Physical Ghost Channeling Footage © Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa (UNRELEASED)

About the Footage:

For Educational Purpose on Spiritual Entertainment Concept.

Earlier Physical Channeling of Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Energies, Susan Elsa uncut Footage from August 29th 2011- Raw Freestyle No Preparation Physical Choreo Channelling and Training with Michael.


WE COME INTO ARRAY © (Brand New- not out yet!)
This Song was channeled on Jan 5th 2014 with Michael


Personal Note by Susan:

Originally, this was only uploaded for Business Partners as we discuss many things in many Meetings at the moment. But then again, it is interesting as someone pointed out to me, for also MJ Fans to see the Work itself. How we work. How he channels through my body, how we work out the Choreo Ideas with this physical Channeling. The Footage was filmed in Summer 2011, on Michael´s Birthday. I was not in shape health-wise at all.

That is why I thought it is cool to show as is some of this old footage, because soon you will see THE NEW STUFF!

Big Hug of Light to all,


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