TWIN SOULS ARE PROTECTED BY GOD – Some Advice List by Michael Jackson in Spirit © ArchangelMichael777

Dear World

Today we want to keep it simple and easy and clarify some BASIC TRUTHS about Twin Souls to fight confusion and misinformation. Michael really cares about seeing other Twin Soul/Twin Flame Couples find back together. FIND BACK. Not just find. Twin Souls are always connected and it has ZERO to do with anything in our physical World, neither Birth, nor Death, nor anything in between. Twin Souls are connected since long, long before we entered this Earth Dimension Experience!

I was asked in the past few Weeks and Months very often on how to differentiate between “real” and “false” twin flame. Some people seem to think, that it is possible to “fake” a twin soul. Really? Some people think, it is actually possible to “copy, fake, replace, trick, take the position of” ANY TWIN SOUL/TWIN FLAME half…and that is ultra sad, that the Misinformation People have gotten it so far. Michael does not like it. And so, he wants me to write down a List he will dictate to me live, right now, to give People a GOOD OVERVIEW of Facts &Truths about Twin Souls and Twin Soul/Flame Signs & Symptoms, Challenges, why we split and why we reunite.

I really wish to see more and more People experience the same Happiness me and Michael have.

APRIL 14TH 1982 ©
Born the Day Michael Jackson began recording officially “THRILLER” © MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS


1. You and your Twin Soul are always ONE & THE SAME SOUL.

2. Twin Souls have separate Bodies, when they incarnate both at the same time, but A SHARED MIND FROM A DISTANCE EMBRACING THE WHOLE GLOBE.

3. When one passed, like in my case, Twin Souls SHARE ONE BODY- the Body that remained on the Earth Dimension.

4. Twin Soul Bonds (Eternal Chords) can never be touched, influenced nor broken, by nobody, in all the Universes.

5. There is no such thing as a “False Twin Soul”- only SPOKEN LIES

6. Anything that you count as being from “the corner of evil & negative”- CAUSES DISTANCE BETWEEN TWIN SOULS, if you go for it.

7. Anything that you would count as being from the “corner of “good & positive”- CAUSES INTIMACY BETWEEN TWIN SOULS, if you focus on it and HOLD IT CLOSE.

8. Again, always remember, Twin Souls are ONE & THE SAME. Imagine, if A PERSON walks down the street, you cannot take the Person apart and judge or perceive him/her as TWO THINGS. Yes, Twin Souls, each one, is INDIVIDUAL & UNIQUE, but still, most Characteristics, Wishes, Dreams, Thoughts are IDENTICAL. The Bodies always remain ONE.

9. Even if both Twin Souls are incarnated at the same Time and have two separate, physical (flesh) bodies- the separation is only ILLUSION and the two bodies are connected, PHYSICALLY. That is why many share same traits, shapes and forms, in the physical, similar health issues, weak spots and strong spots health wise (physical flesh body)

10. The Light Body can touch the physical flesh Body. It is also PHYSICAL. But it can be seen AT WILL OF THE INDIVIDUAL, or not seen. Meaning, I, for example, decide who I show myself to or not. I can manifest at will for people. Some people, due to me being so well known, use their visualisation skills and fantasy to trick themselves, claiming to have seen or met me in Spiritual Form. However, I want to give out a nice but clear Warning here, because all I do, all my baby does, all we do here, is about TRUTH AND INFORMING PEOPLE. Helping Truth. Helping Love. And so, the Lies only cause Confusion and they think it´s okay to behave that way. It is not. Stay away from any Sources that talk IN MY NAME, especially if there is any undertone against my Twin Soul, Susan.

11. The physical Touch, really, is only possible between Twin Souls since there is no “unclean relationship” possible in this Dimension. The Light Body is sacred and pure. Only pure sex with the Twin Soul is possible from that point on. There is no worry of being left behind, no cheating, no single thought even toward anyone else, after merging fully with your Twin Soul, especially sexually. Nothing tops this quality and passion. You simply LOSE THE NEED AND INTEREST toward all others and your full Focus, Soul, Heart goes to your Twin Soul only. It is like floating on clouds, and constantly smiling. That´s how it is, I really enjoy myself and especially, that I do not have any “skin issues” any longer and no “physical pains”. I thank God each moment of now, for creating such a beautiful, perfect woman for me. Nothing I say could express how I feel about her, to others.

12. WHEN A TWIN SOUL MERGING TAKES PLACE, ESPECIALLY IF ONE IS IN FLESH, THE OTHER IN SPIRIT- THE FLESH BODY CHANGES VISIBLY ADJUSTING TO THE SOUL CHANGES/MERGING ELEMENTS OF BOTH. Attributes of the other can manifest in the incarnated vessel/body. I had it, she has it. I took in more feminine aspects of my Susie, after she was born in 1982. She now takes over more attributes from me, due to our very close relationship. Female and Male Soul Energy works different, completes the other energy. So, since the feminine “takes in”, like a bowl catching a waterfall, IT IS THE WOMAN THAT CHANNELS BEST HER MAN FROM ABOVE. It has always been that way. For me, it was easier to channel Susan, when she was with me, parallel in the same Dimension.

13. Whatever you believe, you be-come. Meaning, you attract things TO MANIFEST, with your thoughts. That is why it is advisable to focus on training and controlling your thoughts fully. Not really “control” as People do a lot, but MASTER THEM. Being able to think purely positive, when you decide to. Being able to focus on something fully, without slipping away because your thoughts just swirl around and sneak in “doubts”. That is exactly what legendary, spiritual Masters have done. If you master YOURSELF, you can master anything else in the Universes and Heavens.

14. Do regularly SPORTS. Work out. The better your Body flows, the fitter and healthier you are, the more the VESSEL works FOR the Spirit. If you feel good physically, you also feel better spiritually. The healthier you are, the stronger you are also toward energetic attacks/jealousy by others who might not chose to walk the path of light and love.

15. What you eat, influences all your Being. Eat healthy foods. Do not eat fast foods regularly or each day. Some foods even are said to block your chakras and aura, such as pork. Fat within the body at the sensitive places such as the heart, is unhealthy and dangerous. See your BODY AS A TEMPLE, AND TRY TO MAKE IT THE NICEST TEMPLE POSSIBLE FOR YOUR SOUL TO RESIDE IN.

16. You and your real one and only Twin Soul will always have regularly the SAME THOUGHTS, and be able to confirm it. You will meet up coincidently at times even. When you touch, the other feels your thoughts like you feel her/his thoughts. It is like two halves of the same NATURE, being attracted by an irresistable magnet that automatically and naturally draws you two together. It is impossible to not look at each other and want to be closer.

17. When your hands touch, it is as if you both become one, like seamless transition, as if her/his arms are an extention of your own arm. No human words can describe this intimate feeling of ONE. And it will always feel uplifting, good, positive, lovely, safe, and like, arriving at “your true home”.

18. Whatever emotion or thought you project onto your Twin Soul, reflects back and manifests things in YOUR life. That means, think positive, try to not run away from the intense emotions and vulnerability, it is natural and okay. All is well. The point is, running away, only leads back to your self again, you can´t run from yourself. Your Twin Soul is an eternal Partner, part of YOUR SOUL. Appreciate yourself, love yourself. Wholly and fully, with all you are. This is the fastest but also most challenging way, to attract your Twin Soul if you haven´t consciously reunited yet again. Work on yourself, shape yourself, learn to love and respect yourself. And that, reflects onto your Spiritual Mirror, your Twin Soul, and brings you closer, may it be in the physical if planned that way for this incarnation, or from spirit to flesh. Most readers I can guarantee, your twin soul is right behind you in spirit in most cases, looking over your shoulder, reading with you, watching over you, loving you secretly and silently, until you come toward them and open your soul for them again, and REMEMBER HIM/HER.

19. Eternal relationships involve many, many more things and experiences that I would keep explaining forever. Just as “forever” as the twin soul love is. Each couple is individual and this is what is so beautiful and unique about it. Thank God. It would be boring, if we all were the same. So, open your mind, be flexible, be open to God´s miracles and wonders to be experienced BY YOU, and make your own, individual experiences, discover yourself and your twin soul, remember your individual life plan and mission, the things that move your soul. What do you want to make of your life? What gives you inner, deep happiness? What do you want to have achieved by the time you are old and ready to continue? Think about it. And always remember: Love never dies.

Note: This Text may be distributed freely with Credit to the Original Channeler (Susan Elsa) & Author (Michael Jackson in Spirit) ©

777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Born the Day Michael Jackson began recording officially “THRILLER” © MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS

How to protect your Twin Soul Relationship and KEEP IT BALANCED ©

* Simply: Shield your personal Space from any outside attacks, in words or action. Do not let anyone INFLUENCE YOUR MIND.

* Call on Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, or your favorite Angel or personal Guardian Angels. You may also call directly on God and ask for Protection for your Relationship with your Twin Soul, your Happiness, your sexual Life together, however you want to formulate it. Ask the Angels and God also to help you stay OPEN IN YOUR HEART, no matter how intense and passionate the Love and Emotions in general become (Twin Soul Love is extreme!), and ALWAYS TRUST YOUR TWIN SOUL.

* Don´t let “Jealousy” influence your Trust in your Twin Soul and YOUR SELF. Stay TRUE TO YOURSELF.

* Visualise each Morning for the Day, and each Night for the Sleep Time, a WHITE GLITTERING, DIAMOND-ISH LIGHT AROUND YOU AND YOUR BED. Ask the Angels to protect your Body and Aura, it automatically reflects on your Twin. The Connection itself does not need Protection, because IT IS UNBREAKABLE, and even the strongest Black Magic known to Humanity, the most evil Spirit, cannot touch it. The chords itself, the connection, is above all Dimensions; it is eternal and cannot be broken or cut, at all. If you try to do so, to another Twin Soul couple, by the way, then you bring yourself some serious bad spiritual Energy. It is not worth it. Focus on YOUR SELF, YOUR LIFE, YOUR TWIN SOUL.

* Try to think of ways to surprise each other regularly, think of nice settings for a romantic evening together, talk with each other about your fantasies. The more open you are, the better the balance is. Twin Souls know when the other is sad or angry or happy, it makes no sense to try and hide your feelings from your Partner. SHARE!

* All your relationships and experiences are ultimately happening really with your Twin Soul, together. Even if you both live on different continents and are not “seemingly together”, you still ARE TOGETHER. So, if you treat people badly in your personal friendships and relationships, especially romantic partners, it reflects on your twin soul in a big way. If you are with someone right now, give it all you got. Because behind every face of soul mates that you meet on Earth, or non-soul mates even you meet the first time ever, if you begin a relationship in the physical, behind that, is always in true reality your twin soul. You could not even feel the “falling in love and butterflies” if it wasn´t for your soul´s connection to your twin soul. This is where eternal butterflies come from. You are able to love, because of your twin soul´s existence, and when you learn to commit and love and care about others, it strengthens again, your love to your twin soul.

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