What does Elvis Presley think about show business? © Official Book Excerpts & Insights

What does Elvis Presley think about show business? © Official Book Excerpts & Insights

Image for Educational Purpose: Elvis Presley

Chapter 3- “The Truth” © from THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL (Book)

What does Elvis think about show business?

Obviously, Elvis belongs to these examples, which have gone through the darkest side of show business not once, but often. In the beginning, he tells me, he loved the spotlight and enjoyed that he was able to give such positive joy to people. Elvis felt “needed” and “useful,” like “making something that God could be proud of out of my life, singing for him!” But not everyone out there was like Elvis, and here the problem started. The problem is a general issue of show business and society and it is called JEALOUSY.

As soon as someone becomes “popular” and “loved by people,” the jealous, greedy individuals would appear from all sides, Elvis says. Over time, it really got to him. Elvis was often sad, deeply frustrated, with the entertainment business. The more HE became successful, the more OTHERS wanted to decide for him and “lead” him, and he says here clearly that he liked to be led by God only, not by a human being who wants attention, money and fame. Basically, to state it clearly, people tried to gain increasing CONTROL over Elvis, the more famous, successful and therefore, powerful in society he got.

He struggled in some business decisions, trying to make his voice heard, and was “manipulated away” from his own ideas whenever he would mention wanting to become more independent as an artist and business man. Elvis did not like to be told what to think, do and feel. He hated it.
After he passed, he could still watch from above what is taking place down here on earth – fully out-of- body. I try describing the situation of two worlds interacting as best as I can, with the limited human language we have to describe such powerful events. Elvis seen what the press did to and said about Lisa, and himself, and he watched closely all of it, trying to influence matter for truth with God’s help.

Elvis was most worried about Lisa not only “hearing lies about her father,” but watching over her from above, increasingly about his own daughter being “harassed publicly by the press, books and lies” – which really did happen when Lisa got together with Michael Jackson. In front of her eyes, they done the same dirty moves against Michael, which they had done a generation before against Elvis – only to cause doubts between them and attack their relationship. Elvis is very sorry, for what happened to Michael, he seen it and felt with him all the time throughout Michael’s challenges and the attacks on his reputation. We are talking here about spiritual interferences and power games regarding messages and situations that were designed ultimately by God. Manipulation of nature’s order, you can also call such behavior. God’s will must be respected, and people who go around telling lies however they like, out of jealousy, will have to explain sooner or later to God, why they done such act. Michael is absolutely pure and always meant everything he did or said well. He had to endure a lot of lies, just like Elvis, and remained strong and silent, letting his work speak for itself. I am here and I will not allow any further distractions from the truth and especially not a repetition of the same situation Michael went through, with “a Madonna” distracting by claiming fakely she had some kind of important situation or connection with Elvis, when the whole time it was Michael who had this. Michael LIVED his connection with Elvis’ spirit right in front of our eyes.

(Note: Think about this; Lisa was super young when Elvis passed, her Father. With Michael she was able to see for herself the truth about “fame and show business life”, and hopefully, UNDERSTAND the truth about her Father now more…)

Additional information about Michael

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley do have a strong spiritual connection. It has been that way the whole time, while everybody was wondering why Michael married Lisa Marie, Elvis’ daughter, and now today, why Michael and Elvis have so much in common.
It is so simple, that sometimes one does not see what is right in front of you. Michael always had the ability to communicate with the spiritual realms; he composed several musical compositions with the help of Liberace at the piano, alone, the only story which leaked to the public. One of the few insights he gave. He also mentioned publicly in an interview with Diane Sawyer, that he has had psychic experiences before.
It should therefore not come as a surprise if I say clearly and openly now, that Michael Jackson had contact to Elvis Presley in spirit. Michael helped Elvis as much as he could, Elvis helped Michael as much as he could, for his work and he inspired Michael to much of what we seen, but we did not know it was a cooperation between Jackson and Presley in SPIRIT.

Horus-Osiris-IsIs: Order of Incarnation ; Elvis-Michael-Susan © Spiritual Information on Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson
Horus-Osiris-IsIs: Order of Incarnation ; Elvis-Michael-Susan © Spiritual Information on Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson

Elvis is stating his truth.
If you take medical aid to be able to sleep, regenerate your immune system and function at work, eat well, breathe well, it does not mean you take “drugs.” Through all of these lies and disrespect he felt toward him, not understanding why because he was in his heart so honest and pure, he got a very deep burn-out, and was often days depressed, thinking and thinking, reading books for hours, to be able to relax and sleep. He tried all he can. Physical pains kept increasing, the worse he slept, and his body was slowly being sucked to exhaustion.
I must mention here, also, that Elvis was a martial artist as well, not just a music artist. He trained to way higher “degrees” than only the black belt. Elvis Presley could knock out almost all kinds of people. He
would’ve been easily able to make a training fight for fun with Bruce Lee, and I have a feeling, as if that might be even possible for Elvis, now.
So, when all of this public slander started to build up and he felt more is coming, he got increasingly passive physically, and did not work out so much anymore like before due to being depressed and sad. After such long years of training, and good solid muscles built, it is natural for some people to gain weight when they stop training. Elvis was a big guy, tall and strong in general.
Fat, Elvis says, is not good for the heart. Sometimes things are told after one passes, and from one person to the next, the whole story gets a “new twist” and changes. Every lie got blown up after he passed even more, he says, it is “unbelievably untrue.” Elvis says, he gets human nature and he is alright with human beings making mistakes; he also made mistakes in his life and trusted wrong people especially, he notes strongly.
But now times have changed, and he evolved while we all thought that Elvis is “gone” somehow, and “illusion” we carry only in “our hearts” and all of these cheesy quotes. God made it possible, because God is great and almighty. And he allowed Elvis, and me, to bring forth this message, so that Elvis has an earthly “tool” to say what he wants, he cannot type on a keyboard that is in “our” physical world, but I can for him. I know many people don’t believe much in anything anymore, but that to me is even more reason and motivation to publish something personal as this

I love God, so much, and I wish that every human being on earth would focus more on God and receive his love. “God is Love”, and it is really true.

Sketching roughly how Elvis stood in front of me on May1st 2010 in Spiritual Form suddenly © Book Content THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL
Sketching roughly how Elvis stood in front of me on May1st 2010 in Spiritual Form suddenly © Book Content THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL (Published)


Sometimes he would have complete trust in another’s innocence, and then be surprised by them backstabbing him. All this caused him to develop more and more a deep mistrust against anyone he did not know for a long and sure time, or people generally from which he did not see yet a “proof” of their loyalty and trustworthiness.

At the end of his life, he felt hunted. This is meant literal. Like a deer being hunted in the forest, and it runs and runs and runs and seems to find no ending or safe place to hide in.

“I have seen reports and documentaries, read pieces and parts of books in which my character is being completely assassinated! The media always stuck to the perspective, in which I was the weak or bad guy, who could not handle show business. But I am asking: Which mortal human being that YOU know, can handle constant lies and harassment? All you got being taken away from you by hatred when you have done nothing wrong to no one?” Elvis explains. This is what made him take prescription medicine for sleep aid and pain relief physically, he says, never “drugs.” He needed to find a way, desperately, to sleep, to rest and keep his basic life energy going. Elvis tried to find a way to stop the constant loops of hurtful words and behaviours repeating in his mind at night. He admits that he really had an oversensitivity regarding disrespect and did never see any need for it at any place or time. He could not let it go easily, and would re-think disrespectful situations over and over at night, having a hard time relaxing to the point of sleep. Lies that were told about him, his life, his family and his character would hunt him in his head, and he would over-think his situation, trying to come up with a solution to stop it and find his peace of mind. As a sportsman, Elvis always worked out and read books trying to sleep. He was a clean man with high morals.

But the envious competition did not stop, and this in reality is a competition of the soul. Elvis Presley was and is now even more blessed by God. He was happy, before all those lies started and drug rumors. He never used any drugs growing up and had no pains in his body to kill anyways. When Elvis was younger, he studied martial arts and wanted to be a samurai level and shaped his body well. Elvis spent a big portion of his time doing sports; he loved to be physically active!

When he tried to release this pressure in his work, the way got blocked by his manager, who only thought of himself, or other people who worked for him. Sometimes they would use his family to convince him of stopping a new idea he had, his own idea, without them knowing they are being used. Elvis never even toured outside the U.S. for such reasons, because everybody was just trying to create their own fame on Elvis’s back and make cash. I heard him literally say, “They saw in me a walking dollar sign.”

On one simple day, Elvis almost broke down exhausted. Already harmed by all this pressure, the people around him cared mostly about his next gig, the next pay check or next movie and never about how the man who makes all this possible feels or what HE thinks. And this went on after his passing, till today; people make up all kinds of stories about Elvis Presley, trying to use his name to sprinkle some fame of his fame onto them, like for example even after his death, Madonna tried.

“I had respect for people, and demanded respect in return, that’s all.” I literally heard him saying that with a strong tone in his voice at first, and then sounding out like almost echoing in mumbling at the end of this sentence. I think Elvis seems to be a smart guy and the world should know that he was very observant of everything and everyone around him, and reflected deeply in his mind on life and its mystery.

When you become successful, at some point in time people start appearing who want to damage your success. Jealousy and envy are two of the most destructive behaviors of human beings in history and never brought any gain to anyone involved. All comes back to love and lack of love. Someone like Elvis, who had a lot of gentleness and love in his heart, never fabricates slander towards another on a simple and boring day. They try to achieve better and more with what they believe in, and in fact, keep going the harder but honest way in the middle of a slander storm. It is the ones who feel a lack of love in their soul, heart and body who cause this type of energy and behave in these ways toward another innocent human being. It is like a spiritual attack, to psychologically terrorize another successful human being, to cut away from his fame and success and money, simply to vent against someone who “seems to have it better” than the one sending out hatred. And for some people in this business, it’s about CONTROL, POWER, MONEY and FAME. Elvis, being the successful and charismatic Entertainer he was, became simply the target of envy.

It is more a personal issue usually envious people have seemingly with someone else, but in reality they have inner issues they try to distract themselves from by attacking another, instead of confronting their own mirror. Happy people don’t go around judging others or lying about them.



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Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

C.D. (Channeled Drawing) from the published Elvis Book- "Elvis channels IsIs in the 1970´s" © 2012
C.D. (Channeled Drawing) from the published Elvis Book- “Elvis channels IsIs in the 1970´s” © 2012

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