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TWIN EYE © The Secrets of Magic
TWIN EYE © The Secrets of Magic


“Never judge your neighbor until you walked two moons in his moccasins”- American Indian Proverb

My grandmother taught me when I was an older teenager around 19 years old to do fortune telling. Her method was an old spiritual system she had learned from her mother. Her mother learned it from her best friend, a psychic and very real Egyptian witch about 70 years ago by now in Alexandria/Egypt. I use common bridge cards to read everything.

Throughout my youth I read the cards often for friends and strangers. I can give you some examples of my readings, but keep the names of the people involved anonymous out of respect for their privacy. I would never do such on television in a show to make money off of people looking for advice. You have probably seen such public readings before on any media channel. I truly believe that anyone, which really has the ability, would never do a real reading publicly for a person, because in a real reading there is too much real private and deep issues coming to light.

One time, I read the cards for a friend of mine. She was with a guy in a relationship, but did not love him. In fact, she was in love with another boy and her new boyfriend happened to be his friend. When we did the card reading, we were outside in nature, sitting on the grass in the warm sunlight while her new boyfriend was with us as well.

I did the cards reading all these wide amounts of information I perceived while looking down at the cards and being in complete focus. During the reading I saw that she still, as above explained, has feelings for that other guy and not for the boy sitting with us listening to my reading. This moment, looking down at the cards, I heard my friend clearly say, “Sus, please don’t say anything about the other boy in front of this guy here.” I said in my focus not noticing I am saying it out loud, “Ok, this little detail I will not say now” and continued my reading of other information. I heard my friend then answer to me literally and clearly vocal, “Thanks Susan.”

Right after we finished the reading, we stood up and while were walking home my friend took me aside and said in amazement, “Did you freaking hear what I was thinking? You answered suddenly out loud when I thought ‘please don’t say it’ to my thoughts!” I told her, that I thought she had said it loud, since I heard her voice clearly as in a normal conversation with the manner and tone and everything. As soon as these words came across my lips, I realized that it makes no sense; she cannot have said it loud for her boyfriend was listening! I told her the exact words I heard and she replied shocked, “I was thinking this; I didn’t say it out loud!” I read parallel her thoughts, without looking at her face at all, perceiving her inner thoughts, inner voice, like a normal voice as she speaks to me usually!

I REMEMBER: Susan Elsa channeling Ancient Egypt Pop Album in a New Modern Genre © Nov 2010 Abu Simbel Temple EGYPT
I REMEMBER: Susan Elsa channeling Ancient Egypt Pop Album in a New Modern Genre © Nov 2010 Abu Simbel Temple EGYPT

Another a bit heavier example happened when I was visiting my sister in America, before I myself moved to Los Angeles later in my life. It was Christmas time and we had a really good time, me and her wonderful American friends over there. A girl she knew well visited one day and I did the cards for her. Two days later she brought her sister, just like herself a complete stranger to me. I took her sister to the bedroom as the others were partying outside and we sat down in that quiet bedroom. I felt awkward, not knowing anything about her. I wasn’t sure I am so good at reading the cards for strangers, for I had not had much experience yet.

While I was reading, I could see clearly with “eagle’s eyes” not only the future possibilities, but also her present and past situations. After talking and talking in my automatic mode and looking up to her, I noticed that she started to cry and confirmed all I saw regarding her sexual relationship with her boyfriend and problems being absolutely correct. Then, out of nowhere I saw inner images from her memory:

She was younger and getting raped by an older black man. I saw the images as if I eye witnessed it clearly.

In that moment I could not tell her of my insight, she was already crying and emotional due to the heavy truths which came through. I had to be easy on her. I am very compassionate. So, I kept this part for myself not sure if I saw it correctly or if it’s even true.

Few days later it was New Years Eve and I, my sister and a bunch of her friends went to celebrate in a club/restaurant. In my party mood and being more open chatting with her friend, the older sister of this girl I had seen this memory from, it spontaneously came out of my mouth:

“May I ask you something personal? Did your sister get raped when she was younger by an older black man?”

She suddenly stopped laughing and stared at me under complete shock, “How can you know this?” I opened up about the detailed images I had seen during the reading a few days ago and gave her advice for helping her sister. We got along very well after that, as if we are sisters and I could sense how much she trusted me and we connected. But I also sensed how freaked out she was and how much she respected me, looking at me like I am some fantasy witch that jumped out of a movie.

There were several such extreme incidents during readings I gave to people throughout my life yet, and every single time somebody doubted these things exist, they would turn and change during the course of the reading and not only tell me all their secrets and sexual problems since I saw them anyways and spoke them out first, but also apologize that they hadn’t taken me serious first or made fun of tarot readings. Completely convinced I left every single client I ever used these abilities for, to help.

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THE BEDUR METHOD *TWIN EYE Mystery Schools Training Book*

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THE BEDUR METHOD- dedicated to my beloved Grandmother in Heaven (R.I.P.) © Copyrighted Property of the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools 2010-2013
THE BEDUR METHOD- dedicated to my beloved Grandmother in Heaven (R.I.P.) © Copyrighted Property of the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools 2010-2013, Intellectual Property of Grandmother Bedur since the 1920´s ©


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