Michael Jackson Twin Soul Rise: Official Real Case investigated by Science ©

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Rise: Official Real Case investigated by Science ©


(MJ Twin Soul Book and few Insights into Los Angeles Stories with Michael Jackson)  © http://www.michaeljacksontwinsoul.com

Random Excerpts Puzzles:

A couple of days after the Oprah Interview, I sat down with a good friend of mine named Saba. She didn’t know Michael Jackson very well and found him good though. I managed to show her his truth as a human being and turn her into a big fan, in 24 hours. We talked and I was so tuned in; I talked about his thoughts and feelings openly without noticing how much I revealed and suddenly she stared at me shocked, like she saw a Ghost or something intense, and said to me: “Oh my God! You are him! YOU ARE MICHAEL!” She got so hysterical, like Michael Jackson is in front of her. I thought she is joking with me, and found this whole statement super weird and said: “What do you mean? I am me. I am Susan!”



I have felt him all my life, and I remember having had three repeating Dreams as a child, one of them, always with Michael – in a white bed. I felt so weird, because it was pretty sexual and physically, I wasn’t there yet. But my soul, of course, knows no age like that, I know today now that I am older. In my Dreams of Michael, he would always be in this white bed, naked on top and covering the rest with a thin white sheet. And he would reach out his hand and stare at me so intense that I would feel strange and when waking up, my body was just that of a little girl. Like, we spent our “Dreams” together. This kind of Dream kept repeating, and Michael looked back then like in the “Bad Era,” like he looked in real at that time.




Some usual day, when I was an adult, I felt this sudden “phantom” pain in my foot. Two days later the News reported that Michael Jackson had been bitten by a big, fat spider on his foot and he had pain. Little details like this one kept happening to me since birth, always leading to Michael. Wow, what was happening to me?

When I was about 10 years old, I visited with family, my home country, Egypt. My aunt was, back then, the Director of the Cairo Museum and so we went there, like tourists. There was one mummy on display, and a wood type of coffin covered all of it, besides the face. It was the mummy of “Ramses the II,” Nefertiti’s husband. I could not believe it and will never forget seeing Ramses all dried out in front of me, even his eye lashes, teeth, eye brows, all was still there! And I felt strange feelings, like I knew him somehow. My aunt let the workers there open the rest for us, so we could see his whole body and the other people got angry and complained, because we had “special things done for us” at the Museum like that thing covering his body being opened only for us to see.

Parallel, Michael produced “REMEMBER THE TIME”- a Song and whole great Short Film about ancient Egypt. And he picked exactly Ramses the II as a main character in it and his wife Nefertiti, played by Eddie Murphy and Model Iman. I felt like he had done it for me, somehow, but didn’t take the feeling serious of course, thinking all “Fans” feel like this. I believed all kinds of people feel like this in the World, not just me and repressed this particular boiling and uprising memory. Earlier before this project by Michael, I kept having scary dreams about IsIs, Osiris and Horus. Like, I am about to remember something, but it felt so scary and painful, that I repressed it and started to ignore all things about ancient Egypt. I did not want to remember, to be honest. I was not ready, at that young age.

Of course, I was not even aware of any such thing as I see clearly today, when I was a child. I only had a kind of “wanting to run away” from a memory boiling up – feelings.


I was in business school at that time, when I suddenly felt the urge for no apparent reason to visit the “Circus Knie” in Zurich on Sunday. It was Friday. I asked all my friends to come with me on Sunday. Unfortunately, nobody was in the mood for Circus. I then gave up and didn’t want to go alone by myself. The following Monday the Swiss Newspaper printed the news that Michael Jackson was, on Sunday, in “Circus Knie” in Zurich! I was so sad that I did not go.



A friend of my mother had organized back stage passes for Michael’s “Dangerous” tour in Switzerland. I was so happy, for my parents forbid I go to the Bad Tour, because I was too young and too small, and it made me so sad that I was too little to go. Sadly, Michael got sick and canceled this particular concert. I felt so sad, like I will never meet him. I also never wrote any fan letters nor even thought about traveling after him and such things like other “Fans” did. Of course, not all Fans, I am sure, but some. I never understood, and I felt he needed respect and privacy, strongly.



After my birth, which is therefore “sometime after Thriller,” Michael’s looks started to change and he did not understand it, or anyone on this planet. Rumors of extreme amounts of plastic surgery came up. Michael said he did not do that many plastic surgeries and the whole World focused only on him while all others in Hollywood do way more actually, and nobody talks about them. Human beings have intuition, naturally. And they “felt” and “sensed” that there is something extraordinary about Michael’s morph and face in general, something going in inside of him that he keeps private.

Sometime after June 25th, 2009, my own face began now to morph. I will publish on the Internet a picture from 2008/2009 before Michael passed, and one newer from 2011. I don’t mind being checked medically on Camera, to deliver evidence that I did not do anything to my face, my lips, nose or eyes, which became bigger “magically.”



I was living already in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, very close to the Santa Monica airport, where Michael used to do secret artwork, when I thought about “the same sandwich” as Michael. I didn’t know if he was back in L.A. yet or not, and prepared and studied hard to impress him. I felt suddenly: “Michael is back in LA, but he didn’t show himself to public yet.” He knew I was there because he had told me that I have great potential for Film Directing and storytelling on the phone, something Michael loved a lot. But at that time, there was no contact, previous e-mails were unanswered, because he was at that time stuck being attacked by disgusting false accusations and his whole sexuality being insulted by racists and jealous, evil people who simply lied. I worried so much.

I had his private postal box hanging at my house in Santa Monica, shy to write him. He said I should write him when I am there, and he will pick it up when he is back there as well. But something held me back, I felt so “small” compared to him and worried how our face-to-face meeting would be. I worried that he might not be the person I think the whole time he was and that I would be disappointed maybe, or that he would not care much about me and be cold. I asked myself all kinds of questions, because he was my role model and I cared deeply about his opinion about my singing and talent in general. What if he asks me to stand up and sing or even worse, dance for him and I embarrass myself in front of my idol?

Thank God, we met finally in L.A., the first time by pure telepathic connection making it happen! I had no chance to run away from meeting him or think about it. I simply went to grab “the same sandwich” as him from a store in Santa Monica and we ran into each other. I have to say, first he was with his back toward me, standing there and I felt him through his disguise with a fake beard, sunglasses and baseball cap. I felt him. I knew it is him, because as soon as he walked into that door I recognized his extremely energetic aura. I was looking down on my plate that moment even and still was urged to look toward that door feeling Michael’s extreme aura without looking at first.




I remember how I suddenly saw him in a different way, face to face, his eyes were so big and “glittery” like sparkling stars or diamonds. He was like a magnet attracting me and I him; it seemed so mutual and strange, completely different than all my lifelong expectations of a platonic meeting. I did not expect this, from afar. I was never attracted to him as a man; I had platonic feelings! It was so freaky, like I know him already so well, but factually he was a stranger, physically.


Physical Twin Soul Proof: The LITERAL other Half in visible Ways to make the Spiritual Message loud and clear ©
Physical Twin Soul Proof: The LITERAL other Half in visible Ways to make the Spiritual Message loud and clear ©


Following is a physical “mark,” which God obviously orchestrated to make sure everyone can see with their

eyes that I belong to Michael and he belongs to me, when Liars rise and start interfering in our truth. I have a natural, round, light mole on my right cheek. Michael had one on his left cheek, the exact mirror image of mine. I find it quite funny, how obvious this is. Don’t we say that soul mates are like two halves of the same Soul? Don’t people sometimes say about their partner or spouse “My other half,” “My better half” and similar? Well, here is a direct destined demonstration of this Truth. It is real. These things really do exist and I experienced them heavily to the point I could not deny it and other people feel freaked out now, by my changing face and all that. I will show you during my life, on Camera, our merging now, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physical, without doubts.




From 2003 to 2005, I got into a depression, as if I am feeling Michael’s depression from far away. I had already had the premonition, that scary dream showing me his death and let myself totally go. I even started for the first time ever in my life to gain weight. I worried, knowing this is a big conspiracy, that they would just put him in jail even though he is innocent.

When the Internet was still new and not many people had it at home like we do today around the world, I had found the original FBI files online about the first false case against Mike. What a pity I don’t have it anymore. I lost many things while I was in Los Angeles as well, dizzy and half unconscious while people stole things from me or simply broke and damaged property out of stupidity and disrespect toward me. In there it became clear for any reader that this whole accusation was made up and fake. The dentist, unhappy with his life, found out that his son got into contact with Michael Jackson and wanted to profit off of Mike. He used his son as a tool, not even caring for his own son’s future, friendship with Michael or his public image. They boy lied, having been manipulated by money and fame by his greedy father, who wanted to sell movie scripts to Hollywood and make it big with Michael’s help. The boy also described Michael’s body and genitals completely wrong, because he never saw anything like this of course. It makes me angry every single time to think about this and how it felt for poor, innocent Michael. One really wonders why this evil false accuser was never investigated or legally punished, even after 2005.

For Michael, the worst part though was when they embarrassed him by photographing his genitals and going into his home. It was like a rape for Michael, because he never done anything wrong. In fact, he fought only for peace and love and healing of this World and society, nothing else! You can’t punish a human being for being talented! Society should rather reward talent and ambition and therefore inspire humanity to grow and become better! You cannot molest a famous Musician all his life and abuse him and then try to accuse him of being the one who does this to others!


Let us be clear: Before the second false accusations and new attack, Michael traveled a lot around the world, meeting even with presidents and prime ministers of problematic areas to bring them the idea of peace closer. I remember clearly what his idea was to bring closer to these politicians of problematic areas: “We need to stop teaching the children to hate the other, each side does it. Instead we have to teach them to love the other and peace will be possible.” He was never interested in dirty politics himself, he only tried to talk with them as a human being, from heart to heart, to help. Clearly there are some very mafia-style and criminal weapons dealers on this planet who do not like to see anyone standing up for peace. They make their profit from dividing people and equipping then both fighting parties with their weapons and sell double. It is sickening. And when an innocent, peaceful artist like Michael or Elvis or even John Lennon use their stardom to spread good messages of peace, love, union and ant-racism, they attack them by first trying to ruin their reputation

and if that doesn’t work, assassinate them in sneaky ways, covering up everything via press tools and mass media. If you tell something often enough, people start believing it.

When I would visit Egypt with my family, suddenly all kinds of people would tell me, “Doesn’t Michael Jackson hate Arabs? Why do you like him?” It would upset me so much, because it’s all lies. Then I noticed that parallel, the worldwide press in a planned, global orchestration would report that Michael was anti Semitic. In the same breath they fabricated lies all over the press parallel that Michael didn’t want to have black skin and discriminates against his own people and wants to be “white.” What an insult this was to Mike. Can you see the strategy to purposely make his multicultural and worldwide fans dislike him by ruining his reputation with such lies? It was a way of trying to weaken his popularity amongst the people! I will open up about all the mainstream press strategies in this book and tell all I know, for I myself am being completely censored now while another is abusing my ideas absolutely illegally; they do and claim whatever they want! These people commit slander in a grand scale and belong in jail. Nobody has the right to lie globally and bribe and abuse money and power to attack an innocent, popular artist with fake lies trying to make his fans turn away from him! It’s not a legal behavior! And when you use the lie as a weapon, I will use the truth to fight you as long as I live. You should’ve never touched my label’s computers or my Michael, poisoning him. I will show you how deep twin soul bonds go, there is no death for me and I personally will be standing at the gate of heaven blocking you from entering and throwing your soul into the abyss if you don’t shut up and correct the lies, now.



There are clearly some dirty political fingers involved in the attacks on Mike. I have a right to tell the truth. If you don’t like it, don’t read my book. In fact, if you don’t like to hear someone speaking up now for innocent Michael, you should’ve thought about it before harming him.


(4.1 From the Unjust “Razzia” to Court: Michael under Attack)






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  1. I came across this quite by accident and was quite shocked at how familiar it sounded in some aspect’s and you are quite correct that Michael was indeed telepathic and i was born many year’s before “Thriller” was released.

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