The “Pop-Singing” -Film Director Susan Elsa © OFFICIAL BIO

“As a child I wanted to be like Michael Jackson in Music and Steven Spielberg in Film Directing” © Susan Elsa

“My unique life experiences were the very reason why I decided to become a professional Film Director. I have focused on Music and Singing mostly all my Life, and felt the stranger my Life Experiences became, that Music was not a “complete Medium” for Expression for me.

I needed the FULL PICTURE. I was told back then by friends and family: Susan, your LIFE IS A FILM! So I went with it. As a child, I always wanted to become like Michael Jackson in my Music and like Steven Spielberg in my Film Directing. I had no idea, Michael Jackson was that much into

Filmmaking as well, but he did encourage me to focus on my Talents as a Director. Not only did we plan to direct Films together and discussed them in details, researched Books reading them together at times, made drawings and drafts, but he also tried to convince me to

act as an actress in one of his planned Film Productions. I am really happy to see this truth rising and since God can make anything possible, I am looking forward to fulfil for Michael all his Film Visions in time, which he shared with me in private trust.”

– Susan Elsa on why she became a Film Director-

What others say about Elsa:

Kurt Krueger

Susan is a meticulously detailed-oriented person who brings a unique international flavor to both her song-writing and film making. In addition she has great artistic vision, high energy and a spiritual quality that pervades all of her work. Do not be fooled by her youth. Susan has the accumulated experience of people twice her age and the passion that is needed to be successful in multiple disciplines. Spontaneous yet thoughtful, quirky yet measured–the qualities I love in the arts!

December 3, 2007, Kurt worked with Susan at Mystery Garden Productions (Designed Digital Draft for her Label Logo of MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS in 2007 in Los Angeles)

Peter Brugger

Adjoint Professor at Vanderbilt University

Susan’s work was absolutely OUTSTANDING. She had to find a way how the experience of persons with brain damage can be illustrated such as the essence of a personal experience can be captured by other persons as well. Susan, brilliantly sensitive to problems she had never been confronted with before, presented an original solution to the problem in practically no time – I will certainly consult her again, once there is an apparently unsolvable problem… (Scientific Research & Experiments beginning in 2005)

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