Happy International Women´s Day! Spiritual Message by IsIs ©

Happy International Women´s Day!    Spiritual Message by IsIs ©

Ladies and Gentlemen 🙂

Today is the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR WOMEN, and it is to us a very personal and important Topic.

From my Past Life as IsIs, to the current Incarnation as Susan, I have seen much injustice happening to the Female Gender/Souls.

I myself was attacked in ancient Egypt as many still know today. Set has not been very respectful toward Women, not only toward Osiris. He did not even care much about his own wife back then.

Not only did he kill Osiris out of jealousy, twice not once, but he also tried to kidnap me, force me to do things I did not want to do, and luckily he failed. It was the most hateful, extreme jealousy and obsession I have ever seen. The traumas in my Soul from Osiris violent death back then and all these memories, took me almost all my energy to face and heal. And I am still healing. I personally care to help Women out there, especially the one´s who experience stalking and obsessive behaviour by men they reject.

The highest good, the most important thing God gave us to be most of all respected is:   FREE WILL!

Today, we have many issues Women have to deal with worldwide, from especially India right now, to Europe and America and so forth. What is strange to me is, that before, I mean about 2´500 years ago and further back in time, Women in ancient Egypt had an EQUAL WORTH AND PLACE IN SOCIETY as Men. We always knew that God made Men & Women to COMPLETE EACH OTHER. Osiris always treated me already back then as equal, with the most sacred and sweet respect possible. Always. And as Michael Jackson he treated me with the same Respect, without any exception.

The honest truth is, if people knew….men today should TAKE AN EXAMPLE FROM MICHAEL JACKSON, because he can teach you a lot about how to handle Women. I know it is a side the public is not aware of and has not much Information on, but I will do my best to help put Michael´s TRUTH into public Focus.

He showed me how to love myself…

No man can ever be complete without a woman and no woman can ever be complete without a man. This is honest, SPIRITUAL Truth and Creation Truth. This is how God made us and the Purpose of Life.

In Marriage, when a Man treats his Woman right, he has more from it. He benefits. The nicer you are to your Woman, the better Sex you will get also. This is how it works. The harsher you are, the more uptight and closed a Woman´s heart becomes toward you. If you are a brother and got a sister, treat her nice too, help her out, protect her. It causes good blessings for you and your twin soul energies.

If you are a boss and have female employees, be nice. Appreciate them equal to men. Women actually can multitask and can perform the type of work that needs fine intuition. Men are better in other type of tasks than women. Both make a Company or a Project perfect and complete- HAND IN HAND. Think about that.

If you see a Woman on the Street or in a Restaurant, that you do not know, but you find her beautiful and would like to know her, don´t be rude. Don´t look at her body only, look at HER SOUL & HER EYES. Talk to her, listen to what she has to say, what she thinks and feels. Never think of a Human Being as a tool, an object for you to have fun with. Never, says Michael.

“Acknowledge her outer and inner beauty, pay attention to her outer beauty AND her intellect” is what Michael says here. We will publish soon more in depths about this Topic few things, because the topic is important and very complex. Michael wants to help Women heal and empower them, as well as Men. Even the word itself, the English word, contains of both as a unit like the logic behind Twin Souls: WO-MEN ©

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Every woman and every man came from a MOTHER´S WOMB.

Every man out there that might be mean or violent toward Women, was also born from a WOMAN. Else he would not even be here on this Planet.

I personally find an imbalance toward too much Patriarchal Focus AND too much on Matriarchal Focus both not the best solution. There are Feminists who try to compete with Men, instead of harmonizing the relation itself and try to cut Men´s rights in the process.

That is wrong. Men have rights too.

Women have rights too.

Human Beings have Rights.

It also does not matter what orientation they follow gender-wise, all Human Beings have the same rights to Freedom and Life.

Children have Rights.

Animals have Rights.

On this Day of the Woman, it is inspiring to reflect on the MOTHERLY SKILLS God gave Women. Egypt is till this Day called often “Mother of the World”.

A Mother teaches, protects, nourishes, tapes a wound when a child fell and has injured knees. A mother even feels when her child is hurt, even if far away. A mother can never change heart toward her child, because the spiritual connection is unique and very special, inside the womb. This always remains.

Mothers are the best example to get to the best mind focus to Heal the World.

If we all, female and male, try to learn from how a MOTHER´S EYES SEE THINGS, we can help not only other Women and support them as in WOMEN HELPING WOMEN, and NOT competing, but we can also help general Issues in the World that could need a Mother´s Heart and Soothing, Unconditional Love, Care & Compassion.

It begins today with you…

Try to look at the World from a Mother´s Eye…

All my Love and Compassion to all the Women in the World,

Your IsIs/ Susan Elsa



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