The Mighty Soul Door: Feeling Michael Jackson´s Pain *Original Jam Session Audio 2009*

“I was dying parallel across the Globe, no matter how far I ran, with Michael Jackson. 2009 was a very hard year for me, I am happy to have survived this. For twin souls, the passing of one of them is the biggest challenge you can possibly imagine. On all levels.

It was like my own personal death I had to cope with, and I was sure on June 23rd 2009, that I AM going to die. It felt like it is about me. I only realized that this was coming from Mike, after I heard the News 2 days later.

The anger I felt when hearing what had happened, is indescribable. I still have really extreme anger attacks when I hear anyone talk negative or untrue things about him or the News printing and airing Pictures and Words about the very things that hurt his soul for such

a long time here on Earth. Michael Jackson has always, is and always will be INNOCENT of all the crap that has been claimed publicly about him. The public doesn´t even KNOW the real Michael, at all! Nor did the public ever understand the man. They have no idea how much he suffered

from the false allegations made against him. It´s because he was innocent, that he suffered so extremely from this. He has spent a lot of his life, helping people and children! He helps children, he doesn´t harm and would never harm any child. He had a lot of respect for people in general. He doesn´t deserve any of this devilish stuff being done to him.”

– Susan Elsa about Michael Jackson´s Innocence-

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