BE Water my Friend… © by Bruce Lee

BE Water my Friend... © by Bruce Lee

Image Description: Spiritual PopArt by Nivi (Mystery Garden Member)

Dear World

As many of you already know, I have a good soul family connection to Bruce Lee, and few times he jumped in to help me and Michael for our work, like in 2011 when I did the Clip for WOMEN OF THE WORLD.

He suddenly channeled through me basic NUNSHAKO MOVES, and I never had such training. I blinded folded myself and did fast Nunshakos Training under his Guidance, in this wonderful and very hot Summer of 2011.

Things are coming together, obviously.

I am meeting since the MADE IN HEAVEN Cartoon (Part I) has been released and sent out (January 5th & 7th 2014) many, many new potential Partners.

And even People contact me now, being fully aware and prepared by Michael directly, knowing he IS the Archangel.

Crazy. Sometimes really, crazy how strong Michael is. Respect 🙂

One of the most interesting People I have met in early January 2014, and you will surely see soon more of his very important Work, is the AMBASSADOR OF WATER.

He is an Expert in Water Conservation, Drinking Water and Filtering Methods, Protection and Enhancement Methods for Water.

Stay tuned for Archangel Michael´s Projects, because he brings literally Heaven & Earth together and connects all right-minded People right now for our yet Secret Projects!

One of the Souls from Heaven he has brought in, as mentioned above, is Bruce Lee. Bruce works closely with Archangel Michael and is a “Warrior of the Light”-Soul. Obviously.

“BE Water my Friend” is one of Bruce´s most famous Quotes and central in his Martial Arts Philosophy.

Think about this:

Our bodies are if I remember right, made out of 70% Water, our Brains even 80% Water, and our EYES 100% WATER I heard.

Then, think about this and you will see why this is Part of what Archangel Michael wants to focus on:

For Educational Purpose: Scientists and Researchers have found that Music and Emotion affects Water Molecules
For Educational Purpose: Scientists and Researchers have found that Music and Emotion affects Water Molecules and it can be photographed with Microscopic Cameras- these “Water Crystals” are also more known in frozen form- Snow Flake Photography!

Then think about the Cartoon we published, Part I of MADE IN HEAVEN, where Water is central as well in ancient Egyptian Creation and Magic Myths, and especially, Osiris & IsIs story, including his Death (thrown into Nile in wooden Coffin sealed with Nails by evil jealous Set).


2012 & 2013 Pre- Lessons TWIN EYE © Mystery Schools
2012 & 2013 Pre- Lessons TWIN EYE © Mystery Schools

To become a really good Fighter, you have to be able to move with the natural Flow, be flexible and fast. No fixed movement. No pre-trained, posing poses. Moving the body as fluid and as free as Water, is what Bruce Lee was talking about.

More about this COMING SOON! 🙂 Another Secret Project :p

Note: View our Cartoon Part I, MADE IN HEAVEN, to see more on Water Magic (IsIs Atlantis Magic School & Lotus Levitation Scenes)

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