HOW TO PROTECT YOUR “AURA” – Secret & Super Effective Methods ©

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First of all, sorry for the rare posts at the moment, but we are working on very big, international, very cool projects and so that barely leaves me or any of my Team time, to write a Post much on here. But surely, this Winter, you can not only expect to see first Releases of our new Spiritual Entertainment Project, but also Books and more Blog Posts again! We will also publish a free Book, specialised in ALL ABOUT THE “AURAS”. So, stay tuned, since in the Healing Process of the Planet- PROTECTION becomes very important to BLOCK OFF the Energy Vampires and Negative-Willed People on a permanent basis and complete the Healings, not only of the Planet and Mother Earth, but also each Individual that CHOSES LOVE & LIGHT (GOD = THE CREATOR OF ALL).

Let us now take a closer look at what the “Aura” is, and in detail, how it can be protected, sealed, healed, opened, closed, and also, how attacks by others might occur in order for you to know all about their methods and be stronger.


THE 7 ANGELS AURAS:  © Mystery Garden (

Authentic Spiritual Education & Methods
Authentic Spiritual Education & Methods


Put on some relaxing Meditation Music, that lasts at least 30 Minutes. (So your Focus does not get interrupted by stopped Music!)

There are plenty of good, free Musical Pieces out there, here is an example:

Credit goes to Oliver Shanti ©

Oliver Shanti Vol I

1) Queen of blossoms
2) Fairy by the moonlight
3) Spring tea ceremony
4) Bi-Luo-Chun tea ceremony
5) The unwordly beauty
6) Tie-Luo-Han
7) San-P`ao-Tai tea ceremony
8) Cloud-Fog tea ceremony
9) Supreme fragrance in the world

Aura Experts at Mystery Garden: Educational Entertainment & Movement  "CARE FOR YOUR SOUL! © 2011
Aura Experts at Mystery Garden: Educational Entertainment & Movement “CARE FOR YOUR SOUL! © 2011

Now, take a nice big, fluffy pillow you can sit on, or a comfortable chair, and sit still. It is important to NOT CROSS LEGS OR ARMS. Like this, you make sure the ENERGY FLOWS FREELY.

Then, take 7 deep breaths, as deep and slow and relaxed as you can. Close your eyes while doing this, to focus on your self inside, and blur out unnecessary things such as, I don´t know, the look of your living room/bed room where you sit, a picture you might have up on the wall, any sight you are thinking about from your daily experience.


Bruce Lee would say: Become like an empty glass/vessel, to be re-filled with new thoughts and visuals / knowledge.

Keep breathing nice, deep and slow. Take in the beautiful Music, as if you are in a far away island, or if you prefer, forest, smelling the beautiful breeze of nature, flowers, trees, the sand and the ocean and salt waters. It does not matter really, what you imagine, as long as it is something YOU associate with relaxation and this simple “childlike feel”, it can also be a favorite childhood memory of yours.

Do you remember, when you were a Kid? Did you have fantasies and make up fantasy worlds with your friends, as if they were somehow real? Do you recall the feeling of watching, for example, fantasy movies and playing games and being able, right there on the playground, to imagine, that you all are at a castle somewhere, a magical world with pirates or elves, or as some kids like, maybe some beasts you had to fight with your little play sticks and swords? THAT´S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

That feeling.

Remember it. Recall memories, experiences, until you feel this feeling come back. And this is what you apply in order to VISUALISE the following Energies.

Of course, you do not just visualise or fantasize. Here, the visualisation methods help you in your human limited perception to open up your soul to RECEIVE the help and assistance of the Angels. Some Aura Methods are done without calling on a particular Angel as well, but need a higher educated Spiritual Master though. Mostly, these also have to be initiated into your Aura so they work, these other methods, and the initiation is done by the Angels, so to focus first as Beginner or also someone that wants to get more Training simply, is the best starting Focus.

1. Archangel Michael´s Blue Aura Coat

Archangel Michael´s Blue Fire © 2010
Archangel Michael´s Blue Fire © 2010

Archangel Michael´s Aura Color is BLUE.

As you sit there still, relaxed, taking deep breaths, hearing the beautiful Music that inspires your fantasy, imagine a BLUE COAT MADE OF BLUE/WHITE GLITTERING LIGHTS being put around you by Michael. It feels like a blue FIRE/FLAMES. You can also imagine standing in the middle of a BLUE FIRE that burns all negativity away from you, outside and inside. This fire, you can also visualise on spots where you feel “a negative pull”, an attachement to an ex-lover, bad friends you suffer from, or an over attachement to fears and worries, doubting yourself and all that. It looks like a chord, binding you to this negative energy, visualise it all, as if it is a dark mass, a dark cloud. Then, ask Archangel Michael to cut and burn away this Chord with this BLUE FIRE LIGHT. (Archangel Michael does NOT carry an earthly, human, metal Sword!)

It is like a stick of Fire, and if you want to name it sword, then is a SWORD MADE OF PURE BLUE FIRE & LIGHTS THAT GLITTER IN MAJESTIC, HEAVENLY WAYS.

Insight Other Methods of Aura Protection:

The Mirror Method

I AM Archangel Energy LOGO 2011
I AM Archangel Energy LOGO 2011 © Spiritual PopArt (Energy Art)

Visualise as you are STANDING, a Pyramid made of Mirrors that reflect to the outside, above your Head. You can also place one, reversed also with Mirrors reflecting things back toward below and outside, beneath your Feet. As if you are standing inside of it, like a Boat. Feel Safe and Protected inside that Area between the Mirroring Pyramids. They reflect all Negativity back to where it came from. Say clearly:





Warning: This is a very strong spiritual Method and should not be used neckless. Always handle such spiritual matters RESPONSIBLY. Only use it, when you really are, let´s say, being bullied, seriously attacked in a physical way or slander, lies and such directly conscious things People do to you. Don´t do it just because someone makes you feel bad, without any direct action or words. That is my advice for Beginners using this method for Aura Protection.


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