THE GIRL IS MINE by Michael Jackson: APRIL 14TH 1982 © Susan Elsa´s Birth DAY

Video Credit: Thank you so much, Jez Morcilla, for this wonderfully edited Video for Michael´s unique Song.

“The Girl Is Mine”

Photo Original Cover LP from THE GIRL IS MINE (1982)- for Educational Purpose Only
Photo Original Cover LP from THE GIRL IS MINE (1982)- for Educational Purpose Only

Single by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney
from the album Thriller

Label Epic
Writer(s) Michael Jackson
Producer Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson


Released October 18, 1982
Recorded April 14–16, 1982 at Westlake Studios, Los Angeles

“I remember April 14th 1982…it was a beautiful Day. Look what I was doing on the Day you were born!”- Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa in Private- ©

The Other Part of Him (Dec 21st 2012) OFFICIAL “LIVING” PROJECT THEME ©


**Special Excerpt from Official Book**


“I took my baby on a Saturday bang. Boy, is that girl with you? Yes, we’re one and the same.”- Michael Jackson in his Song “Black or White” 1991

“Spiritual Pop is born!” -April 14th 2010-

On the very day of my birthday, April 14th 2010, I woke up seeing Michael on his knees at the side of my bed. He appeared with a white shirt, black pants and his hair was put straight back. He smiled at me and said, “Good morning my love.” Obviously, Michael does not need sleep now. This very day he said that this song called ONE LOVE is a birthday gift from him to me. I published it the same day on the very day I was born, visualizing it like a birth of myself and my truth in my Music, my artistic vision. Also it was a good idea, because Michael had started recording his Thriller album back then, on the very day I was being born in Switzerland. Here are the channeled lyrics which came through Michael into me:

Channeled and composed by Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael

Verse 1

This is the healing vibe
The healing rhythm of heaven Heaven’s energies
Dropping down like rain on my face

Grab me by my light
Making me move towards the light Healing light
One Heart
One Mind


We can change
If we only decide: We are one

One Force One God One Love

Verse 2 (Listen up)

Sometimes when you walk through society You want to turn off your eyes
You don’t want to see anything
Because everything seems bad

You don’t know what to think But we can change if we decide

One Heart One Mind One Soul One God One Light

Chorus 2

We can change
If we only decide we are one (We are one)
One Force, One God, One Word (We are one)

One Love

Time is running out
We need to make a change 2012 approaches

Double Intertwined Final Chorus

Part 1:
I am the light of the world
Trying to help you through the night Through the dark I lead you
Through the night I wake you in your light Of One Love

The rose flame connecting you all in One Mind, One Love

Part 2:
We can
Only decide we are one
One Force, One God, One Love

If we only decide We are one
We can change

One Word, One God, One Love (2x)

The same day he showed me in a very intense Out-of-Body experience our heavenly wedding in front of a white arch. Michael wore a very glittery, majestic white dress suite and I as well a white, otherworldly nice wedding dress. We both were very angelic and emanated a bright, white light and glitter all around us. In earthly weddings people throw glitter and flower buds around the couple. In our wedding in heaven we ourselves emanated this glitter from within us and kept smiling all the time. All the heavens attended. That includes all good souls who passed and ascended to Heaven like for example Elvis, and all the other Archangels and Angels as well. Of course I wasn’t aware of Elvis specifically or such, all I saw was many, many light-body people standing left and right as Michael led me through to the arch/altar holding my hand. It was like an endless hallway, a red carpet of heaven. It was such a strange, miraculous and wonderful experience. Michael said, this is beyond space and time as we know on Earth and all people who will pass in the future, will see our wedding celebration without being bound to time. Some people might be able to sense or see images of it now in human form here, but it takes strong spiritual mastership to view such high dimensions. This is something above the 7th dimension and it is the furthest I remember consciously ever having traveled that far with my soul outside of my physical, earthly body.

I am realizing just now by 2012, how well thought-out the lyrical message is inside this first Song channeled with Michael in 2010. As if he can see forward into the future and plan with perfect arrangement our messages with God up there somehow. Some things I am not aware of fully, as they happen, and later I see how much sense everything makes and how the puzzle pieces fall into their destined place perfectly and natural. The Song was published before we had our first spiritual sex, which followed shortly after.

I took a simple picture for the Cover and held a typical-Michael Fedora hat in my hand as if a Light is shining down onto me and the hat coming from Michael. I wrote on the Single Cover: Freestyle-Channeled-Live. I did not use Michael’s famous name at all but kept it unspoken claiming only in my official Promo text for Distribution worldwide, that it is a new Concept bringing Heaven and Earth together, channeling the ideas from the spiritual plane.

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