C.D. 1 (Channeled Drawing) “Elvis visits me in Spirit” ©

C.D. 1 (Channeled Drawing)  “Elvis visits me in Spirit” ©

C.D. 1
“Elvis visits me in Spirit”

After all of a sudden Elvis had showed me his arrival, like a Film projection into the upper right corner of my very own living room while I was on the phone, he was right there with me, in the blink of an eye.
I have to say, he looked wonderful and handsome, I could never draw him as good as he looked when I seen him. This light, it was otherworldly and heavenly bright. So clean, so attracting and gentle.
For real, it was like we sat down together and talked. In the following discussion, Elvis would explain to me things, private, like you would share in detail with friends, other things he wants publicly told. Besides a couple of very private things between him and me and Michael, which I cannot share publicly, Elvis would encourage me regarding my creativity and work, and make “typical Elvis jokes” is how I would call that by now. I don’t know how to describe it better, he does that, in between, especially if it is a serious talk, he would brighten up the mood to cheer me up, when he would see me getting sad. Some things he shared with me were very hard for me to digest. But I love the truth, and I don’t mind to receive insight into Elvis’ struggle and the bad things he had to endure, in order to help him as best as I can. Elvis deserves compassion and respect, he is a really, really good man/soul and I can tell, after having felt directly in a psychic empathic connecting, that his heart is clean and he means well in everything he does. Nobody is perfect, but Elvis tried his best to BECOME as perfect and good as he can. He spent much time delving into the mysteries of life and beyond, and his own soul. He WORKED on himself, because he wanted God to be proud of him, not any human being.
And now, many years after he passed, I, which wasn’t even born at the time of his passing, have him here wanting to make clear to people out there, that HE IS WELL AND IN HEAVEN. I know how much this means to Elvis; he always dreamed of doing something big for humanity, and now he can share such a direct account from beyond with his beloved daughter Lisa, his beloved fans all around the world, and people generally out there, who love to learn or share spiritual experiences, or take big interest in topics like true love, soul-mates and God and his unlimited miracles.
On this day, I guess to demonstrate his presence even more clear to me, Elvis channeled some dance moves through me. I found myself “remotely controlled” doing the hip move and toe stand/leg shaking dance moves which were typical for him. I felt it like a light wave going through my body! And I knew, oh yes, “Elvis you did that, I got it. Man, NOW you convinced me!” Nothing provides more evidence to a person experiencing such historic contact than to FEEL LIKE HIM FOR A MOMENT AND SUDDENLY MOVE LIKE HIM FOR A MOMENT with zero training. I can’t describe it any better, but it was so miraculous and beautiful and I thank God, once again, for all the wonders he created and all the things he makes possible. God is REAL LOVE AND COMPASSION.

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