Michael Jackson: We Come Into Array (Spiritual Message) ©

Michael Jackson: We Come Into Array (Spiritual Message) ©
Channeled 6th April 2014, by Spiritual Secretary Susan Elsa

Archangel Michael Jackson ©
Archangel Michael 777 ©

*Dictated Text Start*

Time to make this Change!

Hello, this is Michael speaking. I decided to send a new Message today, because there is a lot of reasons to celebrate. On the spiritual, where I am now, things are already healed to a very high degree. And since a while, as many of you have felt, things have also started to improve on your Planet. The life form, that you know right now.

Honestly, I don´t care, about any tabloids and such, now, that I am factually free of all this. I am free, and I am fine, I am doing excellent indeed, because I have a really, really good time. I am not too far away. I am very close, to all of you. In fact, I am around often, when people need help and protection, and I know you cannot see me, but I am here.

When my fans call on me and have hard, challenging moments in life, I do feel, hear and see that. I am right here. Even if you cannot see me, with the physical eyes. I am here.

I want to tell a bit of my personal experiences now. It is usually not my style, but things have changed and it is different for me now, to be so open, in public platforms on Earth, after I am not in human form there.

Before my birth, I had discussed this mission, this incarnation we gonna do, with my twin soul. We both agreed, that we have to incarnate amongst you, and do this all. Everything I did, as Michael Jackson, was only to help. In my soul, has always been an urge, to help, to protect and to give. I obviously never did any harm to anyone, and it is not my Nature. Not at all.

My Nature, is to give, to shield, to help, listen, care and love. I always tried to uphold these beautiful, and meaningful teachings my earthly Mother gave me. I was not aware, that this urge to help and heal others, is so strong in me also, due to who I am in my Over Soul. You cannot be fully aware of all higher spiritual truths, completely, before you are back there with your awareness!

When you are born, into a human body of flesh, you forget kind of who you really are. This is caused by that veil, it is the veil that keeps the dimensions sealed from each other. Meaning, to make the Earth experiences beneficial to the maximum for the souls incarnating, they must forget certain things, in order to focus on the experience itself. The experience itself is powerful and meaningful for the soul and it´s growth and evolution. It does not do much, if you know everything, in theory, but do not LIVE. IT. Life. This is about experience this Life form, which is very special and unique.

If the Planet could go back to the original Plan, the balanced duality, healing certain things that have brought all Life on the Planet down and not up, you all would see and remember, how it once was. It is possible. All things are possible, if you put your mind to it.

I thought about those things all my life, and I searched, read, longed to find out all kinds of things in my earthly Life. I love to discover things and I am spiritually, very adventurous.

I definitely also remembered some of past incarnations I had, while I was incarnated recently as Michael Jackson. I always have been very aware, in my perceptions.

And still, I want to help, teach, heal and give to all of you. I will never stop doing that, because my love is eternal. I love Planet Earth and all of you, eternally. And when I say this, I really mean it.

I know, it is hard to imagine, that I am still around in some form, channeling here by dictating those words to my twin soul as she sits on the Computer, me walking back and forth calmly, behind her back. I know, you have not seen much of these truths in society. All of us have not.

That is why, now is the time, to remember all these things. True love. Eternity. That there is nothing bad really, all finally is safe and good, if you trust in God. Fear does not give you anything, it does not even really exist! Fear is a tool of illusion, and illusion exists ONLY on your current dimension, the earthly dimension. It does not exist, where I am.

I AM. Archangel. Michael.


I have also been Archangel Michael, when I was incarnated as Michael Jackson, with parts of my Being. I am multi.dimensional. The body is like an avatar, you take for a certain time, then you simply go back to your Original Form, your real eternal life form. It is similar to going to vacation far away, but you still always return Home after each trip.

Heaven is my Home. And I always had the smell, the taste, the sound, the warmth and love of it in my memory and therefore, the vision to inspire Earth to create a more “heavenly Earth”. To heal it. To make it more like my true home, where certain things you know from Earth Dimensions do not exist that are to me unbearable and really evil.

I am a fighter. I am a warrior. I never stop. I want to make this very clear.

I ask you for a bit of time and a flexible, open mind. I will show you very soon, and in increasing ways, a lot about myself, yourself, Heaven and Earth, and of course, love. Eternal love this time.

We are working on a good Project between Heaven, and Earth, and it will begin in Bermuda, on those beautiful, beautiful Islands I remember. Right there, at the Bermuda Triangle, we will begin a huge Healing, that will support the Change on the Planet. You all can help and join with your hearts, and the power of love in your souls.

We come into. Array.

It is time to make that change. To make a really powerful statement against dishonesty and destructive patterns on Earth. It is time to cleanse the Oceans, the Food, the Hearts and the Minds of the People. This Project is going to be supervised directly by me, and all human beings, who want to join and support the Human Family and Mother Earth, are welcome to join the. Array. Team.

I will tell you more about that when the time is ripe.

With all my Love.


777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Around the same PHYSICAL AGE: Michael Jackson around 30 late 80´s, Susan Elsa around 30 in the year 2013. © Twin Souls Merging Phenomenon


Insight into Sound of the Project being produced and prepared right now:

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