Many, many things happen around us on this Planet right now. Most of them are unnecessary. It is becoming increasingly apparent, that the World indeed is changing and healing.

But in a Healing Process, things must come to the surface first in order to then be healed. Same rules apply for the physical World here, interlaced with the spiritual Worlds. When the Body is “polluted”, one gets sick and coughs and sneezes and such physical humane symptoms, and THEN after, the healing completes and one feels super well again.

This now is going on planet-wide.

We are shifting slowly but surely within Humanity´s Mind, so that Men learn how to love Women again with Respect and Appreciation.

So that Kids can evolve freely and discover themselves, play safe outside without having to worry about sick-minded people doing anything destructive to them.

So, that all minorities must not worry for their Future anymore and feel safe within World Society.

So, that the News report more good than bad things and People actually ENJOY hearing of other´s luck and achievements with a sense of pride to be in the human race, rather than feeling “good when seeing misfortune of others on TV”. This is a very important thing, to Michael…

So, that it is absolutely no problem if a black guy loves a white girl and they can decide freely to be together or not, not others around or society.

So, that women have equal respect and rights as human beings and can evolve professionally and personally- in all Nations.

So, that all that matters is love, and not war or money and such illusionary things that never last.

These are some inspirational thoughts for you Guys to reflect on. If you got more “Visions of a Healed World” – please feel free to share in the Comments Section or Email it to us, post in our Forum etc… (

May Love heal the Planet and each Corner of the World

Susan Elsa

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