8 thoughts on “Michael Jackson´s GIVE INTO ME – Ultimate Song Meaning ©

  1. this turned me on lmao. im sorry but ive always gotten all those vibes from some of his songs, no one notices it but he has that “vibe’ you know. intense feelings

  2. Hi from Argentina, your interpretation of the lyrics is full of respect towards MJ and the audience. Thank you so much!

  3. ‘I’m like a lady’ is the wrong lyric, it should be ‘ACT like a lady, talk to me baby’. He’s asking this women to act like a lady, not immature and bratty. Talk to him like a adult without arguing and name calling. It’s similar to asking someone to act like a gentleman, to be civil and refined. You might want to change the lyric to the correct words 🙂
    I’ve also seen it as ‘I don’t like a lady’ which doesn’t lyrically make much sense. I believe it’s ‘act like a lady’

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