Archangel Michael applauds Karl Wolf for MAGIC HOTEL – Recommended Pop

Congratulations Karl! Keep it up! ARAB POP POWER!

Karl Wolf tunes into Archangel Michael´s Magic 🙂

I LOVE the Song! Support Karl Wolf, he has been making great Music for a few Years now, and it´s time to promote and support more such good Songs! Good work Timbaland, I have to admit.


Article 2013 with Book Data from “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL´S WEDDING” (© 2010-2012)- Lightworkers World Magazine

“After a while it became spring 2010. I went to a short vacation to Venice/Italy and slept there in a waterfront hotel which was very old. My window was facing the water and it looked like a majestic palace style bedroom. I was still walking around feeling empty and weak. I had health issues and suffered also physically. At one particular day I walked around there shopping and photographing the streets when suddenly everywhere around me things about Michael Jackson popped up. I walked by a store, and inside on the TV’s was Michael everywhere. I wanted to go back to the hotel at some point shortly after when it started to rain, and I saw a painting of Michael made by some street artist and a second after I saw it, she took it off to pack it away from the rain. I ran to her and said I want to buy it. I returned to the hotel, turned on the TV and Michael was there. I packed out the painting and noticed that the artist had painted Michael’s mole as well. That means he must’ve been very attentive to know this under all of that camouflage make up on pictures. But he had painted Michael with a mole on his right cheek, my side.

I went to bed and tried to sleep. But still I had sleep issues, tossing and turning. Suddenly, I saw how Michael was being carried back to me by angels holding him left and right, into my hotel room. They placed him exactly on top of me. He looked so rejuvenated, happy, smiling and was black again having an afro like around the age of 17.

The first thing he said then was:” I’m so sorry. Everything that happened to you happened because of our connection.” For the rest of this night Michael sat at the right side of my bed performing energetic healing work on me. He placed his hands on top of my head and pulled all negativity out of there. I kept waking up and tossing and turning still and every time I opened my eyes, Michael sat smiling all night at my bed holding my hand and assuring me all is well now.”


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I WANNA ROCK WITH YOU © Michael Jackson Afterlife Official Lyrics *Spiritual Message Decoded*


I WANNA ROCK WITH YOU © Michael Jackson Afterlife Official Lyrics *Spiritual Message Decoded*

Dear Readers and Mystery Students

Today, for SUN DAY, comes a very special Post.

This Time, we focus on the EYE OF OSIRIS, which Michael was applying in his publicly recorded Works.

Michael Jackson has a Song named ROCK WITH YOU, in which he literally sings in the Bridge of the Song, “and when the groove is dead and gone, you know that love survives, so we can rock forever”. This is one of the clearest songs in showing his Osiris Mind, and why and how he came up with his works. Things always happen for a reason, and surely if it is such a famous Performer in the midst of planetary attention. Michael´s Life itself speaks volumes about who he was in Spirit, incarnated as MJ.

Of course, Osiris is also only an earthly Incarnation. From a very very long time ago, in ancient Egypt. In…

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Michael Jackson Song Meaning PYT from THRILLER – 2nd Addition to G-SPOT Article ©

The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Michael Jackson Song Meaning PYT from THRILLER - 2nd Addition to G-SPOT Article ©

As in the First Original Article explained- Michael really does have an official very famous Song, named PYT, in which he literally sings about the female G-Spot.

Real Ancient Egyptian Music-Sex Magic for THRILLER  ©  Osiris Reincarnation revealed ©


Michael Jackson´s Hidden Message about the Female G-Spot © His Words


Michael wants me to write down these things today, for it is a very central topic for society and especially for women. That includes me, obviously, on a personal level I do not want to describe in detail.

You know, in Show Business there are many “Groupies”. It does not have to be a Fan, in the classical sense. There are always women in general trying to jump on your Guy, especially if he is handsome, famous and has Money. As sad as it sounds, many women would try to sneak to…

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