANYTHING, but sit here and enjoy being with him and having fun and him telling me, the whole time I felt harassed by these liars, that “Don´t worry, trust me, I got this! I´m preparing things, I´m preparing certain people, you will see, trust me!”. And he was right. You too will see soon, when we announce the Cooperations in public News. He dares to be recognized, the fire is deep in his Eyes.

If you want other real Cases of Twin Souls, which ALSO LOOK ALIKE physically like me and Michael and share identical experiences, I recommend these true infos by Michael Hutchence´s Twin Soul (Lead Singer of INXS). And I want to say here also, that I love the two, they are a GREAT twin soul couple and Michael Hutchence is a very cool Guy, in Spirit, and surely gets along with my Michael, which is probably how me and his twin got into contact I guess. Merged Name would be Cormael.

I also do know more twin soul couples by now, Michael lead to me, and we enjoy this gathering a lot. It is amazing how similar real cases of twins really are! And all of them, without exception, I can confirm now, look like brother and sister, look alike, share physical similarities, for their essence is the very same, just slightly in female and male energy poles. The female usually has more a soft, female energy in her eyes, while the male twin has more a masculine energy in his eyes. Like, totally energetic opposites of male and female, but as beings, totally identical in many, many ways.

Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Incarnated
Michael Jackson´s Clear Appearances Changes after Twin Soul´s Birth in 1982 ©
Michael Jackson before his Twin Soul was born- 1970´s
Michael Jackson before his Twin Soul was born- 1970´s
Clear Twin Soul Physical Signs of the Mirroring Souls on the Cheeks © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Cheek Moles
Clear Twin Soul Physical Signs of the Mirroring Souls on the Cheeks © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Cheek Moles

The others will also soon publish their own stories and Books and I am very happy about seeing this happening, because it is clear humanity has opened up and is ready to receive the honest truth, so it helps them most productively.

Our Blogs and Books are mostly, the ones yet published (Books), free of any charges. And not even that only, but Music Releases since 2010 also, and many free Booklets coming for spiritual pre-Training before we launch our resurrected, authentic and original ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Yes, Archangel Michael´s Wedding and the Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll- Elvis´Message from Heaven are out there for Sale and downloading as well, such as on Amazon, the iBook Store, Barnes & Noble and such. But this is only for strangers, for critics, because normal and sane people will normally communicate with us, join for free our Web Gate and read all Books in there for free. This is and has never been about money, nor is it some core “project” I work on or any such thing like it seems to be a full time job for some of these impostors online.

Again, the Blog initially, the Debut one, ArchangelMichael777, has been officially opened on 11-11-11, in 2011, after racist type of harassment on light workers.org, where it seemed at the time important for contenting the battle against these illegal hacking attacks and public disinformation war by big Hollywood Names who try to attack Michael´s friends and legacy like this, behind the public´s back.

The public has no idea about Michael´s non-public battle with Hollywood and they have no idea how long, how many years, he fought to manifest his FILM PLANS and was being attacked, ideas stolen from him (yes!), and not only ideas, but things we had begun working on as he told me. Drafts, drawings, drafted ideas, not just in his head or talk. Michael had some serious Cinematography Talent and sadly, he could not show it to the World, because he passed.

I am the one that has been working with him on those secret film plans in Los Angeles, and my whole World was changed, innocently hanging out with him, I suddenly found myself dying, my body, breaking down. I had to escape there and leave him back and then, find out someone POISONED ME OVER THERE. Its a real, medical miracle that I survived 8 months of straight deadly poisoning.

And you know how? Everytime I felt like fainting, like I am about to fall into a coma or something, having extreme asthma attacks over there, not understanding what is happening to me for Doctors told me wrong infos there, I had only my will, my faith to keep my body going.

When I could not breathe, I would start singing, really loud, with all my energy. I would just put all my focus and strength into it, like a “battle of the will”. I would keep saying mantras to myself to reverse the effects on my body, in the ancient Egyptian Magic fashion which I remembered when I needed to survive- I AM healthy, I AM healthy, I AM well, I AM well, I am healthy, I am healthy, I am strong, I am strong, I will survive, I will survive, I am healthy, I am healthy. For weeks and weeks. This also had a huge toll on Mike, because he worried about me thinking I might die and he felt its so unfair, because he waited all his life to find me. It hurt him, a lot, to see me like this, with Doctors telling me I have cancer and scaring us to death, when I did not have cancer but was poisoned. They obviously cannot even do their job right, American Doctors are like the most incompetent I have ever seen in my life.

The whole situation reached it´s peak, when I found out that Michael had passed, on June 25th 2009, as I was still worried about my own body and health. I had left Los Angeles and was not there, and I was dying in Switzerland. I felt him. I suffered with him. In fact, I am very sure today, that if I had not left Los Angeles and was there on June 25th 2009, I would be 1000% dead now as well. I would not be here typing. Michael basically passed, thinking I am dying also. This is some real twin soul challenge we have survived, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and not a topic of mockery or discussions for strangers, obviously. You don´t go also to a rape victim and harass them with “how were you raped, no no you were not raped, I was raped and writing a book on it to make money”- that is not sane, psychologically. Interfering in the unnatural death of a very publicly known figure, just to make Money, not even giving a flying thing or caring inside for the Man. Talking endlessly, researching, using his Material even to decorate their frauds and sell it. Attacking the people who were there and suffering, pointing at their suffering and anger about Michael´s death and publicly unknown truths yet, and laughing, while in the same breath claiming to care about Michael. I don´t know sometimes, if I should laugh or cry, honestly. It is really inhumane towards Michael, this disinformation war on us. And it is the most obvious interference with real twin souls in modern time. Due to the fact, that Michael is simply so known through his work.

The paranormal stuff, I was born with. Its nothing new. I know its a hype now, its popular it seems to talk “about twin souls and psychic and channel and spirituality”, but hey, I LIVED those things all my life. And suffered from loneliness in this exact topics, because most people did NOT have the same skills I have and I felt alone, like I wished there was true information out for me to learn as I grew up, open discussion, open respect for these spiritual abilities we all finally were equipped with by God. That is part of my personal Life Story, a unique one which has been examined years ago by real Scientists, finding absolutely NOTHING wrong with me physically or in my Brain. I wonder to see such deep examinations of these frauds who want to interfere in this. Come on, show us any proof for your cheap talk.

That is not only about some “MJ Twin Claimers” online, that is only a sad side effect now that he passed to make Money and such, by the SAME TYPE OF PEOPLE who would before just write nonsense spiritual Books about ancient Egypt, or Angels and claim to channel and charge Money to People to “help them”. Not teaching them truth, not handing them directly the skill and knowledge. This is why lies are bad, it never works. If you learn and listen to a person who has no idea what they are saying, you will be trained wrong and have to stressfully re-program and re-learn the truth again and again. This is a cycle that has been going on in History for a while now, about 2´000 to 2´500 years, of constant manipulation and lies and disinformation on SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS. Open your Eyes, please.

I then was helping with paranormal science experiments and research in the topics telepathy, future foresight skills, memory and much more. I given interviews to Science TV Shows internationally, and to Science Authors writing real Science Books and Magazines, and always love doing such little things from time to time, to help Science. I love Science and always did. I am a very spiritual, but also very equally logical and skeptical person. This is even proven by scientific studies on my brain functions. I have a very balanced brain, right and left brain hemisphere usage equally, compared to most other human beings. I can use my brain like men do, and like women do, scientists can see such things in brain activity and such tests. And it is exceptional and extraordinary. And it is a physical proof, prior to even meeting Michael, that I am a highly evolved twin soul, with balanced female and male side/brain/thinking/emotion, soul, however you want to use the human words to describe this truth.

Educated people and scientists will understand this information very clearly.

The paranormal situation with Michael, after 2009, was only a CONCLUSION OF THE THINGS THAT HAPPENED PREVIOUSLY IN MY LIFE. Factually. Not something new like people come up with NOW that he can´t speak directly to the public and defend his truths. People who behave like I know as a Medium, in a way that hurts souls. Abusing their names and speaking in their name after they pass. I cannot describe to you how this feels to a soul, who has passed, and can´t scream at them directly to tell them to stop. This is why I do this, because I always react to my Man´s needs, in life and in afterlife.

HE is the one that returned with this huge determination to do this unique work we do now. HE is the one that taught me after he passed the exact term “twin soul”. HE is the one that asked me to publish things and dare it. HE is the one that pushes me with HIS ENERGY to do things I never even thought possible before. I can dance and sing in ways, I could not do before. All this was happening in the initial phase of the spiritual full merging in 2010, as he returned to guide me with my work and to PROTECT ME in this delicate situation we are in. It makes divine and logical sense. It is like plan B of our souls with God, to continue the twin soul mission, the important healing work. And truth is a core of this healing. The truth is what sets you free and heals. Not the lie or disinformations!

This is a huge traumatic experience and memory now. And I will no longer accept any frauds online, who want to take advantage of his death and problems he battled, to become “famous” or “make money”, or, “misinform and attack his Legacy and Truths”.

That is the reason I decided to write this one time reply to attacks on my work and persona and soul, before, online. The things I mentioned friends and fans of our work have reported to me since 2012. I have never read, clicked on or looked at any of those people´s fraud blogs or books or forum entries or any of this they clog the internet with. I am not interested.

Michael feels sexually harassed by those people, and that is why I felt compelled to defend him now and say those few things out loud. I don´t have to reply to any such posers, and surely there is no science behind their claims, even if they use my keywords on purpose after I reveal more of this compelling story, to appear “fancy shmancy smart and credible with throwing around big words such as “project” and “science”.

Here is the Teaser to a Music Short Film we have done and published officially in 2011, in the summer. An example of the years of work, actual work, we are doing, and not “blogging around like those fakers”, NOW.

(PHOTO FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE) Twin Souls smile alike © Visual Message chosen by Michael
Twin Souls smile alike © Visual Message chosen by Michael

Also, if you can take a look at what is happening with my Face, my FACE YOU CAN SEE, not just words, and then send me threats and insults and such in really sick and ridiculous, illogical ways, then you should go to an Eyes Doctor and let them check your eye sight. I look like the man, I look as much as him SHOWING in physical manifestations clearly that we are twin souls, as is even possible. He was black, I am arab, so for two different ethnic backgrounds, we look so much alike, that some people find it spooky, a lot.

IsIs to Demonstrate on Camera her Magic Skills © Mystery Garden´s Magic Metamorphose Project
IsIs to Demonstrate on Camera her Magic Skills © Mystery Garden´s Magic Metamorphose Project
Signs Physical of my Twin Soul merging with my Soul & Body since he is in SPIRIT now © August 25th 2013 www.michaeljacksontwinsoul.com
Signs Physical of my Twin Soul merging with my Soul & Body since he is in SPIRIT now © August 25th 2013

And you don´t want to know, how my beard stubbles look like now (see Picture taken few weeks ago after waking up-before shaving), and a mustache. It is shocking, to me personally, and takes a lot to adjust. I am very feminine and look feminine, and this is clearly Michael´s energy showing in my Chin. I have to shave. And I am embarrassed about it and don´t know how to explain it to People.

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Flame
Evidence without a Doubt about the Real Case of the Twin Soul of Michael Jackson © Physical Metamorphose

Don´t let people abuse you and your money to profit off of our soul. Its not good karma they create for their own soul, and finally they have to answer on this to God, together with their true twin souls who they betray to “hunt famous Michael Jackson”. That is such bad karma, that even if they hurt and anger me, I still feel sad for their future, because I know a lot about the spiritual Worlds and consequences of “spiritual abuse of the masses” and obviously as you see, don´t even mind to blog and such, not even BEING A BLOGGER at all, to help the masses find true information and help. The type of help and assistance I wished I had as a child and teenager, having to deal with all these spiritual experiences I did not fully understand at that age.

Regarding Michael´s Legacy, we are working hard on a great Project and Michael is guiding us (Team) together, everyone is seeing his presence and precision and the World will soon see for themselves, the huge Projects Michael has been guiding here the whole time.

Anyone can talk online, today anyone can put up Books for sale and talk nonsense. Anyone. Of course, they should not, but they still do it anyways and see only their narrow mind and profit. They can´t open their heart and see what they do to others with this, they don´t care about Michael, they don´t care about us.

Michael is not so known in public, as a private Guy. The way he was really, in private, his full artistic visions that the could not realise yet, his personal habits at home or more open way of talking compared to in public. It´s not real love to want a man you never met and never knew. Real love has to do with you finding someone that is LIKE YOU, that fits TO YOU. It´s surely not about “oh he over there is so hot or dances so nice I want him!”. You don´t know the man and if you are a Fan and find him handsome, that is totally fine! Dreaming is allowed, absolutely. Really, Michael meant his work serious and honest, and he always cared about giving this hope, dreams and love to his Fans. Just try to not lose yourself in his powerful Aura and forget the LOVE. If you love someone, and he is in love with a woman, you will be happy for him and send him respectful and well meaning thoughts and emotions. Michael still, even more now, feels those things and energies. It would make him happy, if he would see for ONCE, support for his true love and happiness, not always people “wanting to take things from him”. Think a bit about this and reflect on that, if you care about Michael as a Soul.

The best and only secure way for MJ Fans and People out there to know, who is a real twin soul and who is faking and talking cheap to make a few bucks, is to look at THE WORK. The type of work Michael used to do. Music, Dance skills, Looks, Acting Skill, Facial Expression, Film Works, and all that. In there you can see clearly, who is a fake and who is not, because after all, we are still talking about MICHAEL JACKSON, and anyone who wants to proclaim some soul connection or channeling him or anything from him, must be able to show in action, body and skill that there is a shared soul (similar skills) and LET THE WORK SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

I´m still learning how to handle this shadow side of show business, and not even because I am the object of focus really (or maybe I am but not used to it). It is so disturbing, because I have to deal with Michael´s shadow side of show business, only for being so connected to him. I only mean well in all I do and ever did in my life, and Michael surely knows that and even if I have to endure stressful things, attacks, jealousy, all this unnecessary things in Life we want to change and heal, I would always be willing to take this for Michael, because I love him and nothing will ever make me stop that.

Our love is eternal.

And so is the truth. The truth can survive any lie, by far. And over time, the truth will become even more visible to the public, than it already is.

I wish you all a wonderful Weekend and much Love, Light and Truth,

Susan Elsa


Link to my newest Song, written by Michael and channeled to me. The Black Moon Demo Link to listen to my Singing and Songwriting with Michael and see for yourself/hear for yourself:


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