MYSTERY POEM ANNOUNCEMENT- MADE IN HEAVEN by Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©


A very special Announcement of the Secret Productions we have been working on, ABOUT to be released for all of you to enjoy. It was a long journey to draft this unique, huge Vision for our “Living” Project (MADE IN HEAVEN).

We now proudly announce as well, that we have new Partners from around the Globe, focused in Bermuda, Barbados & California (U.S.A.), Switzerland & more coming in. Feel welcome to join. Our virtual Doors are open.

Stay tuned to experience the “Living” Project- as Project with mysterious Secret Contents, Secret Release Dates, Secret “Form” and lots of ghostly Cooperations.


Official Description for Mystery Video PR:
Narration & Channeling: Susan Elsa

Virtual Mystery Garden grows into Worldwide Vision- join us now for free on:

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Michael Jackson Channeled Energy Paintings © FLAME PAINTING 777

From the INTERACTIVE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY OF THE TWIN EYES © Growing since 2012- join us anytime at:


The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Dear Future “TWIN EYE” Students

Today we have a little, but powerful & important Exercise for you. It came about, when a friend and big Michael-Fan, asked me about the Purple Flame.

The Purple Flame, is very helpful in the beginning of an active spiritual Life Path. It cleanses the past, the blocks, frees the chakras, the mind, unblocks the third eye and much, much more.

There is the Purple Flame of Archangel Zadkiel, but also, a special Version of the Purple Flame of Archangel Michael. The reason for that is, that both the BLUE & PURPLE FLAME share many attributes and similar functions.

However, as I was asked by Michael to take a Pause from talking with my friend, to channel a Visual to help her visualise how it looks like during Meditation, he showed me a detailed, multiple Fire which felt so powerful, I literally felt the energy…

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