TWIN SOUL CHOKU REI © Strengthening the Female & Male Energies with REIKI

TWIN SOUL CHOKU REI © Strengthening the Female & Male Energies with REIKI

Spiritual PopArt by Mystery Garden ©

Title : Reiki Flame Art Ying/Yang Energy
By: Susan Elsa ©

How to use:

Use this like a mirror. The blue side should be placed on your LEFT FACE/BODY HALF, visually, and the rose side should be places on your RIGHT FACE/BODY HALF, visually.

Visualise the CHOKU REI Symbols (Reiki Symbols Dr. Usui), being drawn with WHITE FIRE. The starting point is where the white central sun-like source is. From there, you draw the first straight line, then the line down, then a swirl 3 times into the middle of it. That´s the direction you draw this in, either with your physical hand making a move to support visualisation and focus, or, simply and purely with your mind until you see it in front of your inner eye.

The move to the left side, the blue one, strengthens the MALE ENERGY.

The move to the right side, the rose one, strengthens the FEMALE ENERGY.

Use this symbol for meditation to gain spiritually protected insight into your twin soul relationship and tasks/missions, or use to generally protect your twin soul experience and relationship and keep it in balance and shielded from jealousy attacks and outside negative influences.

Use also to work on yourself, if your female side is weak and you are a man, use regularly the female to draw your twin soul closer. Same goes for women, who are out of tune with masculinity completely, balance your male side. Each half of the twin soul carries by nature parts and attributes from the other with them, at all times. The soul energies are in constant exchange. This is a very good BALANCE TRAINING for the dynamics of the male and female ying yang like twin soul energies.

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